Extreme Tutoring


Ashleigh knocks on the door of her boyfriend’s house with her back pack over one shoulder. They have a study date tonight and hopefully more if his dad is not home. Her heart falls when Lemar’s dad opens the door. There went her chance of getting laid tonight. Ashleigh smiles at him. “Hi Mr. Rains. Lemar and I have a study date tonight. He is helping me study for the Algebra test tomorrow.”

Marcus Rains looks down at Ashleigh from his 6 ft 2 height. He steps back letting her in. “Are you sure it was tonight Ashleigh. Lemar is in Central playing in the game tonight.” Ashleigh turns around and looks up at him. He is an older version of his son with dark chocolate skin. Dark eyes and short cut hair. They are both slender and in good shape.

“Noooo…The game is tomorrow night. We planned this tonight. “She pulls out her cell from the back pocket of her short denim skirt. Opening the calendar she groans seeing she has the test date right but not the game night. “Oh Damn. I got my days wrong. I really needed his help with these equations.” She shoulders her pack to leave.

“I can help you with them Ashleigh. Have a seat. I am a math professor.” He gestures toward the dining table. His eyes wonder over the long dark haired girl. He can tell there is no bra under the tight t-shirt. The denim skirt is tight across her bubble butt just barely covering it. She comes under his chin at her 5 ft 8 inches.

She smiles and sits at the table getting out her stuff. “I appreciate this Mr. Rains. I really need to pass this test.” Marcus gets them both a water from the fridge and sits down next to her.

“Ok. Let’s see. Ah. Binominals. We got this.” They dive into the lessons. He is explaining step by step. He rest his left hand on her thigh.

Ashleigh stiffens at the touch but does not say anything. She is leaning forward over the papers. His hand starts to slide back and forth from her knee to mid-thigh. She bites her lip. A tingle goes up her spine. “Sooo…what I do on one side I have to do on the other?”

He slides his hand up between her thighs going to the hem of the skirt. “Right. Add or subtract on one side do it on the other.” He is encouraged by her lack of resistance. He uses his hand to spread her thighs apart.

Ashleigh is feeling nervous. “Mr…Mr. Rains? I think.” Her legs part at his urging.

“Ssshhh…Think you can do that by yourself?” His fingers just graze the thin material of her panties between her thighs. He can feel the panties are slightly moist.

“I I think so so Mr. Rains. Should not..be be too …hard” She whispers the last word. She squirms in the seat but keeps her legs spread.

“Good girl. Lean back.” He smiles as she does. His finger tugs the thin material to the side. He runs his finger along the puffy slick lips of her pussy. He toys at the entrance of her pussy. “Were you hoping Lemar would fuck you tonight? No bra, tiny panties.”

Ashleigh blushes. She bites both lips between her teeth. Her head nods. Mr. Rains is teasing her pussy. She pants slightly. A gasp escapes her lips when he pushes his finger into her. Her hands grip the edge of the chair of she is sitting on. Her hips come up slightly

“You are very wet Ashleigh. Have you ever had an orgasm? Has my son fucked you to an orgasm?” He slides his finger in and out of her tight pussy. He can feel her pussy tighten around his thick finger. He slides his finger out and up the long slit to her clit. adana escort He grins at her gasp. His finger circling her swelling clit. “Take off your shirt. Don’t argue about it.”

Ashleigh leans forward and pulls her shirt off. Her pink nipples are hard as pebbles. She drops the shirt and leans back. Her lips are parted with her gasps and moans. “Ahhh…nnnhhh…Mr. Rains…what what…” She whimpers softly. She nods and shakes her head. She has had an orgasm before but not while Lemar fucked her. They have only fucked once, losing their virginity to each other.

“I thought so. Sit back and hold still” He starts to play with her clit. His hand circling it quickly. He pushes her thighs apart as wide as he can. His fingers have her panties to the side. Her tits, an easy C cup, sway back and forth. Her nipples rock hard. He leans forward sucking a nipple into his lips.

Ashleigh cries out. Her body on fire. She keeps a hard grip on the edge of the chair. She rolls her eyes up then closes them. Her body tenses. Knuckles turning white with her grip. Lips come open and she moans loudly turning into a slight scream. She clamps her teeth shut. Her pussy ripples with the orgasm. Body trembling.

