Double Blacked


Susie Evans was new to the city. She was a country girl at heart but had travelled a fair bit across the country with her work. She was a successful woman and was never out of a job for long. At this time of her life, a ripe thirty-five-year-old, she found herself in the big city. She had big ideas, both in her career and social life. The trouble was, she had no friends, just colleagues that she worked with; she looked on them as people she hardly knew and she was not comfortable opening up to them, not yet anyway.Of course, there was always the internet. Susie knew exactly what a wonderful place that was. It was her saviour, and always had been, in most of the places that she found herself working for short periods of time. She logged onto the site that she normally used to ‘make friends’, as she called it.Susie knew exactly what she was looking for. Quick sex, a well-endowed guy, she didn’t care about anything else except that they should make her laugh; if they had a good body then that would be a plus. Colour didn’t really matter, but Susie knew her preferences, and at this precise moment, Susie wanted to be fulfilled.After ten minutes of surfing, Susie found a likely suspect. Actually, she found loads of them in the expanse of the city that surrounded her. Because of the number of potential mates, Susie took her time. She singled out one guy called Marvin and they started to email each other. Susie and Marvin got to know each other over the period of a few days before they resorted to texting. Marvin was cute, thought Susie, a body to die for, and she could see from the pictures that he worked out. He was muscular, with a medium build, but he also had a kind face. She chose Marvin because he was one of the guys that teased her. He didn’t send her a picture of his cock but just hinted that she would not be left wanting. Susie eventually arranged to meet Marvin in a local public bar. Susie couldn’t wait until Saturday, it would be her night of fun, with a new date, in a new place, in this relatively new city. On Saturday, she prided herself in her appearance and wore the sexiest and shortest dress that she could find, she dressed plainly but casually. She had planned to walk into the pub in her short dress, only barely covering her plain smooth legs topped off with a white pair of shoes. She looked almost angelic, though that description would be the last thing that Susie would have used to describe her thoughts. Bostancı Escort The pub was half full when she walked through the doors. She quickly looked around to try and find her date. She hoped, that he would be there before her, at least, that’s what he had led her to believe. To the left of her was a cubby area that was hosting two lovers. She could see their arousal in their eyes as she watched them briefly. Next to them were about five tables that contained various regulars locked in conversations with each other. To the right was a narrow corridor. She walked through it and emerged into a much larger room. Over to the right, next to the window, she saw Marvin. He was not alone. She walked in his direction, a smile appearing on her face as they mutually recognised each other. She could see a smile appear on his face as she approached him. His smile soon became a grin and she immediately warmed to him. His face was kind, his eyes drilled into her body, and she even loved the small moustache and beard that he had. It was neatly trimmed and she immediately started to wonder what it would feel like. Her tongue caressed her upper lip as she neared Marvin.Marvin, half stood as Susie approached. It wasn’t until she drew opposite the table that she could see his friend. “This is James,” said Marvin, pointing to his friend, “James, this is Susie.”James nodded and offered his hand to her as he also half rose from his seat to greet her, “Pleased to meet you,” said James.With the pleasantries over and done with, James moved over to let Susie sit opposite Marvin. Before she started to sit down Marvin was interrogating her on her favourite tipple, he promptly made his way to the bar to buy her a drink, leaving his mate James to chat to Susie. Although Marvin was not gone long, Susie and James were quick to get to know each other. By the time Marvin sat back down and offered Susie her drink, you would have been mistaken for not realising that Susie and James had only just met. Susie took in all the necessary information she needed. James was slimmer, a more athletic build, clean shaven, probably taller than Marvin but just as sexy. She even tried to glance down to James’ trousers and had surmised that he too was well endowed. Susie wondered whether she would be finding out or not.Marvin looked at Susie and smiled, “He’s not staying long,” he informed Susie, “We just met up here Bostancı Escort Bayan for a quick drink.”Susie smiled at Marvin, her eyes sparkled but her thoughts were completely different to her