Anthropological Expedition


Anthropological ExpeditionAnthropological Expeditionnot from me!!!author:yourteddybearPart 1My name is Jack Duncan and I am a free-lance professional photographer. I specialize in unusual locales and natural science work, the kind you might find in National Geographic. My wife Debbie is an Anthropologist. I am 45 and Debbie is 32, we have been married for 10 years having met while she was in college and I was teaching a class in ancient cultures.We recently undertook a year long expedition into the remote rainforests along the Amazon to live with an indigenous tribe of Karaja Indians so Debbie could study their people, language, history, family structure, and rituals.The Karaja are one of 53 indigenous tribal peoples still living in isolation in Brazil. They are a peaceful people having been pacified in the 1970s. As you might expect they are small in stature, with the men standing 5’6″ on average and the women mostly 5’0″ to 5’2″. Their skin is a reddish brown in shade. Their ethnic features derive from pre-Columbian populations. They live in family groups usually comprised of 20 to 30 people. Although pacified, they speak only in their native tongue, and practice their own spiritual beliefs. Today they are primarily hunters and gatherers and move their location in the forest whenever they start to deplete their sustenance needs.We had hired a local guide and translator, Hoopoe, to take us up the Amazon and into the rainforest to find the Karaja. When we arrived we were greeted by the tribal elders with many people of the tribe standing nearby listening intently as Hoopoe explained who we were and our desire to live with them for 12 months and learn their ways. We learned that when they refer to themselves as a group they use the word Bide which means “we, the human beings.” After some elaborate communal greetings we provided a variety of gifts for the Bide and our mission was accepted. The rest of that day the whole tribe participated in building us a thatched hut to live in.That evening there was a celebration for the whole tribe which Hoopoe explained was their way to welcome us into their family. There was food, drink and dancing till late into the night. At one point during the festivities an elder boy with an elaborate dress and painted body performed a chant, and spilled powder into the fire which caused it to soar into towering, multi-hued flames. Hoopoe told us that he was the Magi. This meant he was their spiritual seer. I asked if this was not unusual for such an important position to be held by one of his youth. Hoopoe explained that the position was lineage and taught to him by his grandfather who had crossed over to the other world. With the exception of c***dren, the Bide do not recognize age as some right to status. By skill and knowledge when they are of age they become a hunter or warrior, or in his case, a Magi. Therefore they don’t question his standing. He is of the lineage of the Magi and it is to him they turn. His knowledge is worthy of his station.During the celebration the Magi animatedly spoke directly to us. Looking to Hoopoe he explained “Kayapo wants to know if there is something wrong with your skin?””Kayapo,” I quizzed?”The Magi is known to the Bide as Kayapo,” he said.”What does he mean by that? Does he refer to the color of our skin,” Debbie asked?”He means your coverings. He is wondering why you are concealed. Women do not cover their skin,” he explained.”Oh,” exclaimed Debbie, “please tell Kayapo there is nothing wrong with my skin. This is just our custom.”Hoopoe provided the explanation and there was a brief exchange of words and some somber whispering, and everyone went on about the meal. I asked what was said and he replied “she must be unfriendly because she is hiding her skin.” Debbie frowned at that but by then everyone was happily engaged in the celebration so the matter was dropped.When the celebrating was finished we went to our hut to sleep. Everyone slept on a grass mat, which they had kindly given to us. Due to the humidity and heat I slept in boxer shorts and Debbie used a long sleeve kaki blouse as a nightshirt.The next day we set up the equipment in the hut so we could perform our work. Computers and camera gear and video equipment so periodically we could review and edit the photography and send in pictures to various journals to get some money to keep our project funded.Over the next month we went about our plans to learn from the Karaja everything we could. My task was to get this down in a photo essay form, and Debbie’s was to tell the story.One evening after our meal Debbie and I sat talking about her progress. I was getting a lot of good photographs but the narrative that would go along with them was coming much more slowly. Debbie said “there is resistance or reluctance to share with me. There is some barrier between us that I can’t figure out.””The elders have given permission for the Bide to talk to us and show us their ways. What do you think is holding them back,” I asked?”I’m not sure exactly, but they seem to defer to Kayapo. It’s as if they are looking to him to recognize our mission and give his consent too,” she said.”Well, then maybe you should be spending more of your time building a relationship with Kayapo. He does seem detached from what we are doing. Maybe he wants you to come to him. Remember, he is the one with the wisdom of the ancients of the Bide,” I offered. “I have been thinking just that. There is something captivating about him but I can’t put my finger on it. Tomorrow I will try to communicate with him and see if I can win his consent. I am sure it won’t happen overnight, so we may be taking a short break from daily efforts until I can see if he will accept me,” she said.Over the next couple of weeks Debbie would spend time everyday sitting in front of Kayapo and talk and listen. She would come back at the end of each day with a budding excitement over the promising breakthrough she was making. Still the rest of the Bide would not plainly help her.She told me Kayapo explained that their family structure was built on a monogamous bond between a man and woman. The Karaja were 12 families with a total of 33 people ranging in age from new born to nearly 60 