Daughter Returns Ch. 1

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Years had gone by since John had seen her and now he lived alone, content with his solitude. He had his leisure time, spent at his new PC and its connections to the wide world. For some time he had been logging on to a site that featured stories, well-told stories involving fantasies. Of course, the authors would not want to live these out in reality, but the imagination coupled with the good writing was a genuine turn-on. John became an author. About every two weeks he would send in a new story. Most stories featured his favorite fantasy, which involved her — his lovely daughter whom he had not seen now for quite a few years. Somehow, he didn’t know how, he had come to placing her centrally in his stories, so many of which involved a father who loved his daughter in a way that is defined as forbidden.

John also found several sites that had excellent images of people engaged in sex acts, including some advertised as “teens.” Lovely, pert breasts, long legs, erotic stiletto shoes … sometimes it was not the overt sex but the sheer glory of seeing such a delightful body on display with the perky smile or the alluring glance. She became part of that too, his daughter Laura. She took on a new appearance with each picture, but remained always connected to him by the taboo fantasy. He purchased a software program that allowed him to insert text into the pictures. He named the pictures too. “Daughter_spread.jpg” would be a title for an image of a teen sitting on a bathroom counter, her legs spread, showing her moist cunt while she aroused herself by pinching her nipples. “Daughter_wants.jpg” would label a picture of a girl in ecstatic dreamland, her finger probing herself, her eyes closed, but her face in rapture. John would think of Laura doing that and then insert a thought-bubble on the picture: “Oh, Dad, I need your prick!”

But one day all this changed. The phone rang and it was she. She’d had a terrible fight with her boyfriend and wanted “out.” She wanted to return home for a while, to come back to this city, after being away for nearly a decade and not really staying in touch. She was feeling down but he gave her boost when he welcomed her back, to stay with him as long as she needed to get her life back in order. And so, a few days later, when the doorbell rang, he knew that it would her: Laura, a daughter he had not seen in almost ten years.

Laura nervously rang the bell. She felt bad about not staying in touch, but she had developed a strange feeling and could not explain it. Every time she had thought about writing or calling, thinking of her Dad living alone and wondering about her, she had somehow been unable to follow through. Well, she thought, let’s face it, I know why. Laura blushed, as the quickly racing thought ran through her while she waited for her Dad to come to the door to welcome her. She remembered how she used to watch them, Mom and Dad, while they didn’t even know she had a way to peeking. The bedroom door would be slightly ajar, after midnight, when they thought she was sound asleep on some weekend night. She would hear them first, the whispered hot words, then she would rise and tiptoe to their bedroom door. “Oh, baby, yes, suck!” she would hear. Giving the door a slight push, she would see the outline of their bodies in the dark, her eyes fully adjusted to the lack of light. “Oh, lover, yes, fuck me now, fuck me!” Her Mom’s words would create a shiver down her spine, and then goose bumps along her entire body while she became wet, the liquid slowly dribbling down one leg and accumulating on the rug. “Yes, yes,” her mother would cry, “fuck me forever, don’t stop, lover.” She would see her father’s muscled body in action, his long hard organ moving slowly all the way out, the tip of the head tickling the mother-cunt-lips and then probing slowly back in, then deeply submerged in her Mom’s wide-open gushing cunt. Laura would finger herself as she watched Dad making love to her Mom, moving her finger over her labia, tweaking her clitoris, probing her wet opening. Mecidiyeköy Escort “I’m coming, lover, coming, yes, fuck, fuck, fuck!” And Laura would come too.

And, now, as the door swung open, Laura knew that her forbidden fantasy had been the underlying reason why she had not stayed in contact: she feared what would happen. Only the disaster of the last few days, of the final break with her boyfriend, had driven her to return.

John opened the door with some trepidation. It had been so long! There she was! An incredible sight was there before his eyes. A young woman with a flashing smile, long brown hair and eyes to match. The loveliest face he had ever seen, bar none! And her body … he felt guilty but excited at the sight of her attractive bosom and her long legs. When she flashed her smile and then came to hug him, John swooned in genuine delight. Laura!

Laura felt herself melting. She hugged her Dad and pressed herself against him. The man-smell overwhelmed her; nobody was as strong and elegant as her Dad was! Nobody would ever substitute for him as the one … but what was she thinking! Impossible! Better leave now! No, no, it will be alright, get control, girl!

John and Laura spent the evening in quiet talk as they sat in the living room, recalling old times in the family. She inquired about his work, and he admitted that he was not as active as earlier. He taught only one seminar each term, so that most of the time he was at home. Still, he maintained contact with the field and it gave him an excuse to get out of the house.

