CD meeting


CD meetingIt was mid-morning and a CD friend was passing through, I got a text asking if I wanted my cock sucking, well I don’t need asking twice lol. I told Jo that I wouldn’t be able to dress up, she said that was no problem. We were to meet in a layby on the A30 just up from Chiverton Cross, at the time there were roadworks taking place so the traffic was not moving very fast. As I adiosbet yeni giriş drove to meet Jo my heart was racing and I was trembling with excitement and fear, this was to be the first time I had met with a crossdressser. I pulled up in front of her crewcab pickup she was using to do a delivery. She exited her vehicle and walked to mine, dressed in a blonde wig, adiosbet giriş sunglasses, fur coat, white blouse, mini skirt, black tights n high heels, the traffic was only a few feet away and she couldn’t have gone un-noticed. Jo opened the passenger door and got in she looked really sexy, after a brief chat we returned to the back of her vehicle. We started to fondle each adiosbet güvenilirmi other I was running my hands up her nylon clad legs and over her panties feeling her excitement growing inside the soft material. Then whilst I was wanking her and caressing her ass she bent down and started sucking my smooth cock and squeezing my balls, as she continued to do this I could see the traffic passing by slowly, it wasn’t long before I was shooting my load in her mouth, after a quick chat we said good bye and said we would meet again. I got out and went back to my car the traffic was still moving slowly if only they had known what had just happened lol xx

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