Who We Really Are Ch. 03


The following Wednesday afternoon, I got a call at work from Justin; I’d never heard him sound so excited…

“Chris, you won’t believe what I just saw! They let us off early from school today and Mom’s car was there when I got home… I went into the house really quietly, and when I got upstairs, there were noises coming from your bedroom… the whole upstairs smelled like weed… The door to your room wasn’t shut tight, so I looked in. Charlie’s a tranny, Chris! And she was fuckin’ Mom in the ass! Really! I saw ’em, I swear! Mom was squirming around like crazy and begging for more! It was so hot I nearly creamed my jeans!”

I was speechless for a few seconds. “Are you outside now?” I finally managed to say. “They can’t hear you talking, can they?”

He laughed. “No. I’m a long ways away… sitting on a bench down at Perry Park. Are you getting off from work soon?”

“No… but, man, I wish I could… Got a bunch of stuff goin’ on here. I’ll see what I can do, though… This is amazing news… I hardly know what to say…”

“Charlie’s unbelievably hot, Chris… and that ass– well, you can guess how it is naked from how it looked in that leather skirt Saturday…”

“We’ll have to give this some thought,” I said. “You should probably find something to do until the time you usually get home from school… You know, so they’re not still at it when you get back to the house.”

Justin laughed. “I’ll go wander around the mall for awhile, I guess,” he said.

“Okay. Talk to you later.”

After I hung up, I found that most of the issues keeping me at work had dissolved or were easily postponed, and that I’d be able to leave much sooner than I expected. I called him back half an hour later.

“I managed to get free, Justin– I’ll pick you up on the way home,” I said. “Meet me at the south doors about 4:00, okay?

“Great… see you later.”

I had some time to think about things while sitting in traffic, coming up with a possible scenario just before I got to the mall: We’d invite Charlie for lunch on Saturday, Justin would tell her and Teri what he’d seen them doing, and then he’d tell them about us– how he’d put the moves on me after I found his gay porn stash– and what happened after that. I figured that way Teri couldn’t blame me for “corrupting” Justin… Then we’d all try to figure out what was next…

“You’ll have to manage the conversation– at least at first,” I told Justin as I explained the plan to him in the car. “Since you’re the one who saw them, it only makes sense for you to do the talking… And you have to be the one to tell Teri about us; she’ll think I seduced you if I try to tell it… Think that’ll work? Can you handle it?”

Justin chuckled. “I think it’s a great plan– and I’m gonna love doin’ it… Mom’s face ‘ll be a picture when I tell her what I saw…”

“I have a feeling that Charlie won’t bat an eye,” I said. “I’m hoping she’ll help your mom deal with it all. Uhhh, by the way, Justin– I get off work early on Friday. What time will you get home?”

“Two hours before Mom does,” he said with a smile. “Wanna fuck me?”

“You bet your ass,” I answered, both of us laughing as I pulled in the drive. Tires screeched as Teri almost ran into us, backing out with Charlie in the car.

“Sorry, Chris– didn’t expect you,” she called. “Be right back. Just gotta drop Charlie off at work… She’s gonna close for me.”

As soon as we were in the kitchen, I dropped to my knees and pulled Justin’s cock out of his jeans, sucking the warm shaft into my mouth with a loud moan as I pulled his hips forward.

“Ohhhhhhhh… you’re such a cock-slut, Daddy,” he said softly. “I love that about you…”


That evening at dinner, I told Teri that Justin and I had some things we needed to talk over with her and Charlie, suggesting lunch on Saturday. She was very curious, to the point of looking worried, but I gave no hints about the subject matter. She was the one to suggest we eat on the patio, and the event was set up after dinner with a short phone call to Charlie.


Friday turned out to be a hectic day at work, and I didn’t get away until after three. I called Justin from the car to say I was on my way; he was already home.

“Not a prob… I’ll be waiting,” he said.

I parked in front of the garage and walked into the kitchen, closing the door harder than I meant to. “I’m in my room,” he called down.

When I walked in, he was standing there gloriously naked– except for the white thigh-highs. His long brown hair fell forward over his shoulders; his cock was hard as he dropped to his knees and pulled mine out and into his mouth. He only used one hand, though; the other stayed behind him, between his cheeks; it was easy to guess what he was doing with it… He sucked me noisily for a minute, moaning, before letting go and looking up at me.

“Welcome kırklareli escort home, Daddy,” he said quietly. “Your bitch-boy is ready and awaits your command…”

“Stay right where you are,” I said, “where’s the lube?”