The next day was his teaching day and he left early. Laura was catching up on some sleep and he left before she even awoke. At mid-morning, fully twenty miles from home and committed to the seminar coming up in a few minutes, he suddenly remembered something. He had forgotten to secure his files on the computer! Actually, he didn’t even know how to do it, but had thought of it the other night, then forgot to search the net for some clues as to what to do to make sure that his “private” files were closed to others. Now he bit his lip as he thought of Laura in the house. She might wander around, see his PC and sit down to play a game, surf the net, or whatever. She might see the directory labeled “private.” What a jerk, he thought, the least I could have done was rename the directory — the name was an invitation to the curious mind of his alert daughter! Oh God! What if she finds the stories? And the pictures! Oh, God, what he had inserted as text, the thought-bubbles! He felt a sense of enormous shame. His daughter would despise him, maybe call for help to have him put away somewhere! Maybe she would walk out immediately. Yes, he thought, that’s what will happen. She will see that stuff and pack her bags and leave a father who entertained such thoughts, kept such files, wrote such stories! He wanted to cancel the seminar and go back but … no, can’t do that. Maybe she won’t even notice the PC. After all, nowadays they were practically household appliances, she wouldn’t be especially interested. Yes, it will be OK.

Laura finished her breakfast and felt warn and happy. Home, at last, and with her father. She so admired his intelligence, his grasp of so many things in the world. The conversation last night had been interesting. She felt reassured: she had been able to simply sit and talk with her Dad without any of the special taboo feelings she had been worried about. The problem is solved, she thought. All it took was a little real life.

She got up and sauntered around, moving into his den. It had been years since she had been it and much had changed. There had been no computer on the desktop then. Hmm, let’s see what he’s got. Wow, this is a high-powered baby, she thought as she checked out the system. Her work was with computers and she easily found the specifications and moved around checking out what her Dad had been up to. Probably doing some writing, a project of some sort. Yes, there was a Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan file, “Book draft” and she spent some time within that directory, reading a coupe of draft chapters. Not bad. Hmm, Dad has a Photodex program, so he must be using images in his work these days. She double-clicked on it and after the program opened, she checked a few directories. There was one called “private” that had a subdirectory, “pictures,” and when it displayed she took a deep breath and stared at the file names.

She double-clicked on the first one, “daughter_dreams.jpg.” A beautiful girl was using a vacuum cleaner, which would have been no big deal, but she was totally nude except for high-heeled shoes. Her eyes were sort of dreamily looking at the ceiling and somebody had inserted a thought-bubble, having her dreamily thinking, “Hmm, Dad, I wish….” What was she wishing? Laura exited and opened the next image. The same girl was now bent over and staring into the camera, the words inserted now were “Oh, Dad, will you please?” Please what? Laura trembled. What was all this about? She skipped several files and then opened one. The girl was now open wide and a man had his cock poised at her moist cunt and she was saying, according to the inserted text, “Oh, Dad, yes, fuck me!” Laura nearly fell out of her chair. “Dad, fuck me!” My God, she thought, Dad’s having fantasies about … men and their daughters! Fathers who…. She tried several other files and saw the hot sex action with the accompanying words. “Oh, Dad, yes, let me suck!” “Baby, suck Daddy!” “Oh, yes, Daddy-lover, lick me!” When she opened a last file, she almost fainted. A young girl was bent over, her ass high in the air and an older man’s cock was inserted partway into her anus. “Oh, Dad, yes, yes, fuck my ass!”

Laura felt the wetness below. It was too much. She stripped off her clothes and sat back down, one hand on her cunt while the other manipulated the mouse. Oh, God, it’s incredible! Dad has a thing about young women, and not just young women, about … daughters! Oh, Christ, I’m hot, hot. Dad, fuck me! Love me! Suck my breasts! I always wanted you! Give it me. Yes, in the mouth, in the cunt. She increased the speed of her finger fucking and closed her eyes. Yes, there too, Dad, there, let me bend over for you the way you want it, like in the picture … put it in, Dad, yes, yes, I’m hot, fuck my ass, Daddy, please! Her entire body went into a rhapsody of lust, hot taboo lust. Her father, her Dad, fucking her! Doing what no man had ever done before, with her, with his daughter! Oh, lover-Dad, yes, yes, I’m coming again, oh, oh, oh….

After a warm fantasy-drenched bath, Laura had lunch and took a nap, her mind an electric zone of hot messages flowing across it and sending hot signals to her moist vagina. In mid-afternoon, she arose and returned to the den. That “private” directory contained more than images. “Stories” was a subdirectory she had noticed and now began to check out. She was reading the story called “Father and Daughter Hot Nights” when suddenly she heard his steps behind her. She turned. His face was white and she thought he would collapse.

