Quite a Surprise


Yuki walks into the living room and takes a seat in her chair. It had a clear view to the bedroom. She leans over in the chair and looks into the bedroom. Nixon had her robe off and was bending naked over her dresser. Yuki bites her lip hard. Just staring at Nixon’s perfect ass was turning her on. Yuki has no choice but to turn away. If she stared at her anymore she was going to have to go masturbate and even then that wouldn’t be enough. If she kept staring at her she was going to have to have her. She didn’t care if she got in trouble for it but it would have been totally worth it. Nixon walks over to the door and closes it. Well the majority of it. She didn’t realize that she had left it open a crack. She pulls her vibrator out then lays on her bed. She had to play before she went out and entertained for the evening otherwise she wouldn’t be able to function. Quietly she lays on her side of the bed and slides her hand between her soaking wet inner thighs. She runs her fingers lightly over her clit then bites back a moan. She needed the toy. Her fingers weren’t going to be enough. She turns the toy on high then starts to rub it lightly over her clit. Her hips flex up and she slides it down to the entrance of her nice tight wet pussy. She teases herself slightly then slides it up inside of her. A loud moan rolls off her lips as the toy stays inside of her nice tight pussy and teases her. She didn’t care if someone caught her. That only added to the excitement. She starts to move the toy faster and faster inside of her and Yuki looks up. She could have sworn she heard some moaning or something from the bedroom. Was Nixon watching porn? They always watched interesting stuff together. Last time they ended up watching bondage porn and god did that turn Yuki on so much.

She loved both sides. She had fantasies about being a dominatrix and a submissive. Mostly submissive though. Her dominatrix fantasies involved Nixon and they were basic fantasies. She wanted to cuff Nixon down and take a paddle to her. Make her ass nice and red, then drag her nails across the fresh welts. Once she teases her enough with the paddle and her nails she was going to take her hard and fast with a strap on. Maybe put a small toy up her ass while she fucked her. Of course no one knew about the fantasies. She snaps out of her daydream and looks towards the door. It was still slightly ajar. She quietly gets up and tiptoes to the door. Maybe she could see what she was up to. She tiptoes down the short hallway and looks at her through the crack in the door. Her eyes widen and she hides a smile. Nixon was playing with herself. God that was so hot. Yuki was glad she wore her skirt and hadn’t changed yet. The skirt gave her easy access. She leans against the wall looking into the room and her hand slides down underneath the skirt and lightly over her soft pussy lips. Watching Nixon play was making her so wet. Her finger tips lightly slide over her clit and she bites her lip hard so she doesn’t moan. Nixon moans louder and starts to move the toy faster and Yuki slides two of her fingers deep inside of her tight pussy. Just by listening and watching Nixon she was dripping wet. Yuki closes her eyes and starts to move her fingers deeper inside of herself. Thoughts run through her head of her forcing Nixon on her hands and knees and using a paddle on her.

Yuki moves her fingers faster inside of herself and doesn’t hear the door quietly open over Nixon’s moans. Her boyfriend was home early. Yuki continues to slide her fingers in and out of herself. She doesn’t hear him walk up next to her until he whispers into her ear.

“You are in just as much trouble as she is.” He whispers into her ear. ” I suggest you stop what you’re doing undress and meet us in the bedroom.”

Yuki opens her eyes and looks at him, blushing softly. She knew she was busted but she wasn’t expecting a punishment for it. She didn’t even know her boyfriend was her Master. She pulls her fingers away from herself and goes to the bathroom to change. He smirks and walks into the bedroom and watches her for a tiny bit. She was so attractive when she decided to break the rules. She starts to move the toy harder and moans his name loud.

“I know you want me my pet.” He states smirking ” But now I have to give you a punishment first.”

The toy falls from her hand and she opens her eyes. She looks görükle escort directly into his and blushes hard.

“You’re home early.” She stutters, her face still


” yes I am.” He states ” and now I’m glad I am.”

” Why’s that?” she whispers as she sets the toy aside and sits up.

” Because now I have two lovely ladies I can punish.” He smirks as Yuki walks into the room.

Nixon looks over at Yuki and raises an eyebrow. What was Yuki doing out in the living room.? He looks at her and Yuki lays on the bed next to Nixon. He wasn’t sure just exactly what he was going to Yuki but Nixon was going to get a punishment. She broke a direct order. He walks over to the closet and pulls out a wooden paddle.

He didn’t want to give her a full punishment in front of her friend although he could tell they were both in the mood.

” On your hands and knees.” He orders Nixon. He was going to make Yuki watch as she received her punishment.

Yuki sits in the chair and watches them. She had no idea that Nixon was into what she was or that her boyfriend was her Master. Yuki bites her lip as he snaps his wrist back and spanks Nixon. Nixon’s body shakes lightly and he snaps his wrist back and does it again. Nixon moans softly and he does it again. Her white flesh was already starting to turn red and he does it again. Nixon bites her lip a bit harder and his wrist snaps back and spanks her a bit harder. Nixon moans loud into the pillow and he trails his nails over her fresh red welts. Yuki bites her lip again and he spanks her with his bare hand. Her body shakes lightly and she moans softly. She was ready to burst just by getting spanked. He smirks then drops the paddle. Now he was going to tease her with a toy He was going to make her beg before he took her.

