The Lieutenant J.G. , Me


It was the spring of 1989, and I was in the Navy as a Fire Controlman. Being stationed at Mare Island, CA, I had high hopes of meeting some California girls. Little did I know then that the girl of my dreams wouldn’t be from California, but rather she would be from New Jersey.

I was early to watch that night. I had again volunteered for the balls to four Petty Officer of the Watch. I had always liked that watch, but after tonight I would really like it. Since the C.D.O., Command Duty Officer never stood the balls to four, but was rather on call, I knew that it would be me and the O.O.D., Officer of the Day. After I took over and the previous P.O.of W. had left, I talked to the Out going O.O.D., and learned that a LTJG D. Meitczkowskiey would be O.O.D. with me and that if “he” didn’t show up soon, “he” was going on report. Navy watches are supposed to relieve at a quarter till the hour. If you have the 0000-0400 watch, then you are supposed to be there to relieve the watch no later than 2345 p.m.

At about 2344 I hear heel clattering up the hall and tell the O.O.D. that unless this Meitczkowskiey fellow is in drag, that I think maybe the LTJG is a woman. Sure enough she came in in her dress blue uniform complete with overcoat. Now the peacoat is a bulky garment that effectively androgenizes anybody’s body. She quickly signed her self into the logbook and got the pass down information from the outgoing O.O.D. She waited until he had left, to take off her overcoat. I was certainly glad that she had. That way I didn’t have to share the view with anyone else. When she pulled off her coat she revealed a great body. With women in the Navy a young sailor learns quickly to tell what womanly treasures lie under those utilitarian uniforms. I knew instantly that this JG was hot. I also new that she would simply remain a dream girl due to the Navy’s restrictive policy on fraternization.

We sat and exchanged pleasantries for about an hour. I answered a couple of calls, then she said, “can you watch the phone while I go to the head, I didn’t get a chance to go before I assumed the watch.” I said, “Sure ma’am, I’ll hold down the fort.” She said, “I’ll be right back.” She started off down the hall. Every click of her heels on the polished tile floor elevated my pulse rate. She went down to the head and was gone about 10 minutes. Then I heard those heels clicking back down the hall toward me. Was I surprised when she re-entered the watch station. She had changed out of her dress blues and into the khaki skirt and blouse.

Her legs were simply the most elegant that I had ever seen. She had on no hose and her calves were as tight as a drum. Being a hot blooded man, I couldn’t help but look. She knew what she was doing, but when she saw me staring at her legs, she said,” Petty Officer, if you don’t want to answer to the command about sexual harassment, then you’d better move your eyes up a bit.” I quickly snapped my eyes up to hers and said, “Yes Ma’am!” When my eyes got to her face I thought I saw a hint of a smirk on her lips. She quickly sat down at the desk opposite of sex hikayeleri me and went to reading her book; some Danielle Steel thing. I started studying my notes on RADAR and another hour passed. About two in the morning she stood up stretched, and said she was going to get some coffee, and asked if I wanted some.

I said, “sure” She started opening cabinets looking for the coffee, filters, sugar and creamer. When she had it all ready, she grabbed the pot and went to get water. I again listened to her click down the hall. A few minutes later I heard her say, “DAMMIT” Then she sighed heavily. I said, “Is everything alright?” She said, “No, the fountain squirted water all over me.” She then came back into the watch room. Her blouse was soaked. I said I’ll watch the shop while you go change back into your Blues. She said, “That would be great if they were still here.”

She then explained that her room mate had brought her khakis, and took back the blues. She said, “I’m not gonna call her at two-thirty in the morning.” I tried not to look at her blouse since I had gotten chewed out for scoping her legs earlier. I couldn’t help but glance down though. Sure enough her blouse was soaked through, and contrary to uniform regulations she wasn’t wearing a bra. Of course her little bitty B cup breasts hardly needed the support. However her nipples stood out against the wet material and gave me an almost instant boner. Apparently I had stared too long again, because I suddenly heard her clearing her throat. I looked up at her face just as she said, what did I tell you about that harassment.

Now, this time I definitely saw a smirk. I said, “Well ma’am, I actually think that you’re the one harassing me.” She snapped back, ” How so?” I said, “You’re standing there practically in a see through blouse without a bra on at two- thirty in the morning, and I can’t help but look.” She then said, “If a look is what you want then a look is what you’re gonna get.”

With that she unbuttoned her blouse and took it off then she put on her khaki outer blouse. I just sat there stunned. She said, “Do you think my blouse will be dry in time to change back for the next watch change?” I said, “Well it’s is awful thin material, I think you hang it above one of the radiators it will be.” After she hung up her blouse we sat there and drank coffee, and talked about why we were in the Navy. She had gone to college on a NROTC scholarship and was giving the Navy her time to pay them back. I had come in to learn Electronics.

About an hour later she said, ” Let’s see if this blouse is dry?”

Then she said, “Yes, it is.” She then unbuttoned her khaki blouse and took it off. Then she put on the white blouse, and then the khaki blouse went on again. I must have had my mouth sitting on the desk, because she told me that I had already seen her tits once so what was the big deal. I stammered, “n-n-n- othing ma’am.” She then said, “did you like the view?”

