Remember The Nights Ch. 06


Tamiko made lasagna for dinner. While it was cooking, she told him the long, sordid story of her life. She had been born in a small town in northern California and was immediately given up for adoption. The Asian culture looked upon her as an ill omen and her parents opted to part with her rather than seek some kind of treatment or an operation that would make her whole. So she had become the ward of St. Stephens Orphanage, living her life there until she left at the age of fifteen, tired of being beaten down by the nuns who saw her as an abomination.

“You were on your own at fifteen? How did you survive?”

Tamiko refilled her glass of wine, taking her time before answering. “I got into porn. Still pictures mostly. My one attempt at making a movie went horribly wrong. I couldn’t get it up.” She laughed, taking a fortifying sip. “I went back to school and got my GED, then took the money I saved and came here. I bought this place and got the job at Armani’s and well, here I am.”

“Have you ever thought about going to college?”

“Once or twice.” She smiled. “But I never seem to get around to it.” She leaned across the table and filled his glass. “And what about you?”

“What about me? My life’s boring. I’m an attorney who does what he’s told.” The controlled fury in his voice caught her attention. “What more is there to know?”

“A lot.” Tamiko laid a hand on his forearm, rubbing the bare skin and enjoying its warmth under her fingertips. “You’re a deeper man than that, Charlie. You just haven’t been allowed to let that depth show.”

He swallowed several times, the lump in his throat and the burning tears in his eyes preventing him from speaking right away. Her eyes were so dark and filled with concern; he wanted to fall right into them and stay there. And her mouth; her soft mouth was calling him, beckoning to him … he leaned forward, his eyes focused on her pink lips and a thrill coursed through him as he saw her eye flutter closed.

The oven timer’s beeping interrupted them and a flushed Kurtköy Sınırsız Escort Tamiko jumped up to turn it off, sliding the heavy pan out then turning to smile at him. “Time to eat.”

The lasagna was perfect. Charlie ate slowly, enjoying the mix of ricotta, asiago, mozzarella, provolone and parmesan cheeses that mingled with basil, tomatoes and premium ground beef. A green salad with spinach and Italian dressing completed the dinner and ice-cold Pinot Grigio provided a crispy finish. Once dinner was over, he excused himself to use the restroom and was intrigued by the feminine beauty of her bedroom.

“I’ve always been a girlie girl.” Her voice came from behind him and he turned, ready to apologize until he saw her smile. She handed him his glass of wine and swept past him into the room. It was obvious that Tamiko had a love of flowers. Her comforter was fluffy and snow-white but the pillow cases and sheets were festooned with tiny sprigs of wildflowers. A Mikasa vase in the corner held a bundle of tulips and dried lavender bunches rested in a gold box, releasing their sweet aroma into the room. “Do you like flowers?”

“I never gave it much thought.” Charlie sat down on the bed, watching her walk around the room. “My grandmother used to have a huge lilac bush outside her bedroom window and I used to pick her a big bunch every time I came to visit. So if I was to pick a favorite flower, I’d have to say it’d be lilacs.”

“I love lilacs, too. They not only smell good but have you ever really looked at them?” Tamiko lay down on her side of the bed, the look in her eyes wistful. “The color is just astonishing, have you ever noticed? It can be start at a dark purple, like amethyst, then go to the most delicate color of light purple and it’s so beautiful. Those are colors that only God could create … “

“Like you.” Charlie set his glass down, lying next to her and gazing into her eyes. “I have to be honest with you, Tamiko.” He took a deep breath. “I think you’re perfect just the way Kurtköy Suriyeli Escort you are.”

Her eyes glistened with tears. “But you didn’t say that last night.”

“No, I didn’t, and I’m very ashamed of myself.” He touched her cheek, letting his fingertips trace the contour of her jaw. “Can I ask you something?”


“May I see it?”

Her heart jumped in her chest, reading the sincerity in his eyes. “Yes.” She set her glass down and shyly pushed her jeans down. Her slim hips emerged from the thick denim, a magenta thong perched on the slight bones. His eyes were drawn to the soft symmetry of her hips but even more to the small bulge at the vee of her legs. Tamiko swallowed her fear and lay down next to him again. “Would you like to remove my thong?”

Charlie looked down and his heart beat raced a thousand fold. She was here, here and so close … his shaking hands moved toward her, his fingers looping over the thin straps and sliding them downward. The base of her abdomen appeared first, smooth and hairless, then light, downy hairs covered the landscape, darkening into a silky trail whose delta flowed around a small, sleeping penis.

Without knowing why, he reached out, letting his fingers touch the same extra-sensitive flesh that he possessed and marveling at the resiliency. Muscle filled with blood and strengthened beneath his fingertips. Spongy skin stretched and grew taut and her small balls puffed a bit, the skin smoothing invisibly. He raised his eyes to her face and saw that her eyes were closed and a spurt of adrenalin tightened his chest. Sure, she was enjoying his touch but there was a greater gift presented here. She was giving him her absolute trust.

“Tamiko.” He kissed her, not caring that his hand was wrapping around a cock that was not his own and pressed his tongue against the seam of her lips, easing it open. Her hummed moan traveled through him like lightning, her hands gripping his shoulders and his hand manipulated her with the gentleness that Kurtköy İranlı Escort he would afford a woman. He was surprised when she enclosed his hand with her own, squeezing her cock with a surety. As her hand fell away, he took up the slack, increasing his grip and raising the bar on the pace.

Tamiko vibrated in his embrace, her being encompassed in the palm of his hand. He seemed to understand her wordless instruction and his strokes showed that he was more than willing to handle her, to take her needs in hand and quell her hunger. Her breaths shortened in her throat, her eyes opening and connecting with his. “Yes, baby.” His words flooded her senses as his teeth nipped at her neck. “Cum for me.”

Her head fell back, her mouth open in anticipation and her body arched, stiffening as her release overcame her. Charlie held her body close as he watched her small but thick penis pulse in his fist, jets of semen spurting into the air and landing on her stomach. Four more squirts and she was spent, her eyes closed and her hands glued to his arms. Such a feeling of love came over him that he couldn’t move. His breaths matched hers, his hand gently stroking as she came down.

Her eyes flew open as he released her and arose, disappearing into the bathroom and coming back with a warm, wet washcloth. He carefully washed her penis, stomach and thighs, pulling the thong back up into place and tenderly touching his lips to her temple. “I have to go.” She nodded to his whisper, suddenly feeling underdressed.

Charlie caught her hand as she sought the cover of the comforter. “No, Tamiko. Please.” He stroked her hands. “I’ve never seen anything as beautiful.” His eyes searched hers, a deeper meaning passing between them as he slowly stood, pulling the covers aside so that she could nestle within them. “I’m going to be busy all week with a new client. Dinner Saturday?”


“Good.” He kissed the tip of her nose, brushing a stray lock of hair out of her eyes. “And Tam?”

“Yes, Charlie?”

“Thank you for listening.”

Tamiko’s smile let him know that she understood and their embrace lasted several minutes. Then he was gone with only the slight hint of Michael Jordan cologne in the air to indicate his presence and she fell into the deepest sleep she’d had in a long time, her dreams filled with him.

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