Marcus smiles feeling her cum. He keeps playing with her clit. His lips sucking hard on her nipple. He knows he is going to have fun with his son’s girlfriend. “Good girl. I bet you enjoyed that. Want more?”

Ashleigh is gasping after her orgasm. Her voice is a whisper. “Yes please…never felt..never felt…sooooo…Ohhhhhhhhh…Ahhhhh” He starts to slide his finger in and out of her pussy. She is so wet he can add a second finger easily. He curls his thick fingers and starts to graze her g-spot.

She is panting heavily now. Her body is on fire. Her head is thrown back. What the hell is he doing to her? His fingers are hitting something. She can’t help but arch off the chair and explode around his fingers. She has the most intense orgasm she has ever had so far. Her hips hit the chair and she opens her eyes. He is grinning at her.

“You are very orgasmic. I like that. Stand up in front of me. Take off that skirt and panties.” Ashleigh hesitates a second. She is too overwhelmed by the orgasms she has had so far to not do as she is told. She steps in front of Mr. Rains. The skirt and panties are both pushed down to mid-thigh. She wiggles a bit and they fall to the floor. She looks up as he stands up. She is between him and the table. He pulls off his own shirt revealing his dark sculpted chest.

Ashleigh swallows as Mr. Rains puts arms around her to cup her ass. He lifts her to the edge of the table. Her legs spread with him between them. “Lay back.” She does as she is told still watching him. He opens his slacks and lets them fall. He pushes down his boxers and his dark purple tipped cock springs free. It is pointed up slightly.

Ashleigh is biting her lip. She was not expecting to be fucked by her boyfriend’s dad. He has done things to her that she has never experienced before. She lets out a long gasping hiss as he pushes into her. Just the tip is stretching her white pussy open. He leans forward placing hands on the table. “Fuuuckkk you are going to be tight.” He pushes his hips forward slowly sheathing his thick long black cock into her almost virgin pussy.

Ashleigh cries out. Her hands hit the table. Eyes roll back. “Ahhhhhh…OH My God!!…Nnnnnnhhhh” Her eskişehir escort body tenses as her pussy is filled. She opens her eyes looking up into Mr. Rains eyes. He is grinning

“Fuck you are one tight little girl. My boy needs to do better on you.” He starts to slide in and out of her slowly, letting her pussy adjust to his size. Her pussy clamps tight around his thick shaft.

Ashleigh is gasping, moaning and squirming on the table as the black cock fills her completely. “ohmygodohmygodohmygod…fuck me please…please…don’t don’t tease me…fuck me”

Marcus takes a hard grip on her hips. He nods and grins at her. “My pleasure. Hope you can handle it.” He pulls back leaving in just the tip then slams his hips forward. She screams as he does. He does it again. Her tits bounce with the pounding.

Marcus does not let up. Once he started to slam into her he kept it up. He is taking possession of her body. He keeps her from sliding across the table with the grip he has on her hips. Dark fingers digging into her tanned white skin. His dark cock slamming into her tight pink pussy. Her pussy clamps around his thick shaft.

Ashleigh arches her back off the table. Her hips held tight. Her pussy explodes. She sees stars as she cums around Mr. Rain’s cock. He does not let up. His cock keeps pounding into her deep. He leans forward and pulls her up. Her body presses against his.

She wraps her legs around his hips. Arms around his neck. He is burying himself into her deeply over and over. He buries his face into her neck. Kissing and sucking on her skin. Ashleigh clings to him. Her lightly tanned skin pressed to his dark skin. Her lips parted into an O as he keeps filling her pussy with his cock.

Marcus slides his hands down her back and under her bubble ass. He lifts her from the table and sits down on the chair behind him. She unlocks her legs from around him. She cries out as he goes in deep. “Ahhhhh!! Fuuuuckk!! ” She places her feet on the supports of the chair.

He lifts her up then lowers her onto his cock. She hisses as he fills her. He keeps lifting and lowering her. She gets his rhythm and starts to use her legs to ride Mr. Rains. He grips he ass guiding her. “Good girl. Ride it the way you like it.”

Ashleigh leans forward and puts her hands on his shoulders. She starts to lift and lower herself on his cock. A long moan escapes her lips as he fills her over and over. The friction is over whelming. He pulls her forward just as her ass touches his lap. The little extra pushes him in deep.

