Varnalius and his Mother and Aunty Pt. 01


Author’s note:

In this story, Varnalius is twenty-two, and is living his organic-self-sufficiency life on a remote land-block. His cute and sexy Mother, and his thirty-six-year-old sexy Aunty Carol, live this life with him.

The Varnalius stories tell of his many and unique aspects.

~ ~ ~

Varnalius and his Mother and Aunty Pt. 01

– He received his Mother’s request. She is overjoyed!

~ ~ ~

~ Chapter One ~

In the early hours of the morning, Carol, sexily and wetly kissed her Hot Nephew’s sexy firm mouth. She carried his big, long, lusting and loving, full erection, FULL in her juicy pussy. Carol loved being her Nephew’s wet-sex-doll.

Carol was close to orgasming, as her hot Nephew hotly sucked her Aunty-tits, while she rode his handsome shaft. She was joyfully carried along by the beautiful and mesmerising experience of her Nephew hot-fucking her.

Carol felt beautiful love and arousal for her sexy Nephew, Varnalius, and had been overjoyed when a year ago, she’d offered Varnalius her Aunty-pussy. At that time, and up until the present, Carol had observed that Varnalius’ Mother also got turned on for her hot, blue-eyed, supple-muscled Son, but his Mother tried to kept her arousal for her Son, subdued and hidden.

Carol had sensed, and still did, that Varnalius’ Mother was almost constantly on the verge of offering her Son, her Mother-pussy. Carol had felt sure, that at the one year ago, before she offered her Aunty-pussy to Varnalius, that if his Mother did offer her pussy to her Son, Varnalius would most certainly welcome his Mother’s pussy.

So, the question Carol had grappled with a year ago, as in hot arousal for her sexy Nephew, her naughty pussy flowed juice into her little pantie-crotch for him, was, would Varnalius also welcome his Aunties wet and wanting pussy, if she offered it to him?

Not only did Carol want to be sexually pleasured by her Nephew, she also wanted to be pleasure-pussy to him, and unable to help herself, unable to resist his hot sexiness, Carol had offered her stunningly hot Nephew, her wet Aunty pussy!

With Carol’s pussy in wild hot need for her Nephew, she had stood before him in the kitchen when they were alone, and in desperate hope, Carol had done the offering of her pussy to him!

And her sexy, handsome, beautiful Nephew, Varnalius, had answered her by sliding her mini-skirt up above her hips, so her sexy little panties were on display!!!

On, Yes! Carol was overjoyed that Varnalius loved seeing her in her sexy little panties! And she’d had a beautiful rush of juice in her turned-on pussy at his unexpected, but totally hot action! It was so hot, to be on sexual-display for her Nephew, and totally Hot that he’d put her on sexual-display!

It was a momentous moment for Carol, as she thought Hot Varnalius must be saying YES! He would receive her Aunty-pussy. And she’d felt like slowly peeling her sexy little panties down over her creamy shaved pussy-mound, and then going further, to reveal her freshly-shaved smooth vagina to her Nephew.

It had been a hot session earlier that morning, as she shaved her pussy, knowing that she was going to offer herself sexually to her Hot! Nephew. Carol had several orgasms for Varnalius, as she shaved and prepared her pussy for him. And as always her orgasms for Varnalius were beautiful!

As Carol had stood with her sexy little panties revealed to her Nephew, her thoughts had been hotly interrupted as she felt him, Hotly fondling her wet-crotch. If had been beautiful and electrifying, and her cunt had joyously quivered in sexual anticipation.

Carol had come to live with Varnalius at his beautiful, organic-self-sufficiency paradise, six months ago, and after six months in his beautiful, hot, sexy presence, she had been completely cunt-vulnerable to him, and was powerless to do anything but to offer herself sexually to her handsome, beautiful and sexy, blue-eyed Nephew.

