The Last Time


It had been almost four years since they last met and had sex.

Although the day hadn’t gone exactly as he’d imagined, they’d passionately kissed on the sofa, her straddling him and, still fully clothed, grinding her groin against his swollen cock.

She was so worked up in anticipation of their meeting and what may happen, it didn’t take long for her to shudder to orgasm, gasping and moaning as she came. “Oh, my god. What the fuck just happened?” she gasped, clinging onto him. She drew back and saw him grinning, “Come on”, she said, climbing off his lap, taking him by the hand and leading him upstairs on very unsteady feet.

It was her parents’ house. They were on holiday for a week and she’d agreed to call in to check everything was ok and pick up any mail.

“Meet me there?” She’d asked him; so, he had.

She looked stunning. Her hair was down – long more than just a kiss, licking and gentle biting that aroused them both.

They made their way to the spare bedroom, little-used and sparsely furnished, but it didn’t matter as each was only focused on slowly undressing the other, kissing as they went

Working their hands over each other’s skin, gently at first, then firmer, more deliberate, they eased themselves back into the bed.

He pushed her back, kneeling over her, kissing her mouth, her neck, moving down to her breasts concentrating on her nipples. Increasing the pressure, he licked and sucked on her button-sized nipples until they were hard in his hot mouth.

His right hand behind her neck, stroking and caressing, his left hand slid slowly down from her right breast across her soft but flat belly and down towards her pussy.

His fingers traced the waistband of her silky panties back and forth, pushing easily inside, just skimming the top of her pubic mound – freshly shaved, the skin soft and slightly clammy. ?She gasped as his touch grew heavier and he simultaneously bit on her nipple, squirming under his touch and opening her legs slightly so his fingers slipped down between her thighs and parted her lips. His middle finger brushed her clitoris and she moaned in ecstasy, grabbing the back of his head and holding it over her breast, forcing more of it into his mouth.

“Oh, God!” she moaned breathlessly, “that feel so good”.

He slowly moved his middle finger further down, rubbing her clitoris and found the hot, sticky wetness of her pussy. His finger slipped in effortlessly and she cried out uncontrollably. In and out he continued with his finger, letting his thumb brush against her clitoris as he finger-fucked her. She was almost crying with ecstasy now, grabbing his wrist with her free-hand and trying to control his movements – using his hand like a dildo. ?Slowly, he pulled his head away from her breast and looked down, watching her use his hand back and forth, lost for a few seconds in her own pleasure. She started to slip her panties off, lifting her ass off the mattress and he freed his hand and took over, slowly peeling them down, over her ass-cheeks and between her thighs. He could see how wet they were from her earlier orgasm as he slid them down her legs and over her feet.

She reached down with both hands between her legs and slowly massaged her lips and clitoris as he held her panties to his nose and breathed deeply, eyes-closed, inhaling the scent of her sex gerçek sex hikayesi and moaned himself at the muskiness of her.?He dropped her panties on the floor, watching her masturbating and she reached her hand towards him as a grin spread across her face and cupped his balls through his boxers. She gently massaged him with her left hand, while her right continued to finger herself. She could see how swollen his cock was, straining against the material of his pants and she allowed her hand to slide up from his balls and along his shaft to the head. She slowly started to graze her fingers up and down his shaft and he realised her two hands were moving together, masturbating both of them in synchronisation. He tilted his head back with his eyes closed as all his sensations were concentrated on enjoying the feel of her fingers gripping his shaft. She watched him as she played with him, seeing how each movement of her hand on his cock changed his posture and the look on his face. Totally absorbed. ?She slid her fingers inside his pants and felt the firmness of his shaft and the hairs on his balls. Sliding up, she could feel his foreskin had slipped back, exposing the head of his cock. She started to pull his pants down and he moved his hands down to help, slipping them off so they were both naked now.

She moved slightly onto her side so she could use both hands on him now. Cupping his balls again with one hand and slowly, gently grasping the shaft of his cock with the other, she started to masturbate him up and down, watching the head as his foreskin rode up and down it. A tiny drop of liquid eased out of the hole and she use a finger to slowly rub it over the head, making it glisten. He opened his eyes and looked down at her and she put her moist finger-tip into her mouth and sucked. She could taste his saltiness, merged with her own musky flavour. She closed her eyes, as she savoured the taste on her tongue.

Opening her eyes, she moved her head closer to his cock and gently kissed the tip, allowing his pre-cum to moisten her lips. Her groaned as she slid him across her lips, gripping his shaft and squeezing.

Her tongue flicked out and she licked the head of his cock. “Fuck, that’s good!” He gasped. She grinned, looking up at him, making eye contact and licked again, watching his reaction. She slowly licked around his head, still watching him; eyes closed, mouth open, he was oblivious to anything other than the sensations emanating from his cock. Then he felt her grip change as she let him slide slowly into her mouth, pausing slightly with just the head in, before moaning as took him all the way in till her nose was buried in his pubic hair, and she could feel the tip of his cock at the back of her throat. “Oh, God, yes!” he gasped.

Still with one hand massaging his balls, she held the base of his cock with the other and slowly started moving her head back and forth, mouth-fucking him, licking the underside of his shaft in time with the movement. He could barely support himself, the pleasure sensations were so strong. He could feel himself getting closer to cumming, but gripped her head to stop her movement and pulled himself back from her mouth to give himself a moment to draw breath and calm down.

She continued caressing his balls, keeping him aroused. “Move over a bit,” he said, “Let me climb onto the porno erotik hikayeler bed”.

