Emerson Learns a New Way to Get Hot


“So you slept with her?” Emerson said in low voice whisper that conveyed shock. She and her friend Lissette were next to each other in the parking lot at the base of the Seville bridge. A high bridge over the intracoastal waterway on the East Coast of Florida. They were dressed in running shorts and sports bras. Nike shoes laced tightly below their slender ankles. They were stretching. It was September, historically the hottest month of the year in that part of the state and today did not disappoint. It was upper nineties and 90% humidity.

“We hooked up.” Lissette said with a grin. Then she blushed and whispered “A LOT!”

Emerson let out a surprised squeal. “You did not!”

“Did so!” Lissette said as she squatted into a lunge.

“So are you like ‘bi’ now?” Emerson said curiously.

Lissette thought for a moment, bouncing in the lunge position from one leg to the other. “I don’t know, but I will say, it was like the best sex I have ever had.” She emphasized best.

“Really” Emerson said with a blush.

“Yeah, and we never even knew each others names, so it was totally anonymous.”

“Yeah?” Emerson paused trying to understand why that was important. “So …” she trailed off, waiting for Lissette to expand.

“Well, since we knew we’d probably never meet again… Well, let’s just say things got a little kinky…” Lissette said with a grin.

“Kinky? What’s kinkier than being with a woman?” Emerson said with genuine curiosity.

“I’ll never tell.” Lissette said with a wink. She popped up from her lunge and jogged off toward the boardwalk under the bridge.

Emerson popped up and quickly caught up with her. “Oh come on, tell me!”

“Nope” Lissette said with a grin. “You just had to be there!” And sped up a little. She was not as strong a runner as Emerson, and Emerson quickly caught right back up.

“Vibrators?” Emerson guessed as she ran belong side Lissette.

Lissette shook her head.

“A strap on?” Emerson guessed again.

Lissette shook her head.

“Does that mean no, not a strap on or vibrator, or…”

“No I’m not telling you!” Lissette said with a giggle as she sped up again. Emerson was surprised to see Lissette going so fast.

“How about a bet, If I beat you to the top of the bridge, you have to tell me.” Emerson said with a grin.

“Oh c’mon Em, you know you’re way faster than me.”

“Okay, how about this.” Emerson continued. “If you beat me to the top of the bridge, I’ll tell you a secret too.”

“No, I have no idea what you’re gonna tell me. No deal.” Lissette said, very pleased with Emerson’s persistence to know details. “How about this…”

“Oooh, ooh, tell me!” Emerson said as she bounced up and down as she ran.

“If I beat you to the top of the bridge, you have to do whatever I say for thirty minutes.”

“But how do I know you’ll tell me?” Emerson said quizzically.

“The better question is, ‘are you good with me showing you instead?'” Lissette said with a smirk.

Emerson’s immediately got butterflies. “Oh my gosh.” She said and slowed to a walk. “I don’t know…”

“I promise it’s not going to hurt. And you might enjoy it.” Lissette said, trying to coax her into a yes.

“I don’t know, I’m nervous. Can you give me a hint?” Emerson asked.

Lissette was thrilled that she was even considering it and felt her pussy getting wet. “Let me think about it.”

They continued walking for a minute. And Emerson found herself getting curious about what would be in store for her if she lost. She started asking questions.

“So you promise it won’t hurt?” she said

“Cross my heart.” Lissette said excitedly.

“Do I have to…” She paused, a little embarrassed…”do anything…” She stammered a little and trailed off.

“To me?” Lissette said. Confidently finishing Emerson’s sentence. She remembered thinking the same thing her first night with her anonymous female companion on the cruise. Letting a woman give her an orgasm was one thing, having another woman’s pussy in her mouth was another level she was not ready for. Not that first night anyway. “Nope, but you have to let me do stuff to you.”

“Do I have to get naked?”

“I’m okay with half naked, if that’s all you’re comfortable with.” Lissette said with a grin.

“Which half?” Emerson said with a giggle.

“Which half do you think?” Lissette said softly, emphasizing the word you.

