The pool

Big Dicks

The poolAn overcast weekday at the end of summer, definitely a good day to get a workout in. No waiting for a lane today. We didn’t even have to share.??We finished our laps and decided to grab an early dinner on the way home. We’d meet back in about 20 minutes. I headed to the men’s locker room and she to the ladies.??I opened my locker and grab my towel. I slid my trunks to the floor and headed to the shower stalls. The water had been a little chilly so I wasn’t impressing anyone but then there wasn?‘t much of an audience anyway.??I walked to the end of the row of stalls and just as I was entering it, I heard a soft familiar giggle behind me. I turned and there she was. ??I heard voices so I grabbed her and all but threw her into the stall and slammed the door!??“You’re going to get us kick……….,” I started to say buy she never let me finish my statement.?She grabbed my neck and pulled my mouth to hers. asyabahis yeni giriş She kissed me fiercely and I could feel the passion in her body boiling over. Her skin was hot, and her nipples pressed through the spandex of her suit like diamonds. My manhood sprang to life instantly, no trace of the cold water could be seen.??I grabbed the straps of her suit and dropped to my knees. In one fluid motion she was a naked as I. ??She reached over my head and turned the shower on hot, really hot!??I kissed her stomach. I love kissing her stomach. Her skin is soft and she is always shaved completely bare. ??I reached around and squeezed her cheeks. She likes that. I separated them and ran my fingers all the way down. She’s never allowed my cock to enter but occasionally teasing her with a finger tip really turns her on.??She leaned back against the wall. I lifted one of her legs over my shoulder asyabahis güvenilirmi and buried my face in her pussy. She started to moan and caught herself. There were some voices outside so we couldn’t let loose completely.??I put two fingers inside her as I licked and sucked her clit. I could already ready feel her body starting to shudder. She bit down on her hand to avoid making noise and I braced myself as her supporting leg went loose. She came hard. ??She regained her legs as her orgasm subsided and I stood up. She started to lower herself to suck me. I stop her and said, “No! It’s too late for that!” I spun her around and bent her forward against the wall. I entered her roughly, she let out a load moan.??I slapped her right cheek and reminder her to be quiet but she was too far gone. I don’t even think she remembered I was there at that point.??I thrust and thrust, each one harder asya bahis giriş than the last. I could feel my orgasm building as I felt her have another. ??I came just her legs gave out again. As she slid down to her knees I left a long white trail down her back. ??She leaned forward and rested her forehead against the wall. I lowered myself down behind her. I pulled her body back against my and began to kiss her neck. I reached up and kneaded both breasts. I could still feel the aftershocks running through her. I slowing moved one hand down her abdomen towards her………..??She caught my hand and said, still catching her breath, “I can’t handle another one right now!”??I went back to her breasts and kissing her neck as the hot water sprayed over us. We stood up together. She turned and kissed me deeply. I was ready for more, she knew it but said, “We should really take this home.” I reluctantly agreed and we quickly washed the sex off. ??As we were toweling off, she turned to me while trying to slither back into her swimsuit, and whispered, “I’m like a genius with the good ideas!”??To which I replied, “OK then Einstein, what’s your plan for sneaking out of here?”??her: “Ohh.” ??

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