Tilling the Soil


“As your friend, I feel like I maybe need to ask one more time…you’re sure about this,” Ezra asked. Leaning casually back, a muscled arm resting on the top of the sofa while his meaty thighs swung absently, the fit brunette was doing his best to not let his amusement show. Considering Blake’s current outfit, as well as the nature of the other man’s request, it was no easy feat. The wiry blonde was clad only in a pair of grey, oversized boxer briefs that had been purloined from a mutual acquaintance. The extra-large garment hung loose off the blonde’s, who normally wore a small/medium in his own underwear, trim hips and threatened to slip free entirely if Blake didn’t constantly pull them back into position. As it was he kept giving Ezra glimpses of his tight, perky little bubble, while his long, swaying cock bounced noticeably against the baggy pouch.

“For the last time, yes,” Blake sighed, running a hand through his thick, golden hair. The motion caused the boxer briefs to slip once more, but he only gave Ezra a quick peek at his matching bush before catching them. He couldn’t help but blush as he looked at his athletic friend, the mingling of embarrassment and insecurity only further cementing his decision. Blake was tired of being so small. Despite working out every day and eating enough protein to fuel a football team, the wiry man’s lean frame refused to bulk up. He did everything his lifter friends told him to. He read all the articles, watched all the videos, and he’d even hired a personal trainer, but the muscle refused to come. All Blake had to show for his efforts was a solid, shredded frame covered in the kind of ample definition that most guys, even the bigger ones, would love to have. His naturally smooth skin only enhanced the display, letting Blake show off the rivers and channels that chiseled their way across his tight body. Coupled with his lush, yellow hair, sharp, symmetrical features, and the impressive cock that kept trying to escape, Blake objectively had nothing to feel insecure about. But looking at Ezra’s slightly bulkier frame, and the way the other man’s pecs pressed heavily against his thin t-shirt, and how meaty his thighs were as they rocked back and forth, all the toned blonde could think was that it was unfair.

Ezra barely worked out. He put in a handful of hours at the gym each week and played on a rec league baseball team, yet he still managed to acquire the tapering, broad-shouldered build that Blake longed for. His friend looked every bit the stereotypical jock, while he was closer to the nerds that got picked on. He’d had enough. At twenty five, Blake knew that if his body hadn’t put on the muscle yet it was never going to, so he needed to find alternative means of reaching his goal. The thin man doubted that even steroids could get him where he wanted to go, so he’d turned to more obscure resources.

Blake spent hours plumbing the depths of the internet, growing increasingly desperate to the point where he was literally seeking out a magical solution. He finally stumbled across a supposed ritual that could grant his wish, and he’d even managed to convince himself that it was real. He’d had to translate it from the original Icelandic, and he still wasn’t entirely sure of all the details, but he felt confident that he grasped enough of the process to move forward. Though the process itself was embarrassing, and would only become more so shortly, Blake knew it would all be worth it if it worked.

He didn’t want to be Ezra’s size; he wanted to be bigger. He wanted to bulk up to heaping proportions like their friend Emmett, whose underwear he currently wore, and guys like their friend Andy. They were all towering, sculpted Adonises, stage-ready bodybuilders with broad, strapping frames so bloated with muscle they looked ready to burst. If Blake could get a body like that, a few minutes of humiliation would be worth it.

“I’m just asking because you’re about to do some bootleg witch shit while wearing another dude’s stolen underwear,” Ezra laughed. “You’ve always been a little weird, bro, but this is pushing it. Even for you.”

“Come on, man. Don’t make this any harder than it already is,” Blake grumbled. He specifically asked Ezra for his help because of how long they’d known each other. They’d split a dorm in college and later an apartment, becoming intimately acquainted over the years. They’d shared showers and beds, had seen each other in every state imaginable, and though Blake knew that Ezra would give him a hard time he also knew his friend would at least humor him. The ritual needed a witness, and considering what was required, Blake needed it to be someone he could trust. “I’m not super looking forward to this part either.”

“At least you’re getting something out of it,” Ezra said, rolling his eyes. “I just get to watch a dude jerk off. You’re sure you translated it right?”

