Where We Belong Ch. 01


Where We Belong, Ch. 01

This is a work of fiction. All characters depicted in the story are over the age of 18.

“Mom… we can’t… you said we had to stop doing this. We were doing so well.”

“I know, baby. I know. But can we… please… just tonight. I need you. I need to feel the way you always made me feel. Please.”

I wiped a tear from Mom’s cheek as I held her. She tried to kiss my lips but I moved away to avoid it, still keeping her wrapped in my embrace.

“We said we couldn’t do that anymore. It was your idea to stop, and we’ve gone so long now without giving in to the temptation. We would feel terrible if we gave in now.”

Mom began sobbing again, pressing her face into my shoulder. Despite my words of refusal to what she wanted, I couldn’t avoid feeling aroused by her body up against mine again.

“I just feel… so alone. I just exist and I have no one to truly be with and I can’t even get a date to follow through. I’m hopeless.”

“Mom, you’re not… you’re not hopeless. You’re beautiful! You’re the sexiest woman I know, honestly. You’ll find what you’re looking for.”

“You… still think I’m sexy?”

“Of course. But… you know we can’t act on those feelings anymore.”

I felt one of Mom’s hands on my bulge. She let out a small gasp as she realized I was getting hard.

“Oh, honey… you’re so hard right now. I knew you would enjoy this too. So why not just let it happen? I need a man to love me tonight. I need to be fucked.”

“Mom. You just need to rest and we’ll talk in the morning. It’s late.”

She started to stroke me through my pants, knowing that my cock still had a bit of growing before it was at full mast.

“Take these off honey. I want to play with you. Please.”

“No. We’re going to bed.”

“Exactly!” Mom grinned mischievously.

“Not like that. We’re going to sleep. I’ll take the couch and you can have my bed.”

Mom was still dressed for her unsuccessful date, but she began removing clothes quickly. Soon she stood before me entirely naked, staring up at me as if challenging me to continue resisting her.

“It can all be yours again baby. Even if just for tonight. Every inch of me belongs to you. I’ll do anything for you.”

I was prepared to continue refusing until my eyes came to rest on her plump, round ass. She bent over and gave herself a light smack, knowing it would drive me crazy.

“Mom… stop.”

“Anything you want. Any way you want me. Everything you used to like. Use me any way you’ve ever wanted. Make me feel sexy like you used to.”

“Please, Mom, let’s just go to sleep. You’ll feel better in the morning.”

“As your mother, I’m ordering you to fuck me.”

That set off something in my brain. All the resistance melted away and I knew I couldn’t hold off any longer. I pulled her to me and pressed my lips to hers. Our tongues danced against one another as we began to share the intimacy we had been denying ourselves for months now.

I pulled her head away with a handful of her hair and looked down into her eyes.

“Say it again.”

“Fuck me, baby. Fuck your mother.”

“Again. Louder. Just so we’re clear.” Saying this, I gave her chubby ass a good smack, causing her eyes to roll back with pleasure.

“Fuck me! Fuck your mommy slut! Anything Girne Escort you want and it’s yours, baby.”

“You asked for it. Get on your knees.”

Mom raised an eyebrow at the terseness of my command but complied right away. She was grinning with anticipation as I removed my clothes, letting out my rock hard erection.

Mom began to remove her dress as well.

“No,” I told her firmly. “That stays on for now.”

“You’re so… in charge, baby. I love it. You like how I look in this dress?”

“You look amazing. Especially those big tits. I’ve missed those.”

“They’re yours, sweetie. I can’t wait for you to play with them.”

Mom was now on her knees waiting for me to make the next move. I approached her and allowed my cock to hang imposingly in front of her face. She licked her lips and placed a hand on the shaft, giving it a few loving strokes. I nearly fainted when she put her mouth on it. My cock was finally returning to the warm embrace of my mother’s lips. It was back where it belonged.