years for the eldest in the Bide.”Why do some of the women wear grass skirts and others don’t,” I asked?”The grass skirts signify that those women are unapproachable. They belong to someone. All the young c***dren go naked until they reach puberty. When a woman or girl becomes available she will wear no more than a simple chord with a very few pieces of grass for her skirt. Sometimes they wear other jewelry or trinkets and of course they have various body paintings or tattoos which are for decoration based on individual tastes. The paintings, tattoos, and jewelry are all based on tribal and family affiliations. Anyone familiar with their customs can tell which family a woman is from by her decorations,” she explained carefully.Then one night after we had settled in to sleep I heard a slight shuffling and opened my eyes and in the dim reflected light of the fire outside I saw Kayapo seated in a yoga pose on the opposite side of our hut. He was just looking intently at us. Debbie was facing me, her back to that area of the hut. Her eyes were open looking at me with a puzzled expression. I whispered “its Kayapo. He is sitting there watching us,” I said. He made no move and said nothing. Finally in the wee hours of the night I fell asleep. When I awoke in the morning he was gone.As we got up Debbie gleefully said “I could feel his eyes on me. I was so nervous. He wants something but I don’t know what it is.””Why don’t you ask him about it today,” I suggested?”I don’t think it is polite to be that direct. I will have to wait and see if he says something,” she answered.That night and for the next several nights he would appear in our hut, sit patiently on the mat opposite our sleeping mats and just watch us. One morning I told Debbie “its not that I am uncomfortable with his showing up and spending most of the night watching us, but I sure would like to know what is on his mind. He isn’t just looking in on us and he apparently is not there to talk. What do you think he is after,” I asked again?”He has never said anything and acts like nothing has happened,” she explained.Hoopoe cut in “he thinks you are unfriendly.””Unfriendly,” she questioned? “I have been trying to prove to him I want to be his friend. I thought we were making progress.”Hoopoe reminded her “you cover your skin.””That would explain his nightly call, he wants to see your skin,” I teased!I could see Debbie mulling this over during the rest of the morning. After lunch she had changed into an aboriginal style print sarong, tied above her breast. I watched from across the village as she approached Kayapo and kneeled in front of him. I could see her trying to speak to him in the Karaja native tongue, and then she slowly stood, standing quietly in front of him. I watched as she untied her sarong and opened it, holding her arms wide and then let the light material loose. It drifted like a feather to the ground at her feet. She was naked!Standing in the bright light I marveled at the magnificence of her body. Debbie does not look the part of a field anthropologist or a PhD for the matter. She has natural, wavy blonde hair atop a 5’6″ tall body. She has an hourglass figure and the most beautiful green eyes. Her breasts stand proud and supple on her chest with pink areolas the size of silver dollars and barely darker nipples. Her abdomen is flat and her hips possess a womanly flare, round and firm. I can see her light golden fleece barely covering her sex. I stare at her lovely body, my eyes tracing her silhouette, caressing the gentle swell of her firm butt. The contours of her shapely and lithe legs spawn a seductive, graceful suggestion in front of Kayapo. Her body, lightly tanned but pale in contrast to his dark skin, sways beneath the glare of the sun provoking a trance that lures my eyes. Her nipples, only slightly protruding, reveal she is at ease with her communal nudity.She kneeled down and bowed her head at the feet of Kayapo. I could not hear what was being said but she was addressing him. I saw pleasure on the face of Kayapo while an unusual still settled over the Bide as they were mesmerized by what Debbie had done. Finally, after some minutes she picked up her sarong and stood. Wrapping herself she walked toward me.”What was that all about,” I asked as she came and sat down beside me?”Hoopoe said Kayapo thought I was unfriendly. So I took your advice and I showed him my skin,” she said trembling. There was mischief in her smile.”Well, I loved the show. You looked stunning in the sunlight. I was so preoccupied I forgot to even take a picture. You will have to do it again so I can document it on film,” I goaded.”I offered myself to him,” she said breathlessly.”You showed him you were friendly,” I agreed.”Jack, women that are unavailable only show their breasts. Women who are available expose their whole body,” she said with a frown.”He knows we are married, the entire tribe was told that when we arrived. You told me that they are monogamous,” I reminded her.”Yes, they are monogamous. But they all saw me expose my body to him in front of you. In their tradition that means I am available” she explained.”Why did you take such a chance,” I demanded?”Do you want me to fail,” she asked pointedly? Our ignorance of the meaning of his question that first night has hindered my study. By covering my skin he believed I was hiding something. I had to prove that I wanted him to know me or it might undo my whole project.” I just shrugged my shoulders and shook my head, “I hope he knows the difference between a friendly knowing you and an available knowing you.””You told me to build a relationship with him. I couldn’t take the chance of half measures after this length of time,” was her retort. I was thinking build a relationship, not offer to have one but she was digging in her heels as she stormed away so I kept my mouth shut. That was the last of our discussion that day as we had work to do.When we settled in to sleep that night I was facing the opposite wall with a view of where Kayapo had sit in the past. Debbie was lying with her back to that wall of the hut. After a short while I heard the faint rustle of footsteps. I could see in the light reflected from the group fire outside that Kayapo was grandbetting giriş