Yes Mistress


With the caveat that this material contains graphic descriptions of adultery, cuckold themed content, drug use, fetish play, including water-sports, enema play, and male-male bisexual content – those of you who don’t find these themes appealing might consider hitting the back button in your browser now.

Please pardon the technical/medical aspects, as my MD/PhD background seems inseparably necessary for discussing parts of this.


For opening context, KK’s current infatuation/quasi-affair with Andy is now crossing the 90-day mark – rare for KK, rare for us, for a variety of reasons. One thing is evident – Andy’s completely sexually addicted to my wife. KK has him wrapped around her little finger, figuratively speaking. Andy appears to be totally submissive to her, completely compliant with her every demand.

What, if any emotional bonding may exist in either direction remains to be seen. It is possible that Andy may be in love with KK, in combination with the sexual addiction, or it may simply be that he’s “in lust” with my wife. My experience with KK is that her infatuations with a particular man wax and wane with high variability. One of our “rules” is that we don’t have repeat partners – the objective is to avoid attachment and emotional entanglement (love). I’ve noted the “quasi-affair” before – that’s clearly the case with KK and Andy. Me in the picture not withstanding, she’s been having sex with Andy pretty much exclusively, and very regularly.

For KK, there is an element of power play that comes with sexually controlling a man. That’s definitely in play in her relationship with Andy. She’s at the point of expecting Andy to withhold sex from his wife, she considers his cum “hers,” and demands that he not “give her cum” to his own wife.

There is also a psychological aspect to this kind of situation – I know from first-hand experience that encountering a sexual, sensual woman, uninhibited, kinky, with few boundaries is an overwhelming experience. I think this is amplified when a man’s primary experience has been with a “vanilla” partner, then encounters a sexually liberated woman like KK. Perhaps it is a poor analogy, but it appears Andy’s world prior to KK was akin to being on an island where the only fruit was bananas. He’s been transported to a new island, where the number of delightful, exotic fruits (KK) seem limitless.

Yesterday, we crossed into territory beyond sexual addiction – Andy is now essentially enslaved to KK, a fascinating turn of events. Things have evolved into a sexual triad that includes me, KK, and Andy, with few boundaries.

One element of the triad is the level of trust and intimacy involved. Sharing KK is both romantic and sexual. For whatever reason, the three of us quickly became very comfortable, open, and uninhibited together. For me, one huge positive is watching Andy fuck, or more accurately, make love to my wife. In the same sense, watching KK with Andy is intensely erotic – she makes love to him, something beyond just sex and “plain ‘ol fucking.” In the scenario with KK and Andy as a couple, with me discretely watching, it is akin to being a voyeur to incredible intimacy. The situation is like seeing a man and wife engaged in lovemaking; passionate kissing, touching, tender caresses, intense pleasuring of one another, in the sense of giving, and giving up to a lover, a romantic, sexual blending, mating if you will.

The three of us have also been very experimental. Before KK, Andy’s relationship with his own wife has apparently been mundane – he describes their sex as relatively infrequent, mostly routine, kind of boring. Andy also describes his wife as inhibited, somewhat prude. KK, in contrast is anything but inhibited or prude.

As consenting adults, we’ve also incorporated drugs and alcohol into our encounters. I’m certain this is controversial for some, a course typically charged with strong opinion. Given my background and training, I can draw a line between use of drugs and alcohol for pleasure, versus abuse and addiction. While it may be a fine line, we’re staying on the pleasure side.

KK and I both enjoy smoking pot, and occasional use of MDMA (Ecstasy or X). Turns out Andy is also a pot aficionado, during one of our threesomes, we introduced him to X. MDMA is certainly controversial. As a sexual enhancer, used properly, with caution, it delivers an amazing experience.

So far, our total focus in the MFM threesome encounters that KK and I’ve had with Andy has been making love to KK – the kind of erotic, sensual, intimate lovemaking focusing totally on her pleasure. There have been some incidental bisexual elements of these encounters; unavoidable during DVP, fuck-licking, and similar acts. However there’s been nothing overtly, or intentionally bisexual, either directed or requested by KK, or originating with me or Andy. MDMA has greatly enhanced these highly intimate encounters; the reduction in inhibition, relaxation, bonding, and empathy has been hakkari seks hikayeleri positive.

