Dare 01



Julie drew her silver sedan into the kerb and parked it just around the corner from the bank. She flipped down the mirror in the sun visor to check her hair, brushing the light brown strands to the side absent mindedly. She took a deep breath and gathered her courage before snapping the door open and stepping out. She was nervous, no doubt about it. She got out of the car and locked it, then brushed her smart light grey skirt (it matched the jacket) and patted it at the hem just above her knees. God, she was nervous. She very nearly got back in the car and drove off but she didn’t and instead tore herself from the spot she seemed rooted to and headed out of the street and onto the main street towards the bank.

It was lunchtime and the street was busy, at least Julie was on her lunch hour so she didn’t have to worry about being caught not working (she was a travelling sales rep with a well known soft drinks manufacturer) , that would have only made her even more nervous. She tried to gather her wits and courage as she walked up the street, her high heels clacking noisily on the pavement. She stepped up the three stone steps to the bank and it’s glass doors slid inwards automatically and she stepped into her future.

God, it was busy. As he had said it would be. There were three tellers at the counter each serving a customer and a line with at least ten people in it. Over at the far side there were four people in comfortable chairs awaiting appointments with bank officials. Any one of the people in the large room could be the Daremaster. It had seemed such a stupid name seven days ago when he had contacted her on the adult web site she was listed on, her ad:

“Kinky 31 year old singleton seeks dominating male for online and real time fun. Willing to try anything at least once. Go on dare me!”

She glanced around the bank, he could be any of them. She joined the queue and waited for it to shuffle slowly forward. There were nine people in the queue before her.

Julie had always been a flirt and totally outrageous, even as a child. Being at school burdur seks hikayeleri only solidified that and she very quickly tired of steady relationships with ‘boring’ guys who did not excite her. But she excited them alright, her good looks and amazing figure and sexual appetite meant she left a trail of broken men behind her when her relationships (usually of between a week and a month long, just enough that Julie could experience all they had in the bedroom) inevitably broke up. And her tastes got more extreme as time went on and she experienced more and more extreme situations. She always wanted something new, something stimulating, something that would excite and thrill her. And she could not deny this was thrilling, and not a little scary. And as he had said on his message just last night, this was just the first test, if she could meet his dare then things would get wilder very quickly.

She resisted the urge to rub her wet pussy through the thin fabric of her skirt, knowing that would be fatal with how she felt right now. There were now six people in the queue in front of her. She better start readying herself.

From his very first reply Julie had got a feeling that this guys was different, that he knew exactly what flipped her switches and turned her on. He was aloof, arrogant and demanding in his e-mails, insisting that she perform a number of tasks before he would even deign to speak with her. What tasks? She asked and they both knew she was intrigued.

He made it clear to Julie that he would not see her or even speak to her without her first proving that she was worth the time and effort though a series of kinky tasks. They would ‘test, excite and humiliate’ her in equal measures he claimed. Was she up for that? She was though it took a little soul searching to confirm that to her mystery writer cum challenger, there was just something about him and his missives that told her he was the real deal and likely to follow up on his promises. She had played with herself even as she pressed the send button telling him she was up for anything he could think of.

There were now five people in the queue ahead of Julie.

When she had first read his ‘dare’ she had been astonished and had immediately written him a message back basically telling him to get lost but she never sent it. The more she thought about it the more she got turned on and the prospect of doing even more extreme things was an even bigger incentive and instead of rejecting the dare after much soul searching (and playing with her pussy) she accepted the dare. The instructions had been so specific, so detailed that felt sure he must be arranging to watch her and she had felt she would immediately recognise who it was but faced with a busy room she was hopelessly lost in that regard. Then she was startled from her thoughts, a big jump forward as two people left the queue and headed to free tellers. Very suddenly Julie was the third person from the front of the queue.

Julie bit her lower lip, it was time, now or never. She parted her legs slightly, feeling a little cool air rush up her skirt to her shaved pussy (as instructed she wore no panties) then began to strain. For a moment it looked like she had taken stage fright but then, all at once the piss came and she began to piss herself in this most public of places!

She felt the warm liquid spread down her shapely thighs, making the lower edges of her light grey skirt streak darkly and damply as it went. From there it fell vertically to the light carpet and to Julie, at least, it sounded like thunder as her piss hit the floor from that height. She had not peed all day as per his instructions. She felt an immense wave of relief pass through her stomach and bladder coupled with an even stronger feeling of shame and embarrassment at what she was doing. The dark stain between her feet got bigger and bigger and slowly some of the people in the bank grew aware of what was happening (though not that it was on purpose, only that a smartly dressed, sexy young woman was pissing her pants beside them). Julie did not know where to look and flushed with embarrassment wanted to rush for the door but needed desperately to squeeze the last of the piss out so she stood there and continued as the realisation spread through the bank.

At last the flow came to a dripping halt and Julie stood transfixed for a moment looking at the spreading dark stain at her feet. She could not bring herself to look up into anyone’s face or meet their gaze. She fled the scene forthwith to the sound of tutting and murmured whispers and disgusted glances at her as she headed for the door. Once back out onto the sunlit street Julie fairly hurried back to her car, and not just because of the suspect dark stain all over her light skirt and the unpleasant aroma emanating from that area, no she wanted to do something else urgently. And once the relative safety of her car was reached she did it – she dipped her hand inside her skirt and began to rub furiously at her pussy.

God she was so aroused, and she did not care that despite this being quite a quiet street she had parked in anyone looking closely enough would see her playing with herself. But she had a fire in her pussy, a craving and she had to exorcise it. Doing that, pissing herself so publicly and humiliatingly, had turned her on like nothing she had ever done before and she needed to cum. The prospect that this unknown maker of challenges had been watching her embarrass herself only excited her more and it did not take much to tip her over the edge of a screaming orgasm that further stained her spoiled skirt. Julie didn’t even know if anyone else had seen or heard her at in her car but no matter as she quickly sorted herself and drove off home, more excited than ever to read her e-mails.

But when she got home there was nothing new and she contended herself with reading Wednesday’s one for the millionth time.

Dare One

“You will be at the bank on the high Steet of Newtown at 12 o’clock on Friday. It’s always busy on a Friday so you should join the queue. When you are third from the front of the queue I want you to piss yourself. Not piss your pants because you will not be wearing any. Wear a smart business suit, light coloured so the stains will be painfully obvious. I will see whether you have met my dare and if so then we can move on to Dare Two.”

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