The Toilet Club Ch. 24


[Please note: As you might guess from the title, this continuing story involves both golden and brown bodily materials, as well as other fluids and substances naturally produced by human bodies. It is NOT for everyone or even most readers. If you do not enjoy those subjects, please go no further, but look elsewhere for the kinds of stories you DO like. Please do not vote this down just because it is not your cup of tea or you disapprove. This story is pure fantasy and all characters in it are 18 or over. This story is the latest installment of “The Toilet Club” and I urge you to read the earlier installments before reading this, in order to follow the storyline and better understand what’s going on. You will not regret it! While this story could fall under the Anal, BDSM, Mature, and other categories, I have chosen Fetish as the most all-encompassing.]

When Susan Compton set off on her drive over to her BFF Meg’s house on Saturday morning, she didn’t know what to expect. She feared the worst: that during their over-nighter, Meg would have turned Mikey, her dear naïve nephew, into a sex slave, like so many of Meg’s dominant conquests of hunky young men. She silently prayed to the Divine Feminine, or whatever power would assist her, that Mikey would not have been torn from her loving embrace. She wanted him, she needed him, she desired his eager willingness to indulge her ‘toilet thing’ desires.

Susan was all too aware that Mikey was ‘one in a million’: an irresistible combination of innocence, precociousness, hormonal passion, eagerness to please, and an irrepressible enthusiasm for sharing her obscene cravings. Deep down, she knew that she’d never find another man who matched her needs so perfectly. Yes, it was unfortunate that he was her nephew, thus turning their intimate play together into the forbidden taboo of incest, but she had rapidly come to realize that their illicit status just increased the intimacy of their depraved lovemaking. She could hardly wait to wrest Mikey out of Meg’s clutches and speed him back home to her bedroom for another Toilet Club meeting. The very thought of it was turning her panties into a sopping mess.

By the time that Susan reached the highway exit nearest Meg’s house, she had worked herself up into an outright lather. Hold on, Mikey! I’m almost there. Aunt Susan’s coming to rescue you. Be brave!

In her eagerness, Susan almost skidded into Meg’s driveway, pulling up short and quickly killing her car’s engine. She leapt out and hurried up the short path to Meg’s front door, stabbing at the doorbell. She was nearly panting as she waited for the door to open. After a pause that seemed to go on forever, the door slowly swung open and Susan was greeted by an alluring vision of blonde femininity in a frilly pink dress buoyed up by several layers of petticoats.

“Hello, Aunt Susan. Do come in. My name is Michelle. We’ve been waiting for you.”

* * *

Susan was flabbergasted. She just stood there, frozen in place and unsure of how to respond. What had Meg done to her hunky nephew? She looked past ‘Michelle’ and could see Meg grinning gleefully back at her — fully enjoying her shock and confusion. Damn it all! Meg lived for moments like this! Susan needed to get her act together quickly. She stepped inside sporting a nonchalant smile, and gave Michelle a warm hug.

“You look just lovely, sweetie. Sorry! You took me by surprise for a moment, but I must say you look nicely put together.”

Susan walked over to Meg and gave her a little peck on her cheek as a tacit acknowledgement that Meg had put one over on her.

“Come on, girlfriend, fill me in on what you two have been up to,” she whispered sotto voce. “That’s quite a transformation you’ve engineered!”

Meg offered a smile that was halfway between a smirk and a sheepish grin.

“Now, now, Suze! What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Let’s not violate each other’s privacy. Hmmm?”

Susan was stymied. Fair enough. Still, she sought some clue as to what had transpired yesterday and this morning. The leap from Mikey, her studly nephew, to Michelle, the sultry feminine sex-bomb before her, was very hard to track. As Susan had warned Mikey, Meg spun a strange magic, and Susan needed at least some hint of what her BFF had drawn poor Mikey into.

“Let’s just put it this way, Suze. Mikey and I had our way with each other yesterday — plenty of tit for tat in both directions — and this morning he was willing to undergo an advanced lesson in the Divine Feminine. Under my guidance, Mikey is experiencing the privilege and delights of becoming a woman.

“It’s a temporary state, sure to last only as long as we insist today, but I do think that he’d enjoy our letting him explore this side of himself. What do you think?”

Susan Compton had to override her cautious conservative impulses and grant Meg her due. Her best friend was virtually fearless in diving into risky situations. Sharing the experience of ‘becoming a woman’ was a marvelous concept that Mikey had obviously agreed to. Susan was hardly going uşak seks hikayeleri to stand in the way of this notion. She had no idea where this was heading, but she resolved to let it proceed. She felt a little squirt of juice in her panties’ gusset as she blushed involuntarily. There was something illicitly arousing about the perverse situation. Damn that Meg!

