The Spanking that Changed My Life


The Spanking that Changed My LifeThe Spanking that Changed My LifeMy heart sank when I learnt my English Literature course would be inMiss Leatherswell’s class. That’s because Miss Leatherswell was renownthroughout the school as a keen disciplinarian. One saving grace wasmy best friend Clare would be in my class but I had a sense offoreboding. Many a tale I could recall of her appearing to have savoured the disciplinary use of her hand, slipper, tawse and cane to deal with any infractions of our girls’ boarding school rules. How long would it be before Clare or I would be over her knee or desk, skirt raised and knickers lowered? To my utter dismay I learnt it would be when I arrived 10 minutes late for my second ever lesson with her.A moment after I had entered her class she sternly addressed me: “Miss Blake please inform me and the class why you have chosen to arrive 10minutes late!””I’m sorry Miss but I have just come from the Libraryand they had a problem finding a book I wanted to borrow. I didn’tmean to be late Miss”. As I spoke I could feel myself blushing.”The fact remains you are late and you know that I take a breach ofpunctuality for my classes very seriously. Furthermore, I shalldemonstrate that I will not accept any lateness nor infractions of theschool disciplinary code reserved for the over eighteens in thisexclusive establishment. You will of course recall you duly signedthat code and that allows me to use corporal punishment on any occasion such as this. I shall therefore deal with you here and now and let it serve as a reminder to this class I am a stickler for rules and regulations!””Get over here girl!” She sharply barked and then I found myselfblushing brightly and feeling very apprehensive as I stood in front ofthe class standing to her right kaçak iddaa whilst she sternly rebuked me further.Then once the telling off was over I felt her right hand firmly pushmy back down as she commanded “Over my knee girl” and I found myself lying over her lap resting on a crisp black short skirt. I could not believe it, besides a few spankings I had got from my parents, I was now to get it in front of the class from a relative stranger. Therewas her school desk obscuring the view of many but I cannot forgetlooking up and meeting the eyes of those I could see in the front row.There was Sarah, another of my mates and Patricia, onerenowned for spreading gossip.Miss Leatherswell immediately lifted my grey pleated skirt, ruffledout the creases and left it resting on my back, and then she claspedboth sides of my white knickers and slowly peeled them down, appearingto be very precise in deliberately leaving them with the waistbandcutting into my thighs a few inches below my bottom and the crutchlightly touching my private parts. Immediately, I felt vulnerable anda coolness surrounding my bottom. My head lowered and I feltdetermined to take her bare bottom spanking with minimal complaint.How wrong could I have been! Her first spank hit smartly on my rightbuttock and immediately I felt a stinging pain. Then her second spank was delivered with an equal force and again I felt the smarting pain. Ouch, I thought and it was harder than mum and dad spank me andwe only just began. Instinctively, I brought my right hand back toprotect my bottom but immediately she firmly clasped my wrist andpressed it into the small of my back and this then seemed to spur heronto even harder spanks. I had never been held so firmly for aspanking and it was proving harder and more prolonged kaçak bahis than the worstI’d received off my dad. It seemed so unfair that within a minute ofarriving late for Miss Leatherswell’s class I was over her kneereceiving a severe bare bottom spanking. At first I tried to make nosound and accept the spanks without clenching my bottom or making anoise. That soon proved to be a hopeless strategy as this MissLeatherswell spanked hard, in fact very hard and rapidly so. It can’thave been more than 15 seconds after she started and I was soundingoff. Those spanks were hurting so much that not only did I let theclass know how much I was hurting with my whaling and wriggling but Ibegan to kick my feet in the air too. I became infuriated by thestinging and the increasing burning pain that had so rapidly spreadthoughout both bottom cheeks. I struggled but found I could do nothingto stop her from spanking me, nor wrestle my hand away from her tightgrip. Surely she’d allow me to occasionally rub the pain away but notunder Miss Leatherswell’s treatment. I could not help it but I had toplead with her: “Please stop Miss, please! I’ve learnt my lesson.” Her reply was short and sharp: “I shall decide when you’ve learnt yourlesson girl, and it certainly isn’t yet. Understand?” Meekly I replied, “Yes, Miss.”The spanks continued and as they did I lowered my head and all coulddo was submit to the pain. As I did I was looking at her black highheels and her shapely stocking clad calves. It seems strange to recallbut I actually started admiring her. Was it the sight of her silvertipped heels, her sheen black stockings or the energy with which shespanked me. Maybe I just wanted to distract myself from the stingingpain in my bottom. I could not understand it as she was really hurtingme illegal bahis but the more she spanked me the more I found myself accepting it. Ifound my bottom becoming slightly numb to the increasing burning painof the spanks. But despite the stinging spanks, I found myselfincreasingly aware of this intense flush of pleasure that was totallyabsorbing my mind and my very intimate parts, the place where boys haddared to touch me but never had. I could feel such a warm wetnessthere and where some of my knickers nestled against. I did not care.She was spanking me harder now but as she did I wriggled my bottom andpressed my pelvis up hard against her tight skirt and sheen stockingclad knees as much as my restrained body would allow. I no longer madesounds defining the pain I was feeling but ones which were mixed withpleasure. I was aware too of murmurs and whispers spreading throughoutthe class. Miss Leatherswell demanded silence but she was getting nonefrom me! Then, as she delivered her final few, determined spanks, Idistinctly moaned with pleasure. I had seen through her hardest spanksand felt as though I had won and she had lost. Sex Education classeshad tried to explain how we would feel during the heights of pleasurebut that didn’t come close to what I had just experienced over MissLeatherswell’s knee whilst she spanked me with all her might! When Ireturned to my desk my bottom was feeling incredibly hot andpleasurable and my head was positively swimming. I felt as high as akite! But as for the remainder of the lesson I really can’t recall. Ihave been told I appeared to be in a dream like state from which noone was able to snap me out of.I shall simply end by saying that that day when Miss Leatherswellspanked me was the day I opened my mind to the joys of spankings and apath I can now reveal has been full to the brim with deliciousspankings from boys and girls alike and as I venture into my twentiesI know I will continue to experience with unmitigated pleasures….

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