Another ongoing element that’s interesting is KK’s fixation and/or fantasy that Andy and I could be twins – she sometimes calls him “your twin brother from another mother.” KK thinks we look alike, which I don’t see – in part, Andy’s seventeen, maybe eighteen years younger than me. We do have some physical similarity; we’re both endurance sports enthusiasts, fit, roughly the same height, body type, and weight, but I don’t really see the “twin” thing at all. A couple of times, KK’s even had us role-play it, the scenario that we’re twin brothers making love to her. We both went with it, although the first time it was kind of awkward. The second time was pretty amazing, because KK got off on it so much.

The last contextual element relates to some experiments we’ve been doing with prescription drugs. I am a regular user of Cialis (Tadalafil). I don’t use it for ED. I use it for enhancement, supporting extended sex sessions, mainly to keep up with KK. I started using Cialis in the fall/winter of 2003 when it came on the market, finding it superior to Viagra. My intro to Viagra was in the spring of 1998 – not for ED, but so that I could keep up with my 19-year old affair partner, Bev. Viagra had the desired result, but I never liked the side-effects; heartburn, “blue out,” “Viagra cock,” a weird condition that inhibits orgasm and ejaculation, along with circulatory changes that for lack of a better description caused my cock to turn a deep red-purple color, with an erection that sometimes lasted as long as six hours. While Bev enjoyed it, the effect wasn’t always pleasant for me, especially not being able to cum, despite the intense urge and need. Cialis was a god-send for me – all the benefits of Viagra, but none of the negative side-effects.

Roll the clock forward to 2021, there are now several interesting sexual enhancers on the prescription market, including the now mundane Cialis/Tadalafil, and Viagra/Sildenafil. One we’ve been experimenting with is Bremelanotide, also known as PT-141. Bremelanotide is a peptide hormone, acting as an activator for melanocortin receptors leading to enhanced sexual response. PT-141 works directly on the nervous system to produce sexual arousal, increase libido, influence sexual behavior, aiding in various sexual issues that affect both men and women. PT-141 has also shown results in addressing erectile dysfunction, increasing blood flow to the genital area – it is a libido increaser/enhancer from a neurological perspective.

KK and I both have “normal” physiology, neither of us have ever experienced low libido, so the PT-141 acts as an enhancer/increaser. It is distributed as a nasal spray, dosed at 1.25mg. When Andy came on the scene, all three of us started using it.

Our second experiment has been focused on KK. There is a gel now on the market that compounds Theophylline, Sildenafil Citrate, Phentolamine Mesylate, Pentoxifylline, and L-Arginine. Some will recognize Sildenafil by the Viagra brand name. The gel is topical, transdermal, readily adsorbs into the skin, particularly mucosal tissues like the vagina, and anus/rectum. It also works on the labia and clitoris, as well as erectile tissue like the nipples/areola.

Theophylline is a bronchodilator – in this application it acts to increase circulatory function. Sildenafil is basically a vasodilator, as is L-Arginine. Phentolamine Mesylate acts as a muscle relaxant and vasodilator. Pentoxifylline is an anti-inflammatory and vasodilator. The compound is delivered as a gel, it greatly increases the sensitivity of the tissue to which it’s applied. This shit is simply amazing in terms of its effects on KK. I use it on her nipples, pussy, including clit, labia, and internally, and on her rectum/anus. The results for vaginal and anal sex are off the chart. KK’s orgasms were intense before, but with this stuff, they are off the rails. The gel drives her wild, like writhing, bucking, shaking and quivering wild. For short, we call the gel “Melt-down.”

Both Andy and I have been using another compounded product; a blend of 20mg Tadalafil, 100IU (about 3.5mg) Oxytocin, and 2000mcg PT-141 in pill form. This is basically Cialis on steroids. I’ve already mentioned the PT-141/Bremelanotide, and the effect of Cialis/Tadalafil is pretty well-known. The Oxytocin (the “love drug”) is another peptide hormone. The effects on females is more widely known, but it also works on males in various ways, including anxiety reduction, intensifying emotional bonding, and intensifying orgasmic/ejaculatory response. The latter is pretty extraordinary – my ejaculatory contractions have subjectively intensified, for the most part resulting in mind-bending orgasm and explosive cum shots.

KK’s taking a Oxytocin in 100IU dose as well. The Oxytocin and MDMA work well together in the sense of bonding and intimacy, closeness and inhibition reduction.

All of these are prescription drugs (excluding MDMA), requiring a physician’s consult and medical evaluation, so no OTC source is available. They are relatively inexpensive, as the compounded individual elements are all on the generic market. I’m not promoting these, or their sources, anyone interested can contact me by PM if you want source info.

