You Couldn’t Handle Me Ch. 03


(This story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author’s consent. For fans of my stories, they know what kinds of things to expect. This story deals with similar themes as the stories by wannabeboytoy, seducedHylas, and Dark Betrayal, namely cheating, betrayal, and heartbreak. If stuff like that isn’t your cup of tea, then you probably shouldn’t bother reading it.

A few warnings before going forward. This story is a little different than my others, taking a different approach than I usually do, though at the end of the day, it veers more towards the type of story you have all come to know and expect from me. But, all the same general themes are present, with all my typical hallmarks. But this is a teasing story, and in my opinion, that type of story needs a slow build. So this complete story is quite long, practically novel-length, so keep that in mind. This story will be released in smaller chunks to make it more manageable.

This story is split in 8 parts of varying lengths. Not all of them will have sex, but some will, but don’t worry, the high-level of sexual tension will be consistent throughout. Some parts of this story have action, and some have that dreaded back-story and character building. So, if you just want to get to the sex scenes, you might have to skip around a bit. But, I think the full story is the best way to consume this.

On top of all the other themes I stated before, this is an incest-themed story, if that’s not already clear. This is a mother-son series featuring a big-titted, sexy mother and a studly, big-dicked son. If that is not your favorite flavor of mother-son story, by all means walk away. I just want to state again I do not condone any of the actions within this story in real life. This is just a story. Enjoy.)


Chapter 5: Going All In

I knew I didn’t have a lot of time, so I needed to finish fast. We were about to leave. I needed to get this out of my system, then I wouldn’t be distracted the entire night.

I had one hand furiously stroking my cock as I stood next to my bed, one hand on the headboard holding me up. Me and Mom were about to meet Dad for dinner, and judging by the dress I saw Mom in and the amount of cleavage she had displayed, if I didn’t take care of this now I would be throbbing later.

So there I was, my hand firmly gliding up my slick cock, trying to get this done with quickly. I usually liked to draw things out, make the pleasure last, and so doing this fast wasn’t nearly as fun or pleasurable. But I had to do it. I had to have this pressure relief.

But it just wasn’t happening. My cock was hard. My shaft was throbbing, but I just couldn’t get myself over the edge. Maybe it was because I was in a rush or I was almost expecting to be interrupted by Mom yelling out that we needed to go now. I kept stroking, but still nothing.

Then the door opened.

“Having fun?” she asked. Startled, I jumped and looked up. In my doorway stood Mom. She looked amazing in her black dress, the thin fabric flattering her body while looking comfortable and effortless. The thin straps of it left her arms bare and most of her upper chest exposed, showing off a healthy amount of cleavage without being indecent. The dress ended just above her knees, and she wore black high-heels, so her legs looked great. Her hands were on her hips, and she did not look happy.

I again had to take in how intimidating she could be. Mom had never been the disciplinarian, but if she had been, she would have scared the ever-loving shit out of me. I would have been terrified of her. I would have never crossed her. I could only imagine if Mom’s life had gone a different direction, and if she used her talents for evil. I could see her being a dominant principal, or a cruel taskmaster of a CEO, or a twisted cunt of a dictator.

I wondered how Mom would act if she were put in a position of power. I imagine she would have been corrupted by it. She exploited the superiority and power she had over me, the power a parent had over their children, as much as she could. And that was a slight power, to be honest. By my age, parents and their children were essentially peers, our relationship dictated by the closeness of family and less reliant on the guidance a kid needs in their youth. Mom had taken that slight power advantage and exploited it to its max, lording it over me. If Mom was in a position of real power over people, I think she would enjoy it. She would enjoy playing with people, like she played with me.

Her stacked body only added to her intimidation factor. Her body being so luscious and fit, curvy in the right areas, made her powers of intimidation. She used her sex appeal as a weapon and it was the most dangerous weapon she could use on a person.

Being under her disappointed stare, her body still sexy even in her anger, made me think again about John’s words from awhile back. Mom was too much woman for any man to handle. No one malatya escort man could handle her. Mom could probably take on a football team in the bedroom and be the only one left standing. I once again thought Mom might be right.

I couldn’t handle her.

