Subject: A Neglected Boy The Twins XXVI Please support Nifty to keep these stories fty/donate.html Thanks Nifty staff for all your help. Story by; Jacob Lion; This story is fiction and characters names are fabricated. The locations are accurate. There may be some sex in the story however it will be gentle and loving. Another story you may enjoy is A Cantabrian Operetta, By Jonah in the same section Adult/Youth A Neglected Boy “The Twins” XXVI [email protected] The story is told by either Jake or Kori in alternating Chapters …………. “Jake, Ethan is really upset and wants me to pick him up. He sounded angry and said he didn’t want Justin and Kyle to see him like this. Obviously, something didn’t go as planned with Felipe.” . . . Jake said . . . “Kori I think Ethan feels close to you and needs someone to listen to him. Take your time maybe stop and get a drink and go for a little drive; I think he will open up to you and let it all out.” I gave Jake a hug called Kyle and Justin gave them a big squeeze and a gentle swat on the behind; reminded both to be good. Kyle turned and said . . . “Okie Dokie dragon” . . . and rug-rats disappeared. I looked at Jake and asked . . . “Jake do you know where calling me `dragon’ came from?” . . . “Nope, but with the rug-rats, you should be happy it could be worse.” And we both chuckled at Jakes response. I ran out to the car and drove back to the university. Ethan was sitting on the steppes to the dining hall looking as if he had lost his best friend. He walked to the car slowly never looking back opened the door, got in and gently closed the door. I asked . . . “Are you Ok? . . . “No” . . . he answered. . . . I asked . . . “Ethan, when you called you were upset and sounded angry do you want to talk about it? . . . Ethan answered . . . “Not now, can we just go?” ….. His voice was almost shaking; I didn’t push the issue further. I pulled away from the dining hall and in minutes turned onto I95 North. It took a minute or two for Ethan to realize were on I95 and then he asked . . . “Kori where are we going?” . . . . I said . . . . “I need to go to the boat and get some charts.” ….. I don’t think he believed me but the drive to Mystic would give Ethan the opportunity to think and relax without any pressure. As we pulled into the parking lot near Jabbering Ethan said . . . “I don’t like Felipe, and I don’t want to see him again!” We locked the car and walked to the boat. Ethan was visibly sad, withdrawn, and very angry. I was sure that in time he would let it all out. We unlocked the hatch and went down to salon I opened the refrigerator and handed Ethan a cold drink of OJ and sprite and poured one for myself. I began to pull out some paper charts ignoring Ethan as he sat in silence. I glanced over and his glass was empty so I said . . . “Hey Ethan you want a refill or maybe OJ and Vodka?” Ethan looked up with a smile and said . . . . “OJ and Vodka sounds good but I’ll take the OJ and Sprite thanks. You know I just wanted to be friends with Felipe that’s all. When I text him we were either going to the movies or bowling. When he met me he hugged me then groped me right there just inside the dining room doors. I pushed him back and laughed and said let’s go bowling, no that’s not what he wanted. He said let’s go to his room and fool around and then told me exactly what he wanted to do; then we could go to the movies or bowling.” Ethan bursa escort was wound up and I just let him get it all out as he continued . . . “Kori, I just wanted to hang because he is funny and maybe eventually fool around it’s not like I don’t get horny I do, I get horny a lot, actually I’m horny most of the time; I’m 16. Felipe doesn’t want to be my friend he wants me to be his sex toy and its if I let him do what he wants then maybe he’ll take me bowling. Right! He actually said he wants to suck me off and then said he’d put his finger in me and I’d love it. Maybe I would Kori but can’t we be friends first? Am I slow, are most boys my age already doing this, is there something wrong with me?” Ethan finally just sat there and I sat beside him and just hugged him. His head was leaning against my shoulder. Then he said . . . “I just want to be with someone nice. I see you and Jake and I’m not stupid I know you have sex but it’s not like it’s the most important thing. You and Jake really love each other but what it really looks like is your best friends first. That’s what I want Kori. I don’t want to be used, I want to be loved” We sat quietly and when I thought Ethan had begun to relax I said . . . “Ethan I think you’re ahead