“On the bed, Daddy…”

I hurriedly got out of my clothes and grabbed the lube and the towel beside it, slathering my cock as I knelt behind Justin’s smooth, white ass; he was sliding a twelve-inch dong slowly in and out of it. I replaced his hand with mine, fucking him with the dong a few times before pulling it out slowly, dropping it on the towel; then I thrust my cock into his upturned ass, grasping his waist to pull him back all the way until his cool skin pressed against my hips.

“Ohhhhhhhunghhhhhhhhhh…” he groaned, twisting on the impaling pole as I flexed it inside him. He reached back with both hands, holding onto my ass and pulling me even deeper as he writhed and squirmed. I lifted his hips until his knees were off the carpet, twisting his body back and forth on my buried cock, his legs swaying as he whimpered and gasped.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, Daddy… ohhhhhhhhhhh, Daddy… fuck your slut… fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee… ohhhhhhhhunghhhhhhh… I need your cock so deeeep… never stop fuckin’ me, Daddy… fuck me, Daddy… fuck me, Daddy… fuck me, Daddy…”

A minute later, I pulled out of him, grabbing the lube and the towel as I stood up.

“Up on the bed, slut… on your back…”

Justin jumped quickly onto the bed, his thighs up and apart, exposing his open hole. I lubed us both again and slid slowly back into him, hugging his nylon-covered legs against my chest as I thrust forward. Justin looked in my eyes until his rolled back in his head.

“You’re my fuck-daddy… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh… you’re my fuck-daddy, Chris, and I’m your bitch… fuck this little slut’s boy-pussy, Daddy… cuz’ you’re my daddy! Fuck your bitch’s cunt, Daddy… she needs to be fucked… and fucked… and fucked… ohhhhhhhhh… just… like… that… ohhhhhhhhunghhhhhhhhhhhh…”

I leaned forward onto him as he rolled his hips upwards, driving my cock in even further. Our lips opened and pressed together, tongues sliding around inside, arms tight around each other as I drove my throbbing cock deep in his ass.

“I’m your cunt, Daddy, I’m your fuck-hole, Daddy… I need your cock, Daddy… I can’t do without it… I need you to fuck me with it, Daddy… to keep fuckin’ me with it… I need it, I need it, I need it… ohhhhhhhunghhhhhhhh… fuck meeee…”

I fucked him for nearly an hour and a half, in every conceivable position, until just before Teri got home; even then we hadn’t had enough… We timed everything pretty well, though– we were showered, dressed and looking composed when she arrived.

When Teri got in the house, she cornered Justin in the kitchen and tried to get him to tell her what we wanted to talk about the next day, but he didn’t cave. He told her that he and I had some ideas that we should all discuss. She seemed to be satisfied with that.


The next day, Teri sent Justin to pick up Charlie at the shop. We sat around the canopied table on the patio sipping moscato while the chicken was on the grill, talking about everything but the main thing… Teri drank more than usual, finishing two glasses before the food was even on the table; she was obviously nervous. Charlie, however, seemed to be having a great time.

As soon as the plates were cleared away, Teri said, “Okay, you guys– I can’t stand it anymore… What’s this about?”

“Mom, I can tell you’re gettin’ yourself all wound up. Just relax. This isn’t gonna be bad, okay?”

“Okay, I’ll try… So…?”

“Well, the first part might be a little awkward,” Justin began, “but hang on, okay?” He waited a few seconds for her to nod before continuing. “I came home from school early on Wednesday and saw you and Charlie having sex upstairs.”

Teri gasped, turning beet red. Charlie scooted next to her on the bench and put an arm around her.

“Remember, Teri… he said it isn’t bad…” Charlie looked at us with a little smile. “What were we doing, Justin?”

“You were fucking Mom in the ass… and she was really gettin’ off on it…”

Teri gasped again, this time louder, her eyes filling with tears. “Oh, no, oh, no… ohhhhhhh…” She buried her face in her hands. Charlie hugged her closer, rubbing her shoulder.

“Don’t worry, Mom,” Justin said softly. “I’m a grown-up; I know about stuff like that… I don’t think you’re weird or sick or anything… and, Charlie– I think you’re incredibly hot…”

Charlie smiled. “Thank you,” was all she said.

“Anyway,” Justin continued, “I’m fine… and Chris isn’t angry about it, so no need to freak out, okay?”

