Tormenting Jackline


Submission wasn’t just a job for Jackline. It was a need, a deep desire that she craved every waking hour. Submitting was an addiction which she constantly needed to satisfy. And even if she didn’t have a collar snugly secured around her neck, sooner or later she would have to find a way to fall to her knees before someone, worshiping them, grovelling at her feet.She loved the position, relished the feeling of giving up all free will, to be someone’s toy. But even that wasn’t enough for the blue-haired beauty. No, Jackline wanted to be more than just a personal slut. She wanted to be broken.She sprawled out on top of the circular bed, letting the dimmed lights reveal her nude figure. Jackline was a mature voluptuous vixen with pride shining from her radiant white skin. Stretching out on top of the bed’s pillowed covered surface, she spread her legs, letting the steamy thoughts of what today’s scene might be. Her ocean-blue hair was braided in one thick strand, snaking down to her breasts.He should be coming soon, her new master. Her daydream brewed in her mind as her hand reached towards her loins. A quiet gasp puffed from her lips as felt her wet sex. It never took long for her to get this way. Jackline had a sex drive strong enough to kill an elephant. Maybe even a whale.Still, the natural urges were killing her, constantly nagging for touching, caressing. Her fingers began to work their magic. She felt her sopping wet folds before plunging two inside her pussy, rubbing her inner walls. Jackline bit her lip to suppress another moan. Her body shivered for more as her free hand cupped her breast, raising her nipple to her lips, flicking her tongue against the hard tip. It’s no wonder previous lovers were worn out from her. The blue hair nympho was insatiable.”And just what are you doing?” A male voice questioned. Jackline winced before she stopped herself. She was almost to the end, The need to cum pounding in her chest. Her eyes raised towards the door, seeing the owner to the voice, Pascal. His green robe was folded loosely in his arm showing his bare slender torso. Black leather pants hugged his hips and legs.Blue eyes scowled at her. The blue-haired vixen only smirked for her answer. Deep down she wanted to keep going, despite her master’s presence. Still, she withdrew her hand and stayed on the bed, watching him glare. “Did you ask permission before you could cum, Jackline.””No, I didn’t,” Her words were challenging, pressing her limits with the dark-skinned male. Her smile stretched outward as she raised her head. “I just thought maybe I could help myself seeing no one was here to tell me otherwise.” A giggle slipped past her lips, egging him on.His eyes narrowed, tossing his cloak on a nearby chair. “Excuse me?” He spat back. “I don’t recall sass being good etiquette, Jackline.””Oh dear,” she chirped. the blue-haired girl sat up, red eyes fluttering innocently, playing her part in this little game. She was out in the open, a willing target. All he needed to do was fall for her trap. “I guess you’ll have to punish me for being such a naughty slave.”Then, the bait was taken. But to Jackline’s surprise, it was with a smirk, that same domineering smug look he gives when his eye is on the prize. He stepped forth, crawling on to the bed on top of her, snatching her up by her braid. A sharp Fatih escort bayan gasp of lust flew past her lips. “Gladly,” he replied in a low tone. His eyes pressed down on her, tugging on her relentless need. And she couldn’t help but smile back, no longer able to hold it back.Take me, now! Make me submit, master.”On your feet. Stand up straight.”Jackline didn’t miss a single beat. The moment he let go, she rose to her feet, standing next to the bed. Her were folded behind her back. But loins still burned, calling her to stoke the fire between her legs. Patiently, she waited for devilish master, watching him reach into the nearby wardrobe. But her eyes blinked at the item he produced from inside.Belts jangled off the white article of clothing, hanging off the extra-long sleeves, the back, and the front. It was an awful lot of belt for a heavy coat. The material it was made looked thick and coarse, throwing off the blue-haired vixen. Its name finally popped in her head like a light.”A straitjacket?” She inquired, hiding her hesitation through false pride. “Come on, master. I doubt you can break me to the point I need to be locked up in the funny farm.”Pascal only chuckled in