Material Girl_(1)


The stupid bitch buzzes on the intercom, she’s here to collect the rest of her clothes. Little back dresses and see through tops, always putting on a show for everyone yet never fucking me, no wonder i had to kick her to the curb.

it had been 3 weeks since i saw her, she stands about 5’10”, dark brown hair that comes half way down her back that bends into a nice firm round arse. Full tits that perk yet are a D cup, pretty face and legs that go for miles.

She enters wearing a short cut work skirt, black stockings and a company blouse. She heads to the empty bedroom and starts packing. Whilst she’s packing i stand back and gaze at her beautiful rump poking Escort out inviting me to fuck it.

Absence of a bed was not going to hinder my mischievous plan as i drooled over her luscious behind. I moved quickly and unzipped my fly, pulling my hardening prick out. I reached up under the skirt and got my hands on those stockings, they need to come off NOW! As i yanked at her crotch to expose it in all its glory she screamed. I was having none of that, i swing with a strong hand.. SMACK…. landed on her cheek, tell her what happens to bad sluts that misbehave. I reef the stockings and g string off in one strong pull, i bunch the g string in my hand and turn it into Escort Bayan a ball. I hold her nose so she has to open her mouth and cram her g banger in there, that outta shut her up. Now i pin her down and hold her hands behind her back. My longing member is rubbing against her exposed opening. I spit in my hand and lube my dick up, now this slut will pay for her whorish ways.

I pull back and slam through her resistance in one quick motion, i withdraw leaving just the head in and slam down even harder. Shes screaming from the force and the shock, tears streaming down her face. I keep pounding away each stroke longer and harder than the next . I reach Bayan Escort down and take a nipple in my hand i squeeze and pinch until she turns red then i bite down as hard as possible, blood seeping from the sides of her buds. I continue demolishing her for an hour savoring every moment, licking the tears from her face. Maybe the slut shouldnt have cheated. I then roll her over and violate her arsehole over and over again, at last im ready to cum and decide her face is the best spot. I straddle her and hold her head back aiming with one hand i pump load after load across that pretty sweet face. Drenched in cum i now make her suck me dry spit on her and then throw her into the halllway, i dont have sluts at my house. Demoralized and destroyed she stumbles home to clean away her payback

First time story and pretty drunk so give me some tips

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