Young Swingers – Part Two


We stood up and hugged each other. I kissed her on her cheek and she kissed my cheek also. “Phew, that is a load off my mind,” I said. “I was hoping you would agree with me. I had no backup plan if your answer was a ‘yes’. “My ‘no’ means a threesome with you. That doesn’t preclude Tori and I from having sex together. Would you mind that?” “I think she has already told me that she wants you and now it appears you want her also. You two will have to figure that one out.” Tori received her offers from six colleges. I received offers from eight colleges. We numbered the schools with a number. One being our first choice and so on down. We then compared our school choices and both of us wanted the same school at number two. I was happy with our choice and we will be going to the same school. I told Dad and Jill of our decision and they were pleased. Sissy would have to make a selection soon also. I hoped it would be the same school as mine. We could rent an apartment then. Tori’s eighteenth birthday party was a bash. It lasted into the morning hours and I finally crawled in my bed at 3:00 AM. I slept until noon. Tori crawled in bed with me and I woke up. She was naked. “What are you doing, my folks will see you and I’ll be in trouble.” “They went shopping and said they will be back later on this afternoon. Sissy is out with her boyfriend, so it’s just you and itty bitty me.” I put my arms around her and hugged her hard. I kissed her just as hard. I hadn’t used the bathroom yet so I had a piss hardon. I headed into the bath and relieved myself. I peed for the longest time. “Hurry up and get back in here, I’m horny and I want to fuck your brains out.” I wasn’t that horny yet but I’m sure Tori would give me a raging hardon in short order. I crawled back in bed and Tori went to work on me. Her hands were everywhere as mine were as well. My cock was hard as steel in a matter of seconds. Tori slipped her head under the covers and then I felt her warm and wet lips slide over my cockhead. Her hands were squeezing my shaft as she sucked. She started to bob her head, my cock leaving and reentering her mouth. It felt as though I was fucking her pussy. Saliva was running down my shaft and down her hands. My cock was spurting precum and Tori was mixing it with her saliva and lubricating my cock, her hands sliding up and down my cock shaft. I was close to cumming. My eyes were shut tight and I did not see or hear my dad and Jill come up the stairs or open my bedroom door. “My god Tori, you can sure suck my cock. Keep it up I want to cum in your mouth. Suck me baby, suck me good.” I felt like we were not alone and I opened my eyes. Dad and Jill both had big smiles on their faces. Dad was looking at Tori’s ass. She was on her knees, bent over and holding my cock in her hands and showing her pussy to the world. All my dad would have had to do was pull out his cock to fuck her doggy style. Jill was looking at me with hunger and fire in her eyes. It scared me to think what they were thinking of Tori and me at that moment. I flipped the covers off of us and Tori looked at me. She then followed my eyes to where I was looking and saw my dad and Jill. She screamed and ducked under the covers. Slowly her head reappeared. We were caught. My dad would be throwing me out of the house and my college, my career hopes, all dashed in a moment of passion. Gone, kaput, forever forgotten and all because of two horny teenagers. “I’m sorry Dad, I’m sorry Jill. This is so embarrassing for me and Tori. I hope you don’t think too bad of us.” “Don’t you two Arnavutköy escort bayan worry at all,” said Jill. “I’m surprised at the size of your cock! You are as big as your father. I’d like to slip my pussy over that!” “Tori,” said my dad. “You have the nicest, tight little pussy. I would give anything to have a go at you. I would like to fuck you now!” I didn’t believe my ears. Jill and Dad were proposing that Jill fuck me and Dad would fuck Tori. Tori looked on in disbelief also. “Well say something, Son,” Dad implored of me. “Let us know what you think of our proposition. I’ve caught you looking at Jill like you want her. Go ahead, have her, she will fuck you silly. Ever since I saw you Tori, I have tried to figure out a way into your panties. You are one hot woman. The view I just witnessed makes me want you so much more.” “I know you like my ass Jarod. I catch you looking at me all the time. I’m here and available right now. Tell me you don’t want to fuck me, tell me that right now.” I didn’t know what to do. Jill is offering herself to me. I’ve wanted to fuck her for the last two years. I’ve beat off fantasizing on how her wet cunt would feel sliding over my cock and now here is the opportunity of a lifetime to realize that fantasy. “Yes, Jill, I’ve