MDMA, Ecstasy, or X is a bit more controversial. Without all the technical detail, chemically pure MDMA can be had, and less is more in the context of dosing. You have to be cautious with it, especially when combining it with certain other drugs, like ED or similar vasodilators, MAOI’s, or SSRI’s. After lots of experimentation, and empirical tests, I’ve found that 50mg to 80mg is the best. With high quality, pharmaceutical grade MDMA, 50mg is ideal, with low to moderate risk. I’m not advocating this part of our sex-drug ritual, because it isn’t without risk, especially for those who only have access to street drugs. Quality not withstanding, some of the MDMA circulating in the party and swinger/lifestyle circuit is in the high-dose range, as much as 200mg in a tablet. In high dose administration, it can cause lots of negative, even dangerous side-effects, including cardiorespiratory issues, elevated body temperature, nausea, and worse. MDMA is a Schedule I drug in the U.S., possession carries criminal penalties. I’m not providing information on synthesis or sourcing – don’t ask. The three of us have used 50mg dosing four times since Andy’s been on the scene; the euphoria, decreased inhibition, and the emotional enhancement has been well worth the risk, resulting in amazing sex.

Our last component of the love and sex drug experiment is CBD oil – Cannabidiol. I started using it about three years ago as an alternative anti-inflammatory to ibuprofen. CBD oil is completely legal, available OTC from many sources. We use a product that’s full spectrum, so it also contains a very small amount of THC, terpenes, and other compounds. I use it in tincture form – it is supplied as a suspension tincture in MCT (fractionated coconut oil).

A year or so ago, I started using it occasionally during sex, applying it to my cock-head, and to KK’s labia and clit as a topical. Like the “Melt-down” gel product I described, the CBD works as a transdermal, providing enhanced sensitivity to both the glans and clitoris.

I’m a firm believer in better living through chemistry… setting aside all the technical stuff, the three of us have been thoroughly enjoying sex and drugs over the last rough 90-days, with pretty amazing, intense results.

That’s sufficient context for the meat of the story. This past Friday, Andy played hooky from work. KK invited him over for a specific purpose, boundary testing, to see how far she could push him. She didn’t give him the specifics, just an arrival time, 10:00am sharp.

I wasn’t read in on whatever KK was scheming either. My day started at 7:00am, by KK awakening me with a “Good Morning” blowjob. She didn’t finish me off – instead, just as I was reaching orgasm, it came to an abrupt end, leaving me hanging. KK ordered, “Now, get up, get your ass in gear. Andy’s coming over to play this morning. He’ll be here at ten sharp. I need coffee, I want a full breakfast. You’ve got chores to do slave-boy!”

The “slave-boy” tag was a clue. I felt a little disoriented, a little apprehensive because of her tone, but I did as KK asked. By nine we’d finished breakfast and coffee – I had to do all of that in the nude – every time I tried to pause to put on shorts or a robe, KK said, “Nope, you’re my naked, naughty little slave-boy.”

KK gave me instructions; passing me a folded sheet of paper, she said, “I’m going to get ready. Here’s a list of the rest of your chores. Get busy. I expect to see you in the playroom bathroom when I’m finished dressing. Go on now, mind me!”

I was tasked with preparing the playroom – specifically the bathroom, including laying down a cotton area rug on the slate floor, moving the massage table into the bathroom atop the rug, getting set up for an erotic massage session, rounding up the accoutrements; oil, drugs, bottled water, a list of toys from the chest, other odds and ends like extra towels. I wondered the entire time what KK’s plans were.

KK also had me move her special chair, with specific instructions to place it between the head-end of the massage table and the shower stall. She even sketched a diagram of how she wanted things set up.

I call the chair her “evil stool.” It is a sort of vintage looking thing, black metal frame, a swivel secretarial chair, upholstered in black naugahyde, both the seat and back, which comes up just around the lumbar area. It has wheels, so with the swivel it is pretty versatile. KK uses the chair as a prop for exhibition play, usually masturbation or leg/foot fetish play. Just looking at the chair provokes an erection for me.

By the time I finished setting things up, KK’d prepped herself. I was stunned at the result; a fetish half-cup PVC bra, exposing her gorgeous tits, a black lace garter, black back-seam stockings, her bedroom Louboutin “Kate” pumps, a black faux pearl choker… no panties… KK had her hair in a pony-tail, sporting fire-engine red lipstick.

