The Magic Bedroom 3: The End


The Magic Bedroom 3: The EndLucinda was grinding her pussy onto Alice’s face, pushing hard to work off the resentment she still felt about the spiritual atrocity exhibition she had been subjected to the night before. It was beginning to cool a little in the late afternoon and Lucinda enjoyed the slight breeze that caressed her. For the first time since Alice had roasted her mind just after midnight, she felt herself again, psyche regained, back in the raw and physical but with a heightened perceptive quality. Touch was more sensual, every kiss Alice had planted on her tits before had her on the verge of orgasm. Alice lapped up Lucinda’s pussy juice with relish, sticking her tongue deep up into Lucinda’s hole as she roughly ground away on her gaping mouth. Lucinda climaxed again and again, but now had a preternatural control over the spasms of what was previously overwhelming sexual pleasure. Rather than being uncontrollably convulsed by multiple orgasms she was in a state of abstract ecstasy, transcendence through the divine fusion of flesh and spirit. “Let’s fuck hard,” said Alice.They scissored bartın escort on the bed, rubbing their vulvas together, wiggling and gyrating so their labia lips met, stimulating each other’s external hot spots. Alice sucked Lucinda’s immaculately pedicured pretty little toes while she rubbed a tit with her free foot, the other being pinioned under Lucinda’s body. Francesca sure was a fox, thought Alice, a proper Meditteranean sexpot, and here she was writhing in her hijacked corporeal form. Lucinda appeared catatonic, lost in thrall to the oscillating flow of pure pleasure that engulfed her. Alice sharply broke away, her pussy was sore and she had things she needed to show and tell Alice, so that she had a selective understanding of it all, her suicide, the beyond and her bodily resurrection. “Time to float my gal…don’t be scared it saves me a lot of words you won’t understand. Your meat senses aren’t enough to take it all in…”Alice snaked around and took Lucinda, who appeared to be blearily awakening from a deep sleep, in her arms and kissed her neck tenderly.“Up bartın escort bayan we go…’ breathed Alice.Their spirit selves divided themselves and floated above their bodies, clearly discernible to the eye like a pair of 3 dimensional charcoal etchings done with exquisite attention to detail. Lucinda saw Alice for the first time since before her suicide; pendulous breasts, her blonde hair running over her shoulders, long limbed and meaty, full sensuous lips in a round face punctuated with bewitching brown eyes. The spirits at first passed through each other, as if cautiously getting a feel for their spectral representations following liberation from the flesh, the second time Alice floated into Lucinda and they briefly fused. In that moment when they became one Alice transmitted a selection of her knowledge, all that Lucinda needed to know and remain sane and functional, into her, explaining her earthly motives, her suicide, the beyond, her comeback and new talents. Lucinda understood now why any verbal explanation would have been inadequate.Do escort bartın you see as I see, Alice asked Lucinda wordlessly as they returned to their bodies.“I see,” said Lucinda. “Aren’t you hungry,” Lucinda asked Alice, stretching her arms.“Funny I’ve no appetite yet but I’m gagging for a beer and a smoke.”’“We need to freshen up,” said Lucinda. ‘Let’s get up and shower together.”“It does smell cunty in here,” concluded Alice, swinging her legs off the bed.The raven that had watched them make love before alighted again on the window sill. “Fuck, that raven is back,”said Lucinda, the sight of the bird making her fretful. “Well your girl Francesca had to go somewhere.”Lucinda was enervated by Alice’s disclosure, “She’s in a fucking bird? I thought she’d just pass over…”“It don’t work like that love. It’s one in one out that’s just where she landed. Old bones ain’t got no use on the other side.”The raven swept down, picked up the candle, the one they had covered in their pussy juices the night before, off the floor and flew out the window. Stood at the window, Lucinda watched the raven soar upwards and then dive behind the tall trees of the nearby woodland. The trees seemed to briefly shudder with furtive life before returning to complete stillness. Lucinda stared deeply into the gathering dusk. “Resourceful little bugger ain’t she,’ said Alice, lighting the last of Francesca’s cigarettes.

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