sister caught me stroking


sister caught me strokingI’m an 18 yo senior in high school. Will be graduating this month and going to college in upstate NY in August. I have two previous experiences that I have posted on here recently. One about my neighbor who shows me pics and vids of his wife and daughter and another one with my sexy gf’s family who like being nude around their pool. This next incident happened 3 years ago when I was fifteen and my sisters were younger.I was laying on my bed listening to music with headphones on, and jerking off and naked. My baby sister walked into my room and saw me laying there with my hard on in my hand. She was there a minute or so before I noticed her, so I took off my headphones and yelled at her to get out of my room, while jumping under the covers. She said, ‘OMG are you masturbating?’ I said yes, now get out of here. She said no, she wanted to watch. I said no way, you’re way too young. She was 11 at the time. She kept saying please let me watch and I kept saying get the hell out of my room. She just wouldn’t leave, so finally I said ‘ok get naked like me and I’ll let you watch me. She said no way and finally left. A minute later she was back with my oldest sister who is a year younger than me, being 14 at the time. They were laughing ağrı escort and teasing me and saying ‘c’mon, you perv, let us watch’. I told my oldest s*s the same thing I told my other sister ‘you can watch but get naked like me for inspiration, and you can watch. They huddled for a minute or so, and finally agreed they would take all their clothes off except their panties. Now my little s*s had no boobs at all, but my 14yo s*s has a nice set of boobs. So, I got back on top of the bed and started stroking again. They were amazed that I was right there next to them and jerking off. When I finally came, I squirted on my oldest sisters leg and they both said ‘ewww’ and started laughing again. After they left, I jerked off two more times I was so excited. I peep at my mom and both sisters whenever I can, so I have seen them all naked before, but they don’t know that. My mom is 39, divorced for 5 years, has a great job that keeps her busy a lot and sometimes has to travel for a few days. She is incredibly beautiful too.My sisters and I are home alone a lot because of mom’s schedule. A couple of days later, after school and hours before mom would be home, my sisters said they would like to see me do it again. I said amasya escort sure, but you both have to be naked this time. They were a little embarrassed, but agreed to get naked and stand next to my bed as I stroked. My little s*s didn’t have a hint of a boob or a strand of hair on her pussy yet. My other sister had a woman’s body. My mom is tall and fit with smallish boobs, but perfectly shaped and my s*s had bigger tits than mom, and a beautiful patch of light brown hair around her pussy. Very very sexy for 14. So I started jerking off again, and when I was totally hard, I asked my 14 yo s*s to put her hand around it to feel how warm it is. She wouldn’t do it, but my little s*s grabbed my cock and started stroking it. Her hand couldn’t get around it (I’m a little over 7 inches and very thick) but she said wow if really is hot. So my other sister grabbed it and started stroking it. I was very excited seeing my sexy sister totally naked and stroking me that I came in like 2 minutes, the first shot going on her beautiful perky tits. This time she didn’t pull back saying ewww but said wow that cum does feel so hot. My little s*s said, next time cum on my chest, and I said I will when you get some tits, lol. I told ankara escort her I was k**ding and would love to cum on her chest, even if there was nothing there. I told her she was still sexy (although I didn’t really feel that way). We have been doing this now for almost 3 years, but has progressed to much more. My oldest s*s is 17 now and absolutely gorgeous with a killer body. My little s*s has a great body now too. She started getting boobs and hair about the same time and was very sexy. She is more adventurous than my oldest s*s. She sucked me before her big sister did. We still do this 3 or 4 times a week now and on weekends if mom isn’t home. We are all very comfortable being naked together and comfortable having safe sex together too. This will be the last summer we will be doing this regularly once I start college…I will really miss doing this and also miss my girl friend and her sexy family. I’ll probably be home every weekend as I’ll be attending Albany State and I live on Long Island…a four hour drive if no traffic. Well that’s the story. I hope we can continue this forever. There are a lot of sexy details not included here, but if anyone is interested, if u send me an email with any similar stories, I’ll try to send you more detail. I know I’m not the only guy to have this kind of fun with my family. Heck, my gf does with hers, so it can’t be that uncommon, even though it still isn’t socially accepted. My email is ‘mynakedmom’ on the who. I hope you enjoyed this sexy experience of mine. Life is good.

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