wanted to fuck you. I’ve wanted that so bad. Yes I fantasized how great a piece of ass you would be. I would like to find that out.” “Tori, how would you like a man with experience, much experience, to take you and your body to heights you only thought existed in dreams. I can give you a sexual experience that you can share with others and keep it for as long as you live. You can say yes or no and we will go on with our day as though nothing happened. Tell me would you like that experience?” “I think so Mr Jansen. I think I would like you to fuck me.” “My name is Bill, you can drop the Mr Jansen from now on. Get up out of that bed and follow me to my room.” “Okay, Bill.” I had a hard time believing what had just happened. Tori was out of bed, naked and holding my father’s hand as he led her away to fuck her. Jill was starting to strip her clothes off and was going to climb into my bed and fuck me. I watched as she removed her blouse. Her eyes were on mine the whole time she stripped. I caught my breath when her bra was off. Her tits were beauties. Fairly dark tan areolas with large dark nipples protruding out. Her nipples were about the size of a dime and maybe five eighths of an inch long. Just right for sucking and biting. Jill’s skirt fell away from her hips after she unbuttoned and unzipped it. Now she was standing in front of me with only stockings that were held up by a garter belt and pink panties covering that. My cock was really hard now. I knew that in the next few seconds I would be seeing what I had dreamed and fantasized about for months, her pussy. “Jerod, sit up and remove my panties. I want you to see up close what you have wanted for so long. My cunt is so wet, just fantasizing you and that nice big cock you have.” I sat up and placed my hands on her waist, just above her hips. Her skin felt like velvet, so soft and supple. She smelled so good. I moved my hands up and down her body. I felt Jill shudder as I massaged her waist. I wanted to be more involved now. I want to fuck to this hot woman, but first I need to feel her and make her want me more. I wanted to see her juices actually run down her pussy and onto her thighs. I worked my hands upward, lifting her tits, making her nipples protrude out. Escort Avcılar I stood up and sucked on her right breast. I nipped her nipple, making her moan. I sucked on her left nipple and nipped it also. I stood up to my full height, looking down as she looked up at me. I leaned down and gave her a full on French kiss. My tongue and her tongue wrestling for dominance. I held her tight and she pressed herself to me. This is one hot fucking cunt. She squirmed her pussy against my thigh now. It must have felt good for her because she let out a low sexy moan. I need to move on. I was becoming so aroused I felt I might climax before I entered her. That would be a waste of good cum! I moved my hands to the waistband of her panties. I sat back down on the bed and slowly pulled them down her hips. Jill had her hands on my shoulders and was squeezing her fingernails into me. She was enjoying the tease. I pulled down some more and the top of her landing strip came into view. Her hair was clipped short, I leaned forward and kissed her there. I pressed her panties down more, the top of her slit and clit were now exposed. I ran my tongue tip over her clit and lifted her hood up. I really like doing this to a woman, it can drive them nuts with feeling. Jill moaned and placed her hands on my head, pulling me tight against her clit. My tongue was trapped and all I could do was lick her clitoris. I pulled back, breaking her grip. “Jill, I’m going to fuck you honey, but at my speed and at my will. Don’t force me or I will not enjoy you as much as I want to.” I slipped her panties off her hips and let them fall to the floor. Jill was now standing there in a very sexy garter belt and stockings. I had seen her garter belt on models for Adam and Eve. The online sex shop. I had seen a porn film with the same belt as Jill was wearing. Jill waxed her cunt also. There wasn’t a hair to be seen. I was looking at the sexiest pussy I had ever seen. And oh so wet. Her juices were still clinging to her labia but it wouldn’t take much for her to start dripping. I shivered as I thought of my cock spreading those lips, spreading her juices over my cockhead as it slipped into her hot tunnel. I couldn’t fathom how lucky I was to have a hot stepmother like Jill. A woman in her sexual prime ready to fuck a young man in his sexual prime. The perfect storm of sexual compatibility. I stood up now and lifted her up in my arms. I leaned my head in and kissed her. I whispered as my eyes pierced her eyes, “I’m going to fuck you now. I’m going to bury my hard hot cock deep in your hot wet cunt and you’re