Ashleigh digs her fingers into his shoulders. She moves faster onto his cock. She grunts and whimpers on his lap. His cock going in deep. Marcus leans forward and takes a nipple in his mouth. He grazes the sensitive flesh with his teeth. She cries out with the intense orgasm. He keeps moving her on his cock while she cums.

“Oh very good baby girl. That is it. Keep cumming. Going to fill you soon.” He is slamming her forward on his lap. Her tits bouncing hard with it. She is gasping and moaning loudly. Her movements are becoming frantic. He flexes his fingers and slams her against him. His cock pulses and erupts filling her young pussy with his seed. She can feel his warm seed coating her pussy.

She is still on his lap. Sweat covering her body. She clings to him. Her chest heaving. He slides his hands from her ass and up her back then sakarya escort back down. She feels a tingle along her spine. “Mr…Mr…Mr. Rains…what..what did we…”

“Ssshhhhh…we fucked like crazy. And we will fuck again. Lemar won’t know, will he?” He licks at her nipple. She trembles in his lap.

“Oh god…no..no No Sir…That that was intense.” She leans against his body. His cock still buried in her pussy. She still ripples around his cock milking it. He still feels hard in her.

“Yes it was intense, and not done yet.” He stands with her. Her feet fall to the floor. He pulls from her. “Turn around. You will love this.” She can’t believe he is still going. She turns around as she is told. He pushes her over the table. “Lay over the table.” She does as she is told

“What what are you going to do?” He pushes her feet wider apart.

“Fuck you from behind. Don’t worry your ass is safe for now.” He slams into her from behind. Her pussy is so slick he slides right in. She screams as he impales her on his dark cock. He hits a deep spot and she screams with the sudden orgasm. “AHHHHH!! FUUUUCKKKKKK!!”

Gripping her hips with his strong hands he starts to slam into her. She is bounced against the table. Her pussy stretched around his shaft. He pounds her through her orgasm. Her hands ball up into fist. She hits the table. The pounding shatters right through what little control she had.

Marcus is grunting with his pounding. “Going.To.Cum.Fucking.Pussy.Is.Tight.” The table is sliding inch by inch across the floor. He is pounding into her so hard. His fingers digging into her flesh. Her pussy stretched to take in his thick cock.

Ashleigh is crying out and screaming with each thrust. Her pussy clamps down on his cock. The swollen purple tip hitting her deep. She explodes. Her juices flood from her pussy. The table keeps her up as her knees give out. Her head spins.

Marcus can feel her hardest most intense orgasm around his cock. He grits his teeth pounding her as long as he can. He lets out a growl and slams in. He holds still. His cock swells and he erupts in her. His seed coating her pussy. He leans over her body panting. “Damn girl. A guy could get used to this pussy.”

Ashleigh is breathing hard bent over the dining table. She can feel his cock starting to soften in her. Her thighs are coated with her juices. She lets out a long deep groan as he slowly pulls out of her. Mixed juices seeps from her well fucked pussy. She remains over the table letting her body just rest and absorb everything that just happened.

“Now listen, Lemar will not know. You will come over to get tutored on the nights he is not here. I will fuck the shit out of you. Got it?”

Ashleigh manages to push herself to standing. She nods. She will take a fucking like that anytime. “Yes Sir. Oh God I hope I get it.” She smirks then lets out a yelp. He smacks her ass.

“Oh you will get it. Over and over. I promise you that. Now get dressed. Before I get hard and fuck you again.” He stands and finds his clothes on the floor. He starts to pulls tem on.

Ashleigh looks around and finds her own clothes scattered about. She is sore but struggles into them. At least nothing was ripped from her. “May I use the restroom please Mr. Rains?” She heads there to clean up some. She does not want to go home with cum on her thighs and seeping from her.

Mr. Rains has the dining room back in order by the time she comes out of the restroom. There is no sign of the fucking at all. Except by how sore her pussy is. She gathers her stuff and her bag. “Thank you Mr. Rains. I I ummm…I appreciate your help.”

Marcus looks up and smiles. “My pleasure Ashleigh. Anytime.” Ashleigh leaves already wondering when Lemar will be out again.

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