The Pool

Double Penetration

The PoolI go to my local pool 2 to 3 times a week it’s a small pool in an hotel with membership being quite reasonable so I joined for a year to see how it would go and no complaints so far. I arrived there last Wednesday straight from work and knew that at the time of the day it would be pretty quiet and after changing I made my way into the pool area, I was pleased to see I was the only one there so I got straight in and started to do a few lengths.After about 5 minutes the door the men’s dressing room opened and in came an older gentleman tall slim grey hair but also quite slim, he said hi and sat on the bench as if waiting for someone. I continued my lengths wondering who or what he was waiting for until out of the ladies changing room stepped a very elegant looking lady she was wearing a terry bathrobe with the hotel crest on the breast pocket and even with the robe on I could tell she was a very curvy lady. She smiled nervously at me and then went over to the guy on the bench who I assumed to be her husband and started what appeared to be a heated debate. I was curious to know what the problem was so swam a little closer so that I could hear what they were saying, “You said it would be quiet in here and that nobody would be around” to which the guy said “It usually is but maybe he will go in a minute” “Well I hope so she said because I am not flashing myself of to just anybody you know – I knew this was a bad idea”. I thought that I would hang around a little longer to see what would happen and after a few more minutes the guy got up and said something to her and then got in the pool and started to swim.I was resting at the deep end when he swam up and said hi again “What up with your wife – is she not coming in for a swim” “Long story” he said and swam away to the shallow end. When I caught up with him again I said “I suppose you thought it would be empty in here then” “yes sort of” he said.” we were expecting to meet someone but he called to cancel at the last minute” “Would you like me to leave” “no no don’t be silly I wouldn’t dream of it she will come round in a minute, she is a little shy as she is wearing quite a revealing swimsuit you see” he confided.Well now I was interested in seeing what all the fuss was about and looking at the woman she was very striking with red hair and lovely features and now I was determined to see this swimsuit. “I’m Dennis by the way” holding out my hand which he shook replying “I’m Tom and that is Sherry” “Hi Sherry” I called and she smiled meekly and said hi back “why don’t you come for a swim” I called but she seemed to ignore me. Tom shouted to her not to be silly and to get in the pool as he would welcome my opinion on the swimsuit but she just turned the other way and ignored him to. “So was the swimsuit meant to impress the guy you were meeting Tom?” “Yes in a way as I said a long story” “ok well I’m not trying to pry just making conversation” “its ok Dennis don’t worry” he said and with that he got out and went over to his wife.Another heated debate took place and I could see Tom was trying to convince her to get in the pool as I heard him say that he would love to see my reaction to the swimsuit. She asked him if I was a nice guy and I heard Tom say yes very friendly and after a few more minutes of chat she simply stood up and slipped off the robe. I was not far away in the pool and she must have seen the look on my face as I took in the scene before me she stood about 5’5” quite a slim body like her husband but she had enormous breasts that were only just being contained in the sexiest swimsuit I had ever seen it was a halter neck suit tied ant the back of her neck the material cut across her breasts almost revealing the nipples and the legs were a high cut design showing off her curves to the full. “Wow” I said looking in amazement and she cut me a stern glance but then smiled and said “Do you like it” “Your husband is a very lucky man” I said and swam of to the deep end hoping she would actually come in for a swim but really to hide the erection that had suddenly overcome me.I stayed at the deep end hoping to calm down and watched as Sherry climbed into the pool and watched her as hiltonbet giriş she swam towards me. “Thanks for the compliment” she said as she approached “Its ok – you look stunning in that suit as I would guess you would look stunning in anything” “Thanks you again how sweet” she said coming to a stop right next to me.” your hub told me you were supposed to be meeting someone – must be someone special to be dressed like that” “OMG he told you?” “Just said he let you down that’s all” I said and noticed that she was looking quite flushed and embarrassed so I continued, “good friend is he?” “Who?” “The guy you were meeting” “oh err no actually never met him before – its err a long story” “yes that’s what Tom said”.With that she swam back to the shallow end where I could see her talking to Tom and as I approached they stopped and seemed to wait for me to say something. “Sorry I wasn’t trying to ne nosey and I can see I am upsetting you so I will go and leave you two to it” “Don’t be silly said Tom looking at Sherry, please stay a while you look like a sensible guy” “Some say that others tell the truth” I quipped “but you two have really got me intrigued” “Oh why?” said Sherry. “Well I think I can guess why you guys are here but I don’t want to upset you if I’m wrong”. “Ok” they both said, “lets hear your guess”.I took a deep breath and replied “Well looking at the way Sherry is dressed and may I say she looks stunning, I think you were both here to meet someone