He was giving Yuki her punishment as well. She was to sit there and watch until he said otherwise. He picks up one of her vibrators then turns it on high. He was going to tease her and make her beg. She loved it when he made her beg for him. It made her so hot. Yuki adjusts herself on the chair and bites her lip hard. She had to play soon. She was ready to burst herself. She wanted Nixon or she wanted her master, Michael. She wanted them both actually. That was one her fantasies actually. She closes her eyes and her fantasy starts to run through her head.

” Stand up on the bed.” He whispers the order into her ear as he pulls out leather cuffs.

” Nixon pushes Yuki down on the bed and kisses her deeply, her tongue sliding over hers. Her cold hand slides over her breasts and lightly over her nipple. A soft moan escapes her lips and Nixon works her way down her body. Her tongue rolls down her neck and to her firm breasts. Her tongue circles over her hard nipples and nips down lightly. She moans a bit louder and Nixon bites down a little bit harder. Her master watches from the corner and he grins. Watching the girls play together made him so horny. His cock was growing so hard just by watching His pet Nixon play with her friend. Nixon runs her tongue over Yuki’s breasts making her nipples harder. She moans louder and Nixon bites down a bit harder. Yuki moans louder and Nixon lightly pulls on her nipples. A loud whimper escapes from her lips. Nixon’s master, Michael, watches from the corner and grins again as he watches his pet go down on her reward.

He smiles and watches as his pet, Nixon, go all out on her. This was her first time with a woman and he could tell she was already in love with it. He watches as her tongue flicks over Yuki’s soaked pussy lips, up to her clit, then back down. His cock was throbbing in his pants. He had to have one of them soon. Otherwise he was going to burst. Nixon flicks her tongue over Yuki’s clit faster and faster while her hands slowly wonder up to play with her breasts. Yuki moans loud as Nixon rolls her hard nipples between her fingers.

Nixon opens her eyes as he takes the dragons tail to her backside. She moans loud as the delicate material nips at her soft flesh. She was hanging from her wrists by leather cuffs and her feet lightly hung up from the floor. She was in the perfect position for a small punishment to get beaten with the dragons tail. He spins his wrist back and spanks her with the tip of the dragons tail. She moans loud as the material nips at her soft bursa escort bayan skin leaving fresh red welts. When he spanked her his red welts never lasted very long. It drove her crazy when he dragged his nails over her fresh red welts. He spanks her with the dragons tail one last time and leaves a final long red mark. He drops the dragons tail on the bed and then presses his cold hand against her warm back. He presses his nails lightly into her back and trails his fingernails down. She moans loud and he does it again. She moans louder as he takes his nails away and then looks at Yuki.

” Climb up on the bed and unlock her,” he orders ” You are to lay her on the bed and tease the upper part of her body. If you go any lower, I will punish you.”

Yuki nods and gets out of the chair, She climbs onto the bed and steps on her toes then unhooks Nixon. She takes the leather cuffs off of her wrists then lays her down on the bed. She runs her hands over her firm breasts and pinches her nipples into hard peaks. She moans loud as Yuki takes one of her hard nipples into her mouth. Nixon lifts her chest up slightly. Yuki bites down a bit harder and Nixon moans louder. She was ready to burst. She had no clue how long she would be able to hold back but she knew she had to. If she had her orgasm without his permission she would be in deep trouble. Yuki spirals her tongue over her hard nipples faster, teasing her. A loud moan escapes from her mouth. If she had anymore she was going to burst. She closes her eyes tight and tries to get her mind off of it a little bit but it doesn’t work. She had to have her orgasm soon.

” Enough.” He orders in a firm voice. It was his turn now.

Yuki pulls herself away from Nixon and a loud whimper escapes off of her lips. She didn’t want her top stop. She needed more. A lot more. He smirks softly then quickly starts to flick his tongue over her hardened peaks. She bites her lip moaning louder and he bites down hard. She whimpers as she enjoys the new feeling. He had never done anything like that before. She had always loved his spontaneous moods. Especially when they made her even more turned on. He bites down a little bit harder, chewing on her captive nipple ring, and grins to himself. He knew she was ready to burst. So was he. He loved watching his pet squirm. It means she enjoyed everything. He pulls his tongue away from her hard peaks then trails his tongue down to her stomach, around her belly button, then down to her dripping wet pussy.

