The Massage


The MassageToday Joe was working out at the spa when he decided he needed a good massage. He told the desk clerk he wanted Sari. Sari was a big titted round assed sex machine and he wanted to get her hands on him. The clerk took him to a room and told him to get naked and lay on his stomach on the table with the towel over his ass. Joe felt his cock get hard just thinking of Sari in her tight shirt with the bulging nipples. He would love to wrap his lips around each cherry sized nip. As he layed there in she walked in a white thong and obsene tight white tank top and those beautiful tits were ready to pop the seams of the top. The top was short and clung to her tits as the hard nipples pushed against the thin fabric.She went to him and smiled and told him he was going to enjoy his relaxing massage. She rubbed lotion on his back and massaged him deep. Next she did his legs then lifted the towel and rubbed his ass. She spread his legs and rubbed down his ass cheek. She put a big dab of lotion on his pucker and rubbed it in. Then her fingers went to his balls and she rubbed lotion on them. She lathered her middle finger and pushed it in his ass as she rubbed his ass cheeks. She pushed another finger in his ass and began to massage and finger fuck his ass hole as she grasped his balls and pulled on them.She finger fucked him as she listened to him moan. Then she leaned down and began to lick his ass cheeks as she fucked his ass. Her mouth and hands were busy ravaging his ass as Joe moaned and enjoyed the sexy lady.She then turned him over onto his back and removed the towel so he was now laying naked on the table. She rubbed lotion across his chest and began to massage his nipples. As she played with his nipples she watched his cock stand straight up. She liked that he had a man size cock, long and thick. He was truly built to give a girl maximum pleasure. She ran lotion over his stomach and teased him going close to his hard cock but not touching it. She ran her fingers thru the hair surrounding his delicious manhood. She slid a pillow under his ass raising his cock up higher. She then spread his legs and as she massaged the insides of his legs she licked his stomach and tongued his belly button. She watched his cock jerk as she tortured him with her touch.She then squirted lotion onto his cock and began to run her hands up and down his hard shaft. He was thick and she could not put asyabahis yeni giriş her hand completely around the thick rod. As she rubbed his cock her other hand grabbed his balls and squeezed them. This made cum leak from his slit and she licked him clean. She then sucked on the tip of his huge cock and listened to the moans come from him as he leaked more precum. She ran her tongue up and down each side of his cock before she then took him in her mouth. She sucked on about three inches before she took him deeper. She spread his legs further apart and he was perfect with the pillow under him for her to play with his ass and balls as she sucked the long cock. She then took the cock deep in her mouth and sucked as she rammed two fingers deep in his ass. She was sucking the big cock hard as she finger fucked his ass. She deepthroated the cock as she sucked him and fingered his ass before he gave her a huge load of warm tasty cum. She raised her head and pulled her top over her head and then pulled off her skimpy thong. She cupped her hands under her tits and began to rub him with the hard nipples. She rubbed over his eyes, his cheeks his lips and down to his nipples. She rubbed her nipples across his nipples and then to his stomach. She poked a nipple in his belly button and watched his cock jerk. She then rubbed his cock with her big set of tits till she had him hard again for her. She put her cock between the big jugs and began to tit fuck him slow as she held his cock tight between her tits. His fingers came up and grabbed her nipples and pinched them and then his hands squeezed her tits tight to his cock as she fucked him with them. He ran a hand down to her cunt and began to feel every inch of her hot pussy. He played with her clit till it was hard then he shoved two fingers in her wet fuck hole and began to fuck her hard. He finger fucked her cunt for a bit then he grabbed her and sat her on top of him and slid her down his cock. He pushed her down till he had every inch inside her warm wet hole. He grabbed her by the ass and began moving her up and down on his cock. She loved how his big cock filled her and he loved how warm and wet her cunt was. As he fucked her he gave her ass a couple playful swats but kept fucking her harder and deeper and rougher. He had wanted to fuck this sexy bitch since the first time he saw her at the spa. He was going to give asyabahis güvenilirmi her a fuck she would not forget. She was facing him riding his cock and he watched her huge tits bounce