Blake nodded and tugged on the underwear. “I need the soil, which Emmett so graciously provided. And which he will kocaeli escort never, ever hear about,” he said, glaring. “What he doesn’t know can’t hurt him. I’ll buy him another pair and slip them back into his locker and he’ll never even know. But now that I have the soil, I have to provide the, uh, seed myself.” He gestured down to the circle of herbs and seeds on the floor that surrounded him in a tight ring before pulling down the waist of the boxer briefs and turning the elastic over. It left the base of his cock exposed, but considering what was about to happen Blake didn’t see any reason to worry about it. “I got all the herbs and drew the symbols in the waistband, so now all I have to do is focus and ‘plant my seed’ or whatever. Once that’s done I gather it all up in a bundle and toss it in the fireplace. Boom. Done.”

“Did it ever occur to you that this all sounds a little too easy? How come everyone isn’t out there doing it if this is all it takes?”

“Maybe they are,” Blake shrugged. “It’s magic, dude. Maybe once it’s over no one knows anything happened?”

“Or maybe you stumbled on some Icelandic fetish site and it’s all roleplay bullshit,” the exasperated jock said, shaking his head. “You seriously owe me for this. So do I have to ‘watch’ watch, or can I just be here?”

“Dude, I know. Whatever you want, just name it. The instructions only said I needed a witness, so whatever you’re comfortable with I guess.”

Ezra took a deep breath as he sat forward and nervously rubbed his thighs. He gave a short, awkward laugh and nodded to the crackling hearth behind Blake. “I’m not comfortable with any of it. Just make sure you point that thing over there.”

“I guess it’s now or never.” Blake turned towards the fire and stepped into the circle, his heart racing. He ignored the voice in his head that kept trying to tell him Ezra was right, that this was all just fantasy. He had to believe it was real for the ritual to work, just like he had to constantly think about what he wanted to become. It didn’t make things easy. The wiry blonde’s normally eager cock was slow to stir as he filled his head with images of Emmett, Andy, and the other brawny hulks he envied at the gym. His thoughts kept trying to drift to the curvy, buxom women he usually fantasized about, but he forced them to stay on task, swapping them out for muscular, masculine flesh.

Eventually he fell into a rhythm, and instead of being mortified by the knowledge that he was jerking himself off through a pair of another man’s underwear, while Ezra watched, he was turned on by it. Blake was far from an exhibitionist but he’d never done anything even remotely like this, and the novelty of the situation was arousing all on its own. Once he gave in and stopped fighting the images flowed fast and easy, leaving him free to imagine what it would be like to wrap his hands around Emmett’s fat cock, or to feel Andy’s mountainous pecs flexing against his hands. He gradually started to picture himself in a matching, inflated frame, not just as one of them, but as partaking of them. Without fully understanding why or where the thoughts had come from, Blake started imagining the others inside him, their rigid cocks buried to the hilt in his muscled globes while he bellowed and flexed his powerful new body.

“Unngg…” The quiet grunt and subtle spasm were nothing like the rapturous explosions Blake pictured in his head. It came without warning, and the blonde’s drooping eyes shot open in time to see his spurting loads soak through the front of the purloined underwear. He stood and caught his breath, fighting back the tide of embarrassment now that the lust was fading. He could feel the breeze on his right cheek, the back of the underwear having slid down, and he wondered what Ezra had been thinking about watching the little bubble flex as he’d pumped against his hand. He was still thinking about it when he slid the sopping boxer-briefs free and started to gather up the circle of herbs and seeds on the floor.

“That didn’t take long,” Ezra said, his amused tone giving away the grin that Blake refused to turn around and look at.

The naked man was trying not to flash his hole as he bent and scooped up the remains. He was becoming increasingly aware of his nudity, which wasn’t anything that Ezra hadn’t already seen plenty of times, but Blake’s head still swam with the confusing fantasies. “I told you it wouldn’t be bad,” he said over a shoulder. He could feel the other man’s eyes on him, and he only hoped his friend hadn’t recorded him for blackmail material later. “Just have to throw this on the fire and we’re all set,” Blake sighed, tossing the bundle into the flames. There was a loud, hissing sizzle and a cloud of pungent smoke that spilled out into the room, seeming to circle around his exposed frame before rocketing up the chimney. Blake coughed and waved his hand in front of his face to clear the smoke, surprised to see the bundle already kocaeli escort bayan reduced to a smoldering pile of ash by the time his eyes cleared.

“You don’t look any different. Aren’t you supposed to be bigger or something?”