I spoke up then. “Teri, I know things have been difficult between us for quite awhile, and kırklareli escort bayan I understand how you could… uhh… need some other physical contact… I don’t blame you…”

She looked up, her face streaked with tears. “I– I love you, Chris… I never meant… what I mean is… oh, hell,” she said, then dissolved into more tears.

“I’ve got some news of my own, too, Mom,” Justin said. “But like I said before– don’t worry. It’s not bad.”

She looked up again.

“You know I’m gay, right?” Justin asked.

“Well, I kind of suspected it, Justin, but you’ve never… uh… there hasn’t been anyone…”

“Mom, I’ve always been gay– since I can remember. Anyway, a week ago, on a hunch, I came on to Chris… It was all me, Mom– you’ve got to understand. It wasn’t Chris at all– he was actually shocked. In the end, though, it worked out… we sort of discovered each other… Understand?”

“You… had sex… with Chris?” she asked, her shock and disbelief obvious. She’d stopped crying, just sitting there with her mouth open. “Chris, how could you?”

“Mom, stop!” Justin jumped in, speaking more forcefully than I’d ever heard him. “Don’t even go there… I mean it– that’s a cheap shot. It wasn’t even in his mind… He didn’t do anything… I was the instigator– it was what I wanted… I’m old enough now to live my own life. I think we all are…”

Charlie was still hugging Teri, but she was beaming at me and Justin.

“Don’t you understand, Teri?” she said gently. “Everything’s okay… in fact, it might be more than just okay…” She looked at me. “What else are you thinking, Chris?”

“We’ve done most of the talking so far,” I said. “What are you thinking, Charlie?”

“I’ve felt the chemistry between you and me since we met, Chris, but you seemed ‘way too straight. Up until today, I thought you’d be totally turned off if you saw how I’m built, but now– well, I don’t think so… What I think is this: You’ve been wanting to hook up with me, and since we’re attracted to each other– well, I think we should go for it…”

“What about me?” Justin said. “Don’t leave me out…”

Charlie answered. “Teri’s probably wondering what to make of you right now, Justin… Aren’t you, baby? You’re thinking, ‘No, we can’t do that… We can’t let Justin get involved with us– he’s my son…’ Right, Teri?” Teri nodded energetically; she wasn’t crying anymore, however.

Charlie continued. “But we can include him, Teri– as long as there’s an understanding that you’re hands off to each other. Hell, he’s already seen you squirming and moaning with a tranny’s cock in your ass– you can’t pretend he didn’t– and it doesn’t seem to have fazed him too much. Whatever he sees now won’t top what he saw on Wednesday… Don’t you think it could work like that, Teri?”

“It might,” she said quietly, sniffling. “I don’t know…”

“What do you have to say, Justin?” Charlie asked, turning to him.

“I think all of us together is the only way to go… It’ll prob’ly be awkward at first, but it should ease up. I can’t even imagine being alone without Chris while you’re all somewhere together…”

“I know how you feel, Justin… I couldn’t stand to be separated from your mom like that… How about you, Chris?” Charlie asked.

“It’s either all of us together, or we go off two and two– Justin and I, and you and Teri. I don’t think that’s what anyone wants, though… I sure don’t. I can’t imagine being without you, Teri– or you, Justin… This is all new to me, but I think “together” is the only choice we have…” I looked at my wife. “Teri, you haven’t said much… How do you feel?”

It took a few seconds before she said anything, but when she spoke her voice was steady.

“I love each and every one of you, and, like you just said, Chris, being without any of you is inconceivable… Charlie, I never thought about how it would end up when things started with you, but I agree with what you said just now, Chris: It’s the only way– anything else would be intolerable.

“I know I’ve got a lot of hang-ups, but I’ll do the best I can to leave them behind. It shouldn’t be that hard to do with such hot lovers…” She managed a weak smile, and we laughed, much relieved.

“Well, let’s go get naked,” Charlie said.

Teri gasped. “What?! Right now?! I– I…”

“Yup– right now, baby,” Charlie answered her gently. “We’ve made the decision, we’re all in agreement, we’re all here– so let’s act on it… it’s now or never. Your bedroom’s the logical place, so come on upstairs, y’all…”


We followed Charlie into the room, getting undressed a bit nervously around the king bed, watching each other– all except for Teri, who went in the bathroom. Charlie was the least self-conscious of the three of us, getting naked first and pulling down the covers as Justin escort kırklareli and I watched her. Then she straightened up and ran her hands over herself from breasts to thighs, smiling at us.