She screams loud as he lightly runs the tip of his tongue over her throbbing clit. He pulls his tongue away quick as he feels her tense up. He knew she was right on the edge. She groans as he takes himself away. She wanted him now! He quickly removes his boxers, leaving them at the end of the bed , then lays on top of her. He places his tongue back over her hard pierced nipple and presses his hard throbbing cock against her throbbing clit. She moans loud again and he shoves himself deep inside of her. She screams loud as he hits her g spot. He grins and bites down hard on her neck as he continues to slam his hard throbbing cock inside of her. Yuki watches from the corner and bites her lip. She was getting so hot just watching them. She wanted some herself. Her eyes wonder around the room and notices the vibrator next to the chair. She picks it up and looks at it. Was it meant for her? She looks over at Nixon and her Master Michael and he nods yes before taking Nixon even harder. Yuki turns the vibrator on high and slowly slides it deep inside her tight pussy. A loud moan escapes from her pink lips as she moves the toy around inside of her slowly. It felt so good. Nixon bites her lip hard as the start of her orgasm starts to move through her and Michael starts to slam himself deeper and harder inside of her.

He bends down and kisses her ear

” Cum with me,” he whispers seductively into her ear, moving faster.

Nixon lifts her hips up and it forces himself in deeper inside of her. She screams loud as her orgasm starts and he moves his hips faster, shoving himself in deeper. A loud groan escapes his mouth as he finishes. Nixon screams again as another orgasm hits her. He smiles down at her and slides off of her.

” Go play with your friend.” He whispers into her ear ” You deserve her.”

Nixon smiles and bursa escort goes over to Yuki. Yuki watches as Nixon crawls in between her legs licks up her inner leg to her soaking wet pussy lips. Yuki whimpers as Nixon trails the tip of her tongue across her inner thigh around the top of her soft pussy then back down to her pussy lips. Why was Nixon teasing her for? It wasn’t fair. Yuki moans louder and lifts her hips up to meet with Nixon’s fast moving tongue. Nixon smiles as she places the tip of her tongue over her clit.

Yuki starts whimpering as Nixon slowly flicks her tongue over her. She wanted more. Nixon feels her start to wiggle underneath her and she slides two of her fingers deep inside of her tight soaked pussy. Yuki screams loudly as Nixon starts to flick the tip of her tongue faster over her clit and her fingers meet the same place. She was driving her over the edge. Yuki moves her hips against Nixon and she screams again. She could feel her orgasm. Nixon feels her tense up and grow tighter and starts to move her tongue and fingers faster and faster.

He watches from the corner and smirks as his brings her friend over the edge. Yuki screams loud as her orgasm travels through her body. Nixon continues to flick the tip of her tongue over Yuki’s clit as she has her orgasm. She slides her fingers out of her and she whimpers. She wanted more of her. Nixon trails her tongue across her inner thigh up across her stomach then up to her breasts. She circles her tongue around each nipple making then both into hard peaks then circles up to her neck. She sucks lightly then bites down. Yuki moans softly and Nixon starts to grind against her. Michael watches from the corner.

He wasn’t surprised that his girl still wanted to go. He unlocks her toy chest then leaves the room. It was time for her to have her fun. Nixon smiles as she pulls away from Yuki’s neck and kisses around her neck then back down her chest. Her tongue finds her way back to her hard peaks and she bites down lightly. A soft moan escapes off of Yuki’s lips and Nixon’s cold hand trails to her other breast and slowly starts to massage it. Yuki whimpers softly and Nixon trails her hand down her stomach then back down to her inner thighs. Yuki shivers as Nixon lightly trails her fingers between her wet pussy lips. She was going to torture her until she was ready to take her.

Nixon trails the tip of her tongue around her breast again circling it, down her stomach, and then down to her wet inner thighs. Her tongue circles around her soft pussy lips then slips her tongue between them. Yuki nearly screams as she starts to tease her again. Was she doing this to torture her? The tip of Nixon’s tongue travels down to her wet pussy sliding it up inside her a bit then places the tip of her tongue on her clit. A loud moan escapes off of her lips and Nixon starts to go a bit faster. She was going to give her a lot of fun. With her free hand she slides it between her own legs and starts to play with her own clit. Her tongue flicks faster between Yuki’s pussy lips and slides her fingers up inside of herself. She had to have another orgasm.

She was so horny. She wanted so much more. Michael smirks from the corner as he watches his pet. His cock was throbbing hard as he watches them. He had to have her again. He quietly walks into the room and stands next to the door. Nixon was on her hands and knees one hand between her inner thighs and her tongue was working over you Yuki again. God just watching that was making him so hot. He had to have her. He climbs on the bed and gets behind Nixon. He grabs her hips, moves her hand away, and shoves himself deep inside of her tight pussy. Nixon moans loud into Yuki and he keeps his grip on her hips pounding into her hard. Yuki starts screaming as Nixon moves her tongue faster and faster over her clit. She was so close. She could feel her orgasm. Her tongue keeps going faster and faster over her clit and she tenses up as she screams loud. Her orgasm travels through her body making her shake underneath Nixon. Her orgasm had hit her so hard she couldn’t move. Michael smirks softly as he continues to slam into his pet. He could tell she was close. He could feel it. He grabs onto her hips and continues to slide himself in and out of her. Loud luscious moans roll off of her soft lips as he takes her harder and faster. A loud screams escapes her lips as he takes her harder.

Her body starts to shake as a hard orgasm travels through her body. He goes a bit harder then pulls out and collapses next to her. God that was so intense. He couldnt believe it. He lays inbetween the two girls and pulls them close.

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