“It takes a…a couple days…” Blake stammered, his voice catching when he finally turned around. An obvious twitch shot through his spent cock as he blinked at his friend, suddenly feeling like the other man had been replaced by a stranger. Blake had always thought of Ezra’s athletic build and boy-next-door face as generically handsome, but now the sight of his friend was like a punch in the fluttering stomach. In an instant, Blake took in the broad chin, solid pecs, sturdy arms, and powerful thighs, his head filling with memories of every time he’d seen the other man in any state of undress. Then his eyes landed on the solid lump in Ezra’s shorts and he swallowed hard to hide his unintentional whimper. “I”m, uh, going to go put something on.” Blake started to step away, but Ezra shot forward and grabbed his wrist, sending a confusing bolt of longing on contract. He still could have jerked his arm away, if he’d wanted to.

“Wait, wait, wait,” Ezra said, his voice a cocky purr. “You said you owe me, right? You’d do whatever I wanted?” He waited for Blake to nod before dropping his gaze to his tented shorts. “I don’t know what it is, man, but I’m feeling the vibe.”

“Good for you? What do you want me to…” Blake was cut off when his cock rocketed back to life. Ezra wasn’t just gripping his forearm, he was stroking it with his fingers while he held on, each gentle caress making the blonde’s knees weak.

“Come on, dude,” the jock grinned. “Shit’s already weird and you’ve got your hands all warmed up. I just watched you get yourself off…seems like the least you could do.” Ezra let go and hooked his thumbs in his shorts, tugging them and his underwear down just enough to let his shorter, wider cock spring free.

“What?! Are you…you’re actually serious, aren’t you?” Blake wanted to sound shocked and surprised, but even he heard the eager edge to his voice. He had no idea where it came from. He’d never thought of his friend like this once in all their years together, but now it was literally all he could think about. Even as he asked the question he was sitting down, the other man’s warm, pulsing organ somehow finding its way into his closed fist.

“Thanks bro,” Ezra sighed, folding his arms behind his head as he leaned back against the couch.

As he pumped away, his eyes fixed on the other man’s increasingly handsome face, Blake told himself it was just an after effect of the boundary they’d crossed. He was still worked up and full of nervous energy, nothing more. It was perfectly natural to need a release, and there was nothing wrong with helping a friend out, especially one as good looking, and with as kissable a mouth as Ezra. He was leaning in as soon as the thought crossed his mind, and before Blake could even try to stop himself, his lips were pressed against his friends. A surge of anxiety shot through him when he felt Ezra tense, but it was quickly replaced by a strange relief when the other man returned the gesture. Instead of the revulsion Blake felt like he should be experiencing, the sensation of the other man’s tongue against his own lit him up in a way he’d never felt before. Coupled with the aching cock in his hand, the lean blonde suddenly never wanted it to end, even though he knew he shouldn’t want it at all. He was already starting to worry that something had gone amiss with the ritual, but he didn’t have time to dwell on it before Ezra broke off the kiss. His friend’s hand gently guided his face away, slipping around to stroke the back of his head.

Blake’s heart began to race when the other man started to apply a downward pressure, but he went along with it instead of pulling away, letting Ezra’s cock take the place of his friend’s tongue. Though he’d been on the receiving end plenty of times, the confused blonde had never once thought about what it would be like to administer a blowjob, and he was surprised how natural the process felt. He actually enjoyed Ezra’s oozing head hitting the back of his throat, his nostrils full of his friend’s musk. A sense of accomplishment washed over him with each of the other man’s gasps and groans, and Blake was shocked to find himself already thinking about how long it would be until he was in such a position again.

He sucked down every last drop when Ezra came, loving how it felt to have his head held in place while his friend tensed and sprayed. The taste was pure bliss on his tongue, only furthering Blake’s strange, growing desire to do this again as soon as possible. Ezra’s cum sliding down his throat, he knew without a doubt that this was all related to whatever magic he’d just worked, but instead of the fear that knowledge should have brought all he felt was eager. A door had just been opened escort kocaeli to a whole new world of experiences, and without that filter in place to tell him not to, Blake was already charging through.

“Fuck, man, you’re a natural at that,” Ezra said, still catching his breath. He threw an arm around Blake as he sat up and pulled him close, tousling the other man’s hair. “Not a bad kisser, either.”