with every deep thrust he gave her. He remembered those huge jugs rubbing his body and shoved his cock in her harder. He pulled her over so her tits dangled above his face and he watched them jiggle as they fucked hard. Then she shoved a nipple in his mouth and squeezed his cock with her cunt muscles and he almost came inside her. He did not want to cum as he wanted to fuck her long and hard before he filled her with his cum. As he sucked each nipple he shoved his fingers in her ass deeper. He then bit the nipples and heard her moan. As he fucked both holes he bit and chewed her huge oversized melons. She leaned her tits into him harder. She loved it rough and he then spanked her sexy ass. As he spanked that sexy ass she tightened her cunt muscles on his cock making him now moan. This sexy bitch was a hot fuck. Her cunt had a tight grip on his cock as she slid up and down on his pole. He grabbed a nipple with his teeth and pulled on it as his fingers fucked her ass harder. She was now riding his cock faster and deeper. She loved to fuck and she loved his big monster horse like cock. She felt like she had mounted a stallion and riding him deep in her fuck hole.Joe fucked and spanked and bit this nympho for over an hour before he filled her with his cum. She had cum several times and cum was covering his balls and running to his ass. He then flipped her over to the table and laid on top of her. He began to kiss her tonguing her mouth and sucking on her tongue. He was rubbing his wet cock across her stomach as he kissed. He felt his cock get hard once again and smiled as his rod loved pussy too. He then moved off her and bent her over the table and spread her ass apart. He had just had three fingers fucking that tight ass so he put his cock to her opening and began to push his thick cock in her. He felt her give and let him move into her. He looked down and was amazed at how wide her ass was spread as he entered her sweet ass. He had almost seven inches in her and knew she could take more so he kept pushing. He had all ten inches in her ass as he began to fuck her hard. Her ass cheeks rubbed against his stomach making him need to fuck her faster and harder. She felt so good asya bahis giriş and his cock could feel her ass around every side of his cock.He fucked her ass good and hard before he let her have the warm cum once more. Then he sat her on the table and spread her legs so he could see her cum filled cunt as he looked at her huge tits. Just looking at her sexy body made any man want to fuck her day and night. He licked the bite marks across her tits then sucked each nipple. He nipped at her right nipple then kissed down her body to her stomach and then to her clit. He licked the clit then sucked it and then kissed back up to her left tit and nipped it. He did this three of four times till he saw the look in her eyes that she wanted him to fuck her again. She wanted his body as much as he wanted hers. He put two fingers in her cunt and then wiped them across her nipples and licked them clean. The more he teased and touched her body the more she was ready to be fucked. He then took the cum soaked fingers and ran them over her lips and watched her lick them. He did this once more and this time he licked them. He pushed her to her back and raised her legs up over her head and mounted her cum soaked wet cunt. She was wet but tight and his cock felt good in her love hole. He first fucked her cunt for over twenty minutes then in the same position he moved his cock to her ass and ass fucked her before he went back to her cunt. With her legs high he could fuck either hole and he traded off between them till he had her screaming and cumming faster and faster. This time when he was ready to cum he sprayed her stomach and tits with his cum. He then massaged the cum over her giving her tits and good rub down with cum. She was wet and sticky as he kissed and licked the cum fromm her tits. He then straddled her face and opened her mouth and shoved his cock down her throat as she sucked his cock covered in the mixture of both cums. After she sucked his cock clean he turned her over on her stomach and spanked her ass. Then he spread her ass cheeks and tongue fucked that sexy ass. Before he was done he then tongue fucked her cum filled fuck hole. They spent the rest of the afternoon fucking and sucking all her holes and she let him do anything he needed to her sexy “love to be fucked” body. He then put a robe on her and himself and took her to his car. In the car he removed both robes and she sat next to him naked. He pushed her head to his cock as he drove to his house. She sucked his cock as he finger fucked her cunt then her ass. He was going to take her to his bed and use all his sex toys with her. It was going to be a long hot night. And maybe several long hot nights.

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