of your years in feelings and thinking. Maybe some kids your age just are happy with sex and don’t even think of love, the real love that is. You don’t have to be in a hurry you are young, intelligent and a very sweet person and deserve the same.” I felt Ethan as he hugged me it was that special kind of hug like the picture that speaks a thousand words. We gathered up the charts I didn’t need and put them in my case. Locked up the boat and walked to the car. Not much was said just a simple thank you from Ethan as we started the car. On the way home I thought of everything Ethan had said. I thought of how Ethan talks with people, I thought of how he interacts with Justin and Kyle, I thought of how his parents loved him but never tried to understand him. It is plain to see that Ethan did as he was asked, he always tried to please his parents but in a way, Ethan was A Neglected Boy. The ride back to New Haven started off quiet then it changed as he began to ask questions about archaeology, Naples, Pompeii, and Italy. The conversation started off rather slow then the questions came faster and faster and thank goodness we pulled in the driveway. Ethan was back to his regular good-natured self and as we entered the house he was attacked by two of the most charming and excited little Korean boys. I asked Jake where Kyle and Justin were only to receive hugs and a kiss from the rug-rats like I had been gone for a year. Everyone was starved, what’s new, so it was off to the Great Wall of China for a mid-afternoon lunch. Rug-rats had rice, dumplings, chicken on a stick, Chinese donuts, more rice and squid, (calamari), but the way they were chewing I think it was more like rubber. Ethan, Jake and I had Beef with broccoli, pork fried rice, chicken on stick and General-Tso’s chicken, and tea. Jake and I were able to talk when the rug-rats tugged Ethan off back to the buffet. Jake was not surprised to hear all about the discussion on the boat and thought going to the boat was a really great idea. We finished our late lunch and were back at the house in time to ask Ethan to call his parents and tell them about the plans for our trip to Italy. Ethan made the call and his father bursa escort bayan answered the phone. Ethan put the phone on speaker and his father did the same so everyone could hear the conversation. . . . “Hi Dad, hi Mom, I’ve got some exciting news.” His dad interrupted . . . “You’re not getting married are you?” . . . “Real funny dad, Kori has been asked to represent the university as director of a newly found part of Pompeii and we are all leaving for Naples in about a week.” There was silence for a moment then Ethan’s father said . . . “Ethan did I hear you correctly, you, Kori, Jake, and `The Twins’ are coming to Italy?” Ethan answered . . . “Yes Dad we are all going and we can spend some time with you and Mom, I can’t wait to see you. Find a good pizza place and we can all hike to the top of Vesuvius and maybe . . . .” ….. Ethan was interrupted as his Mother said . . . “Oh sweetheart that sounds so wonderful but your dad and I are leaving for Corfu, Greece day after tomorrow. I’ll tell you what, we will leave the keys with Giorgio and you can all stay here; we’ll tell Maria to have everything ready for you and just have her do the shopping for you, love you Ethan….. here’s dad.” https://atcorfu/corfu-island/ “Ethan can I speak with Dr. Roberts please?” . . . . Ethan handed the phone to Jake and looked so disappointed. Jake took the phone and said . . . “Hello James how are you and Marta?” . . . then Jake took the phone off speaker and walked to the kitchen and we could only hear very little from Jake . . . “James I understand and Ethan has become part of our family so there is no problem and yes I will explain everything to Ethan. Please take care and let us know if there is anything we can help with; bye.” When Jake returned to the living room he was quiet and looked serious. He said . . . “Kori could you take Justin and Kyle and find that video on Pompeii I need to talk to Ethan.” . . . I took the rug-rats to their room and kept them occupied. Ethan was really upset and wanted to know exactly what was going on and why he couldn’t continue the conversation with his father. Jake began to explain . . . “Ethan your Mom and Dad are having some serious problems with their business in Italy and Greece. It seems that some of the antiquities sold a few months ago were actually stolen from a museum 8 years ago and there is now an active investigation. Your parents are having to spend more time in Italy and Greece and won’t be