sitting staring at us. For over an hour in the flickering glow he simply sat there, no words and no movement. His eyes were just watching us. Finally Debbie whispered “I think he is here for me.” I sarcastically whispered back “I’m sure he is here to discuss your offer.”Debbie looked at me with disapproval in her eyes, then rolled over with her back to me and continued to lay there for a long time. The fire outside had died out to bright embers. Still he just sat there and looked. I could tell by her ragged breathing that Debbie was still awake and nervous. Abruptly she sat up crossed legged just looking back at him. It was if the two of them were carrying on some hushed conversation. She turned her face to me looking for guidance. Resentful, I simply nodded and mouthed “go”. She then got up and quietly walked the short distance to him and sat down a little to his side with her back to me.At this point I could feel my heart beating rapidly and the adrenalin in my system increasing the level of my own nervousness. In the faint light the red hues reflecting upon the subdued portrait of my wife and this boy was incredibly exotic. I was a foolish onlooker.I could see Debbie’s arms moving in front of her, still silently looking at Kayapo and him at her. No words were being spoken. Slowly I saw her pull her arms back and realized that she had unbuttoned her shirt. With one hand he reached in front of her and I imagined he was touching the soft, silky skin of her breasts. Motionless, I felt a jolt of sexual energy surge through my body. For several minutes I could see his arm moving as I was now certain he was fondling her. Then she reached up to her collar and smoothly slid the shirt off her shoulders. She slipped her arms from the sleeves and she was naked in front of him. He turned on his mat to face her and she turned to face him. I now had a full view of her in striking profile. The swell of her breasts and heave of her chest betrayed her arousal.I was torn as I watched him caress her body, touching tenderly and lightly every inch of her. He stroked her breasts, squeezing and gently pinching. I could see her nipples harden under the exploitation of his fingers as he squeezed and pulled them. He tickled her inner thigh and little by little traced a path to her most intimate feminine area. She arched and hung her head backward, her face to the roof. Her long hair falling like a mane, trailed down her back. Her hands were clenched into tight fists as she trembled. Although I could not see, I pictured his fingers pushing into her. I realized that he was touching her in a place that only I had known before. There was nothing lewd about this display. On the contrary it was a very erotic vision. I discovered the jealousy within me defeated by a voyeur’s hunger that I never knew existed. At this very moment I was full of lust watching this boy touching my wife. I saw her shudder in orgasm. At one point he leaned to suckle upon her nipple like a c***d as she embraced his head to her breast, the contrast in the color of their skin adding to the fire within me.At last he sat back and looked at her for some minutes and then rose and disappeared as if into thin air. The scent of her sex was heavy in the air. She lay back where she sat and fell asleep. I was exhausted by the experience myself and rather than going to her I closed my eyes to a fitful slumber.The next morning I got up early and went out to the group area to get something to drink and eat. I was sitting around the fire when Debbie came and sat down beside me. “I am sorry about last night,” she began. “Shush, no need to apologize,” I said.”I was tempted by him. It was as if his fingers were unbuttoning my blouse. Do you understand,” she asked? I nodded and said “He is fascinating.””I wanted him to feel me Jack,” she said.”What I saw last night was a sheer seduction. He seduced you with his touch and you surrendered,” I suggested.”I know and I feel so conflicted,” she sulked.”I am not angry or hurt,” as I strained a smile.”Are you troubled by what happened,” she asked daringly?”It was very erotic and sensual. And, it was unthinkable before last night. I was full of envy as I watched his hands touching you, to the point I had to do some early morning cleansing,” I answered.She smiled with assurance and walked away.I was in conflict. She did not seem the least bit distressed by what she had done. And I unwisely revealed I had an orgasm watching her. Thoughts but no clarity swirled more or less in my mind.Over the next week our days and nights were back to routine. Debbie was right about overcoming the resistance by exposing herself to Kayapo. Suddenly we found the Bide eager to share their stories and understanding. We would spend the mornings exploring and listening, book work and writing in the afternoons and after the evening meal we would socialize with the Bide and then retire to our hut and sleep.Then one night shortly after we had settled down to sleep I heard the whisper of feet and opened my eyes to see Kayapo seated across the hut looking at us again. Debbie had her back to me, facing the direction of where Kayapo was seated. In the faded light I could see he was looking at Debbie. Lying as quietly as I could I watched her breathing and listened to the rapid beat of my own heart.After several long moments she slowly sat upright. My emotions were charged to the extreme. I struggled to contain my breathing under control. I could feel the sexual heat in my loins and blood rush to harden my penis. The new found voyeur in me wanted Debbie to go to him and to watch her naked body with Kayapo again. But I was in turmoil, frightened of where that would surely lead. My mind and body were on fire fueled by anticipation, dread and desire.His eyes were focused on her. I could sense her excitement growing, and smell her arousal. She unbuttoned her shirt and quietly pulled it from her shoulders and arms, still sitting there. I looked at her supple, pale form in the dim light. I could see the swell of her hips and silky texture of her skin. Dread wanted to reach out and embrace her, but desire knew I could not without breaking the spell that was palpable around us. My heart was racing waiting for her next move.She silently