Working-GirlWorking GirlBertha was a horny middle-aged Lesbian. As was hercustom, she was thinking about going to her favorite Lesbianbar and seeing if she could find a fem to take home and makelove too. As she drove past the hooker lane on the way to thebar she saw something that caught her eye.Among the normal assortment of street hookers was asmall figure that looked like a young girl. Bertha turned right atthe next corner and came around for a second look. She sloweddown as she approached the corner. Three women stepped offthe curb and looked in the car as Bertha used the electronicwindow control to lower the window.One of the whores leaned in and asked, “You looking fora good time Honey” as she chewed on her gum.Bertha pointed at the young girl and asked, “Is that one isavailable?”The woman pulled her head back and yelled out, “This isyour lucky night Baby-Girl. You up to dating a woman whohas the hots for a little girl like you?”The girl approached the car and looked in. She took adrag on her cigarette and flipped it into the gutter as she openedthe door. As Bertha pulled away from the curb, they could nothear what the three other hookers were saying. It was just aswell that they didn’t hear the remarks. They were making rudecomments about dikes and girls that would sleep with them.The youngster let out the smoke until her lungs werealmost empty and the last bit of smoke she blew out of hernose. Bertha was not that happy about her smoking in her car.She moved close to Bertha and started stroking her thigh.”What would you like me to do?” she asked. “If you want meto perform oral sex on you or you want to do it to me it willcost twenty-five bucks. If you want to fuck me with anything itwill cost fifty.”Bertha said, “Don’t rush me honey. We need to get toknow each other better first.”Girl, “Lady.I’m working and talking cost money. Ifyou just want to talk it will cost you twenty-five bucks anhour.”Bertha, “OK! Why don’t we have dinner first?”Girl, “If you’re buying and paying me for my time.wecan do what ever you like.”Bertha, “I know a decent restaurant up the street.”Bertha pulled in and parked. They entered the place and Berthaled the way to a booth in the back. In the bright neon light shegot a good look at the young whore. She was dressed like moststreetwalkers in the area. She had on high heels that were far tohigh for a girl her size. Her legs were bare. The hair wasteased too much. The makeup was on to thick. In an effort tomake her mouth look larger she had painted her upper lipoutside her natural lip-line. She had on a halter-top that lookedlike little more than bikini top in red and wore a mock fur jacketover that. Bertha knew that she flashed passing cars with thatjacket. You could see that she had a navel ring because theonly thing else she had on was tight fitting jeans that were cutand frayed. The legs were cut off so high that even the pocketswere visible below the edges of the legs.Bertha ordered a chicken dinner, with coffee. The younggirl ordered a cheeseburger, fires and a coke. When thewaitress left, Bertha asked her for her name.The girl gave her a sassy look and said, “Jennifer.ifthat’s any of you business.”Bertha, “There is no need to be nasty, my Dear!”Jennifer, “I’m a working girl! The sooner we get ourbusiness over with the sooner I can get back to my corner.”Bertha, “Is that so important to you?”She gave Bertha a snarl and shrugged her shoulders. Thewaitress interrupted them as she brought the coke and coffee.They fell quiet for a second sipping their drinks and takingstock of one another.Jennifer asked Bertha what she wanted and where shewanted to do it?Bertha said, “There will be plenty of time for that afterwe eat our dinner.”The older woman began asking the usual questions aboutthe girl. Where she was from and how she came to be workingon the street.Surprisingly, as Jennifer was eating she started tellingBertha about herself. She came from a small town about 300miles north of the city. She said she does not remember herreal father. Her mother had four husbands before she was tenyears old. The last stepfather had taken it upon himself to teachher about sex. When her mother was at work he would haveher suck his cock. After a few such sessions he undressed herand put lubricant all over his cock and shoved it into her virginvagina. He continued fucking the poor thing until he wasfinished squirting his cum in her. Then he cleaned up the bloodand told her to not tell her mother. After that he began fuckingher whenever he wanted. He eventually added anal sodomy tohis routine and turned her asshole into his playground as well.She soon got use to being fucked in either hole and accepted herfate. She thought it strange that she got no real pleasure fromthe things he did and wondered what it was that she read aboutin magazines where women went mad for sex with men.One night her mother came home early because she hadcut her hand on a machine at work. She walked into the houseonly to find her husband fucking her daughter in the ass.Needless to say she was upset at the betrayal of the two personsshe cared most about. She kicked her husband out immediatelyand then turned Jennifer out because she felt she was just likeher father. She said she looked just like him and now wasacting almanbahis yeni giriş