“Oh… my… God,” both Justin and I said simultaneously. Charlie laughed; her cock was half-hard, and already almost as long as mine was at full erection. Her hips flared out from a tiny waist; her breasts looked completely real, perky and suckable, and I stared at them. Justin did, too, licking his lips…

“Yeah, they’re real,” she said, guessing my thoughts.

Teri came out of the bathroom just then, wearing a short, silky oriental pajama-top; she sat demurely on the edge of the bed, her long blonde hair accented against the dark material and her tanned skin.

“Can I just watch you guys?” she asked, meekly.

Charlie laughed. “Just what I was gonna suggest,” she said, “but I want to smoke some weed first. Do you guys get high?” She was looking at Justin and me.

“I’ve only done it a couple of times after school,” Justin said.

“Not since college,” I said, ” but I’m up for it…”

Charlie took a joint out of her bag by the bed and lit it, taking a hit and passing it to me; it then went to Justin and to Teri, who surprised me by toking like a pro.

“Charlie taught me how,” she said, holding her breath as she spoke, looking at me.

After we’d had several hits, Charlie laid the mostly-smoked joint in a dish on the bedside table. All three of our cocks were standing up straight now as she looked at me.

“So, tell us how this beautiful boy seduced you, Chris. Make the story as hot as you can…”

“Yeah– I wanna hear it, too,” Teri said, leaning against the headboard, sitting with legs crossed. Charlie moved up to sit next to her, taking one of Teri’s hands and putting it on her cock; she stroked it as she looked at us.

“Well, all right,” I said. “Help me if I leave anything out, okay, Justin? Anyway, it was Friday last week; I got home early from work, about three, so I started doing laundry and cleaning up the house. In the process, I found a stack of gay porn mags in Justin’s closet and started looking through them… they really turned me on, which I didn’t expect… I’d sucked a cock in a threesome a few years ago, and it was really hot, but I’d never run across porn like this…

“I don’t know how long I was looking at it, but suddenly Justin was standing in the door staring… I was very hard, and I was rubbing my cock through my jeans when he saw me. I threw the mag on the bed; I could feel myself blushing… He just mumbled at first; I think he was kind of stunned…

“Then he smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Chris– I won’t tell if you won’t.””

Charlie and Teri both laughed. “You’re pretty quick, Justin,” Charlie said; Justin smiled.

I continued. “…and then he walked over to me, unzipped his jeans, took his nearly-hard cock out, grabbed my wrist and put my hand on it.”

“Wow… What did you do then?” Charlie said, her voice dropping and getting husky…

“Well… not much, really. I just stood there frozen, my hand stroking kind of automatically as I stared at it. Then Justin undid my jeans, dropped to his knees and sucked my cock into his mouth…”

Teri gasped. Her neck was flushed as she stared at Justin, the hand on Charlie’s cock becoming more active; licking her lips, Teri slid her other hand between her legs. Justin was hard, now; so was I.

“Show us, Justin,” Charlie said, her voice now thick with lust. “Show us how you sucked his cock…”

Justin pushed me back onto some pillows and knelt between my legs, looking in my eyes as his lips closed over my cock head. He moaned as it slid over his tongue to the back of his throat, and he began to suck, stroking the base with one hand while the other caressed my stomach and chest. He worked slowly, intently, for a minute or so, then let go, a long string of saliva connecting my cock to his mouth as he raised his head

“I love your cock, Daddy,” he whispered in his small voice, then lowered his head and sucked it back in.

Teri gasped again, then whimpered softly, sucking on her bottom lip, the hand between her legs now busy. She stared at Justin as he sucked me, the other hand still stroking Charlie.

“I don’t believe this is turning me on like this,” I heard her mumbling. “It’s so perverted…”

After a minute or two more, Justin lifted his head again. “Then… I made him suck me,” Justin said, getting upright on his knees in the middle of the bed, his cock standing out stiff and straight. “Come on… show ’em, Chris.”

I got on my hands and knees in front of him, realizing with a wild thrill that I was about to suck a cock for an audience… It made my pulse race… I put my hands on his perfect little ass and pulled his big pulsing cock into my mouth, moaning and licking noisily. Mmmm-mmmmm…

He held my head and gently fucked my face for a few strokes, then said softly, “Daddy… lie down… let’s sixty-nine…”

When we moved, I saw Teri caressing her breast inside the robe; the other hand was still between her legs. She was visibly trembling and sucking her lower lip. Charlie was looking at her, smiling.

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