That made Emerson’s butterflies spread to her crotch and she instinctively clenched her knees. “Okay, I have to admit, I am intrigued. But there is no way you are going to be able to beat me to the top of the bridge. I am way faster than you.”

“Well, you could just let me win.” Lissette said as her heart started pounding in anticipation of just adıyaman seks hikayeleri seeing Emerson even partially nude. She had sort of secretly lusted for her for years. Particularly when she was wearing tight running shorts or a skimpy bikini. Years of training for triathlons had sculpted one spectacular ass.

“Nope, you have to earn it missy!” Emerson said as she patted her own muscular bottom through her spandex running shorts and sprinted forward, leaving Lissette quickly. She had about a hundred yards of the boardwalk left which she covered in no time, being careful not to trip on the uneven boards. She glanced over her shoulder, and was pleased to see Lissette was not even in view. She was sure she was going to win, but hoped if she made it close, Lissette would tell her anyway. She ran another hundred yards through a little park at the base of the bridge, and as she turned the corner to start the climb she planned to slow down and maybe bargain with Lissette a little, Lissette was surely going to be ready to stop. She glanced behind her again to see how far ahead she was and was pleased when she still saw no sign of Lissette, her pleasure became confusion though as she saw Lissette bound over the railing about halfway up the incline. She was ahead by a quarter mile. Emerson started sprinting, but knew it was impossible to catch her. Even if she could run twice as fast, she could tie at best. So when Lissette reached the crest of the bridge, Emerson slowed to a trot and jogged to the top, defeated.

Even with that reduced effort though, she was panting heavily.

“You clever little… that was a dirty trick!” she said with a tired smile, then bent at the waist, her hands on her knees as she caught her breath.

“I did NOT cheat though, we said whoever got to the top of the bridge first!” Lissette said, extremely proud of herself for hopping over the railing on the boardwalk and scampering up the slanted concrete underside of the bridge. It had been an effort, but it cut the distance from a half a mile, to a couple of hundred yards and she had won easily.

“Did you have that planned the whole time?”

“I’ll never tell!” Lissette said and started a 30 minute timer on her phone. Then with a wink as she tapped Emerson playfully on the butt. “Now time’s a wasting, follow me!” Lissette said excitedly as she started walking back down the bridge.

Emerson grinned and groaned playfully as she followed Lissette back down the bridge.

“So what now?” Emerson said as she slid up beside Lissette.

“Well, we can’t go home, because I only have you as my kinky little playmate for thirty minutes.”

“Well we can’t do anything out here in the open, we’ll get arrested!” Emerson said as she looked around at dozens of cars whizzing over the bridge.

“That’s for sure.”

“You said thirty minutes, so that’s your window!” Emerson said chidingly, trying to sound confident. She glanced at her GPS watch. She had stopped breathing heavily but her heart rate was still much higher than normal. The truth was, she was nervous, she thought she was going to win the race and bargain with Lissette or something. She figured she’d have to show a little skin to get the juicy details, but she was kind of excited about that. Lissette was hot, and even though she and Emerson were not lesbians, she’d thought about hooking up with her occasionally. Just to see what it was like. This was different though, and she was nervous.

“Well, let’s go ahead and get started then.” Lissette said with a grin.

“I told you, we can’t do anything out here in the open…” Emerson reminded her with a gesture to the traffic on the other side of the safety barrier.

“We can talk.” Lissette said as she continued down the bridge. “You see, one thing I learned from my anonymous playmate, was having her describe what she was going to do, especially once I had committed to doing it, was super hot. So you just have to listen for right now.”

Emerson nodded with an interested smirk. Lissette could tell she had her full attention and continued.

“I learned that there is one part of a woman’s body, that when pleasured orally by another woman, makes her supremely dominant over the one doing the pleasuring. The thing that’s so great about it, is that it makes her supremely submissive to the one doing the pleasuring at the same time.

“You have one guess. What part of your body has those qualities?” Lissette asked seductively.

Emerson thought for a few minutes and said “I think I know. It’s my clitoris, right? Because when you’re pleasuring it, it’s only for my benefit. But it makes you supremely powerful over me because you can give me an orgasm.”