like him as well.Now at the age twelve she was on her own. She tookwhat little money she had and caught a south bound bus. Sheonly had enough money to reach the city, so her first night shewas spent sleeping on a wooden bench in the bus station.To her surprise a woman came up to her and offered tobuy her breakfast. Afterwards the woman took her home andlet her stay with her. . After their conversation revealed that thewoman was a hooker who really had no use for men. Asevening fell the woman said she had business to take care of butthat Jennifer was welcome to bath and sleep in her bed whileshe was away. When the woman came home she bathed herselfand came naked to bed with Jennifer.After some coaxing and cuddling she made love to thep*****n by fondling and sucking her young breasts and thensucked her pussy until the girl experienced the climax she hadread about but never found with her stepfather. It was amarvelous feeling and she wanted more.Jennifer felt that she should repay the woman in the onlyway she was able at that moment. She obediently slid beneaththe sheets and applied her mouth to the woman’s large opening.To her amazement she found that she was almost as excitedperform this un-natural act, as she had been when the womanwas sucking on her.The woman told her she could live with her if she wantedbut she would have to work the streets too. Jennifer would beexpected to pay the woman half of whatever she earned.Things went well for a while but in the past six months she hadbecome more and more suspicious that the girl was holdingback money. Being a suspicious person, the woman wouldstick her finger in the girl’s cunt and smell her finger for tracesof cum and latex smell, when she returned to the corner. If thetell tale odor was there she insisted on her payment right thenand there for Jennifer getting fucked. She wanted the fulltwenty-five dollars. If Jennifer insisted that she only gave theJohn a blowjob, the woman would slap her so hard that shewould fall to the sidewalk. Where she might be kicked untilshe paid up.It occurred on Bertha that one of the women on thecorner where she had met Jennifer was probably that pimp.”Which one of the women was she?”Jennifer, “She was the one you were talking to.”Bertha closed her eyes to remember what she looked like.The woman was the dark haired one with the face that lookednice but hard at the same time.When the meal was over and she had paid the check, theygot back into the car. Bertha drove back to her little motelapartment on the edge of town. It had been a motel that hadbeen built on the old interstate highway back in the nineteenthirties. There were six small bungalows arranged into a “U”shape.When the new highway bypassed the old part of town thecondition of the motel deteriorated over the years. The cypresstrees had never been trimmed and had grown up around thebungalows to the point that they were almost hidden from thestreet. The pile of foliage around the bases from the evergreenswas more than two feet deep. The trees were covered withfunnel webs of spiders. When they parked in front of theapartment the light of the headlights revealed that the paint onthe apartment was pealing off.When the two women entered the apartment a mustysmell greeted them. The carpet was old and had long ago lostits luster. There were only three rooms as far as Jennifer couldtell. It had a bathroom, kitchenette and the room they were inwhich served as a living room and bedroom at the same time.There was a double bed against one wall and a couch againstthe wall across from it.Bertha offered Jennifer a seat on the couch. As she satdown on the couch she reached into her jacket for a pack ofcigarettes. She removed one and put it in her mouth as shereturned the pack back into her pocket and pulled out a Biclighter. She sat back and lit her cigarette. She slowly inhaledthe smoke and squinted as some got into her eyes. She waschecking out the place. It was clean even if the furniture wasold.Bertha noticed that the girl had nicotine stains betweenher fingers on her left hand. She felt that a girl no more thanthirteen was to young to be smoking that much. How foolishfor a young one like this to ruin her health simply to give othersthe impression of her worldliness.Bertha sat next to her and placed her hand on the innerthigh of her right leg. Jennifer yielded to her touch and spreadher legs open, as she blew the smoke towards the ceiling.Jennifer leaned forward and placed her cigarette into an ashtrayas she pulled her jacket off. Leaning back she untied the frontof her little top and shrugged it off her shoulders. Then shepicked up her cigarette and took another drag as she sat backagainst the couch. Her perky little breasts completely exposedto Bertha’s gaze.Bertha sat there admiring the breasts of this girl thatlooked like an angle at the same time she looked s tough streeturchin. The breasts were hardly more than a “B” cup on thec***dish chest. The areolas were sweet looking mauve ovalsthat had hardly any nipples on them. Bertha could not resistleaning forward to take the right nipple into her mouth and suckon it. The girl’s flesh tasted of nicotine and almanbahis giriş cheep perfume.It was only a couple of steps from the couch to the foot ofthe bed. Bertha stood up and took the girl by the