And it had been utter joy for Carol ever since! Carol being hot fucked by her hot Nephew, Varnalius, was amazing! Carol wondered how Varnalius’ mother resisted her hot-hot-hot Son! It was an amazing home at Varnalius’ beautiful organic-self-sufficiency paradise, with both, his Mother’s and Aunty’s pussys quivering in hot desire for him!

Carol loved being pleasure-pussy to her Nephew, and she loved how he skilfully, competently, and completely, pleasured her. Varnalius with his Sexy ways turned her into wet-wet-wet pussy, and she lived to be wet-pussy for her Nephew.

It was a beautiful life with Varnalius’ beautiful organic-self-sufficiency life, and her Hot, Sexy Nephew led her on a Hot-Hot-Hot sexual journey. Carol was wet-pussy for her Nephew Varnalius forever!

Up until Carol had helplessly offered her wet Aunty-cunt to her Nephew, Varnalius had been actively seeking a girl to join him here on his beautiful organic-self-sufficiency paradise, but since she’d become wet-eager-pussy for her Hot Nephew Varnalius, he no longer sought anyone else, izmir escort bayan and Carol was thrilled to be her Nephew’s permanent pussy.

It seemed inevitable to Carol though, that one day Varnalius would also have his Mother’s pussy, and then Mother and Aunty would be helpless, loving, and adoring pussys for him!

And although Varnalius and her love-life was kept secret from his Mother, Carol felt that her Varnalius and herself were the HOTTEST of lovers.

From when she had first offered her cunt to Varnalius, and received his first Hot-fondling to her wet-crotch, her Sexy Nephew had enthralled her, enchanted her, and lovingly enslaved her, and Aunty Carol lived to be loving pussy for her Nephew!

It was now one year ago, from when she’d offered her wet-vagina to Varnalius, and he’d replied to her offer with his Hot-Sexual-Actions, starting with sliding her mini up completely above her hips.

And his naughty and excited ‘Aunty Carol’ had stood in front of Varnalius, while he gazed at, and appraised her, and her wet-wet-wet, beautiful and sexy, little, organic-self-sufficiency, hand-crafted panties.

Carol loved that at Varnalius’ beautiful, organic-self-sufficiency paradise, they lovingly hand-crafted all their clothes.

And Carol had lovingly hand-crafted, the hot little panties with the pussy-hope, that Varnalius would see her in them!

Aunty Carol loved having her Nephew raise her mini up, so she had her sexy little panties revealed to him! Varnalius was a Hot-Voyeur, and Varnalius having her present herself like this, drove her Aunty-pussy wild crazy!

And then Carol had watched in stunned pussy excitement, as Varnalius had released his Big-Hot-Sexy Nephew-Cock!

It was a pussy-wetting sight. Her Nephew’s Cock had stood there; Proud, Huge, and Throbbing, his soft-foreskin tugged fully back over his Big-Sexy-Shining DOME!!!

Aunty Carol’s pussy had done somersaults, and had Hotly-Hotly-Hotly gushed at the sight of her Nephew’s beautiful COCK!

But, Varnalius was just beginning with her. And with his Huge-Cock out, her Nephew had begun to hotly-fondle her wet little pantie-crotch like she was his Cherished-Sexual-Object.

It had been a HOT! experience, and she loved feeling like his cherished-sexual-object, and Varnalius’ stimulation to her cunt through her pantie-crotch was phenomenal! — And her Sexy Nephew had orgasmed her cunt through her little pantie-crotch!

Then, as she had almost swooned in Hot-orgasm for her Nephew, he had lifted her orgasming form up onto the table-edge, where again she had felt like his cherished-sexual-object.

At this stage, Varnalius had still not spoken to her after she had offered him, her pussy — He was just all action! Varnalius then, in a act of pure seduction, had straightened her legs out, and had slowly slid her wet-panties down her thighs, then calves, and then off her feet.

