STORY 3 IN THE DEAR GRANDPA SERIES. GRANDPA POPPEDGRANDPA POPPED MY CHERRYHi my name is Stacy and I just turned sixteen years old two weeks ago. But it was last week when I was send by my mom to go spent a week with my grandfather that I received the greatest gift that any woman could received from a man, you see my grandfather popped my cherry last week. This was not the first time that my grandfather had taken a young cherry. Both my mother and my older sister had their cherries popped by our dear sweet father and grandfather. You see the women in our families have been giving up our pussies to our fathers and grandfathers for generations. Normally it would have been my father that would have done the honers, but since my mother married a complete ass hole that refused to do his fatherly duties towards his girls, so mom kicked my dad’s worthless ass out of our house, and that is when she turn to our grandfather for some much needed advice and comfort.I remember so well the night my grandfather came to our house. My dad had left and my mother was in a state of shock. She so loved my father, he just was not the man that she had hoped he would be. My mother was well aware of the fact that the way she was brought up was way outside the normal way of raising c***dren. But it was how she was raised and she saw nothing wrong with a sixteen year girl coming to her father’s bed to be taught the ways of a woman. As a mother she wanted her girls to experience this same kind of love and affection from our father that she had received from her dad. But dad just wasn’t into the whole family sex thing.I had never thought of my grandfather in other way except for being the kind sweet old man that he is. But my impression of the man started to change the night my folks split up. My mother was devastated over the fact that my dad choose to walk away from our family. Hurt and needing comfort from the only man that she knew she could depend on no matter what, she put in a call to her dad.The very moment he stepped into our house we all knew that everything would be alright. The minute my mom saw her dad she knew that he was her answer that she had been looking for. My dear sweet grandfather dropped everything the minute he knew that his baby girl needed him. It had been a few months since we had last seen him. As always he looked so handsome with his tall frame and his strong muscular body. His beautiful tan skin gave him a healthy manly glow. With his sharp blue eyes, that was a clear window to his wonderful loving heart. And as I would soon learn he had a nine and a half inch cock that was made to please the ladies. Watching my mother and grandfather that night I began to learn of the true nature of their relationship, and just how special and wonderful their father daughter bound was. The moment I saw my grandfather take my mother in his arms and kiss her in a way that a man kisses his woman, his hands all over her body I knew that they had been lovers.My older sister Kate hadn’t seemed a bit surprised by their open affection for one another. Because it had only been a few months that mom had send Kate to our grandfather’s house for a week. After Kate returned home we all noticed the change in my sister. She was a lot more confident in herself. When I asked what had happened while she at grandpa’s house, all she would say is that grandpa had helped her to see the real woman that was inside her, and that she could never thank grandpa enough for helping her to realize what a true woman is worth to her man. I did understand what she meant that day. But it wouldn’t be very long before I would become a devoted student of my grandpa’s training. All during dinner and for the rest of that night my mother and her father could not keep their hands off each other. At one point when they thought they were alone, I saw them kissing again in the kitchen, only this time he had mom pinned up against the wall, his hand under her skirt. The look of pure ecstasy on my mother’s beautiful face as her father made her cum all over his fingers was a sight that I will never forget. At sixteen there was no mistaken what I saw, or what was going on, my grandpa was fingering my mother’s pussy, and from the looks of it she was enjoying ever minute of it.I had gone to bed early that night, never forgetting what I had seen go down in the kitchen between them. It had been a restless night, I would sleep on and off for a few hours. My mind felled with images of my mother and grandfather making out. It was a little before three o’clock in the morning when I got out of bed and made my way to the kitchen Escort bayan for a glass of water. When I was on my way back to my room I heard my mom cry out. The sound of my mother crying out stop me in my tracks. I never could stand to hear my mom cry for any reason, and I knew that she was very upset about my dad leaving us. But as I got closer to the sound I noticed there was a different tone to her cries. Her door was only cracked open a little, and when I peeped in what I saw would rock my world to its core, and change the way I viewed my family forever.When I looked into mom’s room, yes I saw her in bed with grandpa, and from the looks of it, he was wearing mom’s pussy out. As I stood there watching my grandfather fucking my mother it became so clear to me that they had more then likely had been lovers for years. At the time I didn’t know all the back story of my mom and her father’s wonderful love they shared. Looking back I can see that my mom had been in love with her very own father for years, and she probable never felt free to act upon on it again until now. As I quietly slipped into the room I found a good spot where I could watch them without being seen, and from where I was sitting it looked like grandpa was putting on mom real good. Mom’s legs was up in the air while grandpa pounded her pussy over and over again. I was only sixteen at the time but the sight of my mother and grandfather in heat of raw lust was such a turn on for me until I couldn’t help myself, I just had to play with myself.Hearing mom moan out her dad’s name over and over again, just as he was taking her over and over got