“Laura, oh baby, I’m … oh baby, I’m so sorry,” he nearly wept as he saw that she reading one of his hot incestuous stories about father-daughter loving.

Laura whispered, “It’s OK, Dad, I know it’s only fantasy. It’s OK.” She said nothing about how hot the story had made her feel, how her wetness, even now, was staining her panties, how her breasts were tingling, her heart beating ever so rapidly, her face flushed. She closed the program and got up, giving him a little peck on the cheek, saying “It’s OK, I won’t look at them again, they were marked private and I was wrong. I should not have…. So it’s OK, Dad, don’t worry.” She left the den.

But the situation changed. As they were finishing dinner, John moved to take his plate to the kitchen. Then, when he returned, he stood behind her as she sat and toyed with the last Escort Mecidiyeköy bits of the food on her plate. His fingers moved through her hair, then he let them move across her neck. She wore a light blouse with buttons in front. John could see the cleavage as his fingers traced a path along her neck and then a shoulder, under the blouse. It became tight and with the other hand he unbuttoned the upper blouse button, then the next, and then, still moving gently across her neck and shoulder with the fingers of his other hand, still another button. Now, with both hands, he massaged her neck and shoulders, moving the blouse down, now past her bra. His fingers traced a path along toward her uplifted breasts, feeling the smooth skin and seeing the goose bumps arising.

Laura closed her eyes and let it happen. Dad, she thought, oh Dad, do you realize what you are doing to me!

John continued his gentle upper-breast massage with one hand while he now probed her mouth with a finger of the other hand. He pushed in and then out. She glanced up at him. “Suck it, darling,” he whispered. He initiated a rhythmic in-and-out motion of the finger as she bathed it with saliva. “Hmm, yes, Laura-baby, suck Daddy, suck!” He whispered the hot message to her as he let his other hand reach within her breast and gently rub her nipple.

Laura shivered with sexual excitement, sucking on his finger, feeling it probing her mouth, in and out, in and out, simulating the taboo act.

Now he abruptly shifted and sat back in his chair, “Now the reverse,” he whispered. She stood and came behind him and massaged his neck and, then, pushing his shirt away, his shoulders. Then she reached down and slowly unbuttoned his shirt, one button at a time with on hand while the other reached down to massage his chest. Then, continuing the erotic rubbing, now at his belly as she reached down, her hand moved to his lips. She ran a finger across his lips and then he opened for her. “Suck me, Daddy, suck Laura,” she whispered as her finger began and in-and-out motion and her Dad sucked it deep into his mouth, bathing it in saliva. “Hmm, Dad, you do like to suck your baby, don’t you?” She asked in a trembling voice. His body seemed to be in some sort of convulsion, shaking with inhibited sexual frenzy. Goose bumps appeared all over his arms.

She moved in front of him. He opened her blouse and kissed her breasts, licking each in turn. He looked into her eyes as he pushed her skirt down and off. “Sit on me, sweetheart, sit on your Daddy,” he whispered urgently and as he did so, he pulled down his trousers. She sat on his lap, their bodies joined now: her warm moist center rubbing on his erection, each covered by the flimsy cloth of underwear.

“Wait, darling, it’s better without these,” he whispered as he pulled off his briefs. “Rub back and forth, baby, yes, ” he moaned as Laura sat on his hard naked organ.

Laura felt herself go into a swoon. Daddy! Oh yes, this is what I always wanted, to make love with my father. If he only knew how many times I thought of him! How many times he fucked me in my dreams! Oh, Dad, lover, she thought, I love the feel of your wonderful prick! But the cloth interfered and now she arose and pulled down her panties.

“Baby,” he said in alarm, “we can’t do it. Don’t….”

“Shhh, Dad,” she whispered, “I know, we’ll just make out. Be brave, don’t try to enter me.”

“Oh Laura, baby,” the father cried out as their bodies now met without any medium of interference. She rubbed her hot cunt against her father’s monster organ, while he sucked her lovely breasts.

“Oh, Dad, Dad,” she cried, now whispering into his hot ear, “I’ve dreamed of his all these years. I’ve always wanted you, the way a daughter is not supposed to. Oh, Dad….”

John felt a glow of relief. It was not just him. She too had been obsessed with the idea — of father and daughter making love. He licked her shoulders, her breasts, and her belly as he felt the mounting urgency of orgasm as Laura, his beautiful daughter, rubbed her luscious cunt across his heated organ.

“I’m going to come, darling,” he whispered.

“Yes, Dad, yes, me too, oh lover-Daddy, come, come,” Laura cried.

They fell into each other’s arms, exhausted, but satisfied — for the moment…

To be continued…

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