able to return to the United States until the problem is resolved.” Ethan looked at Jake, hurt and confused he asked . . . “So what happens to me do I move to Italy and stay there; I don’t want to. I want to go to Notre Dame High not some school in Italy, I belong here …. I told you they don’t know anything about me they never have; they never loved me either it was all just a big act for their rich friends.” Jake said . . . “Ethan stop just wait and listen.” . . . The boys and I could hear Ethan, and Justin and Kyle wanted to know what was going on and why Ethan was so angry. We heard as Jake continued . . . “Ethan that’s not really fair because I think your parents love you very much or they would not have asked that Kori and I take care of you until things in Europe are straightened out. I know we love you, Justin and Kyle love you and would love to have you stay with us; if of course you wanted to stay with us.” There was silence …………. then escort bursa the rug-rats broke from their bedroom at an all out run and tackled Ethan pleading with him to stay. There were three boys on the floor rolling around with laughs and giggles. I guess we had an answer. Jake had one more thing to throw at us. While I took Mr. Ethan for a ride up to the boat Jake had received an email from Mr. Simons at Child and Family Services regarding our guardianship of Kyle and Justin. …. Jake looked serious as he began . . . “Well there is a rather serious matter that may prevent us from all going to Italy together.” . . . at that point the only sound was that of hearts beating. . . . Jake continued . . . ” I’ve received an email from CFS regarding Justin and Kyle. It’s the law here in Connecticut that same sex families can adopt children and Kori and I have been granted the privilege of adopting these here rug-rats; that is if they wanted to be our kids.” Kyle and Justin didn’t understand until Ethan told them that Jake and I could be their farther if they wanted. The two boys looked at me and Jake then at Ethan then back at me and Jake. They weren’t sure till Ethan said . . . “Hey, rug-rats their your dads now . … get it?” …… The two boys looked at us and started to cry then ran and hugged us and wouldn’t let go. The living room erupted into a big pig pile of hugs and kisses. I’m not sure but I think Ethan kissed me but under the circumstances it’s ok. It was 7 pm and suddenly someone exclaimed “I’m hungry” and the rug-rats said . . . “Jake you’re always hungry”. It was out to the car and a quick trip to Prime 16 for the best burgers you could imagine along with chicken wings, a large order, and fried pickles. Water for everyone, Ok change that we’re celebrating soda, but don’t get used to that rug-rats! http://prime16/ To end dinner it was ice-cream with sliced strawberries and a mountain of whipped cream. It was late and we didn’t care so we went to the movies and just what did we see? Pokemon Detective Pikachu, “that’s right you can read”, and we all laughed and rug-rats fell asleep against their new dads. On the way home I held Kyle on my lap, Jake held Justin on his lap ….. so who was driving? Ethan was he has a license. Home at last rug-rats were in bed and Ethan gave Jake and me a hug and turned with a smile and as he walked down the hall to his room we heard him say . . . “I love this family.” To be Continued . . . . . A Neglected Boy “The Twins XXVII” [email protected] This is why I continue to write and I thank all who take the time to send me an email ………. May 21 this reader wrote …. (edited) Oh my, for the past three days I have devoured the best story I have ever read at Nifty. I was hooked from the very beginning and could not put it down. I have been sucking in every tidbit, every morsel that you have served up. The characters and the story have been superb. I love it all. What a bunch of great subjects who love each of their group of friends and family. Jake has mastered a wonderful family with love!!! The relationships have been heartfelt. I hope these stories never end. Right now I am having to adjust to waiting for the next chapter. I am excited to continue with this great story that has greatly affected how I view stories at . Thank you so much for this amazing story that has pierced my interest big time. Here is a high five to your continued success with this story. One way to let authors know you enjoy the story is just send a quick note. bly/a-neglected-boy-the-twins.html Just click photos for Captions or Videos to see Cuttyhunk, Martha’s Vineyard, The Damn Crab & more.

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