“You said to give you a few minutes… and this is what I find you doing?” she asked. She looked down at the shaft protruding outward, my hand wrapped around it. The best I could say is she didn’t look unimpressed by my size.

“Mom, I..I..I..I..” I stammered. She looked at me for a minute as I froze under her gaze. She looked down at my dripping cock then back up to my eyes.

“You can’t get off, can you?” she asked. With a red face, I shook my head no. She began to walk slowly into my room, confident that she was in complete control. “I read this article awhile back. It said that… when a man confesses a sexual infatuation with someone who is naturally in a position of power over them, say a boss… or a teacher… or even a mother, and when this woman of authority rebuffs their desire and tells them it’s wrong, these men will naturally convince themselves this desire is wrong. But… they just can’t get their minds off the women they desire. So, that leads to the problem where these men have all this… craving… built up inside, but there is this mental block that prevents them from letting this… desire… reach the surface. To put it simply, these women of power quite frankly own these men, from brain to balls.” Mom said, circling around me slowly.

“And so these men have been told this is wrong, and they start believing it. They can’t let themselves cum because they don’t have permission.” she began, as she moved around behind me. “And that’s where you are at the moment. I told you this is wrong, this is just messed up, just so filthy, and you are starting to believe it.” she said, moving in close behind me and lowering her voice. “So you can try all you like, you can stroke yourself stupid, but it won’t work anymore.” I was frozen as I felt her press herself against my back, her breasts billowing outward against me. “The only thing that can help you at this point is… me.” she whispered in my ear, and as she did, I felt her fingers curl around the base of my shaft. As she continued speaking, her fingers tightened around me. “All you need is one… motherly… stroke.” With that, her hand slowly, agonizingly gave my cock one long, firm perfect stroke. And it was perfect. Like a musician expertly manipulating an instrument, my mother’s hand drew the cum from my balls. As her firm, feminine hand traveled up my shaft, the cum followed it, traveling up my urethra, my cock swelling with want…and need. And finally, as her fingers reached the tip, and tickled that spot just under the head of my cock, she released her fingers. And it was as if she removed the stopgap.

“Fuck!” I grunted, falling back into her as streams of cum began firing from my cock, stream after stream of it. It went everywhere, hitting my carpet, the garbage can, and even my bed sheet. As I rode out this hard orgasm, Mom re-gripped my shaft and began to jack the cum out, each stroke rewarding her with jets of cum firing from me. And she was jacking hard and fast, so there was a lot of cum bursting from me. Finally, after a minute or so of cumming, the tension left my body and I began to relax. Mom guided me on to the bed and I sat down, catching my breath. I looked up at Mom as she examined her hand. A little bit of cum coated her fingers, and she studied them before looking down at me, looking almost disappointed at how completely she owned me.

“You have five minutes.” she said. “Clean up, get changed, and then…” she began, looking down at the mess I had made. “When you get home, clean up your mess.”

She stepped daintily around the cum soaked carpet and walked away. And as I looked up, I swear I saw her bringing her cum soaked fingers up to her mouth. I watched her plump lips open, about to take in her fingers, when…

I woke up.

Another dream about her. Now, the dreams felt almost too realistic. And that was almost far worse than the dreams where Mom was an oversexed, underdressed slut begging for my dick. The mom in my dreams had transformed. She started off as being someone similar to my normal mother. A sexed up version of her, sure, but still her. But now, in my dreams she had transformed into something else. Someone cruel. Intimidating. Callous and uncaring of my plight. Still my mother, but a different version of her. In my dreams, it felt like she was 10 feet tall, looking down at me like I was a mere peasant, not her son. Bossing me around, dominating me. She had become like a movie villain. The evil witch. The twisted temptress. The terrifying force of nature that could not be stopped.

But this wasn’t the movies. This was real life. In the movies, the good guys win in the end, not get defeated over and over again, beaten to the point where they had no choice escort malatya but to accept defeat. Was I the bad guy here, getting conquered and owned by the triumphant goddess? I mean, sure, I wanted to fuck my own mom and that’s not the mark of most heroes. But, it felt so right to me. In my eyes, this was a just cause. I had only acted in reaction to her. She was the one on the attack. I opened the door, but she started the war.