me so turned on and excited that I got lost in my own erotic pleasure t until I never noticed mom and grandpa had discovered me and was now watching me. As I become to snap out of my self imposed sexual high and discovered that I had been caught, I had no other chooses but to come clean.”Stacy, what are you doing in here?”My mother screamed.I was so scared I thought my mom was going to kill me right there on the spot. I just knew that I was in big trouble with grandpa and mom. I had to do some really fast talking in order to get my ass out of this mess. ”Oh God, mom, grandpa I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean…” ”You didn’t mean what girl. I asked you what the hell are you doing in hiding in my room, have you been spying on your grandfather and me, and what the fuck did you see?” I could tell that mom was really upset.”Oh mom, grandpa I’m so sorry. I don’t know what got into me, I swear I never meant to spy on you. Please I’ll never do it again, I swear I won’t.” I begged for their forgiveness.I saw the anger in mom’s eyes as started to grab me. That’s when grandpa stopped her. He didn’t appear to be mad or upset. As a matter of fact he was very understanding about the whole thing. ”Now sweetheart there’s no need to be angry at our sweet little Stacy. She just want watch her mom and grandpa get it on. There’s nothing wrong with that.” I could see the raw lust in my grandpa’s eyes as he licked his lips and stroked his cock.”Dad she knows, she saw us fucking, the little bitch knows everything.” Mom spat out.”Darling its okay, she was going to find out sooner or later. And from the looks of things it seems that our sweet little Stacy really enjoyed our little show that we put on for her.” Grandpa had a gleam in his eyes that made me feel at ease.”But dad she saw us, she saw you on top of me, fucking me. What if she opens her big mouth and tells.” I saw my mother’s growing anger as she tried to come to term with the fact that someone else knew about their secret.”I don’t think our girl is going to tell anyone, I’m sure she is old enough to know that if word ever got around that I was fucking my daughter and my granddaughters that I would be ruined. I know my sweet Stacy loves her grandpa to much to ever let that happen.” Grandpa looked at me with those warm blue bedroom eyes. It was right then that I knew that I would never refuse him anything, including my body.”Of course I would never tell, I swear I won’t say a word to nobody.” I was still pretty scared, because I don’ think my mom really believed me.”Look dad I don’ trust her, she has never been able to keep her big fucking mouth shut.” ”No, my sweetheart would never tell.” Mom still wasn’t sure, but she had no other chose but to trust grandpa. Grandpa reached out and gently took my hand in his and he pulled me into the center of my mom’s bedroom. I stood there looking down at my feet, I felt so ashamed to the point that I couldn’t bear to look at my mother Bayan escort or my grandfather. ”She is so young and lovely, I can’t believe their father has not done his fatherly duty towards these girls. This no count man got fresh pussy sitting right here under his noise and the asshole just walks away, what kind of real man dose that.” Grandpa ranted.Mom knew grandpa would be angry when he found out that our dad had not seduced us, and when mother asked why hadn’t he started to train his girls on how men liked their women in bed, he said that it wasn’t his place to bed his daughters, and that he would have no part in seducing his own daughters. My grandfather had no such crazy notion. The men in grandpa’s family have been bedding their daughters for five generations. As I stood in the middle of mom’s bedroom, with both she and grandpa naked, I could tell that they had something very special in mind for me. Especially grandpa, I could see it in his lustful eyes when he looked me up and down. ”Dam baby what man in his right mind would turn down a piece of you pussy like this, daughter or not.” His eyes bore into me as he came up behind me and locked me in his arms. Before I knew what was happening grandpa’s hands were all over me, touching me in all the right places that he knew I would be aroused. ”What about it honey, you want to give it up for your old grandpa, I promise you won’t be sorry.” By now I was so turned on until I think I would have agreed to almost anything just as long as it meant having my grandfather inside me.He turned me around to face him. My mom had crawled back into bed, watching and waiting for the next move. Standing face to face with grandpa I suddenly had the desire to touch every inch of this marvelous man that stood over me. Looking up into his beautiful eyes I saw nothing but pure love for my mom, my two sisters and for me. Of course at the time I had no idea that he had already taken my big sister to his bed. Grandpa must have seen it in my eyes, the burning lust that had taken over my entire body. He lean down and sweetly kissed my forehead, and then he invited me to have my way with him. ”Go on sweet Stacy do as you will.” Grandpa’s invitation to play and explore was just to hard to turn down. Starting at his shoulders I let my delicate little fingers become my road map to the pleasures that my grandfather had to offer. Mom was now sitting up in bed, and she now had a front row seat as my lustful passion for my grandfather began to unfold.His body was strong and hard, and everywhere I touched a new wave of excitement would coursed though my body. His chest covered in white hair was hard and strong. As my hands traveled down the length of his body I could feel my heart race as my fingers lay claim to my grandfather’s rock hard cock. He was hard and ready as I took him in my hand. I was hot and wet, and I knew just what I wanted, my grandfather’s great big beautiful cock in me.True I had never done anything like this before, but I think my instincts just took over and I just knew what to do. Grandpa grabbed me by my long thick brown hair and pulled my face in close for a long deep forbidding kiss. Grandpa’s hands was all over me as he stripped me down bare naked. When we broke our first kiss grandpa