Cooking With Nigella Lawson – Part I


Cooking With Nigella Lawson – Part II’ve always had a crush on Nigella Lawson and I often watched her on TV and I could never help myself in jerking off while I watched her on the screen. She was the perfect woman in my eyes, long brown hair, enchanting eyes, full figure with more than ample breasts and a fine voluptuous ass.I happened to come across a competition one day on TV offering the winner the chance for her to come to your home, cook dinner and to teach you some cooking secrets and to eat with her at home. I jumped at the chance at entering, even though I knew that the odds were slim and I never win anything but I had to enter for the chance.I entered the competition by answering the really easy question and I thought nothing else of it for the following week until the closing date, when a phonecall came and I was told that I was the lucky winner. I couldn’t believe my luck when the phone operator at the other end congratulated me. I was super excited and it made me hard there and then and I had to jerk off at all the fantasies that ran through my mind, not that I was expecting any of them to come true. The date was the following week.The day came and she was at my door. I was so excited at meeting this beauty I could hardly contain myself. I invited her in and I showed her to the kitchen, she had brought some things with her to cook, along with a signed book of hers. She was phenomenally more gorgeous in person türbanlı adapazarı escort and I tried so hard not to get a super erection in her presence.I helped her tie off her apron, which really turned me on as I had to have a good look at her ass and she helped me put on my apron. I was so horny by now and I tried to hold in my surging horniness and we began preparing the dinner.She had brought a couple of steaks, vegetables, gravies, sauces, some cake mix, cream, everything. She brought out some pots and pans and she showed me how to fully cook the steaks to perfection. “How you do a proper steak is sear it lightly in oil” she said as she heated up the pan. Even this sounded extremely sensual to me. “Lightly braze the steaks in the pepper marinade” she went on, making me even more horny.She explained things as she helped me cook the steaks and vegetables. Once finished we went into the dining room to eat the finely cooked steak dinners. We sat at each end of the table and we talked as we ate the food, which was excellently made. I was lost in her fine, brown eyes. She was so lovely, more lovely in person than I could have ever imagined. I was smitten. We spoke and ate.After we finished, we went back into the kitchen to clear up. She put her apron back on and she offered to do the washing up. I said that I would do it but she insisted and I tied off the türbanlı adapazarı escort bayan apron again, this time I got in a little too close, I couldn’t help myself and she then felt my erection brush up against her. She looked over her shoulder and coyly smiled and gave a sly chuckle. I think that she really knew that I wanted to fuck her so much and I moved in even closer, pressing my cock up against her and I wrapped my arms around her.I started to kiss her at the base of her neck at the shoulder. She groaned as I passionately kissed and licked her neck and cheek. Her ass pressed against my cock, making me super horny and she could feel my super hard cock and she wanted it. My hands made their way down to her crotch. She turned around and embraced me. Our mouths and tongues locked. I lifted her up on to the counter. She spread her legs and I went down onto my knees and I went under the apron and before I knew it both her trousers and underwear were down and I was licking her out.Her legs were wrapped around my head and her awesome thighs clung to each side of my face. She flung her head back as my tongue made its way around her clit and up her pussy. My hands held onto her fine ass. I licked and sucked away at her pussy and I soon pulled away and she had taken off her apron and her legs were spread apart, showing me her pussy, ready for full penetration. türbanlı escort adapazarı My cock was harder than it had ever been.I had dropped my trousers and she smiled at my hard cock. I stepped forward and I made my way deep into her pussy. She gasped as I made myself inside her. We were pressed against each other as went deeper into her. She was still on the counter and she wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs were wrapped around my waist and she held me firmly in place.We looked lustfully into each other’s eyes as I started thrusting in her pussy. Our eyes were firmly locked into each other’s. I couldn’t help but go fast from the get go, I was so horny. With her tits pressed up against me I was so excited. Our bodies entwined and we were so deeply interlocked.I thrusted faster and harder and I couldn’t hold myself back as I wanted this to last for as long as possible but my body just had to fuck this beauty as she like Aphrodite incarnated in a real woman. Nigella didn’t seem to mind me fucking her hard and fast on the kitchen counter.I was getting harder and faster in my thrusts and our eyes still locked together. I found myself coming. I tried to stave off coming but this perfect being was so enticing and enchanting. I finally came inside her pussy. I sighed with relief and I leaned forward to kiss her and stayed there for a few moments in post fucking escasy, breathing heavily and sweating.I finally withdrew, she tried to keep me there for a little while longer but I needed to relax for a minute. She looked forlorn and she wanted more.As she slid off the counter and did up her trousers she offered to stay the night. I was made slightly turned on again at this thought. “Maybe I’ll make you breakfast too”. I smiled broadly at her and she knew that was a great idea in my mind.

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