Her reaction was disproportionate to the ‘crime’. It was like stealing a candy bar and being sent to the electric chair. I had made an honest and embarrassing confession, and her reaction was so callous and over the line, teasing me to the point of insanity. She just kept coming after me, teasing me, even after she said she would stop. She couldn’t help herself. It was in her nature to do this, to be a tease. This was who she was. My confession had simply exposed it.

I had always seen my mom as warm and friendly and flirty, and I enjoyed that in her. And for the most part, she was still that way. When she had to be a regular mom, she could be. But I had exposed the dark side of her. She had shown her true self to me, exposed her true colors. She had shown a capacity for crossing the line to the point of being sadistic. Beyond her sexy, hot motherly veneer, she had the capacity to be scary in her skill of teasing me, demolishing me with a hint of cleavage and a cocky smile.

I didn’t know what to do anymore. I was terrified of making a move for fear of her repercussions. Any move I made, she responded tenfold. I had to be sure of what I was doing. My aim had to be true to have any affect. Mom was confident in her skills, unflappable in her defenses, her will iron. She was unconquerable. Unbeatable. There was nothing I could do. I had no idea how to make her even flinch.

She was Goliath and I was David. I shouldn’t have a chance with her. Mom said as much, as did John. But I wanted this to be like a movie. I wanted to be the conqueror, rising from the ashes of my failures. Mom had to be my rival. The confident, arrogant, seemingly unbeatable obstacle. She was so cocky because in her mind, I didn’t have a chance. My story had to be me conquering her in the end. Right? It had to be. What kind of story would this be if I just got shot down in the end? I had to prove her wrong, prove myself right. I had to become better than her. Superior to her. And most importantly, I actually had to be better. All I had at this point was confidence and that would not be enough to conquer her. I had to make her admit I was better, someway, somehow, to make this whole thing worth it.

But that seemed so far away. Mom seemed so unconquerable. I had done nothing to affect her. Everything was against me at the moment. Even my own mind was against me! Even in my dreams, Mom owned me. I didn’t know what to do.

And the worst thing was, just like in my dream, I was running out of time.


The one thing I needed to make Mom mine was time. I needed time to chip away at her defenses, develop a plan of attack, but time was running short. It was almost summer. Football season had ended long ago. We finished 12-1, losing in the state championships. Mom was at every game, jiggling and bouncing, but never anything more. And sure, she comforted me like a good mother would after we lost the title game, but she couldn’t help but put some salt in the wound, telling me it’s a shame I lost, because if I won the state championship, she would have had to give me her ass. So yeah, there was that.

We went through the holidays, Christmas and New Year’s. I got through spring break just fine and I got through my school work without any issues.

Mom’s behavior was still back and forth. I had no read on her anymore. Most of the time she would be cool and normal. But when opportunity struck, she did not hesitate to tease me, with either her hot body or teasing innuendo, and just the knife a bit. And when she did, just when I thought the game was over, she dragged me back in, making me again confront the fact that I could never have her. This game had gone way past cool a long time ago. I think Mom wanted me to get mad at her. Blow up at her and call her out on it. And God, I really wanted to. But I knew that when I did, she would know she had me wrapped around her finger. She would know she owned me. So I had to stay calm and disciplined, not let her know she was getting to me. Not giving her what she wanted. I had to find a way to get what I wanted. I could play along and be the good son when she was a good mom, but when she teased me, I had to be ready to respond. And while our first few interactions after my confession had been fun and thrilling, our interactions now had a harder edge. A lot of the humor was gone. She had worn that out of me.

Me and Mom had visited a bunch of colleges. Mom drew eyes wherever we went, and we found ourselves both invited to parties on campus. Our guides would be helpful, malatya escort bayan but whether they were male or female, they all found themselves distracted by Mom’s beauty. Mom was very affectionate and hands on with me during these times, although no more than usual. But, when I left her unattended for even the slightest bit of time, I would return to find her swarmed with frat guys or college douchebags, and she would be just as flirty and hands on as she was with me. She knew how to drive me nuts without even talking to me. I adjusted and learned not to leave her on her own.

