A New Family Therapy


Author’s note – The previous version of this story was sort of an exercise to see how quickly I could get successfully get story from first inspiration to self-edited and then published. Obviously, I made a few mistakes (I’ll probably make more)…


“Kids, come downstairs. We need to have a family meeting.”

Ricky groaned as he heard his mother’s voice ring out through the house. He was twenty years old and in college but still living at home and that fact meant constantly dealing with his forty four year old mother, Tanya, and twenty year old twin, Kelsie. He was right in the middle of watching an all girl gangbang video climax, so he reluctantly let go of his big hard cock and pulled his gym shorts off the floor and up over his legs. With a few flicks to his stiff erection, he managed to make it subside enough to leave the room and headed out into the hallway.

As he crossed the catwalk that formed the upstairs hallway in his family’s spacious home, he looked down to see his sister had beat him downstairs to the sitting room. His mother stood talking to a tall dark haired busty woman wearing a dark blazer over a white blouse with a pair of tight fitting jeans.

His sister wore her usual at home outfit: a pair of short white cotton shorts and a red flannel shirt thrown on top that fell softly on her perky braless breasts. His mom looked like a knockout in any outfit but today she was wearing a pair of tight fitting chino jeans that showed off her toned calves and a black tank that barely covered her thick rack.

“What’s up?” Ricky asked as he entered the room.

“Kids, take a seat. I want you to meet Kat. She’s a good friend and a very special kind of therapist whom I asked to meet with us. Kat, these are my twins, Ricky and Kelse.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you both,” Kat said as she took a seat on the arm of one of the chairs in the room.

Ricky plopped down onto the white sofa in the room which faced Tanya’s chair. Kelsie flopped down and curled up at the other corner of the sofa while his mother sat in her usual upright posture in the other chair in the circle.

“Your mother has asked me to come here today to help talk about a very personal family issue. She has some concerns she has asked me to help you all work through. Do you want to open up the discussion, Tanya?”

“Sure. You see, kids, I’ve noticed some habits that I think we can all help each other with. See, ever since we lost your father, I know I haven’t always been able to communicate well with you about certain things. It’s hard to be a single mom and I don’t want you to think I’ve failed you.”

Ricky had no clue what his mom was rambling on about. All he knew was there was a hot porn video on pause on his computer that he was aching to get back to. He didn’t mind looking at Kat’s busty curves, though.

“What the fuck are you talking about, mom?” Kelsie bluntly asked.

“Now, Kelsie, if we’re all going to get along, we need to be patient and kind as we all talk. Can you do that for me? For yourself?” Kat corrected the younger woman.

“Fine. Mom, could you please… enlighten us about what you’re trying to say?”

“OK. I guess I need to put this frankly. We all know that Ricky spends way too much time in that room of his masturbating…”

Ricky blushed and his jaw dropped in show as his mother spoke. Kelsie laughed and pointed at Ricky.

“Now, now. Calm down. Kelsie, put that finger away. This isn’t about Ricky, even though I am a little embarrassed about his web history… You have your own ticks, Kelsie.”

Kelsi scowled as her mother elaborated. Ricky shot a middle finger at his sister while he thought nobody else was looking.

“Kelsie, you saunter around the pool completely naked all of the time. I know the neighbors notice and I’ve even seen your brother gawking occasionally.”

“Mom! I do not stare at her. That’s weird. I’m hardly ever out there when she is…” Ricky adamantly defended himself.

“That’s the thing. We are all adults now. We have some unhealthy habits here that I think need to be brought to the surface so we can discuss and address them openly. I’m sure you guys know I have my own sex drive. I’m not above any of this,” his mother sweetly concluded.

“That’s where I come in,” Kat added. “Tanya has brought up the repressed and potentially unhealthy way you all deal with your sexuality. My techniques help families open up so they can heal together. This part may make you feel uncomfortable, but the best way to open ourselves up and allow ourselves to be vulnerable with each other is to start but losing our outer layers so we can really breath the same air.”

As she spoke, Kat removed the blazer.

“What does that mean…” Kelsie hesitantly added.

“I think what Kat is saying is that we literally need to strip – to be naked with each other and understand that there is no shame in being vulnerable with each other,” Tanya explained.

