Theater Fun!


Theater Fun!So we have a new story for you guys! This past weekend we went to the movies to catch a flick, but there was nothing really we wanted to see. So we ended up seeing a movie we had already seen a few weeks back. So the movie started and we were watching, and it just got boring. I was just way to boring, so we (like a couple of high school teenagers) started making out hard! We were just kissing like we had never seen each other before. Now this is like 15 minutes into the movie mind you. So while Kate almanbahis yeni giriş is kissing me she starts undoing my belt. Sweet, I know where this is going! Now we were like 3 rows from the very top so if some one would have came in the theater we would have seen them before they saw us, or at least that’s what we thought. So Kate gets down on her knees in front of me and starts sucking my dick nice and good. She is slurping and sucking and just going to town! She is using both hands almanbahis giriş and just bobbing up and down, if she would have gone 5 seconds longer I would have came inside her mouth quickly. While shes down there I pull her shirt over her head, and she reaches behind her back and pops her bra off. So all she has on is a short ass skirt, and all I have on is a shirt. So she then stands up, and turns facing the movie screen and slowly, and I mean slowly starts pulling her skirt down exposing almanbahis güvenilirmi her sexy red lace g-string. Well at that moment an explosion goes off in the movie creating a huge white flash of light! And guess what? There is two guys in the last row behind us that must have got up there while we were making out! So one of the guys starts to cheer! And Kate turns around and puts her hand to her forehead and laughs! So the screen gets dark again and Kate sits down next to me and starts to laugh some more. So then shes like, “well should we finish?” and were not afraid to do anything crazy but we really didn’t want those guys to rat us out so Kate slowly got dressed and I put my shorts back on and we left the theater. It was more of a funny story than a sexy one but it was still good.

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