The Louboutin shoes are a trigger for me – they were acquired as a “punishment.” A couple of years back, KK came home unexpectedly and caught me masturbating. I was watching a Julie SkyHigh video, one of her trademarks happens to be the classic Louboutin “fuck me” pumps, with the signature red leather soles. KK caught me red-handed, stroking furiously to a scene in which Ms. SkyHigh was administering a foot/shoe job to some poor soul. KK hates for me to watch porn, or masturbate, unless she’s supervising, so I had two strikes in that moment. After a scolding, KK made me take her shopping. At the time, the “Kate” had just come on the market – KK made me buy her a pair, which at the time were nearly $900! For a pair of shoes… Strike three was me balking at the price. When we got home, KK took it out on me by spanking my cock with the sole of her new Louboutin. Since then, when that pair of shoes comes out, I know there’s going to be some outrageous kink.

This is an outfit KK wears whenever she’s channelling her inner domme, so I knew it was going to be one Hell of a day. She was standing in the doorway to the playroom bathroom, twirling a leather cock strap around her right index finger, and a pair of translucent, white ice-silk boxers around her left index finger, smiling a twisted, smirky little smile. KK said, “Take a shower, shave, put these on. I’ll supervise.”

I almost had a spontaneous orgasm, right in the moment from the sight and sound of her command. I did as KK ordered, got in the shower, shaved my cock and balls, face, while KK sat on the “evil stool,” teasing me the entire time. I got so hard my erection was pulsating with my heart beat. When I got out of the shower and dried off, KK said, “Get it ready.”

She tossed the cock strap to me, which I donned as KK twirled the boxers on her fingertip. She commanded, “Let me inspect it.”

I stood in front of her, while KK tormented my strapped cock, a combination of fingertips brushing my engorged glans, her nails grazing, scratching my tight ball sack, with a few sharp thumps from her index finger, sprung from her thumb for force. It was blissful agony. She said, “Put your shorts on, we’ll wait for Andy.”

I had a hard time getting the boxers on – KK prefers them tight, with an outrageous erection like what I was sporting it was a wrestling match in a sense, but I got them on, “tidying” myself to KK’s satisfaction, expressed as, “Oh, that’s so sexy hot! Very nice dear. Now you go wait in the foyer for Andy. He should be here any minute.”

I freely admit that I was a little embarrassed, being sent off in that state, and state of dress, to go wait for a man who was going to be fucking my wife. The wait was only about five minutes, but it seemed like an eternity. My erection refused to subside, instead it was becoming a little painful, trapped by the tight silk, enhanced by the tightness of the cock strap. The bell rang, I confirmed it was Andy, standing shielded by the door, I let him in. The expression on his face was telling, he was staring at me, mouth open, wide-eyed. I said, “We better go to her before she gets annoyed… also, ‘mornin… KK says you’re taking the day off work?”

Andy’s reply was short, “Um, yeh. Day off.”

We went down the hall to join KK. She was seated on the “evil stool,” legs crossed, dangling that damn Louboutin pump, a deliberate, slutty shoe tease. KK said, “We’re going to have some fun today boys. Andy dear, did you follow the instructions I texted you?”

To my surprise, somewhat of a shock, Andy replied to her, “Yes Mistress.”

The “Yes Mistress” is another of those triggers, from a game KK and I have played many, many times. KK loves the role of domme, the “Yes Mistress” is a sort of programmed response in her script – her expectation is sort of like the military formal, “Yes, Sir,” while “No” might be the preamble, “No” isn’t really part of the game for KK. “Yes Mistress” is always the right, expected answer for KK when she’s in this particular mode and mood.

KK followed, “Good. Now undress, get in the shower. Finish cleaning yourself. I’ll supervise to make sure you do a thorough job.”

KK turned to me, “You go fetch the party favors, bring us a pitcher of fresh OJ while Andy cleans up.”

I left KK sitting on her “evil stool,” then went to do her bidding. The “party favors” are KK’s euphemism for our collection of sex drugs; some pot, some X, the CBD oil, the “Melt-down” gel, her Oxytocin, the Tadalafil compound, and the TP-141 inhaler. I keep all that in a leather-covered box. I rinsed the bong and filled it with fresh water, got the OJ out of the fridge, along with three plastic tumblers. I put it all on a tray, hobbled back to the bathroom with it, my gait hampered by my intensifying erection and the tightness of the silk boxers.

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