Those who have never experienced it have no idea of the kind of love that goes into the sexual intimacy between a mother and her son. There is the physical level of pleasure and there is an emotional connection that goes far deeper. I felt it again as Mom stared up at me with her supple lips wrapped around my shaft.

Mom made love to my cock with her mouth. It was the best, most passionate sucking I had ever experienced. She was determined to get a creamy load out of me, and I knew it wouldn’t take long at this rate.

“Did you miss this? Mommy’s mouth on your big cock?”

“Fuck yes, I did. Oh my God, yes.”

“You never need to miss it again. I’m going to be your cock sucking Mommy from now on, OK? I promise. Any time you want it, baby.”

“Fuck yes… you’ll be my little cumslut mommy-whore.”

“Yes baby, just a place for you to shoot your loads. That’s what I’ll be for you. You deserve to have that.”

Mom sucked me passionately for several more minutes until I couldn’t hold off any longer. She sensed my impending orgasm and forced herself deeper down the shaft until her lips were wrapped around the base.

“Mom… oh… oh God, fuck yes, here it comes… such a huge load for you.”

“Mmhmm…” was all she could say in response as I flooded her mouth and throat with one of the biggest, thickest loads I’ve ever shot. Five solid ropes of cum went straight down her throat and she was able to coax a few more smaller ones out as well. Sitting back on her knees, she smiled up at me.

“Thank you, honey. You gave me such a big load.”

“It’s what you needed. You’ll be getting those every day now.”

“Yes, sir,” Mom said with a sultry wink.

“Now,” I continued. “Strip for me. Then lie back on the bed. I’m going to taste that pussy.”

“Oh, honey, you don’t have to… I want to ride you.”

“I’m not offering; this is an order for my mommy-slut. Strip. Lie back. And spread your legs for me.”

Mom did as she was told and presented me with the majestic pussy that I had been deprived of for too long. I plunged right in, pushing her legs back and placing my tongue at her waiting pussy.

I had missed the taste of her so much. I ate her greedily, pulling her towards me to get in as deep as possible. Magosa Escort Her moans started up quickly and reached an impressive volume as she squirmed beneath the oral onslaught.

Her moans became even more intense as she felt my tongue pressing against her asshole. I had every intention of exploring that hole during our time together as well.

After several minutes she weakly pushed me away and I allowed her a break.

“Cock, baby… I need cock. I need you in me.”


“Give me your cock! Give Mommy your fucking cock!”

Keeping her legs pushed back, I positioned myself at her dripping pussy, teasing her with the head just a little before pushing into her. I was finally back inside my mother – back where I belonged.

I tried to pace myself, but it proved too challenging to hold back my urges to pound this beautiful woman as hard as I physically could. It had been months since I’d been in this pussy. It was like being back home after a long trip. It felt so right.

“Don’t you love this, baby? Don’t you love my pussy? Mommy’s pussy?

“God, yes. I love it. I love you. I love you, Mom.”

“I love you, too. I love you so much. I’m your Mom and I want you to be happy. I want to be the one who makes you happy.”

“You do, Mom. You do. I never want us to be apart from each other again.”

“No baby, never. You’re right where you belong.”

We made love for the next few minutes in silence, save for the occasional grunt or moan of pleasure. We stared into each other’s eyes as we engaged in that most satisfying of taboos – raw, incestuous pleasure between mother and son. The outside didn’t exist for a time; there was only us, locked in the throes of ecstasy.

“From behind, honey… take me from behind. I want it like that.”

Mom rolled over and got on all fours. She presented herself to me in all her glory, her big sexy ass so thick and inviting. I give her asshole a few flicks of my tongue from behind.

“Mmm dirty boy! That’s my asshole…”

“It sure is, Mom. First my tongue, but later…”

“Oh fuck… are you planning to sodomize me? Rail my ass with your hard fucking cock meat? You know most boys don’t do that to their mothers.”

“We’re not most families,” I said as I pushed into her wet pussy.

“Oh… oh my God… deep… that’s so deep… you’re really in me, baby. Deep in my pussy. Where you should be.”