for a sexual reason and my guess would be a threesome with some guy back in your hotel room” Ton and Sherry looked at each other and Tom said “is it that obvious?” “No its not unless one has experience in such things” “and you have?” Sherry replied, “Yes once or twice and in fact once here in this hotel”. “So have you been here with your wife and shared her with another man?” “No I was meeting a couple an older couple much like yourselves but might I say not as nice”Sherry smiled at that last comment and she said, “Really what happened?” “Before I answer that can I just ask you this” they both nodded “was he a black guy you were meeting?” “Yes OMG how did you guess?” “It’s a fantasy for a lot of women to be taken by a black guy and for the husband to watch and maybe join in, the miss conception is that black guys are hung better than other races” “This guy was” said Tom “trust me he was 9.5 inches and looking at his pics I don’t doubt it” “I don’t doubt it for a second” I said, Sherry asked again what had happened when I met the couple so I briefly explained to them the we had met about this time in this very pool and that I had started to play with the female in front of her husband. “How do you mean play?” asked Tom “kissing fondling that sort of thing, and eventually we went to their room and got serious”. “MMm” said Sherry “I’m just remembering what I am missing” “So feeling horny?” “Yes very, and disappointed”.I could see that Sherry was indeed excited as her nipples looked to be hard a rocks pushing at the inside of the flimsy swimsuit fabric, she saw me looking but did nothing to hide them. Tom moved up-close to me and whispered “kiss her” in my ear so I floated closer to her she had her eyes closed maybe visualising that black cock that she so very nearly had. I kissed her on the neck and she opened her eyes with a start “What the hell are you doing? “ “Only what your husband asked me to do” and with that I cupped her left breast and felt the hard nipple just beneath the fabric, she turned to me and kissed me on the lips her tongue darting in and out of my mouth, her breathing was heavier and her nipple even harder. I kissed her harder deeper and she moved closed our bodied touching, my cock was rock hard by now and she could feel it pressing against her thigh.She moved away slightly and looked down to my swim shorts to see my enormous bulge and her eyes lit up as she moved a hand down and started to rub me through my shorts. She let out a gasp as she felt the length and said simply “How big?” “11.5 when fully aroused” “What?” said Tom “are you serious?” “Yes he is” said Sherry and kissed me again still rubbing my cock. She had her other arm around my hiltonbet yeni giriş neck as she stroked me, I pulled at the knot holding her halter top up and the fabric gave easily exposing her fantastic breasts. I could see Tom was excited by what he was seeing and I looked at him as if to ask his approval he said keep-going guys I am watching the doors and listening don’t stop. I asked if we should go to their room but Sherry said she liked the danger of maybe getting caught. She pressed her body against mine rubbing her nipples over my chest then offering me one to suck on. I took it greedily and moved a hand down to her mound she responded by pushing onto it forcing me to rub her pussy lips. The fabric was very flimsy and I could feel how open she had become. I moved the gusset to one side and slid a finger into her now wet pussy, she sighed and grabbed my hand forcing my fingers deeper. Moaning now she slid her hand into my shorts grabbing my naked cock for the first time. Just then the door to the women’s changing room opened and in walked a couple of middle aged women, Sherry quickly covered up and I tied her swimsuit making it look as though it had undone by accident, the two women looked at us as they got in the pool but started to swim lengths together. I whispered to Sherry “Don’t worry they will be gone in 15 minutes – I have seen them both here before” “have you fucked them?” she whispered “no” I said. Tom was sitting on the bench by the pool hiding his own erection so I started to fondle Sherry again when the other two were not near. She was getting very hot so I asked again if she wanted to go to the room “No I want you to fuck me here”. With that I kissed her again and fondled her breast through the swimsuit she moaned and said, “I hope they go soon”.The two women were up the deep end but I could see they were watching me so I kissed Sherry again and turned her so they could see I was fondling her large breasts, Sherry seemed happy about it although I doubt she was aware they could see. I made eye contact with one of the women and she smiled at me and then turned and said something to her friend. They both looked over at us again so I slipped my hand under the fabric of Sherry’s suit feeling the nipple still hard, when I looked back at the two women they were kissing each other passionately.I pointed this out to Sherry and asked, “Do you mind an audience?” “No” she said not “at all” so I released her top again and started to chew at first one then the other nipple.I looked at where Tom was sitting and saw he was no longer hiding his erection but was openly wanking, I moved up to the steps that led out of the pool dragging sherry with me and sitting on the top step I pushed my shorts right down and offered my now erect cock for her to suck. She took what she could into her mouth and starts to suck on it tasting my salty pre-cum she used her hand to wank me into her mouth. From my position I could look over sherry’s bobbing head to see the two women, and