Beautiful handsome, sexy Varnalius, while still holding her wet-panties, had spread her straightened legs, and her Hot Nephew, ‘VIEWED’ his Aunty’s just orgasmed, shaved wet-pussy!

Aunty Carol had been ecstatic to have her Nephew ‘VIEW’ her like this!

Wildly Excited! and her cunt freely running, Varnalius had lowered her calves, while keeping her legs spread. Then Carol watched in amazement as her Nephew opened her panties out, and ‘VIEWED’ the inner of her wet-crotch!

Carol loved being on display for her Hot Voyeur Nephew, and to have the wet-patch of her little crotch on naughty display to him as well, was Super-Sexy!

As Varnalius Hotly ‘VIEWED’ her naughty wet-patch on her pantie-crotch, he began to almost casually fondle her naked, wet Auntie-slit. Varnalius had sexily fondled her Aunty-slit like he was connecting her pussy to her pantie-crotch wet-patch.

Aunty Carol was in sexual euphoria with her Nephew! Then to her utter amazement, she watched Varnalius begin to ‘SUCK’ her wet-pantie-crotch, while he firmly cupped her horny cunt.

Aunty Carol loved the ‘Hot-Hold’ her Nephew had on her cunt. It was a possessive hold! — Her Hot Nephew wanted her as his cunt!!! And she wanted to be his cunt!

Carol looked at her Nephew’s big love-cock, as he orally analysed her sexual-juices — Varnalius’ hold on her Aunty-pussy was so Sexy! and she was on the utter edge.

Then when Varnalius, with her worn panties hanging put his mouth, looked at her, he was everything Hot! And Carol knew her Sexy, Handsome, Big-Cocked Nephew, was PUMPED to fuck her!

Varnalius squeezed her pussy, and she flooded into orgasm. And with Varnalius still hot-sucking her pantie-crotch, her Hot Nephew, Hotly consummated with his Big-Sexy-Cock, their Nephew-Aunty relationship.

It was a Hot consummating!… Varnalius’ big, long sexy cock in her juicy pussy was everything HOT!

And Aunty Carol, with being able to joyously and lovingly be with her Nephew as his Aunty-pussy, had been in wondrous cunt-wonder ever since!

She loved taking izmir escort her Nephew’s big-sexy-cock info her horny vagina, and be Hot-Fucked! It was beautiful to be pleasure-pussy to her Nephew!

It was close to time now, when Carol would have to naughtily sneak back to her bedroom before day-break, after another Hot-Night with her Nephew!

Carol was joyed that Varnalius still daily sucked her panties. When they had a private moment during the day, she’d lift her mini up and show her Nephew, the sexy panties she wore for him.

Then Varnalius would hold her mini up, and watch her slip her panties off her wet cunt. They would have a quick kiss, after which, she would watch him, hot suck her pantie-crotch, while he hot fingered her into hot orgasm. And if there was time, her Nephew would deliver a Hot fucking up her pussy as well.

Aunty Carol was deeply in love with her Nephew, and it was her joy to be sexual-pleasure-pussy for him. Carol often found herself pantie-less working in the kitchen with Varnalius’ Mother, because there hadn’t been time after their secret sexy time, for her to slip her panties back on after Varnalius had been hot sucking her wet-crotch.

Aunty Carol knew that Varnalius also liked sucking his Mother’s worn panties. He’d told Carol that he’d been sucking his Mother’s panties for a while before Carol had arrived, and to Carol’s sexual arousement, had continued doing so.

Carol liked it, that Varnalius’ was sexually sucking his Mother’s and her panties. And she would often accompany her Nephew on his secret visits to the laundry, and watch him hot suck his Mother’s worn panties, while he Hotly fingered Carol into hot orgasm.

Varnalius had recently told Carol, that his Mother’s wet-patches were getting bigger, and Carol knew that Varnalius’ Mother, Melanie, was even more struggling to resist the hot sexiness of her Son!