stepped back to get a good look at the gift the he was about to receive.I saw the glee in his eyes as saw me naked as a woman for the first time. He gave me that wicked smile as his sharp blue eyes took in my young beautiful body, and what would soon be his. I stood spellbound looking at his big cock, my mouth watered with desire for him, my pussy dripping wet with lust, hurting for him to be inside. I fell to my knees as I watched his manhood strong and hard beg for me to come suck him.I could not hold out any longer, that is when I opened my mouth and took in mime and a half inches of the most beautiful cock that God ever made. His dick filled my mouth, and while at first I thought I might have bitten off more then I could chow, but once I got use to his size I started to take on a natural rhythm of cock sucking that grandpa really enjoyed. My sisters always said that I had a big mouth, it wasn’t until that night that I was grateful that my mouth could accommodate so much.I discovered a new pass time hobby, cock sucking. Grandpa might have been my first, but I was certain he would not be my last. I felt his fingers as they got tangled in my long brown thick curls. He seemed to be enjoying every lick and stroke and I was making, and just when I thought I had him on the edge bliss, Escort somehow he would manage to pull himself back from the edge, in order to prolong the pleasure.Every now and then I would glance up at him. My big brown eyes dancing with pure delight knowing that I was able to get my sweet old grandpa off in such a way was a real bust to my ego.”Damn, girl you got a fine body, Your grandpa is going to have a real good time training you.” He climbed into bed with mom and me. He turn to my mother first, giving her a sweet kiss on her forehead, and whispered something in her ear. I couldn’t make out what he was saying, but what ever he said to her, mom seem to be pleased. The next thing I know mom was out of bed and putting on a robe. She came over to where I was laying, she leaned over and gently caressed my face. ”Good night my sweet girl. You know this will be the last time I will call you my girl, because the next time I see you, you will be a woman. I want you to be a good girl for your grandpa, he’s going take such special loving care of you. So don’t be scared my sweet Stacy, you’re going to do just fine.” Mom left the room leaving me in the care of my grandfather. He turned to me and began to make his way on all fours, until he was on top of me. I felt his strong hands caressing my soft white skin. He let out a low moan, as he took full control of my young body. For a moment I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. I felt his fingers softly caressing my thighs as the made their way between my open legs. I watched as he got his middle finger nice and wet by sticking in his mouth. And then without any warning he plunged that middle finger deep inside me. I arched my back and I let out a loud scream as grandpa began to finger fuck my tiny hole.”Damn girl its just what I thought. Your pussy is so small I’m going have to finger you for awhile to get you ready for my cock.” I laid there as grandpa continued to prepare my pussy, at one point he added one finger, and then another. By now I was bucking and screaming under the assault that my body was going though at the hands of my grandfather. ”That’s right baby girl, just go with it. Ride it out baby, ye ride grandpa’s finger, just like like you’re going to be riding me dick real soon.By now I was getting adjusted to grandpa being inside me. It all felt so damn good There I was sixteen years old lying naked in bed with my sixty year old grandfather on top of me, and we were about to fuck. I felt his hand between my legs as pushed them open. I then felt the head of cock lightly touch my pussy. That is when I spoke up for the first time. ”Wait grandpa, don’t you need a condom?” Grandpa kissed me softly on my lips as I felt his head beginning to part my lip.”Oh no sweetheart, a young girl’s first time, it should be raw and natural. Don’t worry baby, I always make sure I don’t get any dirty pussy, and grandpa can’t get any of you young fertile Myrtle pregnant any more, I think we’re good to go.” I looked into his sparkling blue eyes and I saw love, lust, and passion beaming down on me. Mom had put on a CD that grandpa like to have playing when he trained his girls. I guess you would call it the low down blues. ”Its going hurt at first, but once you get use to me being inside you, you’re going to feel so good. Is my sweet girl ready to become a woman?” Grandpa asked as he laid soft sweet kisses all down my neck and shoulders. I smiled as I give my body to the sweet gentle soul I call Grandpa. As he smile down on me I felt the head of his cock pushing my small pussy lips apart. I braced myself for my grandfather’s cock to enter me. He took it slow at first, easing his way in, little by little. I felt my pussy starting to unfold for grandpa as he pushed his way deep inside me.I let out a loud scream that told grandpa that he had popped my cherry. I laid there under grandpa as he gently kissed away my tears. It took me a few minutes for my body to adjust to the new feelings of being a woman. Grandpa braced his hands on on the bed, while he pushed even deeper inside me. He set the pace for our first love making session, being as rough or as gentle to what ever my needs called for.Grandpa was a master at love making, he played my body like a master musician. He knew how to stroke every key and cord to perfection. He not only gave me the love that I never knew that I was looking for in my father, but grandpa taught me about how beautiful and sensual my body was. I was made to be pleasured, and to give pleasure. I knew that on my second round of sucking grandpa’s cock. The look of pure joy on his handsome face as he held my head in place while I took nearly all nine and half inches of pure manly cock down my throat. The next day I left with grandpa to spend a week at his house. He told mom that he had some more intense training in mind for me, and boy he was not k**ding. WINK

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