The Power Of The Moon ch.7

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“Matty, I am going to miss you so much!” Grace said a tear rolling down her face as she held him close to her.”Don’t worry; as long as you look at the moon each and every night I am sure we will be just fine!” Matty said trying not to let her see him cry.Grace just nodded and stepped away letting him pick up his bag. She stood there looking at him hugging herself. All Matty could do was smile and kiss her nose and then her forehead.”I’ll be back before you know it.”x-x-x-x-xGrace sat on her new apartment eating Oreos and peanut butter, smiling at Sam’s shocked face.”Wait a second, you are pregnant!” Sam yelled as though she were mad at Grace, “And you are four months along. You already went to your first appointment. And the baby will be born in July?”Grace smiled and nodded, placing more peanut butter on her Oreo. She laughed again at Sam staring at her.”Have you told the Dad? Who is the Dad?” Sam asked she only had those to questions left.Grace’s smile faded and it quickly was bursa escort replaced with sorrow and guilt, “Matty.”Sam looked at her as if she was a ghost; quickly Grace got up and went to the pantry putting up her food. Sam followed right behind her, watching her every move and the way she nervously fumbled with everything.”You mean, Matty is the dad, you haven’t told him and you don’t plan on it, because you think he forgot about you?” Sam said looking at her best friend and waiting for the nodded that was quickly there.”Plus, I don’t want to tell my mom. I just want to disappear!” Grace said grabbing her hair, “I don’t want the baby to know my mom or know that her dad could be shipped out at a moment’s notice or that he may be dead. And I can’t tell it when his/her dad will be home cause I won’t know!”Tears were starting to run down her cheeks so Sam quickly changed the subject, “What are you going to name it?””Joey no matter if it is a boy or a girl,” Grace bursa escort bayan said rubbing her small but noticeable baby bump. “After Joe, I think that someone should remember her, even if it is just me.”x-x-x-xTwo years later….Matty quickly ran to his car hardly waiting for Landon to get in before taking off. It had been two years since he had seen Grace or Sam. He was supposed to have come back last year in September but a close friend of his had gone MIA and Matty had a gut feeling he was still alive. So he had persuaded the rest of his squad to stay for another year. They had found there friend but he was dead, he had only been dead for a day. They had come so close, and yet they were too late.”Matty, stop day dreaming and pay attention numb nuts!” Landon yelled holding on his seat as Matty avoided the big truck in front of him.Matty could tell Landon wanted to add something but he had stopped himself. He shook of the thought though just excited escort bursa to finally see Grace. He quickly was turning into Grace’s apartment complex parking lot earning him a well-deserved honk from a nicely dressed business woman on her way to work.Matty parked and slammed the door running quickly inside with Landon following more slowly but at a jog.Landon knocked on the door to the girl’s apartment unable to stand still.”I don’t want any cookies I have told you million times th-” Sam cut off when she opened the door seeing the two men in uniform. Tears welled in her eyes and she threw her arms around Landon, “I missed you! You are never allowed to leave again! Do you understand?!?”Landon just laughed and hugged Sam back kissing her forehead, “I won’t I promise, thanks for the letters.”Matty pushed past them and seeing Grace wasn’t in the living room he ran to her bedroom and flung open the door. But there was nothing in there no bed, no pile of clothes, no night stand, nothing was there at all.”She got a new place.” Sam said standing behind him with Landon’s arm draped over her shoulder. “I can give you the address it is in the city.” x-x-x-x Matty checked the address to make sure it matched what Sam had given him for the fifth time.

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