Baby Sister Has Stomachache Ch. 01


Everyone mentioned or written sexually about in the story is 18 years old or older.


This shorter fictional story contains:

mild toilet / scat, mild incest, mild anal.

DO NOT READ further if those things offend you, or you find the categories disliking!

“No, I can’t. My stomach hurts so much, and nothing helps. It doesn’t want to.”

It was my sister who was complaining from the toilet, just as I was walking by. She’d had a stomach ache for a couple of days now, and she’d been getting all sorts of things to get it going… but nothing worked.

It was weekend, and of course our parents were shopping as usual. So we were home alone.

I was a big brother, 21 years old, and my little sister just turned 20 years old.

“Do you want me to come in and keep you company?”

We had an incident in the family a year ago that dad and mom don’t know about. When my sister’s boyfriend wanted to try different sexual things on her…she did not want to and eventually screamed. I came home just then, ran in her room and threw the guy out roughly while screaming at him.

Later as we calmed down I held her in my arms, and after a while she was sleeping. I lay down beside her, held her tight…and slept too.

When we woke up…very tight together and almost touching faces…we pushed apart a bit. Not much though, and when she talked and talked about it all and how she felt, she was again snuggled in my arms.

In some way, this changed both of us. She had not dated any guys since and I had not had any girlfriends since. I am not sure what we did or felt, but…

…my sister said okay. And now we sat there and talked about all sorts of things. I’m on the floor leaning against the wall and she’s on the toilet. We’ve always had an easy time talking, and same now, all and no talking, plus a little more moaning and whining that she didn’t want it like this.

When we’ve talked a little alanya escort bit more and my sister’s been alarming a little bit more…I came to think of one thing. Had heard someone say at school or at training I think, it was enough to have a finger up your ass…that can get most things going. And I’d just told her that as naturally as anything else we talk about.

And thought that, so… well, put your finger up and we can watch a movie and eat popcorn later.

I didn’t think of anything sexy about this, right then. Just thought we should finish in here and see the movie.

“You can forget I’m putting my finger up my butt, where disgusting poop comes from. Forget that!”

“Then I guess I’ll just have to put my finger up your disgusting ass, so we’ll get out of here sometime.”

“No, I really don’t want to. And neither do you. Dirty ass that smells bad. No, let’s talk instead and see if anything happens.”

But now I was getting pretty tired of this, and I wanted to do other than hear her beeping sounds about her stomach. So I got up and started walking towards the door. Said I’d go play until she’s done here. She didn’t want that at all, wanted my company, and looked really pitiful when she said, “But put your finger up my ass then, but don’t go… please.”

Still, none of us had thought anything special about this, except for the filthy place where poo came from then. So my sister quickly turned around on the toilet, and sat there with her butt out.

Annoying how girls always are so good at hiding everything we guys want to watch. And she did now too, so I told her to bend over so I could get to it. A little more forward-leaning, I reached and took my index finger and put it against the hole. She jumped and clinched her butt cheeks. A little annoyed with what she was doing, I told her she could finger the hole up front while I was fingering the back. Then we both alanya escort bayan were busy on each side.

She didn’t answer that, just slid back again…so the butt cheeks opened up and I could put my finger back.

When I massaged for a while with my finger outside and was going to poke it in, it didn’t go that easy, too dry. So I took the finger and put it in my mouth, and back for massage and push in a little. Same again, a couple of times… finger a bit inside her butt and then back in my mouth. Then I noticed the smell…the smell of sisterly butthole and sisterly ass. And it started growing quite a bit in my pants, got really crowded in there.

Not just me who had reacted to the fingering in the back. My sister too, she was actually rubbing her front pretty energetic. Damn, I got horny. So I put my pants down a little bit so I could surreptitiously jack myself at the same time.

Now I hadn’t fingered her for a while. While I pulled down my pants and also looked at her caressing and massaging herself, so she turned around a little bit and said, “What are you doing, why did you stop poking my butt? I think it feels pretty good, or I mean…think it feels better with the blocking, that it might help. Poke more with your finger in me.”

As soon as she turned around, I smelled my finger, sucked on it, and put it against the hole again. Pushed it further in now. And out, and back in. Now there was a deep ooh and faster breathing from my sister, all while she told me to push faster in and out, it was so nice when I did that. And now there were a very small, or none, reaction to the sexual in what she said…we both just reverted fast. I jerked off while I drove my whole finger in and out of her butt. And she caressed and fingered herself with puffy cheeks and heavy breathing.

We live in a larger house, and it usually takes a good while for dad or mom to get upstairs escort alanya after they come home and enter the house with everything from the weekend shopping day.

Still, we both shrugged when someone grabbed the handle down there and the front door opened.

After they both shouted hello down there…and we just been quiet and stiff for a few seconds we started almost at the same time, going full again…with more energy and even more eagerness.

Now it happened fast, literally…everything.

I came in my pants, and my sister moaned, buckled and held on really tight…

…breathed out…limping off soon after so my finger in her was released. Or rather, it got knocked out, because now there was poop. And luckily, she had moved her butt forward after my finger left it…so everything she’d wanted out of her for so long came in the right place.

“Ohhhhhhhh, sooooooo goooooood. It’s coooming ooout now.

Just as I was about to answer, I heard steps on the stairs. And recalled again, yes, they were home.

Yes they were…got up fast as lightning, shot out of the bathroom into my room…sitting down at the computer, quickly pretending to do something.

Mom pushed the door open and said hello we’re home now. Then went to the bathroom, heard they were talking about something, then mom came back and said, “You know, sometimes you could do something other than sit at the computer or TV all day. Could have helped your little sister, for example. But now she’s taking action and solved this herself…maybe even what we put in her. Well, at least some people help out in the family.”

When mom irritated walked away, I smiled to myself and looked at my finger…who at the top was wearing a little brown. Smelled the finger and put it all in my mouth.

So that’s what my sister’s poop tastes like. Mmmm, not my thing with poop…but her ass I really want to put my finger back inside someday.

Just as I thought this, my sister came in the room and up to me, kissed me hard on the cheek while holding me so tight for a couple of seconds, then she let go and said too loud, “God, you were nice brother, it felt so good, and so good now. You’re the best! Come! We have popcorn, and we can watch a movie for a while before it is time to eat.”

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