going to like it.” I lay her on my bed and crawled between her legs. My face could feel the heat of her pussy as I moved my tongue into her crevice. I licked her wet pussy and then my tongue penetrated her vagina. I licked the walls of her cunt. Savoring her taste. Not to much unlike Tori’s taste for comparison. I moved my tongue up her slit, tickling her urethra as my tongue continued its journey to her clit. Jill was moaning loudly now and her ass was starting to move slightly. Her hands were resting on my head, letting me know how much she was enjoying my tongue. As fast as I could lick her juices off her pussy, more poured out of her to replace them. My tongue took over and worked her clit until she orgasmed. “Oh god… oh god… eat me Jarod, lick my clit and cunt. Drive me nuts with wanting your cock in me.” I sucked her clit hard and nipped it at the same time. Jill exploded with another deep body orgasm. “I want you Bağcılar escort to fuck me now. Shove that hard cock of yours up my cunt. Make me scream, make me scream loud.” Jill parted her legs sideways as far as she could. I looked at her exposed cunt. Her swollen labia opened her vagina. It was almost as if her cunt was inviting my cock to enter her. I lowered myself over her. Jill placed her hands on my hips, keeping me away from cunt. “I want to guide that monster cock of yours into me. I want you to know that I want you to fuck me. I’ve wanted to fuck you this past New Years eve, but we have a tradition of fucking Jack and Nancy. I was so happy that this opportunity came up tonight.” Jill let go of my left hip and took hold of my cock. She slid it up and down her crevice until out juices were mixed well. She moved my cockhead to her opening and let her other hand slip off my hip. Gravity pulled my body down driving my cock into her hot wet pussy. My cock felt like it was sinking into warm molten chocolate. I have fucked a fair share of girls and women but not one cunt compared to Jill’s. The heat of Jill’s cunt felt like it was searing my cock. I forced my hips forward and I was completely buried in her. I held my cock still as I relaxed the rest of my body down on hers. Her velvet skin was a pleasure in itself. I was totally at ease fucking this woman and now that I had her pinned to the bed, my cock deep in her, I started to fuck her hard. I pounded her pussy with my cock. The sensations I was feeling made an animal out of me. I couldn’t fuck her hard enough. Jill was fucking me back, her ass slamming into me again and again. Jill started to scream. I had heard these screams before except my name was substituted for Bill’s. “Fuck me Jarod… Baby… Fuck me hard… Make me cum again and again… Oh honey… Your cock is driving me to another cum!” Jill screamed as she orgasmed a third time. I pounded her cunt harder and harder. My cock was pistoning in her. The wet friction of her pussy walls clinging to my cock. I felt my orgasm coming on. I fucked her faster and faster, my sweat dripping off my nose and onto her face. My whole torso was covered with a sheen of sweat. My chest hair was matted and wet. I jammed my cock deep and held it there as I grunted. My cum splashed deep inside of Jill. As my cock pumped cum and throbbed I kissed her. Jill clamped her pussy on my cock and held me tight. “I love the feeling your cock has in my cunt. Keep there until I tell you to pull out.” “Don’t you worry about that. I will leave it there all night, maybe longer. You don’t tell me when to stop fucking you. Jill, I will now fuck you anytime I want to. You can pass that on to Bill also. I own your cunt now, hell I own you!” “Geesh Jarod, what got into you?” “Jill, my cock is what got into you and now you are my slave. I will tell you how I will fuck you and when I will fuck you. You will obey me, no one else. Got that?” “What about Tori, don’t you love her?” “What about Tori. Bill can fuck her all he wants, she can belong to him. Just don’t you forget that you and your pussy belong to me. You want to fuck someone else, you ask me first and if I want you to, I will let you. You are mine now, those beautiful tits, that beautiful ass and that pleasure pit between you legs, all mine!” I felt I was drunk on my power over Jill. She whimpered, “I am yours, love me, fuck me, do what you want with me. I and my body belong to you.” My cock was still buried in her cunt. I didn’t believe how dominant I was to her and how easily she submitted to me. I never knew I had this streak in me, Jill must have brought it out. She teased me enough the past few months. She was now mine and I was going to give her the fuckings she so deserved. My dad would have to wait until I was done with her before he could have her back. Tori could be his piece…

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