demeanour. Whatever Marvin thought the evening was going to go like, in her mind, Susie was already moving the goalposts.It didn’t take the three of them long to start flirting, laughing and throwing around all the necessary innuendoes. She had to admit, Marvin and her were getting along swell. But then again she also liked James and he was not holding back with his compliments about her, either.Suddenly James stood up, “Right, well I must be going,” he announced.Susie looked straight at Marvin, “Does he have to go? Can’t we chat for a while longer?” Marvin raised his hand in the air, “Yeah! Why not, come on mate, sit back down.”James picked up his pint glass and motioned to the pair of them, “Another drink then?”Susie and Marvin both nodded. James arrived back after a short while with three drinks on a tray. He deposited them on the table and left to go to the Gents toilet.Susie fell silent as she looked at Marvin, “I can’t wait to get you back to my apartment. Strip those clothes off you, and do everything naughty that comes into my head.”Marvin raised an eyebrow at the directness of her statement. He smiled and nodded at her in approval.Susie then leant a little closer to Marvin as if she was trying desperately not to be overheard by the rest of the people in the pub, “How much of a friend is James?”Marvin pursed his lips, “Why do you ask?”Because of the conversations the three of them had been having, Susie felt her urges, wants and needs build slowly to a crescendo. She was becoming more wanton as the night progressed, more outwardly sexual, more obvious. “Well, I was just wondering whether he would like to come back to my place as well?” Although the main reason that her and Marvin had met up was for sexual gratification, Susie felt like a true slut hearing her words and their suggestion come out of her mouth like that. This was their first date, and here she was asking her date whether his friend would like to go back with them. Marvin’s grin was enormous.Seeing his response, Susie smiled at Marvin, “I’m going to go to the loo, when James gets back, why don’t you propose that he joins us?”Susie did just that. The thoughts raging through her mind as she left the both of Escort Bostancı them to discuss the rest of the evening were crude, immoral and downright horny. Susie loved thoughts like those.On her return, she was surprised to see that both men had finished their drinks and were standing up waiting for her. Susie smiled at both of them. She nodded her head and let her tongue peak through her lips, gently touching her top lip with it. “I take it we’re leaving,” she said, matter-of-factly.Both Marvin and James nodded. “Do I have time to finish my drink?” She asked, not waiting for confirmation from either of them. Susie picked up her drink and downed it in one smooth sweep of her hand.Susie then grabbed her white short-sleeved coat and slipped it on quickly. Standing between both men, she slipped her very white arms through the arms of Marvin’s very black and strong arms, followed by James’ slightly lighter and slimmer arms. She pulled both men forward, towards the corridor that led her into the pub in the first place.It wasn’t long before they arrived at Susie’s flat, and in all honesty, it wasn’t long after the front door had opened that Susie was undressed. Susie was more than excited at this turn of events. She dropped her coat on the chair just behind the door. Her dress was discarded half way between the door and the sofa and was nonchalantly left to fall to the floor in complete abandonment. Her bra was quickly unhooked and tossed to one side of the living room. It was then, that she heard the door close firmly behind her.Susie turned to see both men, standing before her, their mouths open. James looked at Marvin and shook his head. “Gotta give it to her dude, she knows what she wants!”Susie fell back onto the sofa in just her shoes which were kicked off the moment her bum touched the soft fabric. Susie opened her legs into a wide invitation for one of the men to join her; she didn’t really care which one that would be. It was Marvin that took up the invitation with gusto. He never even had time to remove his clothes before his tongue was flicking over Susie’s pussy. Susie’s hands immediately wrapped themselves around the back of Marvin’s head as she encouraged him to lick her, and push his tongue right inside her. Her words left nothing to the imagination. Her instructions were clear. James found himself nodding in agreement with her and admiring the outward verbal expression of her inner desires.While she was satisfied that Marvin had grasped the urgency of her situation, Susie’s gaze then turned to James, “Get your fucking cock out. I want to see it now!”James smiled at her and started to pull at the buttons of his shirt. Susie’s eyes pleaded with him and she flicked her tongue at him to speed him up a little.

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