Ricky couldn’t believe what he was kırşehir seks hikayeleri hearing – or seeing. Kat continued removing her clothing. She untucked and then unbuttoned her blouse revealing a lacy white bra. She continued with her jeans, which she dropped to the floor around her sandals. Meanwhile, his mother had pulled her tank top off over her thick bosom and her thick hangers were bouncing around her chest as she unzipped her chinos and dropped them to the floor. Kat unhooked her bra and set it on top of her blouse, revealing a pair of filled out breasts that sloped out off her chest into dark round arreola and perky dark nipples.

The two older women just stood there, topless, as if expecting something.

“Mom, what the hell?” Kelsie asked in a shocked tone.

“You don’t own the monopoly on nudism at home,” her mother shot back. “Now, come on, kids, don’t embarrass me in front of my friend. Strip.”

“Fine!” Ricky volunteered.

He dropped his shorts to the floor, revealing a set of pink plum sized testicles that hung below his large slightly engorged penis. Kelsi jumped up from the other end of the sofa and started to unbutton her flannel shirt with a scowl. It was almost a game of chicken at this point, with the two siblings checking to see how far the other was stripping before continuing. When she reached the third button down, she pulled the shirt off over her head, baring her perky youthful breasts to the room. Ricky had seen her breasts out at the pool many times before, but he had never had an excuse to stare at his twin sister’s chest before now.

“This is so weird,” Kelsie said as she untied her shorts and dropped them to the floor. Her soft blonde pubic hair stretched down between her legs over a sweet set of tight pink lips. She crumpled back into the sofa, covering herself. Meanwhile, his mother and her friend slipped off their panties and set them neatly with the rest of their clothes on their chairs. His mother’s pubic hair was shaved into a neat bushy patch over her lower lips. A purplish set of inner labia peeked out from beneath her darker outer lips. Kat’s dark bush formed a little triangle over her thick labia.

“This is good. This is progress,” Kat began. “Now, kids, let’s all get closer. Come on, Kelsie. We’re going to form a little circle on the floor for this exercise.”

Kat and Tanya moved closer to the twins and sat cross legged on the soft carpeted floor. Feeling like this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to stare down into an older woman’s busty chest, Ricky positioned himself next to Kat and across from his mother in the circle. Kelsie reluctantly rose and joined the circle.

“It’s ok if we want to take a moment to take in each other’s bodies. I see Ricky’s… initial excitement has subsided,” Kat commented as the women in the room looked over each other’s bodies and then down to Ricky’s groin. He caught Kelsie laughing at him since Kat had noticed his partial erection.

“Let’s all take a few deep breaths,” Kat coached. “In through the mouth, count to three, and out through the mouth.”

As Kat coached them through their breathing, Ricky couldn’t help but stare at her breasts rising and falling on her chest and the way her lips formed a nice little circle that he wanted to stick his cock in when she breathed out.

When they finished, Kat was silent for a moment before speaking again.

“Now that we’re all calm, let’s discuss our sexuality a little. My name is Kat and I lost my virginity to my first husband on our wedding night. I was twenty two and, since then, I’ve done a lot of work to explore my sexuality and learn how it is crucial to my identity. I masturbate once per day and I like to use my imagination rather than using… visual aides. How about you, Ricky? What can you share?”

“Well, I lost my virginity two years ago at prom….” he hesitated as he spoke. He was surprised to see his mom smiling back at him, almost proudly. “I masturbate about twice per day and I definitely look at… visual aides to help me.”

“See, that wasn’t so hard,” his mother said.

“Ugh. Do I have to?” Kelsie scowled again. “Fine. I lost my virginity last year to my boyfriend at the time. I masturbate two or three times per day, and I like porn, too. Are you all happy now?”

Ricky’s jaw dropped again as she stared at his sister. She was slouched over, with her normally perky tits sagging down toward her lap.

“Honey… don’t be ashamed. You’re a young, vibrant woman and you have needs just like the rest of us. I hope it feels good to put these things out in the open,” Tanya said, offering a little back rub to her daughter.

“Well, I guess I’m up. I lost my virginity when I was twenty. I masturbate every other day. I also have spent a lot of time exploring my sexuality and learning about myself.”

Ricky and Kelsie exchanged an awkward look before looking back at their mother.

“And the thing I’ve learned is that sex with a partner you care about and attracted to is beautiful and wonderful. Just like when Kat and I make love.. Or when we share our bodies with other partners.”

That last line made Ricky’s penis stand up, again. It was difficult to be the only person in the room with such an obvious giveaway as to when he was turned on. The thought of these two hot big breasted women together was something he couldn’t help but fantasize about.