to my surprise they had moved closer to us they were slowly getting closer and closer. I grabbed Sherry’s hair and forced her down onto my cock, and at the same time smiling at the two women.One of the women came over to the steps and then climbed out to sit right beside me she was staring intently ant my cock, which was being expertly sucked by Sherry. The woman got closer and run her hand over my chest then she kissed me rubbing herself on my arm she was clearly turned on by what she was seeing. She then stood up and slowly started to strip off her swimsuit revealing as trim body and freshly shaved pussy.Looking past the woman I could see that her friend had gotten out of the pool and was now sucking on Toms cock giving him an amazing blowjob. The woman then got next to Sherry and kissed her on the cheek – Sherry looked up smiled and offered her my cock to suck, she took it greedily and they shared the sucking as my cock went from one mouth to the other. This was becoming unbearable and I could feel my balls were fit to burst when Sherry stood up removed her swimsuit completely exposing her Brazilian and then she positioned herself above my hiltonbet güvenilirmi throbbing cock slowly lowing herself down. The woman holding my cock expertly guided it in to her sopping pussy as she sunk down onto me. Sherry gasped as she took the whole length in one movement and I could feel her cunt walls grip me like a vice. She savoured in the feeling of being totally impaled before slowly rising back up until my cock was free covered in her juices the woman took it greedily once again into her mouth before guiding it back inside the needy Sherry.She started to ride me taking me deep then stopping and slowly impaling herself once more it felt awesome and the woman was caressing my balls feeling for all the spunk the was surely going to explode soon. I looked over to see her friend and Tom no fucking on the bench – she was on his lap riding for all she was worth. I turned my attention back to sherry and grabbed her swinging breasts as she rode me bitiing first one nipple then the other. She was moaning loudly riding me and I felt as her orgasm hit her as her cunt gripped my cock even tighter as if trying to squeeze the cum out of my balls, she exploded and I could feel the wetness of her orgasm squirting out and spraying my balls. She eased herself of my rampant cock leaving it wet and glistening with her juices and she slid back into the pool floating there completely naked. The woman took her place astride me she grabbed my cock and placed it at her pussy entrance she looked at me and said, “I’m not sure I can take you but I want to try”. I smiled and grabbed her hips stopping her from sliding too quickly onto me, I let the tip just inside her probing its way holding her weight she relaxed and let me take control. I soon realised how tight she was and sensing she was getting frustrated I lifted her up and laid her down by the side of the pool. She opened her legs willingly as I moved down her body kissing her until I reached her pussy. I slowly parted her lips with my fingers and pushed my tongue inside her licking and probing her feeling her juices already flowing.I was in the water and the woman was on the edge of the pool the water was only a few feet deep there in fact just the right height for me to fuck her right there when the time was right. As I licked and probed with my tongue and fingers her pussy was definitely opening up and she got more relaxed and horny. Suddenly I felt finger around my cock and a warm body next to me – Sherry had recovered slightly and whispered in my ear to fuck her so I stood up and sure enough the tip of my cock was just the right height lining up with the woman’s now erect clit.Sherry reached around me and rubbed my cock head over her clit, she moaned and moved her hips closer giving me even better access. She then moved my cock to her now gapping pussy telling me to fuck the bitch. I eased in slowly and I could feel her tense a little so I pushed slowly but firmly. She lifted her head and looked down at my cock in her and said, “Don’t stop – please don’t stop – I want it all” so I duly obliged and sunk in to the hilt. She was moaning and writhing and when I was completely inside I just left it there feeling her cunt muscles gripping me even tighter then Sherry had. I looked over to Tom and saw that Sherry had now joined them and they were both sucking him to another erection. I looked back at my fuck and saw she had her eyes closed and looked to be in the first flush of orgasm. So grabbing her hips I pulled out of her slowly then back in building up the rhythm until we were fucking hard and fast. She was screaming at me to fuck her as she orgasmed and her cunt seemed to open up even more as I fucked her deeper that ever feeling my own orgasm building.“Where do you want me to cum?” I asked “Everywhere” she said. I knew it was going to be a big one as I hadn’t cum in weeks so when I spurted I left it deep inside her filling her pussy with hot spunk, then quickly withdrawing to shoot the rest over her belly tits and face. She was amazed at how much cum there was and was quick to take me into her mouth to get the last few drops.Tom and Sherry joined us back in the pool where we put on our suits and floated around for a while before Tom suggested we all go back to their room. The women introduced themselves as Amanda and Chrissy and Amanda, who was the one that went with Tom said “yes please we would love to and I cant wait to try that huge cock” “Anything for a Lady” I replied……….

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