catching up


She was nervous. She hadn’t seen him for years. She could still feel the weight of his body on hers. A kiss that was deep, passionate and left her wanting more. She shook her head, ridding herself of the memories. Mr. Wise has always been sweet and listened to her, but his own life was in shambles. Things were different now. She checked her hair one last time and finished her make up with blood-red lipstick, glossy and inviting. She kissed her husband good-bye and left for a night out with some old friends. She arrived to warm hugs. They were a little older, a little grey and needing a break from the routine. Catching up was fun and was funnier as the drinks kept flowing. The air was warm and the breeze welcome. The more they imbibed, the closer they got. Mr. Tall went to get another round, leaving her with the Mr. Wise, who admitted a long-ago almanbahis crush, she giggled coyly and finished her drink. She knew she was flirting, but there was nothing wrong with that… Was there? Mr. Tall one returned handing her a drink and brushing her arm. The touch filled her with electricity. The bar filled up; they moved closer. An accidental touch on the calf, whilst crossing her leg sent yearning through her. Whose leg was that? Muscle well-defined and familiar. The old stories of when they were young and carefree flowed forth, so long ago, but still clear. The music turned up it became harder to hear each other. “What did you say?” She leaned into Mr. Tall, so he could repeat the punch line. His breath warm on her skin, she became lost in his scent. “Sorry I missed it again,” she moaned. This time he grabbed her ear lobe in his teeth, almanbahis yeni giriş a little hard, but she liked the pain and craved more. She blushed, hoping Mr. Wise didn’t see. Confused, this shouldn’t happen, but it caused a deep shiver inside her. Mr. Wise dropped the lighter and as he bent down, his face grazed at her ankle. God she was in trouble. A little flirting, a few more drinks, it was time for her to use the ladies’ room. She stumbled a little; they got up to catch her. Those stairs look steep. “I might need a little help here boys,” she growled. Each took an arm. Down the dark stairs, around the corner into the dingy bathroom they led her. She got inside, looked in the mirror asking herself, “Would it be wrong?” She loved her husband, but he couldn’t hurt her, the way she liked. She turned on the taps and thought about almanbahis giriş what her limits really were. The liquid courage took over, making decisions faster than she could think. She sat up on the sink, legs spread and called out, “I’m ready.” Mr. Tall was the first one through the door. The look of shock lasted long enough for him to ask, “Are you sure?” She answered by lifting her skirt. She licked her middle finger and lowered it slowly, under her panties, to her already swollen clit. Mr. Wise locked the door behind them, they both stared at her. Mr. Tall took over. “Get down,” he said in a deep authoritative voice. Mr. Wise grabbed her wrists and put them behind her. “Tighter,” she whined. “Shut up!” He spat back. Her lips quivered in anticipation. She needed to be punished. She wanted the hurt that felt so good. Mr. Wise turned her around, arms above her head while Mr.Tall pushed her down her face inches away from Mr. Wise’s hard and thick erection. He lifted her skirt over her back, pulling her panties around her ankles, exposing her and binding her ankles.

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