“Ricky, I see your erection has returned. Can you share with the group what caused that?” Kat asked. “Please, we’re all sharing here. It doesn’t do any good to keep that locked up.”

“Well… ok. So… uh… when my mom mentioned sharing her body with you… I kind of got that image in my head?” Ricky’s voice squeaked as he spoke.

“See that’s good to share. You know, your mother is a beautiful woman. Come up here with me for a moment, Tanya.”

Kat stood and helped Ricky’s mother get to her feet.

“Look at this beautiful breasts. They’re soft and natural,” Kat described Tanya’s body as she helped her turn in a circle. “And this full sexy bottom. It’s so soft in my hand,” she continued as she loosely grabbed a handful of Tanya’ thick butt cheek.

There was no way for Ricky to hide his erection, now. His mom had a hot body and a face that had aged beautifully with just a few lines around her mouth and eyes.

“OK, now let’s take a look at these beautiful young adults we have in the room. Go ahead and stand up, kids,” Kat suggested while she and Tanya took a seat again and crossed their legs.

Kelsie stared at Ricky in a game of chicken as they both hesitated to get up. Finally, the stood in unison. Kelsie wrapped an arm around her breasts, covering her nipples with her thin forearm, and placed a hand between her legs to cover her vagina.

“Come on, Kelsie, don’t be shy. Ricky isn’t,” their mother encouraged while pointing out the obvious.

Slowly, Kelsie unraveled her arm from her breasts and dropped her hand to her waist.

“See, just look at those youthful breasts and that wonderful smile,” Kat said referencing Kelsi. “And you’re so thin without looking sickly – enjoy that while you’re young. And Ricky, just look at those big arms and thick chest. Stand up straight, Ricky, you have a lot to be proud of,” Kat concluded as she and Tanya ogled their younger companions.

“OK, let’s all sit down,” Kat concluded.

“Now, lots of people look at sex as dirty and a feeling that should be repressed. What I teach is an open-minded philosophy. Sex can be enjoyed between adults who care about each other and are attracted to each other. Kelsie, have you ever found yourself feeling attracted to your brother? Maybe after looking at that muscular frame while he was laying out at the pool?”

“Do I have to answer…” Kelsie caught herself. “OK, fine… sure. As much as he grosses me out most of the time, I maybe wondered what would happen in a deserted island scenario. But that was just once…”

“That’s fine,” Kat responded. “What about your mother? Ever look at Tanya’s big beautiful breasts and wanted to know what they felt like?”

“Well, sure. If I’m being totally honest…”

“Wow, I’m a little flattered,” Tanya said with a smile.

“And you, Ricky? What are you thoughts on watching your sister wandering around the pool in the nude?”

“I mean.. I try not to notice? But, since we’re all being honest… sure. She’s hot. And we’re twins so it’s kind of like looking at a female me? Sort of?” he apologetically answered.

“And what about your mother? Have you ever looked into this beautiful full hips and wondered what she tasted like between these long slender legs?” Kat asked.

After her prompt, Ricky found himself staring into the bushy light brown hair poking out from behind her crossed legs and up to her thick hanging breasts.

“Yeah… I guess,” he whispered. “You know, I’m just curious.”

He stared down at a rock hard erection he could not attempt to hide.

“Oh, Ricky…” Kat crawled across the carpeted floor, her plump breasts hanging and swaying as she prowled toward her young prey. “You have nothing to be ashamed of. Let me help you relax.”

As Kelsie looked on with her mouth hanging open, Kat began to slowly stroke Ricky’s full staff erection. Her thin fingers twisted around the base while her free hand pulled Ricky’s chin upward until his eyes met her gaze.

“Mmmm… Kat. That feels so good,” Ricky muttered as his eyes rolled upward to the ceiling.

“Kelsie, why don’t you give your brother a hand. We’re all just trying to help each other out here, right?” Kat said while she continued her small tight strokes on Ricky’s veiny shaft.

“Really?” Kelise said, as she cocked her head to the side. She couldn’t hide the inquisitive look on her face.

As a wanton look overtook Kelsie’s lips, she leaned over to place her fingers around the ball peen hammered tip on her brother’s pulsing prick.

“It is kind of pretty. You care if I see how it tastes?” She thoughtlessly asked.

“Oh, please. Taste it all you want,” Ricky begged.

While Ricky looked down at the party in his lap, Kat worked her fingers through Kelsie’s tight blonde curls. The younger woman’s pink lips locked around Ricky’s circumcised head and then slipped downward until her cheek was stuffed with his manhood.