response, flipping the straitjacket around and opening the back towards her. “Maybe I can,” He replied, advancing forward, bringing a slight shiver down Jackline’s spine. Bondage was one of her favorite games. But treading through it’s Wilder side was something she never did. Anything more restrictive than the classic handcuffs or rope was beyond her. Her eyes were on locked on the jacket as if it were an animal. Part of her already wanted to drop to her knees and beg. “Arms forward,” He ordered.And Jackline gladly did so with a smile, swallowing her fears and hesitation. “Should I start acting crazy already?” She goaded further.Nice try. But it’s going to take a lot more to scare me.Pascal regarded the jab at him, pulling the jacket to her body, guiding her arms inside the sleeves. The shifter pulled on the back straps and closed the jacket over her torso, buckling each strap tightly, tugging as hard as he could. Jackline’s finger felt the rough canvas inside the sleeves. Both of them were sewn shut, trapping both her hands inside.As each back buckle was fastened, the jacket began to slowly conform to her form, hugging her waist, molding to her breasts. A part of her wanted to feel herself with the sleeves. It was inviting thought. But she couldn’t be too rebellious for her master.Pascal came back in front of her and grabbed her arms, guiding her through the front loop below her breasts, threading them through the side loops. He pulled and tugged, eliminating as much slack as he could from her arms, yanking away before he firmly secured the arm strap. Jackline’s arms were tightly wrapped around her own body forcing her to give herself the biggest hug she ever did in her life. Each tug pulled her arms closer and closer to each other, keeping them glued to her torso.All that remained was the final strap, dangling between her legs. Curiously, Jackline watched Pascal reach for the strap, wondering where exactly did it go. But as he guided the strap through them, his hand brushed against her still moist sex. Sharply, the blue-haired vixen gasped, letting him fondle her groin, tracing the Escort Fındıkzade edges of her wet lips before playfully fingering the opening. She felt him yank on her brain, letting the shifter have more control of her. “My, you’re a wet bitch,” He whispered. His two fingers fluttered inside her pussy, making her legs weaker by the second. “Now, would you like to cum Jackline?””Yes,” She replied breathlessly. Her composure and resistance were thrown to the wind in seconds. Just his touch, his caress. All of it wanted to make her melt at an instant. Her head leaned towards his shoulder in, rubbing against him like a cat, needy, desperate. “Please master. I swear I’ll be good this time. Please make me cum.””No,” He simply said, withdrawing his fingers from her wet sex. The sudden lack of sensations came afterwards, leaving Jackline desperate for more. It was expected, requested in a way. The blue-haired vixen wouldn’t want it either way, leaving a half-smile on her face as her thighs restlessly rubbed against each other.But suddenly, without warning, Pascal shoved his hand deep in her mouth. The pungent taste of her womanhood attacked her palette, coughing, struggling in the straitjacket as she jerked her head to get away. ” You’re still going to pay for being a naughty girl.”He pulled his hand out, letting the girl cough and catch her breath. His grip tightened on her hair to look at him. “Yes sir,” She managed to say before he shoved her face into the bed, forcing her perfect round ass In the air. There was a sudden sharp tug from the crotch strap along with a spike of pleasure that shot up inside her.Jackline moaned. Her hips ground against the strap as he tightened it further, fastening the belt and sealing her completely inside the belt cage. Pascal yanked on her braid, holding her steady, striking both her cheeks with his open hand.Slap! Slap! Slap!Each spank sounded off on her cheeks. The shifter was relentless, harsh, merciless, keeping her pinned as she squirmed and squeak from the spanking. He gripped both ass cheeks afterwards, watching them turn red from his assault. Jackline couldn’t help herself. Lewd whimpers rolled out from her throat.This was only adding to her desire, driving her mad with the urge to cum. She didn’t fight back nor did she resisted, letting him use her hair as reins. Futilely, she tugged at her arms, still trapped within the canvas sleeves.”Beg, bitch!”Slap! She winced at the pain. Her