First Release Ch. 02


After my encounter with my neighbour Dave, I returned home to get cleaned up. As I stripped off, I felt the stickyness of sweat and cum on my body, a dirty reminder of the hot fucking I had just had. My ass felt a little sore, but strangely empty. Like it was missing something.

While taking a hot shower, the thought struck me: why not do a bit of shaving? I had loved the look and feel of Dave’s smooth body, and I had seen plenty of pornstars with the smooth look too. The thought got me going again, and I grabbed my razor and gel, and set to work. I had no wax, and this would do. First I shaved my stomach, trimmed my pubes, then oh so gently did my cock and balls. Looking in the shower mirror, and stroking my smooth stomach and balls felt great. I finished off by removing my chest hair, and finally my butt and asshole had the treatment too. It was a bit of an operation, but once I was done, I stood admiring myself in the mirror, all glistening with aftershave oil, enjoying my new look. I loved how my balls felt, and I couldn’t resist stroking them, and squeezing them gently. Mmmm. Bending over and pointing my ass towards the mirror, I pulled my smooth cheeks apart, exposing my fresh asshole, and rubbed the rim with a finger before pushing it in to the first knuckle. It was still a little tender, but I was enjoying its new sensitivity. I felt like a pornstar after all the dirty things I’d done that day, and as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was asleep.

The next day flew by, and I headed over to Dave’s in the late afternoon. I hadn’t spent much time thinking about the implications of the previous day’s fuck. I wasn’t gay. Was I bi? I didn’t really care. All I knew was, Dave had seduced me without much effort, and he’d sucked my cock harder and deeper than any woman I’d known. And I’d loved the feeling of him plowing my asshole and shooting his load inside me. Fucking his smooth tight ass had been just as delicious.

Dave answered the door and invited me up. He was pleased to see me, and gave me another wicked grin. He was wearing a T-shit, and really short cut-offs. I was still getting used to the idea of thinking of another guy as hot, but his look turned me on.

“I’m glad you came back Mike,” he said, as we went up the stairs to his living room. I was already feeling that familiar gentle ache spreading through my groin, and the warmth and excitement in my stomach, as he showed me into his bedroom. Pushing the door shut, he grabbed me and our tongues met in a deep kiss. His mouth tasted sweet and he grabbed my ass, pulling me to him, rubbing our bulging cocks together through our pants. I put my hand on his crotch and rubbed and squeezed him through the material, feeling his cock growing harder beneath my fingers.

Quickly Dave pulled off his shirt, and then unzipped his tiny denim shorts, releasing his thick tool into the air. He was fully hard now, and lay back on the bed.

“You want to taste my cock Mike? You haven’t yet have you.”

I nodded. izmit rus escort He was right. I hadn’t sucked a cock before. After all that I’d already done, I didn’t need persuading. Climbing onto the bed, I lowered my head over Dave’s shiny bulging cockhead, licking around the rim, before plunging down the shaft to take as much as I could to the back of my throat.

“Mmmmm. That’s so good. You sure you haven’t sucked a guy’s cock before?”

Nodding again, I continued to bob up and down, already enjoying feeling the smoothness and warmth of Dave’s shaft sliding past my lips. It was somehow hard and soft at the same time. The shaft was stiff, while the head was soft. I teased him gently with my teeth. Dave moaned.

“Oooooh. That’s it. You suck cock good.”

I was relishing the taste of his warm manmeat as Dave began to thrust his hips up to meet my sucking.

Suddenly I heard a door slam, and voices coming up the stairs into the house. Men’s voices. My heart missed a beat and I pulled my lips from Dave’s cock and looked at him in fear.

“Those are my housemates, back from the gym.” Dave didn’t seem to be worried.

I was petrified. This was meant to be our secret. I wondered what to do. I was still dressed, so I could just wander out and pretend I was a friend visiting. But Dave was naked, his cock still completely hard, as he lay there on the bed, propped up against the pillows.

I heard the voices outside the room. Then suddenly there was a loud banging on the door. I looked for somewhere to hide. It was too late. The two housemates burst in, and stared. There was Dave, lying on the bed sporting a huge hard-on, while I was lying close, extremely flushed.

“Fuck Dave, what you up to?” The first guy was shorter than Dave, dark, with an olive complexion.

“Yeh, who’s your friend here?” The other guy was black, perhaps 6’2″. Both of them were well built, especially the black guy, and had obviously just been working out. They were dressed in sweats, and were gently perspiring.

“Hey guys, this isn’t what it looks like,” I stammered, moving to stand up and leave.

Dave grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me back onto the bed. “Don’t worry, Mike. This is Adam.” He pointed to the olive-skinned guy.

“And this is Lynn.” The black guy nodded.

Before I could say any more, both guys stripped off their sweats to reveal their toned naked bodies. Both were already beginning to get hard. Lynn grabbed what looked like seven or eight inches of thick cock and began pumping himself to full hardness.

Dave looked at me, grinning. “I forgot to tell you. Adam and Lynn aren’t gay either.” With that he pulled my shirt right off over my head, and eased my head back down towards his now semi-hard cock.

“Nice body, Mike. You look hot,” he said, noticing my smooth skin. I smiled inwardly, relaxing again.

Dave held me tightly, and I responded, sucking him hard once more. I felt my pants being izmit escort pulled down, then my underwear, exposing my now smooth ass for all to see.