* * *

Earlier that morning, Meg Novak had awoken to find a naked sleeping Mikey beside her, the bedsheets a sticky mess from the lad’s copious ejaculations, first while being fisted and then from the second load he had shot up Meg’s meaty bum. In violation of her own advice, they had let a good cream-pie go to waste by passing out from their heated exertions and letting the gooey cum dribble out of Meg’s anus while they slept.

Now awake, Meg sat up quietly and contemplated the day ahead. She had hoped to get Mike to fuck her hungry cunt during this visit, but she was running out of time. The two of them needed to wash up and clean things up, have some breakfast, and then transform Mikey into a sissy-girl, all before Susan showed up at noon. Perhaps Meg could wrest a good thumping from the lad while Susan was here, but that was highly dubious. The two women would be busy putting “Michelle” through the paces of “learning how to become a woman,” and giving Meg a studly fucking did not exactly fit into that curriculum.

Meg sighed. Well, it could be something to look forward to for Mikey’s next visit. Meanwhile, time was a’wasting during this visit. Best to get things rolling.

* * *

Mike was still feeling rather groggy, even after a quick shower and an even quicker breakfast. He would have much preferred to sleep in for another hour or two, given all the exertions that he had shared with Aunt Meg late into the night. However, she had promised to give him another glimpse into the intriguing world of Women’s Mysteries, and if it was anything like the menstrual blood rituals that Aunts Meg and Susan had put him through — man, they sure were intense — he was both anxious and eager to undergo them.

“As I explained before, Mikey, the key to the mysteries of the Divine Feminine is the realization that women are the naturally superior sex. Everyone would be much happier if men would just accept this and do our bidding.”

While Mike still sat at the kitchen table, Meg quietly got up and walked over to him, standing behind him in just her lacy black bra and knickers, and leaning over to whisper warmly in his ear, her hands resting lightly on his shoulders.

“Mikey, this is your chance to learn how to become a woman. Very few men are given this opportunity, but those who accept it are changed forever. You know you want to, honey. It will be so much fun. Hmmm?”

Mike felt very excited, but also scared. What did Aunt Meg mean that he’d be changed forever? Sure, he was curious, who wouldn’t be? But he certainly didn’t want to become a woman forever! Did he? No way! He didn’t think his parents, or Aunt Susan would approve of that, either.

“Uh, Aunt Meg, what do you mean ‘changed forever’? Forever is a long, long time.”

“Oh, it’s just a manner of speaking, Mikey. I just meant we’d dress you up as a pretty sissy-girl for today and teach you a few techniques. You’d become an honorary woman initiated into the Feminine Mysteries, and the experience would give you a special knowledge that would stay with you for the rest of your life. That’s all.”

Meg massaged Mike’s shoulders and kissed the top of his head. Damn, he better not chicken out now! That would ruin the whole party. She decided to increase the pressure and dug her thumbs hard into his shoulder blades.

“Listen, Mr. Mike Ellis! We’re wasting precious time. What will it be? Yes or No?”

“Ouch! Okay, okay. Let’s do it. I didn’t mean to be difficult. Please, Aunt Meg!”

She gave him a brisk swat on his butt and hissed “That’s better. You will not regret this, I promise. Let’s get this show on the road. Susan will be here before we know it.”

* * *

Meg Novak took Mikey’s hand and led him up to her bedroom, eager to start his ‘makeover’ as a woman. If she played her cards right, this could lead to his permanent transformation into a pliable sissy-girl at her beck and call. She could feel herself creaming her black lacy panties at the very thought. God, he was just the perfect combination of naïve enthusiasm and trusting gullibility. She was certain that he would better serve her as a kinky sex slave, than Susan could use him as a playmate for her disgusting toilet games. That much was obvious.

Meg sat Mikey down on her luxurious bed and ordered him to disrobe completely. Transforming a hunky stud into an obedient sissy-girl took time, and they had none to spare. Prior to bringing him back to her place, she’d chosen an adorable ensemble of girly clothes from her copious wardrobe that she calculated would fit him just right, or close enough.

But first she had to prepare his body. Although his position on his school’s varsity swim team had already gotten him used to shaving his body hair in order to glide through swimming pools at top speed, his facial hair could still use some work. Specifically, his eyebrows needed some careful plucking, to shape them into enticing feminine arcs. And those sideburns had to go.