Blake blushed and leaned into Ezra’s grip when he knew he should be pulling away. He couldn’t take his eyes off his friend’s softening cock, and the last thing he wanted was to break off the embrace. “You know my track record. Kissing is something I’ve had a lot of practice with.”

“Why does that make me jealous,” Ezra asked with a laugh before lifting Blake’s chin to press their lips together again. As much as he enjoyed it, the other man’s behavior was an even brighter signal that something very strange was happening. Given the situation Blake could just barely excuse Ezra’s request to be jerked off, but there was no way the otherwise straight jock should be making out with him like one of his girlfriends anymore than he should be letting him. And Ezra didn’t even seem to think it was remotely out of character. There wasn’t a trace of hesitation or embarrassment on his face, just the same smug lust Blake always saw when his friend was landing a hookup. “Alright, bro, as much as I hate it, I have to split,” Ezra finally said. “I’ve got a shift later, but if you don’t end up doing anything we should hook up after.”

“Uh…yeah, sure,” Blake said, his cock throbbing as he watched Ezra climb to his feet and reluctantly pull his shorts back up. He was supposed to meet Emmett and Andy at the gym, but at the moment all he wanted was to further explore every inch of the brunette’s body.

At least until Ezra left. Though he looked forward to meeting up later, as soon as his friend was gone Blake’s thoughts shifted to the fun he could have with Emmett, Andy, and anyone else who wanted to join in.

The fit blonde was almost frantic as he threw on his gym shorts and tank-top, not even stopping to worry about the obvious tent. Blake told himself it would settle down by the time he got there, and he didn’t really care one way or the other if it didn’t. A part of him wanted people to see, needed them to. After the confusing romp with Ezra his body vibrated with a giddy, desperate energy. Physically he felt better than he ever had, tingling from head-to-toe with a barely contained vigor that lubricated his thoughts, preventing the ones from taking hold that otherwise would have told him something was very, very wrong. Blake still knew that, but in a vague, surface level way that left it as more of a hunch than a concrete fact. And he felt too good to care.

That giddy eagerness surged along with his cock the second he set foot inside the gym. The sweaty man musk punched him in the gut, leaving him dizzy and reeling as he looked around at the crowd. The women he normally lingered on suddenly didn’t even register, while the men in the room seemed to glow. It didn’t matter their age, shape or size. Each one was a smoldering ember of lust in the churning furnace of Blake’s loins.

“About time your scrawny ass got here.” Blake gasped and shivered when the large, solid hand collided with his perky bubble. He’d been so focused on the novel way in which he now perceived the men around him that he hadn’t noticed Emmett’s massive frame lumbering up behind. He braced himself as he turned, biting down on the chorus of whimpers emitted by the cloud of butterflies in his stomach. As with Ezra, he felt like he was looking at the towering man for the first time. Emmett’s bald scalp seemed to shine with extra radiance, highlighting his statuesque face, while below, his shirtless torso was a wall of muscled wonder. His cannonball shoulders, mountainous pecs, and hulking arms made the smaller blonde quake as they framed in the shredded muscle gut that loomed above the brawny man’s tiny shorts. The thin fabric was stuffed to bursting with Emmett’s powerful quads and ample, solid rear, the small bulge in the front causing Blake’s mouth to water. For the first time, the lean man’s usual rush of envy was accompanied by a new desire to be wrapped in his friend’s giant arms. He didn’t just want to be Emmett, he wanted to be with Emmett.

“Sorry, got held up with Ezra,” Blake said, fully aware that he was very obviously checking the other man out.

“Bet you did,” Emmett grunted. His hand was still on the smaller man’s rear and he gave it a squeeze, their dynamic shifting as quickly as it had with Ezra. It was with no small amount of excitement that Blake noticed the young bodybuilder looking at him the same way his other friend had. There was no question at all as to whether or not they’d hook up, simply a matter of when and where. Emmett’s hungry eyes seemed to suggest that the deed had already happened in his head. Their bodies just needed to catch up.

But first there was a workout. Blake followed Emmett over the free weights, not caring at all about the obvious lump in his shorts caused by his semi-hard cock. It was all the more noticeable when a sweating Andy trotted up and pulled his tank-top free, leaving the blonde’s wiry torso as bare as the rest of them.

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