rose and padded across the short span of dirt and sat down next to him facing me. Debbie momentary looked at me, her eyes searching mine, as I lay motionless in submission. Turning slightly to him, he reached a hand out and carefully cupped her breast. I could see his finger and thumb lightly flicking over her nipple. He then lay back drawing her breast to his lips as she turned her back on me and lay next to him.I saw her leg glide up and over and rest upon his hip. I saw his erect penis for the first time. Kayapo was indeed well endowed and not what you would expect of someone his physique. I would guess he was probably 6 to 7 inches long. What is more amazing is he was thick, possibly 2 times normal.The thought of seeing his immense cock slide into Debbie’s body prevailed over reason. I wanted her to have sex with him while I watched. I wanted to see the huge head of his cock slip past her vulva. I couldn’t help myself. If my dread didn’t somehow forbid this I knew desire was going to let her mate with him. I was frozen in anguish, emotionally frayed by the scene before my eyes. With her hand, Debbie grasped his throbbing penis and guided it to her wet opening. The pressure of his cock at her sex increased and I could see an abrupt slipping as the engorged head slid slightly between her soaked lips. She arched her back to help him enter her. Inch by inch he was taking her. I could see his cock pushing into the open folds of her wet vulva. I watched as Kayapo steadily inserted his thickening penis deeper and deeper into Debbie, penetrating her, as she willingly opened her sheath to him. Still he slipped within her until I could see his rigid cock probe fully into her. I knew he felt the warm folds of her pussy as his cock disappeared, pleasing her as if it belonged there.He stroked into her once, twice, and then again; it was the first time I’d ever seen her fuck. I felt guilty because it was tender, loving and shameless. A wrench of jealousy came over me to see Kayapo’s shaft, glistening with her secretions glide in and out of her body, his hands fondling her soft white breasts, and his lips nursing upon her nipples.Kayapo moved in and out of her for what seemed like an eternity as I watched his cock make only slow movements; nothing hard; nothing fast; just deliberate gentle fucking motions into her, then out of her, then back in, stretching her and filling her as I would not.I could clearly see how her pink lips were spread, how his penis fit firmly inside her, claiming her. Her soft folds had been shoved farther apart then ever before, and she had drawn him into her. I watched his dark body move in unison with her pale body. The two bound in a willful union. I could see her sex suckling his cock as it fucked in and out of her.She locked her legs around her lover as she dug her heels into his buttocks, pulling him into her, forcing his cock to fill her need until there was nothing left outside. Her hips rocked as he withdrew his hardness from within her. His muscles tensed as he began to drive harder into her. She turned her eyes to me, catching me in the pitch of my own desire and heaved her hips in defiance, meeting his thrusts, as if to affirm her choice of lover. I shook, captivated, watching the joining of their two bodies as Kayapo spent his seed deep within her.Over the next several hours they had sex time after time. I felt as much as I heard her soft cries at his every discovery of her. I saw her body rise to meet his power. I knew the familiar whimpers of her orgasms. I understood her sighs each time he spewed his seed within her. I was envious, troubled and euphoric by their mating. Finally after having exhausted my own arousal I fell asleep. In the morning I rose first and left to clean myself and get something to eat in solitude. I felt a need to relive last night and try to understand what happened and how I felt about it.Debbie soon came and sat next to me at the fire. She made herself some tea and sat quietly. In time she said “are you going to speak me?””I don’t know what to say,” I answered.”Do you hate me,” she asked?”No I don’t hate you, but I am torn. I am resentful yet I was full of lust as I was witness to the most intense, erotic vision I could imagine,” I said.”I am worried about you,” she stated.”I will be ok.” We sat quietly for many long minutes before I finally asked “How do you feel?””I feel wonderful. In my entire life I have never felt the oneness, the intimacy, and fulfillment I did last night with Kayapo. I experienced the most intense sexual release a woman can have with any lover,” she said tenderly.I felt a tightening in my chest as my heart twisted with her words. “You had sex with an unfamiliar person,” I said.”Jack, Kayapo made love to me,” she answered.”And you let him,” I said trying to keep my eyes from watering.”Yes, I wanted to please him,” she whispered, her eyes dropping to the ground. I could read her like a book. Last night she chose to have sex with Kayapo, and with that she was truly free from regret.”Well, what now? We still have almost 9 months of work left before we leave. What if he wants to continue this sexual relationship,” I asked?”Jack, I can’t now reject him,” she pleaded.”Are you implying you are willing,” I posed?”I need,” her voice trailed off momentarily. “Jack, I would like your understanding,” she finally said.”We haven’t had sex since we left Cambridge, and now I am to passively accept you having sex with Kayapo,” I restated my understanding.Bewildered I sat in silence rolling her words over and over in my mind. She wanted permission to have an affair with him?”Jack?” Her voice brought me back from wherever my mind had traveled.”I guess that is a decision you have to make. You understand the kind of risk you are taking,” I asked as calmly as I could while I was in turmoil inside? Nodding, she walked away.That night and for the next several nights Kayapo’s did not come to our hut. I was restless all night and distracted during the days. The days dragged on and it was difficult if not impossible to concentrate on my work. I was distressed over grandbetting yeni giriş the fact that Debbie had sex with Kayapo and that it had excited me, and that craving still existed within me wanting more. Several