The Moment


The MomentThe moment began when they touched for the first time. Though it was little more than a touch, this is what they felt. Standing in a loving embrace. Hugging just to be close With a tender glance into each others eyes, and a gentle smile. Nervousness in buckets at the anticipation and longing for the first kiss. Albeit brief extremely soulful kiss, a moment of awkward silence, then slowly kissing again. A long deep kiss, tongues coming together in a passionate caress. As their hands begin to wander it becomes apparent the kiss has become more lustful and carnal. They begin to take each others clothing off in a feverish Way, until not a stitch remains. They lie down, begins to kiss, feeling their skin against the others. He begins to let his hands caress and massage her body. The shoulder, the arms, the stomach,the chest, the legs, the feet, the calves, the butt, the back. As he finishes on her back he begins to kiss her neck. Just little breathing lingering kisses at first. Then he slowly begins to suck and nibble on her neck, as he grazes his hands down her back to her ass in a a teasing manner. She turns around and they kiss and embrace. He then begins to kiss down her neck, towards her shoulders, kissing and nibbling all the way. Slowly going towards her breasts he slowly kisses around them, circling hiltonbet yeni giriş in on the nipples which he lets his tongue graze but never touch. Eventually taking each nipple into his mouth and suck, and biting it for long lengths of time. He begins down the chest to stomach, kissing slowly to heighten the anticipation, he eventually gets to her lower belly. He kisses around her lower belly, moving to each leg, kissing up and down it, barely grazing her pussy as he passes. Using his lips the brush against her the lips of her pussy, the sticks his tongue out and flicks it softly against her clit. Running his tongue along her lips, slowly letting his tongue slide inside them. Putting his mouth around her clitoris to provide suction, and use his tongue better. He slides a small bit of his index finger inside of her, teasing her with it. As he is beginning to speed up the speed of his tongue he slides his finger into her deeper. Curling it up and back at times to drive her crazy with excitement. Letting a second finger, slowly slide into her ass. Sliding it in and out with the timing of his other finger deep inside her pussy. She is bucking against his fingers and tongue in the beginnings of her orgasm, moaning and groaning louder and louder as she nears climax, at the moment before hiltonbet giriş he feels her begin to orgasm he sucks on her clit hard, pushes on her g-spot and slides his finger deep in her ass.. just as she starts to shake within the throws of a massive orgasm. He continues to suckle at her clit and play with his fingers, as she reaches down and grabs his head with her hand, and beckons him back up to his lips. They kiss with great fervor and arduous abandon.She breaks the kiss and begins to kiss his neck, making her way to his nipples, teasing them slightly before kissing down his stomach. As she nears his cock, it is obvious that he is enjoying her motions, as his cock stands at its full height engorged and ready. It dances to and fro, or so it would seem. She touches and traces the contours of the head, and down the shaft lightly. She slowly puts out her tongue and lightly rakes it over the tip of his hard cock. Teasing the head and Frenulum.. after following the head of the penis, she lets it slip into her mouth slowly. Tonguing the head whilst in her mouth. She sucks his cock into her mouth and down her throat till the base of his cock and her nose touch. Pulling back to the head slowly so he can feel her tongue down the shaft of his cock. She puts her hand around his cock and begins hiltonbet güvenilirmi to twist it towards and away from her mouth as she increases the pace of her mouth. After a bit he touches her shoulder and beckons her to come to him. She comes up and they again begin to kiss. They caress each other lovingly. He pulls her on top of him, and slowly slides his cocks into her hot wet pussy. They arch against each other slowly at first as he sucks on her breasts and nipples. The passion continues and the speed and ferocity of their arching hips grow feverish, he takes her and moves her to her hands and knees, and from behind her, entering her slowly, and thrusting gently the first few times, then harder while grabbing on to her hips to pull her close to him. As she is pushing back into him, she notices that he has also stuck his finger into her ass so that she can feel him in both places. Her bucking increases as she is close to another orgasm. She begins to shake and shiver as she enters her orgasm, and he increases the strength in his thrusts, as sheBucks wildly against him. With a loud moan he pulls his cock from her pussy and pushes it into her ass. Slowly pushing it into her so not as to cause to much pain. Sliding harder and quicker each time. Soon he pulls his cock from her ass, strokes it quickly and shoots cum all over her ass and lower back. They fall together in a passionate embrace, holding each other and glowing..And then the moment passes, neither or them realizing what happened in the course of the moment. Forever remembering in the back of their brain what they had felt.

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