I decided on a school pretty quickly. Mom wanted me to go to one closer to where we lived, but I chose one a bit farther away while still in state. She really put the hard sell on me to go to the one closer by, and when I told her what she could do to change my mind, she let the issue go.

I tried to think up something new to get Mom to change her mind, but any angle I thought of yielded no results. So I found myself running out of ideas, and as school came to a close, I didn’t know what I would do with myself cooped up with Mom for the summer. I didn’t have any other moves to make. I tried to be more confident, more in control, more assertive, but it’s hard to try to be those things. In the realm of high school, I was the cock of the walk. But against Mom, I was nothing.

So, on the last day of finals, I found myself at home, alone, with no idea what to do next.

Then… a plan literally came walking to the door.

It was around six o’clock. Dad was traveling for work and would be back the day before graduation. Mom was running some errands, and she called to say she got delayed. I had been watching TV when I took this call and as soon as I hung up, the doorbell rang.

Padding to the door, kinda beat from the pressure of exams, I opened the door to see a familiar face.

“Hey, Ms. G, what’s up?” I asked. Ms. Graham was standing at the door, and she was dressed to kill. She had on a brown, button up blouse with a few buttons unbuttoned. She had a dark gray skirt which clung to her legs and ended a few inches above her knees. She also had on mesh stockings, which clung to her taut legs, and black high-heels. Her hair was done-up and looking very good.

“Hey, Tom, what’s up?” she said.

“What brings you here?” I asked.

“Is your mom here?” she asked.

“Oh, she just called. She said she is running super late. Were you guys supposed to meet?” I asked.

“Yeah, did she not mention it?” she asked.

“No, not really. She might have forgot.” I said.

“Well, we did set this up a few weeks ago. I should give her a call.” Ms. Graham said. “Can I come in?”

“Yeah, of course.” I said, stepping aside, letting her pass. Her perfume hit my nose and sent shivers through me. As I closed the door, she looked back and took a glance at me.

Thoughts were flying through my brain. Mom had turned my cool, relaxed nature into that of a hardened war general. All I could think about now were tactics, strategy, a plan of attack. A plan was clicking into place. This was my next move. Right in front of me. Looking at Ms. Graham, I tried not to appear too distracted.

“You look relaxed.” she said with a laugh as she retrieved her phone. I looked down. I was barefoot, wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

“Hey, school’s out. I’m done. I get to relax and sit on my ass and do nothing for the entire summer.” I said.

“Well, don’t get too crazy.” she said with a smile as she dialed her phone. I backed into the living room as I heard her get a hold of Mom. I listened to her side of the conversation.

“Hey, hon.” Ms. Graham said. “Yeah, I’m at your place… yeah, I was starting to figure that… no, it’s okay, that’s fine. When are you gonna get back…hmm… well, I don’t know if it’s worth me heading back home then coming back… well, it’s a lot easier just taking one car… I could just stay here, have Tom keep me company… don’t worry, I can handle him… okay, I’ll see you then… alright Tanya, bye.”

As she talked to Mom, I looked at her. No other student got to see her like I did. I got to see her in her night-ware, all sexed up for a night on the town. She wore clothes that clung to her, showed off her assets. I watched her, with her back to me, bouncing her leg lightly. Her doing so caused her butt to jiggle ever so slightly. That jiggle was enough for my plan to be set in motion.

I was gonna fuck Ms. Graham.

Not only because she was crazy hot, but it served the greater plan as well. I couldn’t make a dent on Mom’s defenses. But, I could attack her allies. I could fuck her best friend. I could fuck Ms. Graham so well that she becomes more attached to me that to my mom, her best friend. Mom kept telling me my maneuvers wouldn’t work on any real woman, just teenage sluts. But if I could get Ms. Graham at the end of my cock, I would prove how expansive my talents of seduction and sex were. Ms. Graham was a real woman, and landing her would show Mom what I was capable of. I could fuck Mom’s friend, steal her friend from her, and show her the damage I could do. Make her pay just a little bit for what she’s putting me through. I could ruin Mom’s friendship, piss her off, and get what would no doubt be the best pussy I had ever had.

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