times I found myself watching Debbie from afar longing to see her with him again. Although I was distracted it did not seem to me that she was. In fact she seemed calm and more engaged than ever before. I hungered for Debbie to fulfill my perverted sexual feelings.At the evening meal one night I felt like an outsider. I listened as Debbie softly spoke with Kayapo. She seemed pleased with his response. As the social time wound down the Bide were leaving to their huts for the night in small groups. I got up and walked to our hut, stripped to my shorts and lay down on my sleeping mat. I watched Kayapo come in and lay down on the mat to the opposite side of the hut.She came in a few minutes later with the trace of smile on her lips. She was not surprised upon seeing Kayapo. She carefully went about removing her shirt, shorts and shoes she wore during the day. Undressed, she stood by her sleeping mat and paused looking at me.I was awed by the image of her bare body standing in the reflections of the firelight. She looked to be thinking and then slowly bent down looking me in the eye as if seeking forgiveness. She hesitated for a moment and then picking up her sleeping mat she turned and walked to where Kayapo was laying. He reached a hand up to her and she lay down facing him. I could see her kissing him and from time to time she would turn in a way that I could see his hands caressing her body. She had made a decision. I felt a heave in my chest and tears well up in my eyes.Until almost daybreak I watched my wife in a night long sexual embrace with this aboriginal boy, the Magi Kayapo. Finally I was able to fall asleep after the two of them, sexually spent, drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.We continued to work on the project and did not debate the past nor discuss the future. I could see that she was content with her decision and it showed in her work and energy. Debbie had moved her sleeping mat and belongings to be with Kayapo. Each night she went to him. I understood that in the tradition of the Bide she was declaring she belonged to him. Some nights I would sneak outside their hut and listen for the sounds from within no longer permitted to watch. I knew without seeing, the appetites and passions of her body were being satisfied by Kayapo.After about a month one morning she sat next to me drinking her tea.”Jack, I have something to ask you,” she began.However I was lost in my thoughts, not completely understanding how this situation came to be. My wife had given herself to the young Karaja Magi, and I had done nothing to prevent it. Desire had created a wicked craving to conceive this carnal affair. Dread twisted my perversion into a sickness in the hollow of my stomach.”Jack, you aren’t listening,” she anxiously repeated.The consequence of her words, taunting dread and teasing desire, thundered in my ears. “I am pregnant!” Part 2″I’m pregnant,” kept drumming in his ears along with the throbbing pressure in his head. Suddenly thrashing and gagging Jack bolted up mumbling “I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant!”Debbie, cradling his head in her lap and toweling the sweat from his brow scolded “You are something else Jack. No, you are not pregnant, just excessively drunk! You have been u*********s for hours.”Opening his eyes Jack could only make out the faintest figure before him. Blinking his eyes his sight finally cleared and he was staring into the face of his wife, Debbie. “I feel sick to my stomach, I think I’m going to throw up,” he choked.”It would serve you right. Our first night with the Bide and you make an ass of yourself by drinking too much. It’s a wonder you are alive,” Debbie explained.”Ayahuasca,” injected Hoopoe.”What,” asked Jack? Slowly coming to his senses Jack looked around and saw Hoopoe with a big toothless grin sitting with his legs athwart on the sleeping mat across the hut.”Ayahuasca, it is a hallucinogen, Jack. The Bide men drink it like beer, but it is much more potent and can cause hallucinations. You have been rambling that you are pregnant,” she laughed nervously.He was hallucinating? It all seemed so real. “I need some water,” he pleaded as he felt the contents of his stomach growl forth. “I am so exhausted, can we talk about this in the morning,” he asked? Nodding, she laid his head down and covered him. As he closed his eyes he tried to recall what exactly he had imagined. Through a fitful night he alternated between recurring sexual dreams involving Debbie which he couldn’t seem to identify with. Finally, exhaustion overtook him and his dreams gave way to a deep sleep. He awoke feeling energized instead of drained like a hang-over usually leaves you. He quietly arose and went to the gathering area to make some tea and try to remember the events of the night before.Debbie soon joined him as the Bide were also beginning to stir. Their daily routine generally did not begin early in the morning, but rather mid-morning as they often slept in, unless the hunters were going out. “Jack, I am so relieved that you are ok. I was frightened to death when you started having a seizure last night,” she said.”I guess I made a fool of myself,” he stated flatly.”It is not unusual for the men to have convulsions and other frightening reactions to the drink. It’s just that they are used to it. That drink is used mostly in ceremonies and by the Magi in a strong potion. Since you are not that accustomed to it, it would have been better to have drunk a lot less,” she admonished.Over the next couple of months they fell into a routine where Jack spent the day taking photographs and Debbie would spend the day interviewing individuals, participating in daily chores and learning the various crafts like making baskets, cloths, utensils, and meals. Each night they would gather their notes from the day and prepare a log of their activities. Hoopoe would spend nearly the entire day with Debbie helping as an interpreter and at night would teach them the Karaja’s native language.As a professional anthropologist Debbie’s approach to her work involved experimental immersion and participatory observation. Basically it meant she would live as the Bide not just among the Bide so her knowledge came from first hand experience and