hand as sheled her across the room. While they were still standing shepulled at the buttons on the girl’s her jeans. There was notmuch left of the jeans that fell to the floor. Jennifer wasstanding there in thong panties that were almost flesh-color andthose terribly high healed shoes. When Jennifer pulled herpanties down, Bertha saw that her little pubis was shavedsmooth. Bertha was sure she did that to make herself look evenyounger than she was.Jennifer took another drag of her cigarette and held herbreath as Bertha looked at the body of the girl. The skin was socreamy that she had to touch it. Jennifer reached out and feltBertha’s big breast.Jennifer was getting impatient. The quicker she gotfinished with this trick the sooner she would be back to herpimp lover. She knew she would be put through hell for takingso long with this old bitch.She let the cigarette dangle from her mouth as she usedboth hands to undress Bertha. This woman was a real dikebitch. She was dressed in a man’s dress shirt and under shirt,cowboy boots and black western cut pants with button downflaps on the back pockets. She was a little over weight but notfat or sloppy looking. Jennifer found that Bertha did not wear abra under the T-shirt. The big breasts really needed a bra tohold up the heavy flesh. They hung there like supple melons.Their large brown nipples staring at her. Beckoning her tocome suck them. She knelt in front of the woman to pull off theboots and unfasten the pants. She stripped them off of thewoman and left her standing there in nothing but her tightfitting underwear. Jennifer looked at the panties and ran herfingers over the silken material. Then she rolled the waistbanddown until she saw the tangle of Bertha’s ample pubic bush.After inspecting them briefly she let the panties fall the floor.Bertha stepped free and stood there with her legs spreadso that Jennifer could not help but see her naked pussy. It wasunshaven and the labia were large enough to hang clear of hervagina slit.Jennifer sat back on her heels and took another drag onthe cigarette. With a stream of smoke flowing from her noseshe reached out and ran her finger between the lips Bertha’spussy and felt the moistness. She smelled her finger and likedthe smell of this woman’s cunt. After all the cunt of her pimphad always smelled of either male cum or her douche. Berth’scunt smelt clean while also giving off the aroma of a womaneager for sex.Like the professional she was Jennifer snuffed out hercigarette and leaned forward to kiss the older woman’s waitingslit. Bertha, was thrilled by the touch of the youngsters mouth,placed her hands on the back of Jennifer’s head and held herface tightly against her cunt as she felt the girl driving hertongue into her cunt.Bertha’s climax came much too soon. She found herselfwrithing in that special place where nothing exists but yourcunt. When she recovered her composure Bertha placedJennifer on the bed lying on her back. She moved into positionand applied her own mouth to the smooth mound before her.She was good at oral sex and soon had the girl squirming allover the bed. With her hips bucking and cunt throbbing the girlfelt like she was about to experience the best climax of her lifeat the same time she was feeling the most wicked torture shehad ever felt in her life. When she finally climaxed and fellback on the bed in exhaustion she said, “Bertha if you couldfuck me I could fall in love with you for life.Bertha laughed and reached under the bed for her strap-on dildo. She buckled it in place and adjusted the hanging prickinto position. Jennifer never took her eyes off the monster tool.It reminded her of her last stepfather’s cock in a lot of ways. Iteven had wrinkles around the head like his.Bertha held the girl’s legs open and guided the cock ather cunt. She rubbed the cock head in the valley until it waswet from the girl’s juices. Jennifer thought Bertha was about tostuff it into her cunt. However, Bertha aimed lower and shovedit into the girl’s asshole before the girl knew what washappening. All she could do was let out a long soundlike.Ohhhhhhhhhhh.Bertha fucked the girl’s ass until the girl cried out withanother climax after which she actually fell asleep. When thegirl awoke she heard water running in the bathroom. She gotup and waddled to the door. Bertha was kneeling by the oldcast iron tub. She was testing the water and adding bath salts.She invited Jennifer to get into the tub.Jennifer stepped into the bath and settled down into thewarm water. Bertha stepped in behind her and kissed the backof her neck as she picked up a washcloth and bar of floralscented soap. She lathered up the washcloth and gently washedthe body of the little girl.Jennifer felt so relaxed that she almost fell asleep again.She turned her head and kissed Bertha with all the love shecould put into it. After Bertha had dried her off and she haddressed again she got a worried look on her face.”Bertha if I don’t get back to the corner soon with at leastThree hundred dollars for all the time I spent with you almanbahis güvenilirmi she isgoing to beat me up terribly.”Bertha asked, “Do you wanted to leave her for good?”Jennifer, “How can I leave her?”Bertha asked if she had anything at the woman’s homethat she wanted?”Jennifer, “I do have some money I have