Wife Worship


Wife WorshipTHIS IS NOT MY STORY! I found this online and thought it is amazing, this is exactly what I want to do for a woman. If your the writer and want me to take this down please let me know and I will delete it.This morning I woke up early and walked naked downstairs to the dressing room. There as always were the garments my Wife had laid out for me in a perfect order. The panties were pink with small white polka dots and there was a matching chemise. To the right were white stockings and a white garter. I looked around as if someone were watching, a small, embarrassed smile on my face. I showered and shaved my pubic region as was my custom now each and every morning. Then my legs. Then I dressed as my Wife had taught me. First the chemise, then my panties, then the stockings and garter. I took a deep breath and walked into the hallway, stopping for a moment to look at myself in the floor to ceiling mirror. I still shocked myself sometimes. Here I was, a 280 pound, 6 foot three man that most would imagine to be domineering, standing there like a sissy boy. Okay, not like a sissy boy. I was a sissy boy, my Wife’s little boy. It was Saturday morning and my Wife was sleeping in. My duties, which she had written out for me the night before were on the counter:My sweet boy, clean the kitchen and bathroom and scrub all the floors. When that is done bring me breakfast in bed, some toast and strawberry jam, orange juice, and coffee. Love your Wife.I worked fast but I was thorough. The last thing türbanlı mardin escort I wanted was to be admonished for not going a good job with the cleaning. Then I made her breakfast and carried it up on the silver tray. Usually she was still asleep but on this day she was already sitting up in bed. It was obvious she had been up for a while as her hair was perfect, her make up on, and her lips were dark cherry red. She had changed from her nightgown into a see through black robe.:Good morning, Goddess,” I said. “I have your breakfast.”She smiled but said nothing. I set the tray on her lap and then went to the corner as was my routine. Slowly, I pulled my pink panties just beneath my ass cheeks, spread my legs, and bent over slightly, and I waited.My Wife liked to see me that way, my ass slightly spread open for her.She didn’t speak for a while. I could hear myself breathing and I was nervous. My cock was hard in anticipation of what might happen. Then, in a matter of fact tone, she whispered, “Spread.”Dutifully, I reached around with both hands and opened my ass cheeks wider for her.My wife sighed and then chuckled. “You do look rather like a sissy, don’t you?””Yes, Goddess,” I said.”Perhaps later I will have you help me into my strap on so I can abuse your sissy ass. Would you like that, boy?””It does not matter what I like,” I whispered.”True. It appears you are learning your place.”I listened to the rustling as my Wife got out of bed. türbanlı mardin escort bayan The floor creaked as she passed behind me toward the bathroom. “Crawl,” was all she said.I dropped to my knees and crawled after her into the bathroom. She stood by the toilet waiting for me to lift the lid, which I did with my mouth. I knelt to the side while she relieved herself. “I am done now,” she said.I rearranged my position so that as she stood I could place my face between her legs and clean the last drops of her release. She lifted one leg so I could have better access and I believe I heard a slight moan escape her lips.Gently, she pushed my head away and then turned around and leaned over. She did not need to say anything. I buried my face between her ass cheeks and licked her ass clean. She had not relieved herself that way, but it would have made no difference if she had. Each day was the same. I cleaned her after she went to the bathroom. There was no way my Goddess would ever suffer the unpleasantness of wiping herself clean. That was my job.She left me kneeling there and got back into bed. I washed my hands and face and brushed my teeth and crawled back into the bedroom to find her lying face down on the bed, her ass high in the air, a pillow under her belly. I slid up to the bed and without hesitation, began kissing her sweet white ass. “Deeper,” she moaned.Slowly, I spread her ass cheeks wide until I had a clear view of her ass türbanlı escort mardin hole. I leaned in and kissed it and licked it for a while before I covered it with my mouth and began sucking her there. My Wife used me like that for an hour and then she rolled over and spread her legs. Her pussy was wet from my saliva dripping down from her ass and from her own juices. “Bathe in my juices,” she said softly.I pushed my face into her wet pussy and rubbed my face up and down all over her open lips until I was dripping with her. Only then was I allowed to suck her to orgasm. It was nearly noon – time to go grocery shopping. As she dressed, I readied myself.I retrieved the anal plug from the wooden box we kept on the dresser, lubed it up and then pushed it into my ass. I slipped on pants over my stockings and panties and then put on a shirt.My Wife loved to humiliate me this way. Sometimes at the grocery store she would have my unbutton my shirt just enough to allow a view of my chemise. She always shopped dressed in a way that was provocative but never slutty. She showed just enough cleavage to whet men’s appetite, but never gave them a second glance as their heads turned in her direction. The last time we went grocery shopping, we went out for a coffee at Starbucks. We were halfway through our brew when she reached into her purse and handed me a condom. Again, there was no need for her to say anything. I went to the bathroom, slipped the condom on and masturbated into it. We left after that.In the car, she looked at me with a wry smile. I showed her the condom.”I see you had a lot on your mind,” she chuckled.Then, without any prodding, I lifted the condom to my lips and poured my own cum down my eager mouth. All the while we shopped she made me chew on the condom as if it were gum.I wondered if today’s trip to the grocery store would as adventful.

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