not just general observation.During this period both their language skills grew rapidly and soon Jack was able to communicate well enough that he began to develop a close personal relationship with Minjue, the tribal elder. Sitting quietly together there was a bond that Jack could feel. He liked Minjue and had come to respect his calm leadership of the Bide and knew they followed him not from a position of authority, but rather because of his serene manner and selfless wisdom.One afternoon sitting in the shade of a Curandero tree Minjue said to Jack “I saw your dream. You are troubled but should not be. Ayahuasca show what is in the heart,” nodding as if confirming his understanding.Jack frequently found himself immersed in the dream from his first night with Bide. Confused by what Minjue saw he asked “What dream?””The dream on your face,” he answered looking off into the distance.He was wise but how much could he see on Jack’s face?”Do not worry what is in your heart. She will take a husband,” he said rising and walking off into the gathering area.For the rest of that day Jack brooded over what Minjue had said that Debbie would take a husband! He was distressed by the sexual vision but it excited him as well. He was full of both dread and desire, and yes it troubled him.That evening sitting in the gathering area Hoopoe was very animated and laughing. He wasn’t a Karaja but of a different tribe. He was of African heritage, coal black. He was about Debbie’s height, slightly built as were nearly all of the jungle peoples. His hair was speckled with grey. He had a broad flat nose and a wide mouth. His hands were large for his stature and hardened by years of toil.Jack remembered when Debbie accepted this project she went in search for a guide and translator. A Brazilian outfitter suggested Hoopoe. They said he was elderly, in his mid-seventies but very fit and capable. At first Debbie was reluctant because of his age, but she knew enough to listen to the outfitter. She hired him when she found he knew the jungle and the language and his energy put her at ease.Listening in on the conversation Hoopoe was telling Debbie he was like her husband. He protected her, showed the ways of the jungle, and hunted food. He explained this made him very happy to have a family once again.Like a husband Jack thought as he drank of the Ayahuasca again, but more slowly. Soon the Bide started to leave to their huts for the night. Debbie said “I think I will get ready for bed too.” She left to the hut to change into her night shirt.Nodding Jack sat and sipped on his drink quietly staring at the red and yellow hues of the fire sitting along side of Hoopoe. Bizarre thoughts swirled inside his mind. Hoopoe and Debbie had built a very close bond. Had he become her protector and mentor in a way that Jack had taken for granted? Were these strange dreams he was having an involuntary jealousy?It was the rainy season and common for torrential rains with terrible thunder and lightening. During the night a horrifying wind began to blow with thunder that seemed to shake the ground. A sudden flash of lightening and the strike of thunder caused Debbie to bolt upright, frightened by the nearness of the hit. Shaking she lay back down facing toward Hoopoe.Jack looked toward Hoopoe and could see his eyes were open looking intently at Debbie. He stretched one arm toward her with hand open and Debbie reached and put her hand in his. Smiling he squeezed her hand reassuringly. Jack realized it was true, Hoopoe had become her protector.The next days turned to weeks and before he knew it they had been with the Karaja for nearly 5 months. Debbie had immersed herself in the ways of the Karaja. Simple things like a daily bathing ritual for the women only, to participating in the rite of passage for youngsters when they became adults. She cooked meals and gathered nuts and roots from the jungle and caught fish in the streams. She had learned their language and dances, songs and stories.Jack for his part in the project maintained a professional removal from these behaviors. As a photographer his role was to capture their way of life on film. To do so he practiced an art of being hidden from view so he could capture the reality of life without affecting it by his overt presence. He wondered if this practiced invisibility was also contributing to the growing closeness between Debbie and Hoopoe. Had he become indiscernible to her as well?His only personal attachment to the Karaja was his relationship with Minjue. He considered the elder a close friend. He was friendly with all the rest of the Bide, but he had a special relationship with Minjue, he confided in him and took counsel from him.This morning while sitting around the gathering area, Minjue came and sat with him. “You are not happy with the Bide,” he asked?”The Bide are a wonderful family, why do you ask,” Jack replied?”Your face shows you are still troubled by your dreams. Ayahuasca has given you a vision,” he explained matter-of-factly. “You are not with joy because of this vision,” he continued?Jack thought deeply about this question. A voyeur had been exposed in himself that devoured the sensuous ecstasy of Debbie’s sexuality. But his moral breadth rebuked these feelings and carried remorse and anxiety to his heart. He didn’t understand how he could be joyous about wanting to see his wife with another?”I have mixed feelings,” Jack explained. “What troubles me is I don’t understand the vision.”Minjue thought about this for a while and then abruptly said “we will call upon Yurupari in the maloca tonight,” and he rose to his feet and strode off to the Magi hut.Jack went in search of Hoopoe to find out what Yurupari and maloca meant. He found him at the clearing near the river fishing. He explained to Hoopoe that Minjue had said they would call upon a Yurupari in the maloca tonight and asked “what does that mean?””It is a tribal ritual with Ayahuasca that begins at sunset and takes place in the maloca, or longhouse. grandbetting güvenilirmi Yurupari is a spirit that is asked to influence fertility, and for improving the man’s prestige over women,” he answered.At sunset Minjue gathered the Bide in the maloca. The men sat in a circle around a small fire and the