With Carol not wanting to leave her Nephew’s bed, and the beautiful experience of having his big shaft, hotly lodged in her, while he hotly sucked her Auntie-tits, she whispered in heat, “Baby, your sex-doll has to go after this orgasm, it’s nearly day-break.

Varnalius’ whispered reply in her ear of, “Sex-doll Aunty, hot to have your cunt on my cock baby,” had taken her over the edge, and she’d screamed into his mouth, as her Nephew rocked a hot orgasm through her.

Carol found it amazing that Varnalius liked her screaming her orgasm cries into his mouth, and as she cried into his mouth, she would feel his cock do a HOT THRUST-THROB deep in her pussy.

Varnalius’ hot, cock responses to her cries in his mouth, would take her into another hot orgasm, and it would become a hot swirling cycle — Carol would orgasm cry in Varnalius’ mouth, and he would hot cock respond, taking her into an amazing cycle where she would flow into orgasm after orgasm, until she truly felt like Varnalius’ organic-self-sufficiency, swirling orgasm-doll, and she could feel her juices squishing out around her Nephew’s cock, sexily bathing them both.

~ ~ ~

~ Chapter Two ~

It was a beautiful summers day as I sat at the small bay-window table in the kitchen with my beautiful Mommy, where we had just finished lunch. Aunty Carol had just left to go berry picking in a berry-patch just behind the main organic garden. She was going to use them for a desert tonight.

Aunty Carol had left in an enthused rush, with a sweet little ‘Aunty’ kiss on my cheek, which also told me that Aunty was looking forward to tonight, when she would come to my room with her wet and wanting Aunty-pussy.

I was looking forward to Aunty Carol’s berry-desert, and then her luscious wet vagina and sexy body that would follow later! It was beautiful to love Aunty Carol vaginally, and it was lovely to have her love and adore me, and she loved being my ‘secret’ sex-doll Aunty, and her wetness was a joy.

Smiling as I thought about Aunty Carol in the berry-patch — She would eat plenty of them as picked them. She wasn’t far away, and so I was comfortable with her being alone. Aunty Carol would often tell me how youthful she felt being my wet-sex-doll.

And every time I entered her beautiful vagina, I would see her sweet green-eyes flood with joy. My smiling at Aunty Carol in the berry-patch also included that I knew she would have vagina-berry offering for me later.

Hot Aunty Carol would when she was back, skip berries up her pussy, and when we had a private moment, she would in a sweet and sexy, shy voice, say that she had something for me, and then lovingly, sweetly, and joyously she would reveal her Aunty-vagina to me, and I would hotly feast on juice-coated berries!

Of course, Aunty Carol would end up orgasming wildly, and her plentiful orgasm-juices were a lovely way to finish up a delightful little snack from my Aunty’s sweet pussy!

With Aunty Carol gone to the berry-patch, Mother and I were still sitting at the bay-window table finishing our herbal-coffee. Mother and Aunty, and escort izmir myself too, loved the herbal coffee I grew and made here. It had a lovely aromatic sweetness, with quite a strong earthy undertone to it.

It was sweet to watch Mommy deeply engrossed in sipping her ‘Varnalius coffee-elixir’, as she and Aunty called my herbal-coffee. Mother would have a particular focused facial expression when she savoured my coffee-elixir. Her ‘Varnalius coffee-elixir’ face was a mixture of seriousness and joy. And it was clear to see that Mother was serious about enjoying my herbal-coffee!

Sipping on my own herbal-coffee, I gazed out the window at the beautiful wild-flower-meadow, with the grandeurous woods in the background, their buttressed trunks standing in enduring composure, and with their verdant swaying tops, collectively providing seclusion for the meadow, organic-gardens, and dwelling where I lived with Mommy and Aunty.

Within the seclusion of the woods, my organic-self-sufficiency place flourished in sweet homeliness, and Mommy and Aunty delighted in it.