Meg set to work, assuring Susan’s nephew that this was all part of the Women’s Mysteries that he was so eager to explore. He yelped at her determined brow-plucking and stoically suffered her scraping of nose and ear hairs. Finally, he was ready for dressing in the very feminine under and outer garments that she’d chosen for him.

* * *

‘God’, Mike thought to himself as Aunt Meg handed him his womanly wardrobe, piece by piece, ‘these things feel so wonderful. Satin and silk, Nylon and lace. I could really get into these.’

Mike Ellis may have been a bit of a loner and a bookworm, but he had an innate aesthetic taste and an appreciation for sensual luxury. The thought of dressing himself in these layers of slinky fabrics sent tickles through his nervous system.

In this way, Mike started his journey into the Divine Feminine.

* * *

As her ministrations proceeded, Meg could see that Mikey was relaxing and succumbing to her whispered instructions, though she offered them as suggestions. She had studied hypnosis for years and was now adept at moving her young lovers into trance-like states where her wish was their command. Her goal was not to break their will, exactly, but to seduce them into a space where they implicitly obeyed her, as if their obedience was their own idea.

“Alright, sweetie, from this moment forward, you are no longer Mike or Mikey, but ‘Michelle’, your new name as an initiate into Women’s Mysteries. Mike was the “old you”. That was long ago. Michelle is the “new you”, the beautiful identity that you are becoming. Let’s get you all dressed up in your new feminine garments.”

* * *

Michelle was very excited and giggly in her new identity. She had always wondered what it was like to be a woman, and now she was being ushered into this mysterious realm. She didn’t quite understand how her privates were forming themselves into a rigid flesh-stick, but perhaps that was how it felt for a woman to have her clitoris aroused. Yeah, that must be it!

Michelle followed Aunt Meg’s instructions closely as she carefully clothed herself in her lovely underwear and girly garments. Her lacy satin knickers felt heavenly as she stepped into them and pulled them up snuggly to her naughty bits. Aunt Meg helped her put on her sexy brassiere, its full cups making her bosom look so large and enticing. She adored the layered petticoats that came next, fluffing out her hips and turning her ‘love zone’ into a maze of lace and gauze. Then it was time for her to encase her legs with her flesh-colored nylon thigh-highs, which made her long smooth legs look like willowy limbs swooning in the wind. Finally, Aunt Meg draped her adorable pink sissy dress over her head and down around her lovely form, synching it tight and buttoning it up until Michelle truly felt reborn.

Meg Novak kept Michelle’s pliant sissy-girl’s gaze away from the mirror, until the final steps were over. Meg assisted Michelle in applying a light undercoat of foundation to her face, and then a feathering of rouge and eye shadow. Artfully applied lashes and lipstick followed, and then the crowning touch, a lovely blond wig, that truly anchored Michelle in her new identity. Only then did she allow her compliant sissy-girl to glimpse her transformation.

* * *

Looking into the mirror, Michelle was thunderstruck. The vision before her was an impossibly desirable dream-girl, totally sexy and yet just out of reach. Was this who she really was? She was far from certain. Her identity as Mike Ellis broke through, and she wavered in her convictions. No! She was playing along with Aunt Meg, hoping to be ushered into the real secrets of the Divine Feminine. But was she going to allow Aunt Meg to permanently recreate her as a sissy-girl? No fucking way! Michelle… uh, Mike, suddenly came to his senses, and played along.

“Now, Michelle, step into these nice shiny pumps, and let’s have you practice walking in stacked heels. It’s one of the trickiest parts of becoming a woman. Here, watch how I balance myself as I walk back and forth.”

Mike studied Meg’s confident stride as she strolled before him. She made it look so easy, while Mike felt like he was tottering on stilts, about to pitch forward at any moment. Jeez. How did women manage this? He was beginning to have new respect for what the Feminine Mysteries entailed.

And so things continued as Meg put Mike through the paces of walking, poise, and comportment. “Michelle” was a quick study, especially now that Mike simply treated his alter-ego as a persona to put on and take off. As noon neared, Aunt Meg had him take several practice strolls to answer the front door, until she was satisfied that her protege was a convincing sissy-girl.

* * *

Now, with a very quiet Susan Compton seated on the living room couch, Meg snapped her fingers and directed “Michelle” to mix up three martinis and bring them in on a serving tray. Mike found a maid’s apron and cap laid out for him in the kitchen, and put them on before serving the cocktails — one to Aunt Susan, one to Aunt Meg, with one for himself. He carefully took a seat beside Aunt Susan, crossing his nylon-clad legs with the elegant technique that Meg had taught him.

