The Op Shop


The Op ShopMy husband and I had been out for lunch at the Moutere Hills Vineyard. On our way in to Nelson we talked about what we would do for the rest of the day. Shopping for lingerie was high on my list. I rarely have time to shop for myself, teenage c***dren usually want something.We parked and started to walk around the streets looking for a boutique store. The shops were very busy. I spotted a little recycle designer clothing store as my husband spotted a hunting and fishing store. We agreed to meet up at a cafe in 2 hours.I walked in to the store and had a great time looking at all the beautiful things. Blouses and skirts, hot little dresses, and some beautiful shoes. Now I am a tall lady 5’10” 34C 24 30 with long legs. I wear my long blonde hair in a ponytail.”Can I help you” a young voice asked. I turned to see a young woman in a t shirt jeans and knee high boots standing near me. Our eyes locked on each other as if she was reading my thoughts. “I am looking for…” I started. She smiled and pointed to the back of the store. “These swimsuits are for women with bigger breasts. I think we will find what you need back there” She pointed and I felt her warm hand on the small of my back guiding me as we walked between the racks of clothes. I didn’t protest. “I’m looking for sexy lingerie.” I uttered nervously. This woman was half my age. Her hair was cut short and dyed purple. A tattoo on her muscular arm and make gave her a very edgy look. Standing beside her hand was now on my bubblebutt. Moving in a circular motion. She moved to another rack that had a variety of lingerie in very bright colours. She selected a bright blue nightie with matching knickers that would leave nothing to the imagination. A corset with a half bra attached suspender belt, a teddy and some other things. “The changing room is over here…” she looked at me. I was turning red. bahis siteleri “Or we could go out the back if you like.” I nodded. My pussy was moist and my nipples were getting hard. What did I want to do? We walked through the door as she told the other woman we were not to be disturbed. I walked through the door a 45 year old woman wanting to please a teenage punk girl. I heard the door lock click. I closed my eyes and opened them taking in the large warehouse space boxes everywhere a large mattress in the corner. “I… I.. I’m..” I stuttered. “Your a slut! Now strip and let’s see what you look like in this.” she ordered as she held out a see through blue nightie that was very small. “Get on with it bitch. Remove your clothes now.” Her hand firmly smacked my big ass cheek. I whimpered. “You want this. You need it don’t you Slut.” I nodded. And with that I unbuttoned my blouse slowly removing my long arms from each sleeve. I could feel her eyes taking in my stubby nipples poking my cheap bra. I undid the clasp and let it fall to the floor. I unzipped my skirt and wiggled my hips as pushed it down my hips bent over as it went down my toned thighs. It fell to the floor. My plain white cotton knickers had a big damp spot. I put my thumbs on each hip and peeled them from my body. I could feel them sticking to my wet pussy lips. Mmmmm I heard a moan. I stepped forward and put the little nightie on. I realised I was looking at the floor. “Look up Slut. See I what I have for you” I looked up the girl stood there with a big grin on her face. “Your bloody sexy slut. Strut over there and back” her smile made me wetter and more compliant. I strutted over to the door swaying my hips boobs pushed out. I could feel my juices trickle down the inside of my leg. She sat with her legs spread, like my son, I moved between them. We kissed her tongue in my mouth her hands roughly canlı bahis siteleri groped my mature body. I spread my legs as felt her fingers penetrate my slutty cunt. I groaned in pleasure. She broke our kiss and spun me around. I could see a mature skinny blonde in sexy lingerie being groped by a punk girl. The punk girl had one hand roughly mauling a breast as the other hand rubbed my protruding clit. I moaned as my head fell back on her shoulder. I liked my lips and nuzzled her neck as I felt my first orgasm hit. She violently pushed me forward with both arms on to the mattress. I landed face forward with my ass in the air. I could hear her getting something from a drawer. I turned my head to see my lover stepping through a harness and pull it up her jeans and then tighten the straps. My eyes looked at the thick long black dildo pointed at me. “Get on your back slut. We are gonna fuck!” she had a big grin on her gorgeous face. I really needed to get fucked. I got on my back and spread my legs. My wet pussy lips were gaping open in anticipation. She knelt between my legs her hand guided the big head up and down my wet slit. I put my hand on the shaft as she teased me. My hand could not reach around the girth of it. My eyes showed the panic in my head as she pushed the bulbous circumcised head between my lips. “FUCK ME” I protested as the head settled inside my stretched cunt. The shaft penetrated me inch by inch. This slut was on heat. I was perspiring as I tried to spread my legs wider to receive this monster cock. I looked in to my lovers eyes. “Slut your a bitch in heat” She leaned forward her body in a press up position. We kissed and looked down as we both watched the dildo move in and out. Slowly impaling me with the full length of her big cock.I whimpered and moaned as the big cock moved in and out with great force. The birth of three canlı bahis c***dren had stretched my cunt to easily accept this monster fucking me. “A real slut would pull her legs back behind her head.”Without hesitation I tried to pull my legs back behind my head. My young lover used her arms to push my legs behind my shoulders. My face was really close to my gaping cunt as I watched her move in to position like I see in those porn movies young women getting fucked by those big cocks. Cheap sluts usually get fucked in the ass too. I thought. She must have read my mind. Her thumb was in my anus. Fingers followed. Some lubricant was applied. I looked on at this slut with a gaping holes watched her lover oil up her big cock. She placed a foot either side and squatted fucking my ass hole with that big dick. She used her oily hand to fist fuck me as the dildo head entered my butthole. I could hear grunting and moaning as we moved in unison. I had lots of little orgasms and could feel the big wave coming. My lover was dripping in sweat her t shirt clung to her bra less perky tits. When I came it was a like a hose I squirted over her chest splashing back in my face. “Good Slut.” My lover stood and removed the harness and her jeans. She sat on my face as I gasped for air. “Eat me Slut.” She laughed. “I gave great orgasms now give me some bitch” Her hand slapped my clit. Her firm ass on my face muffled my yelps of pain. I opened my mouth to breath my tongue on her slit. She jumped my mouth and tongue until her juices flowed in my mouth. She stood over me as wiped my face. A golden stream of warm piss hit my stomach moved along my chest to my mouth as the flow increased. She laughed loudly as tried to crawl away. My clothes that were on floor had gone. A small crocheted woollen dress with a pair of heels with a large shopping bag sat in there place. “Get dressed and leave through the back door” Later I met up with my husband at Harry’s Hawker Bar in the dim light I could see him sitting enjoying a drink. I sat and placed my shopping bag on the floor. “Did you get anything nice” he smiled.

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