The beautiful golden sun’s rays, beamed in through the bay-windows in charming splendour, and flooded the homely kitchen in an enchanting warmth. Either side of the windows were the lovely, delicate, pink curtains, trimmed with white frilly-lace, which Mommy had hand-crafted. They were held back from the windows by a pale-yellow lace band, and with the vase of brilliant wild-flowers on the table, the effect was very sweet!

The endearment name I had for, Mommy and Aunty, collectively was, ‘my girls’, and of course, secretly, Aunty was my vagina girl! And I had said to my two lovely girls, to decor the place I had built, as they felt to.

Well, they were both really stoked about that, and Aunty had come to my bed that night, her pussy hot and wet as always, but on this celebrated occasion, Aunty had come to my bed with a decor-mania wet pussy, and had vaginally expressed her thrill to be involved with the decor, as she slid down my pumping-shaft!

The girls had decided that Mommy would do the kitchen, and Aunty would do the lounge, and between them they would do the rest of the place. Their decorating styles were different, but both really nice. And the kitchen and lounge both felt nice and homely in their own way.

Looking around at the kitchen, I reflected on Mommy’s touches to the kitchen, and again felt that she’d done it in a beautiful, lovely and sweet way. Mommy’s touch to the kitchen was a lovely homely feminine touch. I loved that Mommy had used pink in the curtains because it supported my feelings for Mommy.

For while Mommy was Mommy, I couldn’t deny, nor did I wish to, that she was also a vagina-girl, a pink-vagina-girl. I sensed that like Aunty Carol, Mommy was attracted to me, and I enjoyed that. I thought Mother and Aunty were both very attractive girls.

I loved thinking about Mommy’s pink-vagina. Mommy was sweet and a little bit shy, but she was very very cute, and she and Aunty definitely both loved it here with me at my organic-self-sufficiency, wild-flower-meadow paradise.

Both Mommy and Aunty had become very adept at the weaving-looms, including the pantie-loom I had here. It was lovely to see their sexy, little, lacy and embroidered panties drying on the clothes-line. It was also lovely to secretly smell and suck Mommy’s worn panties from the laundry. I loved smelling and tasting Mommy’s sexual essence — It was pure aphrodisiac!

I loved seeing the wet-patches Mommy left on her little crotches. And I had noticed a definite change in Mommy’s wet-patches on her pantie-crotches of late — They were getting bigger!

Every evening before bed, I lovingly hugged Mommy and Aunty, and as I hugged my shy, sweet, cute Mother, I always thought about her pink-vagina making sexy wet-patches on her little pantie-crotch.

Of course, I didn’t have to imagine about Aunty Carol’s sexy little pantie-crotch getting wet, I knew she was wetting it, and I had probably already sucked on it during the day!

I also hugged Mother and Aunty every morning. Both, Mommy and Aunty always had breakfast time in their little nitie’s, and Mommy would be in her little nitie when we had the morning greeting hug, and I felt that Mommy probably had no panties on under her nitie, which was nice and sexy. And it was a lovely feeling to think of Mommy’s pantie-less pussy dripping as we hugged.

I absolutely loved Mommy having breakfast time in her nitie, and being pantie-less with me.

“Varnalius darling,” Mother chimed in lovely sweetness.

“Yes, Mother Love,” I replied, while thinking how lovely it was that Mommy was happily sitting at the table with me at midday, while creating a beautiful wet-patch on her little sexy pantie-crotch.

“I absolutely love it here with you darling. Your organic-self-sufficiency life is beautiful! And I’m so happy here,” Melanie shared.

“That’s lovely to hear Mommy, and it’s lovely to have you here,” I replied, and mentally added, ‘and you’re getting wetter by the day too!’

“Yes, Son, it’s truly a joy to be here, however there is one thing that is troubling me somewhat with being here with you… And I had hoped that… arr… that… well, that you might be able to help me it,” Melanie shyly and nervously asked.

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