Lissette smiled. “That’s a good guess.” She said cryptically. They had arrived back at the park near where their cars were parked. Emerson started to turn toward her car, but when she didn’t see Lissette turn with her, she went in the same direction LIssette was going. “What I am going to do, is take away all of your power, you will be totally under my control. I promise nothing bad will happen to you though. Are you willing to do that?” she said seriously as she rested her hand on the women’s bathroom handle.

“That’s what I agreed to, and you won fair and square.” Emerson said meekly, her heart practically beating out of her chest.

Lissette swung the door open and motioned for Emerson to go in. Emerson slipped inside and Lissette closed the door behind them both and locked the deadbolt. That triggered a loud, automatic cooling fan to come on and start the air inside the bathroom swirling up through a large vent in the ceiling. Lissette double checked that the two stalls were empty and then held the door open on the second one. She led Emerson in politely and closed it so Emerson was in there alone. “Now start your timer for 5 minutes” Lissette said from the other side of the door.

“Okay. It’s going.” Lissette said after a second.

“Now take off everything except your sports bra and your sneakers and hand it to me under the door.” Lissette could hear Emerson pulling off her shorts and panties. Then she heard her sit down on the commode as she handed them under the door. Lissette noticed her hands were trembling.

“Now, I am going to go put these in my car and then come and stand outside the door. You have five minutes to get ready.”

“Get ready for what?” Emerson said her voice just barely audible over the loud fan.

“Analingus.” Lissette said as she peeked over the door and stuck out a surprisingly long tongue. And with a wink, she said. “You probably want to lock the door behind me.” as her head disappeared from view.

When the fan went off, she knew Lissette had left, so she immediately jumped up and snapped the lock on the door.

Her heart was pounding. She had never felt so completely vulnerable before. Trapped, nude in a public bathroom. She immediately went back into the stall and sat down. “What did she say? Anuh-lingus?” She unlocked her phone and typed it in. The first result confirmed her initial impression: “Analingus is oral stimulation of the anus.”

“Oh my god” she whispered to herself. “I didn’t even shower this morning!” She immediately ripped several sheets of toilet paper off of the roll and furiously began cleaning herself. She looked at the timer, three minutes…

Outside of the bathroom, Lissette walked to her car as casually as she could, trying to hide her excitement as she imagined a naked Emerson in the bathroom. She opened the car door. She looked around to make sure no one was watching and then buried her face in the crotch of Emerson’s sweaty panties. She got even wetter as she clearly smelled Emerson’s pussy juice. Emerson had been getting wet while they were together, she tucked the panties in the cup holder in the door and slipped Emerson’s shorts down the front of her own shorts. Careful to hide any noticeable bulge. As Emerson’s hot, sweaty shorts touched her own wet clitoris, she nearly came, but managed to hold herself together for the short walk back to the bathroom. She checked the time. One more minute. She went to the water fountain and got a long drink of cold water, and as she walked back up to the door, she heard the fan click off and knew Emerson’s timer had completed. She slipped into the bathroom and quickly locked the door behind her.

Emerson sat perched on the edge of the sink. She held her hands in front of her crotch to preserve some shred of modesty.

“So how do you feel?” Lissette said as she slowly walked in front of her and reached out her hands. Emerson knew Lissette wanted to take her by the hands but the idea of exposing her pussy had her heart racing. She knew she had to though, so she took a deep breath and put her hands in Lissette’s and slid off the counter, her sneakers splashing in the puddle she’d made while cleaning herself up at the sink in preparation.

“So many feelings,” Emerson stammered as Lissette walked her about four feet out from the counter. Then she continued, “Nervous bordering on terrified. But also curious? Excited? Naughty?” Emerson said with a shy grin as Lissette moved closer to her face.

“Any horny mixed in there?” Lissette said hopefully.

“Oh yes, definitely horny.”

“I am definitely also horny, nervous and excited. And feeling very naughty” Lissette said with a salacious emphasis on ‘very.’ She then motioned for Emerson to turn around and reach for the counter.