stashed that shedoes not know about. I hid it on her.”Bertha said, “Then lets go pick her up and get yourmoney.”Jennifer was very nervous about confronting her pimp inthis way but she wanted very much to stay with Bertha, so sheagreed a plan.They dressed rapidly got in the car. Bertha drove herback to the corner. As they stopped by the curb the dark hairedwoman came to the car and demanded that Jennifer get out.Bertha told her that Jennifer was not getting out and thatshe should get in the car. Visibly upset, the woman got in,forcing Jennifer to move over so that she was between the twoof them. As they pulled away from the curb the woman startedcussing like a sailor.”What the hell do you think your doing with my bitchyou old dike?”Bertha said, “First we are going to your home so thatJennifer can pick up whatever she wants and then you are goingto leave her alone.”The woman was furious and continued to rant and rave asBertha followed Jennifer’s instructions to the woman home.Once the car was parked the woman jumped out and draggedJennifer behind her. Bertha came around the car and grabbedthe woman by the hair with one hand and by her tit with theother one. She deliberately twisted both hard enough that shelet go of Jennifer and started crying. Bertha directed her up thestairs to the house. She held her by the hair as Jennifer stuffedsome clothes into a bag. Then Jennifer went into the bathroomand Bertha and the woman heard the noise of the top of thetoilet being moved.When Jennifer came out she had a plastic Ziplock bag ofmoney in her hand. The woman cried out, “I knew you wereholding out on me you little whore.”Bertha slapped her face so hard that she was sentsprawling on the floor. She made an attempt to kick Bertha butBertha stepped back to avoid the foot and then swiftly forwardto kick the woman between her legs hard enough to double herup in pain clearly this was not Bertha’s first brawl with anotherwoman.The pimp pulled out a switchblade knife from her jacketand pushed the button. As the blade sprang open she took aswipe at Bertha’s leg. She was not fast enough to make contactand Bertha pulled out a little snub noise pistol from her ownpocket. She pointed at the woman and said, “You will forgetyou ever saw Jennifer and me or I will give you a new pussy tomake a living with as she pointed it at her crotch. In fact it isabout time you moved on to another town to make your living.I will give you three days to get out. I will be back and if youare still here I will take care of you!”The woman crossed her hands between her legs as if toprotect her cunt and started to cry. Jennifer walked past herprevious lover/pimp a little frightened by the sight of a gun.As they drove away she asked Bertha if she would haveused the gun. Bertha took it out and pointed it at the windshieldand pulled the trigger. The breach opened and a flame shot up.Jennifer laughed and pulled out another cigarette and leanedover to light it.The girl sat back and filled her lungs with smoke. Shelooked both old beyond her years and young as a baby as shepuffed on that cigarette. Bertha told her that she smoked toomuch.Jennifer, “What do you think your going to do.spankme like a baby if I don’t do as you want?”Bertha, “If that is what it takes! I will do it!”Jennifer cuddled up next to Bertha and said, “YesMommy.”Bertha did act as her mother from then on. She boughther a wardrobe befitting a thirteen-year-old girl and got her intoschool. She got her birth certificate from her real mother sothat she could act as her mother.They slept together in the same bed and made love everynight. However, Jennifer proved to be a horny little tramp. Shewould turn tricks with Bertha’s friends when she could. Berthalet her keep the money in her own bank account. She grew upto be a smart young woman that invested her money wisely.When she was an adult she liked looking for young girlson the street that reminded her of her at that age. She wouldtake them home and make love to them. She even adopted afew. She managed to develop a little stable of lesbian whoresthat added to her comfortable way of life. She never did stopsmoking, but she learned to smoke less and kept her fingersclean of stains. She loved to have three or four girls in her bedto suck and to have suck her until they were too tired to doanything but sleep.Jennifer liked to have a variety girls that she couldprovide the local women. She loved dressing them up incostumes that reflected the ethnic origin of the girls.She would dress the sweet little redheads in Parochialuniforms like school girls that women could dress up like nunsto be teachers for them. The oriental girls she could dress uplike Japanese Geisha girls in kimonos with the lacquered wigsand combs. For the Chinese girls she could dress up asCommunist schoolgirls to be taught the right way of thinkingby a party leader. Some could be dressed up in silk Mandarincollared tight dresses with the slit up the left leg all the way upto the hip, with high heels so they look like Hong Kong partygirls. The Arab girls would be dressed like belly dancers orHiram girls. If nothing else the girls could dress up as GirlScouts. What Scout Leader could refuse the services of theeager young face of a girl in uniform

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