I didn’t respond verbally, but continued to press as deep into her as I could go, holding my hips in place as I bottomed out in her, staying almost perfectly still as we both savored the feeling of my engorged cock filling her sopping wet pussy.

“Pump that pussy. That hot mommy pussy. You’re going to fill me up so good. It’s all yours baby. You own this pussy. This pussy’s your fucking property.”

“That’s right… I’ve got another big load for you.”

“You’re going to put your cream inside me. All your hot young cum… shooting into me… into my pussy… coating me…”

“That’s right.”

“No condom… no protection at all… just my sweet son’s hot cum filling me. Knowing you could get me pregnant…”

“Oh fuck yes… that’s what I want.”

“God – really, baby? You want to get your mother pregnant? Watch my belly swell so big and round with your Kıbrıs Escort seed? Imagine us… oh, fuck, that’s so fucking deep… imagine us going out in public together with my big belly… no one suspecting that you’re the one who did it to me. Isn’t that hot?”

“So hot, Mom… I want to impregnate you with all this hot cum. Put a baby in you.”

“Give it to me. Give it to me. All of it. Don’t hold back. We have all night to play and I know you’ve got so much more cum for me. I need it. Put it in me and don’t pull out until you’ve filled me with your cream.”

“Oh… oh Mommy…”

Despite Mom’s urgings I was still trying to prolong the experience. However, I could feel the building orgasm forcing its way to the surface. Before long I felt it happening.

“There it is baby… fuck yes, I feel it! I can feel your cock cumming! Cum for me! Cum!”

I spasmed and pumped her pussy full with thick spurts of jizz, seemingly just as much as the load I just shot in her mouth. Mom pressed her face into the bed as she rode an orgasmic wave of her own. She threw herself back on me wildly, impaling herself as deep as she could go on my pulsing rod.

When our bouts of pleasure both subsided, she pulled off of me. My cock glistened as her juices mingled with my semen. Mom lay on her back and put her legs up in the air.

“Gotta make sure it gets in there deep,” she said through a smile. “I bet you could have gotten me pregnant ten times with all the cum you shot.”

After a time, Mom lowered her legs so that they were flat on the bed and stared down in awe at the river of semen flooding out of her pussy. She desperately tried to keep it inside her, pushing gobs of it back into her pussy as it escaped. It was an incredible amount of pearly white semen that she’d had pumped into her. I had even impressed myself with how much I came.

“Lie with me… come here, sweetie.”

I lay down on my side next to Mom, resting an arm over her heaving breasts as we both took in the afterglow of our lovemaking. We kissed softly, kisses of true love rather than lust. There was an electricity between us as we stared into one another’s eyes.

“Don’t ever leave me. Please,” she asked with an edge of desperation in her voice.

“Never, Mom. We’ll never be apart again.”

“Never. It’s you and me, forever.”

“Forever. I love you so much.”

“I love you, too. So much. So perfectly and completely. We’re made for each other.”

We lay like that for some time. No words were exchanged. We just existed in each other’s presence, our naked bodies intertwined in a testament to our bond as lovers. Soon enough I felt the stirring of another erection. Mom noticed me hardening against her thigh.

“Mmm… I remember this… I missed it so much… how you never seem to tire out.”

“Only with you, Mom. No one has ever turned me on like you do. You’re… you’re my goddess. And I want to worship you.”

“Oh, stop… ” Mom said, giggling. “I don’t know what you see in your chubby old mom.”

“I see the sexiest woman on the planet. I see the woman that I want to be with forever. A goddess… but also a filthy slut…”

“Oh, yes… just for you, your dirty slut goddess.”

“Can we go again?”

“In a little bit. Let’s stay like this a little longer. You gave my pussy a workout and it could use a rest.”

I was wholly content to wait. Just the feeling of being next to my mother again – naked and spent from sex – was immensely pleasurable in itself.

In that moment, everything was right – and I knew things would only get better from there.

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