toes twitched from his strikes. Her neck strained from the hair-pulling. It took Jackline a moment to muster up the words. But she looked back at her tormentor, flashing a daring smirk. “Make me, sir.”Instantly, Pascal let go of her, walking off and leaving her bent over the bed. Jackline struggled to roll to her side, watching him snatch up something from a nearby chest before returning to her. The shifter pushed her to her back. The buckles pressing against her as he straddled her canvas wrapped body. He grabbed her jaw.Then more white canvas flashed into view before blinded her, robbing her from her sight. Something was forced deep in her mouth, a wide tube-like object that filled the orifice, forcing her lips to conform around the foreign object.”Oh I will, Jackline,” Pascal commented before the blue-haired vixen’s hearing was taken away Gaziosmanpaşa escort bayan from. He covered her head completely in the canvas hood, lacing the headpiece tightly. Jackline mewled and protest, thrashing her head about. The tube was hollow. But something was blocking the end, silencing her voice to a quiet whimper. “I will,” He repeated, “but that’s the only thing I’ll make you do.””Mmph! Mmph!” Jackline’s muffled shrieks could barely be heard. The entire world was a black silent void to her. All she could feel was something pull her braid again, forcing her off the bed and on to her knees. With no way to perceive her surroundings, she stayed still, not budging an inch. Her arms were still stuck within the straitjacket, unable to break free from its embrace.Don’t leave me like this! Please, don’t leave me in the dark! Her stomach began to twist and coil. Quick breaths puffed out of her nose, her only means of oxygen. But the loss of her senses began to crush her confidence. Maybe this was too much. Maybe she had bitten off more than she could chew.Then suddenly, something felt her hooded head for a brief second. The plate was removed from the end of the tube, allowing air to flow freely inside her mouth. Curiously, she let her tongue poke out from the hole, reaching outward to the unknown. “Aaah…Aaahaaa…” she called out to Pascal as best as she could, dipping her head forward, exploring the area with her head. But then a mysterious force grabbed her hood head once again. Something phallic and fleshy slammed into her mouth, filling the tube. It was Pascal’s cock. It had to be. Who else would come up with such a nightmarish set up to abuse someone’s throat?Up and down, she was forced to bob her head, the thick member thrust mercilessly in her throat, using her like a mere sex doll. Jackline choked and gagged. Quickly, she relaxed her throat, her eyes watering from behind the canvas blindfold. There no way to beg now. No way to turn back. All she could do was take his entire throbbing sex-crazed length, lapping at his backside to please him more.But only more pain came. She felt her nostrils being pinch from outside the hood. Her air supply was quickly cut off, causing her heart to run wild with panic. She jerked and thrashed within the straitjacket, trying free her nose. But her body was held firmly by the unknown force. The full size of his male hood penetrated her throat. Her lungs burn for air and the need to scream. The urge to call for help grew with every second.Finally, he pulled away, leaving the bound vixen to gasp and wheezing for air. Drool rolled out from the tube as her tongue hung out. Deep breathes. Take deep breaths, Jackline. You’re fine, she told herself, letting her hang down to relax her body. Her body struggled lazily. The straitjacket was an inescapable prison wrapped tightly on her body with no promise of release. She was surprised by how restrictive it was. Handcuffs and rope was nothing compared to this thing.A finger crawled its way inside her mouth, pushing a tiny object inside. Before she could figure out what it was, the plug to the tube was quickly replaced, closing the opening, locking away the item inside. It was pill like. As Jackline slowly poked and prodded the item with her tongue, the pill began to dissolve, slowly turning into mush before disappearing from her senses.Confusion rose within the vixen before she was dragged up to her feet by her hair, being tugged by it as if it were a leash. She was forced to walk forward, stumbling blind, not know where she was being taken too. Her ears were stuffed with soft padding that pushed away all manner of sound.

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