women and c***dren sat in the back in the dark. Minjue asked Jack to sit next to him, a place of honor.Minjue leaned toward Jack and explained “The Magi Kayapo will call upon Yurupari. We will drink now and visit your vision.”Over the next two hours the men drank and played drums and flutes and sang. In the back the women joined in the song with a shrill laughter. Jack had soon lost count of the gourds of Ayahuasca he had. He felt numb but not drunk. The Magi suddenly halted the singing and motioned to the darkened back for someone to come forth. Jack looked up and saw Debbie step into the ring of men and stand before Kayapo. She was wearing an aboriginal style print sarong, tied above her breast. She was handed a gourd of Ayahuasca to drink. Jack could see her sway as she drank. The music started again, this time instead of singing the men chanted.Debbie had become the center of attention. He could see her speaking to Kayapo in the Karaja native tongue, and then she slowly stood standing quietly in front of him. Although he could not hear the words of Kayapo, she seemed to know what was expected. He watched as without questioning she untied her sarong and opened it, holding her arms wide and then let the light material loose. It drifted like a feather to the ground at her feet. She was naked!Standing in the flickering fire light Jack marveled at the magnificence of her body. The fire danced a reflection on her skin as she turned slowly so all those circling the fire could see her. His eyes were drawn to her breasts standing proud and supple on her chest with areolas the size of silver dollars and soft pert nipples. Her trim waist flared to shapely, sensuous hips. A light golden fleece veiled her vulva. Her nipples, only slightly protruding, revealed she was at ease with her nudity. His eyes traced her silhouette, caressing the gentle swell of her rounded bottom. Her body lightly tanned swayed beneath the glare of the fire light teasing his eyes. He felt his heart beating in his chest as if trying to free itself of confinement.Debbie was slowly rocking her hips back and forth in a languid motion. Jack gazed, captivated by her exhibitionism. He recalled from his dream that exposing her entire body meant she was showing her availability. He sensed a torrential wave of sexual arousal wash over him as he looked upon her. Knowing that all of the Bide were watching the naked body of his wife dancing fed his new found voyeurism.Hoopoe rose and stepped into the circle with her, removing his loin wrap in the process. Now both he and Debbie danced naked in the ring of fire. He picked up a gourd and poured the contents over Debbie’s body, then poured some on his hands. He started to caress her, rubbing the oily substance over her skin. His large black hands on her pale skin fashioned an exotic image to Jack. He held her breasts in his hands and rubbed his thumbs over her nipples, sliding one hand down to her vulva her inserted a finger into her. Sliding his oily hands down her legs her massaged her skin with a physical simplicity that excited Jack. He moved around to her back and caressed the oily substance all over her stopping to cup the cheeks of her bottom. He tenderly pushed a long finger completely into her anus as Jack watched Debbie quiver and rise to her toes in response.Minjue leaned over to Jack and whispered “he is claiming her.”Minjue’s words fell on deaf ears. The Ayahuasca had affected Jack’s judgment and the only emotion he was feeling where those fueled by the purely sexual exhibition of Debbie in front of him. The vision was erotic and his cock was pulsing to the rapid thump of the inferno coursing through his veins.Debbie had now taken the gourd and poured the oily substance over Hoopoe and was oiling his coal black skin with her hands. She took his inflamed cock in her tiny hands and started to rub back and forth. Kneeling in front of this naked black man her tongue bathed the swollen tip. Cupping his testicles in one hand she bowed her head as the soft skin slid across her tongue, the head probing into the back of her throat. She pressed down until he was totally in her, her lips stretched and jaws wide apart. She worked her tongue around as she lifted her face from him, stopping to suck and explore the tiny hole on the head.Jack watched enthralled as his eyes burned with lust as her mouth savored the rigid black cock. Opening her mouth she kissed the head of his penis and then engulfed it completely, taking him as deep as he would go into her throat. With her hand cupping his sack and squeezing lightly she moved her head up and down his stiff member.Minjue leaned to Jack and whispered “she has accepted him. The Magi will now bind them as husband and wife.”Jack heard the words but didn’t grasp the implication. Kayapo came forward and the music and chanting stopped. Debbie stood up still holding the turgid cock in her hands. Hoopoe stepped into Debbie so their bodies were pressed together. Jack could glimpse her breasts burning into the black skin of his chest. Kayapo used a woven chord with strands of grass and tied it around their combined waist, binding them together. A grass skirt thought Jack, meaning she was now unavailable!Hoopoe kissed Debbie on the lips as she opened her mouth to accept his tongue in a deep, passionate kiss. The men began their music and singing again with the shrill trilling of the women and c***dren in the back in a joyous celebration. Minjue stood and pronounced the Yurupari complete, and turning to Jack he said “my son, Yurupari has lifted your burden and offered her a husband and she has accepted him.” With that the Bide all rose and left the longhouse.The celebration however was far from over. The Bide moved to the gathering area and the festivities continued with music and dancing and laughter. Jack sat next to Minjue watching as Debbie and Hoopoe joined the people in their dance and song.Jack gazed as Debbie slowly rocked her hips back and forth in a languid motion, building a craving within him he knew long ago. He felt the heat of the fire on his skin, and could see the flames licking at the sky, and in the shadows, the Bide as they knelt in the sand.Jack stared, captivated by Debbie’s explicit exhibitionism. He felt a