“Just what I like, nice and smooth,” said Lynn. I felt the now familiar feeling of a warm wet tongue probing at my asshole. I couldn’t see who it was, but it felt so good that I simply didn’t care. All I cared about was the pleasure I was feeling spreading from my tight hole through my asscheeks and crotch, down my legs and through my body. I pushed back, trying to get more of this tongue in me. Then whichever guy it was pushed deeper, really reaming me out, swirling his tongue around the inside of my shithole, tasting me, pleasuring my tunnel in the hottest, dirtiest way. The incredible feelings he was giving made me suck harder on Dave’s cock, and he was moaning now.

The tongue pulled from my ass, and then two wet fingers pushed inside, wriggling around, followed by a third. They stretched and loosened my hole, ready for what I knew was coming next. I could feel something else now, something warm, rubbing over my asscheeks, and around my wet and open hole. It had to be Lynn or Adam, teasing me with their cock. Then the guy pushed the head against my opening, stretching me a little further. My sphincter relaxed as the cock eased slowly in. Surprisingly, there was little pain this time, even though he was bigger than Dave. But I was no virgin any more. And this guy had already opened me up just right. I wondered how often he’d done this, how many guys he’d taken with his thick shaft.

Then he was in, pulling slowly out once more, before pushing in faster, beginning to thrust in a delicious rhythm, all the way in, until his crotch rested against my ass, his balls hitting my own. In and out, out and in, he slid back and forth as he fucked me. I had been a little distracted from the cock in my mouth, but now that I was being fucked good and hard, I returned to it. This was the stuff of my wildest fantasies. Here I was, in my neighbours house, sucking his shaft right down my throat, as I had my asshole fucked deep and fast. I was in heaven. With a stiff cock in each end, I felt full up with manmeat. It was so hot being filled so completely. This was straight out of my porn collection, except this was real. It felt a little dangerous, almost forbidden, and deliciously horny. I was more turned on than I’d ever been in my life, and I knew I was enjoying cock more and more. Sucking and being fucked, this was something I could only do with another guy. A girl could never know what it was like to have a cock, but one guy knows instinctively what another guy needs. What he needs to have done with his cock. And his ass.

As I continued to suck Dave’s shaft, I saw Adam move to stand over him, offering him his cock. Dave eagerly sucked him in. I realized that it must be the black guy fucking me so deeply. Adam squatted a little, so his ass was near my face. For a moment, I left Dave’s cock and started to lick around Adam’s tasty ass. kocaeli escort He moaned in appreciation, and thrust his hips back and forth, fucking Dave’s mouth, and enjoying my rimming at the same time. It was a little awkward, so I returned to Dave’s cock. Grabbing the base of his shaft in one hand, I sucked him harder and deeper, determined to make him cum. Meanwhile, Lynn began to pump his cock more urgently into my ass. His cock stiffened, and then he grabbed my hips, holding himself against me, fully inside me, as he cried out, shooting his warm mancream into the depths of my anus. I could feel his cock pulsing and jerking in me, and the sensation of warmth spraying somewhere deep up my bowels. This made me suck even harder on Dave’s cock, and then he began to come too, his cock stiffening completely as he unloaded into my mouth. I took my first load of cum in my mouth, holding it there, enjoying the tangy saltyness of it. There was so much of it, and I made sure I tasted every drop, swallowing it down with relish. Soon after Adam began to come too, right inside Dave’s mouth. Dave swallowed it all down too.

We rested for a while. I was the only one who hadn’t come yet, so I took Dave’s place, lying back on the bed, while Adam squatted over me, lowering his asshole onto my cock and guiding me inside him. I lay there while he did all the work, facing me while he rode my cock with his juicy fuckhole. He leaned forward and kissed me, plunging his tongue into my mouth. It was so horny, kissing this guy as fucked me deep into his tight ass. I loved fucking him. My second guy, my second asshole. I was developing a taste for this.

Suddenly Adam pulled off, and moved up to thrust his now hardening cock into my mouth. Fuck, I hadn’t even come yet. He started to fuck my mouth. His cock tasted great, but I needed release. Dave and Lynn moved to either side of my cock and started to lick me. They took it in turns to lick my balls, sucking one then the other into their mouths, licking my shaft, sucking my bulging cockhead. This truly was heaven. Two guys sucking me off, while I sucked a cock. I cried out and thrust my hips off the bed as cum started spraying into the air. Dave quickly clamped his lips over my cock to take my cum into his mouth. As I finished cumming, I watched him share it with Lynn as they kissed. Adam started cumming again, and I swallowed my second load of sticky cum. His tasted a little different, but that tangyness that I was growing to love was still there.

The four of us lay there, enjoying the afterglow.

“This is Mike,” said Dave. I laughed.

“Mike isn’t gay,” he said to the others, smiling. “But he may just be a little bi.”

I grinned. “All I know is, that was the hottest sex I’ve ever had. I loved fucking you guys.”

“It’s true,” said Lynn, “When there aren’t any women around, I still need to fuck.” He looked at me with a sly smile. “But the more you fuck other guys, the more you learn to love it by itself. There’s nothing like it.”

I couldn’t have agreed more.

I welcome all feedback, particularly from guys like me who have yet to experience man on man sex. This is just fantasy so far, but I wouldn’t mind it happening. Happy to correspond.

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