As Kelsie worked her tongue and lips around her brother’s eager cock, Kat backtracked to join their mother just a few feet away.

“See, I told you I have a way with young people,” Kat whispered into Tanya’s ear and then grabbed a fistfull of Tanya’s thick breast.

The two women locked lips and then circled up on the floor. Their tongues locked between each other’s welcoming labia. Ricky watched with glee as their faces occasionally peeked out between their dripping wet lower lips to watch Kelsie suck her brother’s throbbing member.

“Oh, god, Kat… This is better than I could have hoped!” Tanya laughed as she pulled her dripping mouth from between her lover’s legs. “Let’s go fuck my kids.”

With that, Tanya stood, letting her bell shaped breasts bounced as they fell against her chest. She trotted across the floor and placed a hand between her daughter’s thin shoulder blades.

“Would you like to watch me play with your sister’s nipples?” She asked Ricky as she pinched at the stiff pink nipples on the ends of Kelsie’s breasts.

“Yeah, mom. That’s really nice,” Ricky whimpered.

While she fondled her daughter’s bubbly breasts, Tanya presented her own full breasts to her son for him to handle. Ricky ran his fingers down the slopes from the top of her ribs to the saggy thick bases of her matronly breasts.

“Why don’t you have some fun with Kat while I help your sister out, ok,” Tanya suggested after she and Kelsie spent several minutes taking turns servicing Ricky’s cock. It had turned bright red now from the combination of spit coating the shaft and blood pumping just below the surface to keep him hard.

Ricky stood and watched Kat’s hips sway as she sauntered across the room to meet him. She reached up the tips of her toes to plant a long luscious kiss on his lips and pressed her thick round breasts into his tight athletic pecs. He could feel her puffy nipples compressing against his chest.

With a gentle press from Kat’s hand, Ricky took the hint and plopped down onto the sofa. The older woman spread her legs and straddled his pelvis. Her long fingers reached down to spread her thick wet labia and she lowered herself down Ricky’s hard aching shaft.

“Oh, god Kat. That feels so good,” Ricky moaned as she began to rock back and forth on his cock.

“What do you think of that?” She asked, directing his attention from the full rack in his face to the sight of his mother parked between his sister’s thin legs.

They were spread wide open so he could see his mother’s big round eyes staring up at Kelsie while her fingers pulled upward at her furry bush and her tongue dabbled across her clit.

“Oh! Oh my god, mom, you’re going to make me cuu-uuu-mmm!” Kelsie cried out as her ribs and breasts shook. Her hips rotated from side-to-side around her mother’s face, messing up her dirty blonde locks.

“I really like fucking you, Ricky, but I didn’t come here for my sake,” Kat sat, slowly her thrusts on top of her young lover.

The heavy chested woman rolled off Ricky’s lap and then pulled his mother up away from Kelsie’s crotch and toward her son. Under Kat’s control, Tanya spun and was then given some help lowering herself down toward her son’s waiting erection. Ricky guided his shaft past his mother’s hefty butt cheeks and into her slippery opening. Tanya moaned at the feeling of his thick manhood and then began to rock back and forth in his lap.

Not satisfied with merely pairing mother and son, Kat helped Kelsie to her feet and then guided the young minx to her knees in front of her bucking mother. Kelsie picked up on the older woman’s signals and extended her long tongue to the base of her brother’s full shaft. The warm wet tip slithered upward until it met with the base of her mother’s slit.

“Yes, honey, lick me. Use that little cum guzzling tongue on me,” her mother called down while she watched her daughter’s tongue pleasure the split between her legs.

Kat stood in front of the trio, one hand cupping a fleshy breast while the other hand slipped two fingers into her own aching opening. Kat watched Tanya’s soft belly contract and expand as an orgasmic wave seemed to ripple up her body.

“Oh, yes, Ricky, fuck me! Just hold me right there and fuck me!” Tanya wailed as her son placed his hands under her meaty thighs and rapidly rammed his his cock into her gushing slit.

When Tanya’s moans subsided, her daughter licked the shiny fluids from between her legs and then shared a sloppy wet kiss with her son. Tanya took Kelsie’s thin arms in her hands and tossed her daughter’s nubile body to the cushiony sofa. No words were exchanged as Keslie looked from her mother to her brother and then pulled her legs back until her knees bumped up against her pert breasts.

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