Emerson did, her sneakers squeaking on the tile as she shifted her weight to her hands that were resting on the counter. This had the desired effect of naturally spreading her ass cheeks and exposing her glistening pink asshole. She had hastily soaped it up and rinsed it off as best she could, but there was still a little foamy soap on her cheeks.

Lissette was smitten.

“What a beautiful little booty you have.” Lissette said as she leaned down and lightly kissed Emerson’s right cheek. “So sexy and firm” she said as she rested one hand on each cheek and knelt down behind Emerson.

Emerson could feel her face nearing the most private area of her body. Something no one but she had ever touched. Her pulse quickened even more. Blood pounded in her ears as she felt Lissette spread her cheeks and softly blow directly on her sphincter.

She immediately felt her body tingle as her skin erupted in goosebumps and she reflexively gasped in shock at the intensity of the sensations she was feeling.

Lissette sensed she was ready for more and slowly started licking the area around her anus in a circular motion. Gradually getting closer to the center of Emerson’s glistening ring. She would pause every few seconds to admire the view she had between Emerson’s muscular ass cheeks. “You have such a hot ass.” Lissette said as she placed her tongue directly on Emersons pink ring and began massaging it with her mouth and tongue.

Emerson started moaning immediately and shifted her weight to her left hand, freeing her right one to begin rubbing her wet pussy.

Lissette took the hint and continued to vigorously massage Emerson’s asshole with her tongue, while she slipped her middle and ring fingers delicately into Emersons slippery pussy. This allowed her to massage Emerson’s g-spot with her fingers, while stimulating her clit with the palm of her hand. The pleasure was so overwhelming that Emerson nearly lost her balance and had to quickly put her right hand back on the counter to steady herself.

She was moaning and panting heavily. Her knuckles white as she gripped the counter for support. She was surprised when she heard Lissette’s alarm start to chime, indicating her time was up. She sensed Lissette start to move away and whispered “Please don’t stop.”

Lissette immediately buried her face back into Emersons soft sphincter and continued massaging her g-spot and clit. They both ignored the chiming alarm for several more minutes.

As Emerson got closer and closer to climax, her ass and pussy began to clench and then relax, over and over. Right before she was ready to come, Lissette could feel Emerson’s sphincter relax and she pressed the tip of her long tongue deep inside Emersons rectum.

Emerson could feel each individual tastebud on Lissette’s hot, muscular tongue as it slid deep inside the most private part of her anatomy. Feeling her ass stretch, and knowing it was Lissette’s tongue inside her, made her erupt into a volcanic orgasm. The most intense she had ever felt. It lasted for nearly a minute, and when it was over, she collapsed to her knees. Her hands still holding the counter.

Lissette gently removed her fingers from her pussy and ran her hands up and down Emersons back as she composed herself.

“That was so hot.” Lissette said.

“Oh my gosh.” Emerson said, still a little out of breath. “It was SO hot!” She said still panting. “We should probably get out of here though. Do you have my clothes?” Emerson said as she stood up, still adorably modest about hiding her pussy.

Lissette pulled the shorts from under her waistband.

“So that’s where you were hiding them…” Emerson said with a grin. “Where are my panties?” she asked flirtatiously.

“I was kind of hoping I could keep them as a memento of the occasion.”

“Aaaw, that’s really sweet!” Emerson said as she pulled up her shorts. “Can I have your panties as a memento too?”

Right then there was a knock at the door.

Lissette opened the door and there was an older man standing there. “I run the bait shop,” he said as he motioned to a shack under the bridge. “Are you all okay? I saw you come in here a while ago and wanted to make sure there wasn’t a problem.” He said politely.

“Yes, yes. Sorry we were in here so long,” Lissette said, stammering a little and trying to think quickly, my friend and I got overheated and we were splashing water on our faces. Sorry for the mess.”

“Don’t worry about it, it’ll dry. You all do look a little flushed.” He said, looking at their red sweaty faces. “Better get into the AC. You want to come into the shop?”

“No, no, we have our cars here. We’ll just head home. Thanks though!” Emerson said as she and Lissette slipped passed him, out the door.

“Okay, well be careful on these hot days like this. If you get overheated you never know what might happen.” He was puzzled when they burst into laughter and ran to their cars.

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