“I know it’s a bit early for drinky-winkies, but I thought we should celebrate Michelle’s coming out party. Don’t you agree, Suze?”

Aunt Susan felt in a terrible dither, though she masked it with a calm exterior. She didn’t quite know what to make of the strange situation. Part of her was morbidly curious about where Meg might take things. But she had a gut feeling that the sooner she got her brainwashed nephew out of here, the sooner she could snap Meg’s hypnotic spell, assuming she could extricate herself out of it as well.

“Well, I suppose a few little sips wouldn’t hurt, would they?” Susan said in a plaintive voice.

“Of course not, sweetie,” Meg beamed at her. “We haven’t even begun the real fun, yet! Michelle has a marvelous surprise for you. So, just relax and let things unfold.”

Meg raised her martini in a toast. “Here’s to Michelle, our lovely new initiate into the Feminine Mysteries! You go girl!”

Looking rather sheepish, Susan raised her glass and gave her nephew a nervous glance, before she took a big swallow and sighed. What had Meg got them all into? Susan’s impulse to get Mikey the hell out of here was rapidly receding, replaced by a warm glow in her belly. Why was she being so suspicious of her BFF Meg? Just chill, Susan told herself. She took another swallow, and that settled it.

* * *

“So, Michelle, I don’t think your aunt has seen your new girly knickers, hidden beneath your petticoats, yet. I’m sure she would appreciate how they look on you. Why don’t you give her a nice display?”

Meg gave her budding sissy-girl an encouraging look, and Mike found himself sinking back into his identity as Michelle. All he wanted was to please Aunt Meg and show her what a good girl he could be. He stood up and turned toward Susan and raised up his petticoats, giving the two older women an unobstructed view of his silky knickers.

“Oh my!” Susan gasped, nearly choking on her martini. “Whatever do you have in there?”

“Aunt Meg says that’s my clitoris!” Mike said proudly. “She says that a woman’s clit is the secret to her happiness.”

As the brainwashed sissy-girl prattled on, her “clit” began to engorge and unfurl, pushing up and out of her knickers’ elastic waist-band, until it was peering out like a one-eyed snake. A big drip of pre-cum formed at its dark pink crown’s slit.

“Oh, Good God,” Susan Compton exclaimed. “I must have it. It’s been so long.”

Susan gulped down the rest of her martini and quickly knelt on her knees before her sissy-girl nephew. She slid his silk panties down to his knees and engulfed the rampant meat-stick with her drooling mouth.

“Mmmmrrrhhhmmm… Glorrrgghhh… Fuuuuuuccckkk!”

All of her pent-up desire and anxiety drove her to suck on his organ for dear life. She blotted out Meg’s presence and Mikey’s sissy-girl get-up and just concentrated on tasting and licking his prong, before returning to slurping and sucking noisily.

Mike was in seventh heaven. This was the best blowjob ever! Maybe being turned into a sissy-girl was a small price to pay for such an awesome mouth-fuck. He closed his eyes and just lost himself in the sensations overtaking his body. Oh man!

* * *

Meg Novak was growing increasingly annoyed with Susan Compton’s unexpected behavior. She had counted on being able to string the teasing of both Susan and her Mikey along for a delicious hour or two. This seemed to be already crumbling. Susan had latched onto her nephew and sucked him back into her orbit. What a passive-aggressive bitch!

Yet, as she fumed, Meg was all too aware that she was hopelessly soaking her own panties, excited by the lust-crazed scene before her. She hiked up her elegant black dress and began spanking her twat through her sodden silk knickers, mewing like an unhinged kitty kat.

As Susan continued her oral assault on her sissified nephew, Meg gave up all control over the lewd proceedings and began to piss herself as if she were a naughty child. The mature temptress was cooing and burbling as she slid her delicate fingers between her slippery love flaps, wriggling them around in her odiferous cunt. She slid from her seat and sprawled on the carpet, masturbating and peeing, giving herself up to her animalistic cravings.

Meg’s transformation was not lost on Susan. Even as she slurped avidly on Mikey’s delicious organ, she realized that this was her chance to make her escape with her nephew in tow. She leapt up and shook “Michelle” out of his daze, pushing him towards the door, making him discard his pumps and hustle out to her car outside. The incestuous pair dove into the front seat, and Suze gunned the engine and backed out onto the street, tearing off at top speed.

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