She slid over and he knelt alongside her before swinging one leg over her head, so his cock and balls were hanging just above her face. He leaned forward and lowered his head towards her belly, licking the silver bar piercing her belly-button.

Gradually he eased his way lower to her pubic mound, kissing and licking all the way. As he did, his cock neared her mouth and she opened it hungrily, taking the head in again and sucking gently.

He winced with pleasure as her teeth nipped the sensitive ridge and let his tongue slide between her lips and straight down to her pussy.

Brushing over her clitoris, he could see how wet she had become, glistening, and he was sure her lips twitched as he licked and kissed.

She moaned, slightly stifled by his cock now half way inside her mouth, tongue licking and teasing the vein on the bottom of it.

He plunged his tongue into her dark, soft wetness, intoxicated by the scent and taste of her musk. She tried to scream in ecstasy but his cock again muffling the sound.

They settled into a rhythm of him penetrating her as she sucked him in and out, the classic 69.

Once again feeling the urgency rising in his groin, he pressed harder, forcing his cock to the back of her throat, almost to the point of her gagging, but it had the effect of stopping her sucking him and providing some respite. As he did, he moved his tongue up to her clitoris, replacing it in her now-dripping pussy with 2 fingers. Still keeping the pressure on his cock, he finger-fucked her while licking madly at her clitoris.

She was lost now – using her tongue to keep his cock from choking her, she could focus on the incredible sensations coming from his fingers and tongue.

Panting and moaning harder and louder she caved in to the rising sensation as the orgasm tore through her from her belly to her pussy and clitoris. Spasm after spasm wracked her body, he felt every contraction inside her on his fingers. On and on they went.

As they gradually subsided, he pulled his fingers out and moved his face lower, slowly licking her lips, swallowing the juice coming from her. So engrossed was he that he almost forgot his cock was still in her mouth, until she started moving again – pushing his hips up slightly to give herself more room so she could grasp his shaft and started to masturbate him into her mouth, licking the head as she did.

It was all he could do to support his body while continuing to lick her pussy clean. This time, as he felt the urgency rise inside him he didn’t stop, he just let her carry on, whispering, “I’m going to cum, baby”. “Mmmmmm!” She moaned back at him and pumped his cock harder. “Yes! Do it now!” she said and he let go, unable to hold on longer. The orgasm ripped through him and his arms gave out as he slumped onto her belly as he came into her mouth. He could feel her swallowing and licking him to make sure she got every drop.

As his spasms eased he lifted himself up and turned to her, “Don’t swallow it all”, he said, turning to her laying alongside her and kissing her deep and hard, burying his tongue into her mouth, tasting his own juice mixed with what was left of hers still in his mouth.

They lay on the bed together, embracing and spent, she on her porno hikayeleri back and him on his side, right arm under her neck.

He was slowly, almost unconsciously, stroking her belly and side with his left hand, and letting his fingers trace gentle lines in and down her arm. Eyes closed, they both made occasional sounds of utter contentment.

He leaned in and kissed her cheek as she let the back of her left hand brush up and down against his stomach and chest, using the lightest of touches to brush his chest-hair.

Her arm fell straight and her hand nestled against his now-flaccid cock. He winced and groaned at the touch.

“I need that inside me”, she whispered.

“Mmmm, me too, baby,” he replied softly. “But it’ll take me a bit to recover.”

“We’ll see,” she said, rolling onto her side and pushing her ass into his groin so they were spooning.

He reached his arm around her so it was resting on her belly and slowly stroked it, snuggling in closer to her and burying his face in her hair, breathing in, intoxicated by the scent of her hair.

Eyes closed, he was drifting in and out of dozing, but always aware of her warm, soft skin against his body.

He had no idea how long they’d lay together, but he became aware of her ass slowly moving against his cock and balls. She was enjoying the sensation of having his body at her back, the warmth and protection of having his arm wrapped around her, teasing her belly.

She could feel his cock and balls against her ass and slowly ground her hips, moving against him until she felt his cock nestle between her thighs and cheeks of her ass. She felt him push back against her, moving side-to-side a little so she started to gently clench and unclench her cheeks, squeezing his cock, holding it and releasing it.

As she continued, she felt his cock stiffen and grow deeper between her ass-cheeks. A smile crept across her face as she steadily increased the speed and intensity of the motion, both grinding into his cock and squeezing and releasing her ass.

He was pushing back harder now and in rhythm with her movements. Then she lifted her left leg slightly, to allow him easier access and the tip of his cock slid between her legs and she felt it against the wetness of her pussy lips. ?They both groaned with pleasure which turned into an “Oh! Fuck!” as his cock slipped fully inside her.

They both paused, gasping as they felt the ecstasy they’d each been anticipating wash over them.

“Oh God, yes!” she said, as they lay there. His cock twitched, he couldn’t help himself, and he slowly started to fuck her. Almost shedding tears of joy now, she began moving in opposition to him, growing wetter as she did, sounding more obvious with each thrust.

Grasping her hips to gain more force, he pushed harder and faster now, and she tried to keep pace with him, but gave up and just pushed back against him. One hand now gripping hard to her shoulder, while the other entwined in her hair, trying to stroke her neck, but ended up just using her hair to hang on to, he continued to fuck her has she gasped with every thrust.

“Cum for me, baby,” she said. “I need to feel you fill my cunt with your cum!”

“Holy shit”, he exclaimed, “I can’t hold on any longer.”

She felt him burst inside her, and wriggled her ass against him as the pulses of his ejaculation throbbed against her pussy.

He collapsed against her back, completely exhausted.

“God, I love you so much!” she said to him, reaching behind her and hugging him to her.

“I love you too, baby,” he whispered in her ear.

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