Blown by Daddy (but not like you think!)


Blown by Daddy (but not like you think!)I knock on the door of the cell that i share with my new Daddy. I feel so excited because i’ve been all prettied up in other cells, by inmates, and i really look like a sex machine! Daddy will like me a lot better now! But i’m also scared because i have blown another cock, and he will probably not like that…Also, i have learned that i will want to suck other cocks too, even while i am with Daddy…I just hope he will approve…I knock i and i hear a “come in Candy”. I thread in on my high heels, trying to look as seductive as i can. Ass backwards, belly forward and shoulders back. He looks at me approvingly. This silver grey, goatee bear, bald head, and his big cock loosely in his hand, he looks so good! I feel a rush of love surging through me for him, and i start him a little dance. He keeps on slowly jacking his cock, and he says i look great, he likes what he’s seeing, a nice girl in the right attire, with luckily, the right man in her company. He yanks me down and pulls at my lips with his finger. Did you put that makeup on yourself? Do you know how to do that yourself now? And i tell him all about the shemale that taught me how to apply makeup, also my eyelashes, and smoky eyes. Again he approves, and pushes his cock in my mouth, no foreplay, just mouth fucking. My lipstick is soon all over his veiny cock.Meanwhile, he’s telling me how wonderful i have done today. That he knows about me blowing the guard and swallowing it. I’m shattered…He knows!! I start to blow betsobet yeni giriş him as best i can, hoping that will keep him in a good mood. But he just continues, by saying that it was a test and that i passed with honour. He would never have a boy that could say “No” to cock, any cock. That would indicate cock-rejection, and with his boys, he would have none of that. I felt so relieved that, while he’s saying this, i’m cumming without using my hands! Well i’m catching my load in my hand of course 🙂 Yeah baby he says, that’s nice isn’t it, to know that i fully accept and encourage your gay feminine side, sweetheart…I’m throbbing my last drops out into my hand. We lie back toghether, and while he kisses my cheeks, i’m playing with the cumpuddle in the palm of my hand, dipping my tongue in it. He feels so hot against my face, his beard making him so masculine and strong, and me, totally bald and smooth in my fishnets and spicy hot little wig. He’s making love to me with his hands, his mouth, his cock rubs against my leg, and he kisses me between cumlicks. The smell of my own cum renders me completely submissive to him now. And he still has to cum…Heaven!He ties me up to bed, ass up, and gets between my legs. I’m fully open and vulnerable to him, my ass is bared just by a hole in the fishnet stocking, so i am “accessible” if needed 🙂 Here i am. Used by a gay bear, for his sexual pleasure. And just loving it. Okay i’m a gay bitch, too bad for others then: fine by me and very happy betsobet güvenilirmi with it because it will give me lots of great perverse dirty sex right? So i’m openly moaning when he touches my smooth manpussy. And massages my buns. “I am gonna fuck your sweet cumhole so long you’ll never want it out again baby…You are my little Candy now aren’t you? Tell me sweetie, do you like your new name? Me, I love it…means you’re candy to men of course…When i introduce you to another guy, you will offer him a “Hi, i’m Candy, nice to meat you…”He uncovers a little brown bottle and keeps it under my nose. His cockhead is resting on my ass crack. That must be what they call POPPERS!! I realise that i am now gonna do, what i’ve seen so many gay sluts do: popper-greed and then going totally loose…I WANT THAT!!! So, i quickly close one hole and take a deep tug through the other hole. I repeat. And again, and i feel his cock getting heavier and heavier…I want him in me now so much, i am bucking my ass back into him, moaning at him to GET TO IT and pump it into me hard…I am sure other inmates are hearing us, but i don’t care. Of course it is only natural and normal for a Dad to consume his “marriage” right? I feel him drop a spitload on his mushroam and push it in me, and i feel in heaven…His cock feels so good in me, we’re fucking together and i tell him that i want another Popper hit. Very good baby, my little ass slut is getting the hang of it, i can see you are loving it, you degraded betsobet giriş dirty cumboy…”His cock stays still, deep in my pussy and i’m cramping my sphincter around his cock to keep him aroused, as he feeds me the stuff that helps me feel more and more gay. He starts pumping again, holding me tight down to the bed. I can’t move my ass, he has tightened the ropes and i can only moan that it “feels so good, Daddy”, “never stop Daddy”, and “thank you so much Daddy”, all while he’s going faster and faster, and i feel him getting thicker and thicker…And then i feel a giant blow against the back of my head, i dizzy out but i can still hear him grunt over me, like a pig: “OOOwwww yes baby that’s so good, i just LOVE it when an asshole clenches tight around my cock, when i smack a guy in the back of his head….Asshole always do that you know, the brain tightens the sphincter as hard as it can, and that’s a very good time to have your cock in it”…And while he says that i feel hot spurts of cum being shot into my cock-locking asshole, and i know immediately that i am now addicted to this. I’m cumming, right into the sheets. What a rush…Maybe this sounds strange, i should be mad with him, but i was not. This actually made me love hime even more: he had accepted me as a cocksucker for others, he was thrilled with my new looks, he clearly loved me and he breeded my cumhole, my new dear dear Daddy!We end up making love, after he has untied me, we kiss and he tells me that he had a great ejaculation. Me too Dad, and we fall asleep together. During the whole session, i have not noticed the little webcam on the ceiling, filming our every move. In the next episode however, i will find out that i have passed my audition, and that i will be doing a lot of “acting” in the future…Bummer26, at hotmail.com

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