To which I responded, “Yes Ma’am.” She then took my book and flipped to the back cover wrote something and handed my book back to me as she porno hikayeleri explained that I wasn’t to look at it until after we got relieved and she had left. About fifteen minutes later our reliefs came in and we left. She went out to the parking lot, got in her Honda civic and drove off. It was then that I remembered the notebook. I got under a streetlight and turned to the back cover. In beautiful script it said, After showing you my tits, I’m horny as hell, meet me at Denny’s in half an hour in civies, civilian clothes, and we’ll talk about treating the sub navel swelling you got in your pants.

I practically ran back to the barracks, went into my room, changed into civies, and took off. Even though I was on duty we were not confined to base on our duty days. I changed in total darkness as quietly as I could. I then fired up my Jetta and headed for Denny’s. When I got there, I almost didn’t recognize her. She had her hair down and had on cotton stockings and a white mini-skirt and a wool sweater vest. I finally saw her and went to the booth where she was sitting. I said, “Are we eating?” She said very quietly, “You’d better eat something, because I’ll get mad if you run out of energy before we’re done.”

I had the steak and egg breakfast, and we left. It was pretty embarrassing for me to leave because she had sat there and rubbed my leg the entire time I was eating, and I had a powerful erection. We left in her car and left mine there. We couldn’t have my car in front of her house, because I didn’t have an officer’s gate sticker on my window, and we were about to seriously break the UCMJ, Uniform Code of Military Justice. We didn’t hardly get in the house good when she peeled off her sweater to reveal those luscious nipples.

She said, ” I know you wanted to suck them earlier, so go to it.” I did. I took her half inch nipples into my mouth one at a time and really lathered them up. I then alternately suck, pulled, and gently bit one while twisting the other with my thumb and forefinger. After about five minutes of this we had wandered into her bedroom.

Her skirt hit the floor and we fell back into the bed as she pulled me by my belt. I landed right between her legs. I looked down to see her light blue panties against her dark tan legs and headed in that direction. I proceeded to work my way down her stomach till I got to her belly button. I proceeded to french kiss her belly button. Pretty soon she was squirming under my ministrations.

While I licked and frenched her belly button, I had moved my hand down to her panty clad womanhood. I rubbed her pussy through her panties applying more and more pressure. She finally said, “Take my panties off, I need you inside me.” I took a second away from her belly button and took her panties off. She immediately spread her legs and told me to fuck her. I was planning on that, but I wanted to really get her off with my hand and maybe my mouth before we did any real fucking. After I removed her panties I went back to her belly button with my mouth, and started rubbing up and down her slit with my hand.

I sikiş hikayeleri would tease her with my fingers as I ran one at a time through her slit with each one winding up rubbing her clit on the way out. I knew she was building toward the big ‘O, because her breathing was starting to get ragged and she kept pushing her hips off the bed trying to fuck my hand. I finally stuck my pinky finger in her sopping cunt and moved it back and forth while I rubbed her now extended clit in slow motion with my thumb. She started to moan and thrash about on the bed. Suddenly she stiffened up and her body started to convulse.

Her skin seemed to be twitching all over her body at once. I thought she was having some kind of seizure, and she was. At first it scared the crap out of me. I thought my she was having like an epileptic seizure.

I quickly thought, “oh shit, if she dies of some kind of seizure, how will I explain what I was doing here.” I had stopped manipulating her and she started to crest and come down a little. I asked if she was alright and she said, “y-y-y-y-y-essss” So I started back by shoving two fingers into her pussy, and trying to stimulate her g-spot. It must have worked because she immediately went back into orgasm. By now I knew I had to get some of that stuff. I took my pants and briefs off and pulled out my 6- 1/2 inch by 3 inch wide cock.

I put the head at the entrance to her pussy. I started to push it in slowly, when suddenly she smacked me on my ass. In an effort to get away from her hand I brutally shoved my dick all the way into the end of her cervix. She winced but told me to keep driving it home. I started to take full strokes, trying not to ram into her cervix anymore. After about five minutes I felt myself coming. I came in wave after wave, and was pretty sure that as excited as I was that I wouldn’t go soft. Sure enough, I kept my boner and kept plowing her now sloppy pussy.

I knew it would be at least fifteen minutes before I would come again. Just as I thought this she started to orgasm again. This time I felt her pussy contract around my dick. I looked down and saw her nipples looking up at me. I bowed my head and seized one of them between my lip covered teeth and bit down firmly. I only thought her pussy had contracted before. Now this latest chomp down on her nipple sent her into what she later told me was the most intense orgasm of her life. After we rolled over she rode me to my next orgasm.

When I came the second time we both collapsed in each others arms. When we finally calmed down we heard a couple of claps then her room mate said, ” I would ask to join in, but I don’t think either one of you has anything left to give me. I guess I’ll have to do it myself.”

She and I continued this clandestine relationship for about four months. The sex was fabulous, but only because it was based in love. When we finally got caught, which was inevitable, the CO gave her a real ass chewing, but didn’t put anything in her service record, as long as she agreed to never see me again. I got a real running over as well, but since I was the junior service member, I got off with just that, and some serious threatening. I’ve been with out love since that day, but the memories still fill my nights, and she’s been the inspiration for some great poetry.

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