torrential wave of arousal wash over him watching the naked body of his wife writhing on the sand in a dance next to Hoopoe. He saw Debbie dig her heels in as she bucked her hips upward meeting the imaginary thrusts of a lover. With her face contorted and whipping her head back and forth she continued the rhythmic pumping of her hips into the air, up and down in tempo until her muscles tensed and she shuddered for several moments.Sometime around midnight the Bide started to leave for their huts. Jack watched as Debbie and Hoopoe also went to their hut. Jack was immensely turned on and followed, not knowing exactly what awaited him.As he entered the hut he saw Debbie lying with Hoopoe. She offered him the warmth of her naked body. Burying his face against her soft breast his lips drew on a nipple. Jack could see his tongue taunting her causing a quiver deep inside. A hand cupped her other breast, teasing the soft skin around her nipple with a loving touch. She gently caressed his face feeling the smooth texture of his dark skin. With her fingers she lightly traced along his lips nursing from her breast.He could smell the scent of her sexual arousal. Hoopoe lifted his face from her breast as his lips reluctantly let her nipple slip from between them. Her soft lips parted as she felt the electric thrill of his tongue touching hers. The kiss was tender at first, then demanding as he pressed his lips hungrily into her.Debbie could feel the unmistakable warmth of Hoopoe’s penis against her belly. Reaching down she touched him then held him unable to close her fingers around his thickness. Laying back on the woven grass mat Debbie spread her legs in submission. He drew her nipple into his mouth as she cradled his head to her. His tongue pressed her nipple as he sucked. She could feel the sensation deep within her womb as her clitoris hardened and she felt an orgasm course through her body.With her hand, Debbie guided his throbbing penis to her wet opening. The pressure of his cock at her sex increased as the engorged head slid slightly between her soaked lips. She arched her back to ease his entry. Inch by inch she was giving herself to this old black man. His cock was pushing into the open folds of her moist vulva. She felt the delicious warmth as his thickening black penis slide deeper and deeper into her, penetrating her, as she willingly opened her sheath to him. Erotic sensations were willing her to press against him until his firm cock probed fully into her. The warm pink folds of her pussy enveloped his black cock as it claimed her.He stroked into her once, twice, and then again. Her lust had created an ache of desire for this mating. His shaft, glistening with her secretions slid in and out of her body, his hands fondling her soft white breasts, and his lips suckling upon her nipples.He moved in and out of her for what seemed like an eternity as his cock made slow deliberate fucking motions into her, then out of her, then back in, stretching her and filling her.Her pink lips spread wide, as his penis fit firmly inside her, possessing her, her soft folds reveling at the feel of this unfamiliar cock. Her lover’s black body moved in unison with her pale body. She felt shameless bound in this willful mating, her sex suckling his cock as it fucked in and out of her.She locked her legs around him as she dug her heels into his buttocks in orgasm, pulling him into her, forcing his cock to fill her need until there was nothing left outside. Her hips rocked as he withdrew his hardness from within her. His muscles tensed as he drove harder into her. She heaved her hips meeting his thrusts. He lurched and Debbie felt his seed spill into her womb.Sated she lay exhausted to his side kissing his face. She opened her mouth to his tongue and drank at his lips. Jack awoke from a deep sleep, startled by something he could not remember. He rolled over to find Debbie asleep in the arms of Hoopoe. He lay quietly remembering the night. A forlorn dread crept over him as he gazed at her breasts cupped in unfamiliar black hands. It wasn’t a dream anymore. Carefully he got up and walked outside in the early morning dawn. The cool air was fresh and signaled a new day. He went to the stream to bath and tried to wash the memory of the night before from his body and soul. Afterward he walked to the gathering area and made some tea and sat sipping it.Soon Debbie appeared next to him. She poured a cup of tea for herself and sat next to Jack saying nothing. He knew what she would say as he had foreseen it all before.”I am sorry about last night,” she began. Jack didn’t reply, so in time she said “are you going to speak me?””I don’t know what to say,” he answered.”Do you hate me,” she asked?”I am resentful,” Jack said. “You humiliated me in front of the whole tribe. You recklessly had sex with that old black man. In fact you married him if I understand the ceremony. Was it the Ayahuasca?””I can’t blame the Ayahuasca,” she said.”That first night here when I got drunk on the Ayahuasca I had a vision of your infidelity. It has troubled me since,” he explained. “What if he wants to continue this sexual relationship?””Jack, I can’t now reject him. I married him last night. He is my husband in the eyes of the Bide. My whole project would be at risk,” she pleaded.”Are you suggesting you are truly prepared to live as his wife,” I posed?”Yes,” her voice trailed off momentarily. “Jack, I want to be his wife and give him the family he has given up to bring us here,” she finally said.Those words struck a chord of lament in Jack. “I don’t sense pity in your voice. It sounds like desire to me,” he declared.”I know its taboo and in our society adultery. But I had to taste the salty blackness of his skin and feel his seed burning within my womb,” she answered unequivocally.Jack knew what she wanted and he knew she would get it. Desire had created a wicked craving that conceived this carnal affair. Dread twisted his perversion into a sickness in the hollow of his stomach. Yurupari had shown him the consequence of his desires. He didn’t stop it instead he wished it. Soon her words would thunder in his ears when she would come to him one day and say “I’m pregnant!”

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