Getting ready to seduce

Anal Fucking

Getting ready to seduceIt was a beautiful autumn day. As I started to dress, a devilish smile crept across my face. I put the sweatpants and t-shirt away and thought, “Maybe I should be ready just in case.”With that thought, I looked for something irresistible to showcase my figure and reflect my mood. Looking through the lingerie, the choice was obvious. If I wanted to seduce that special one, my choice of clothes had to say, “Touch me!” So I decided on ultra-sheer black stockings, grandbetting giriş stiletto heels with the strap around the ankle, a tight fitting black shirt and a white silk blouse. With a nod of approval in the mirror, I began to dress.Carefully pulled the stockings on. Then I put on the silk blouse. As I was buttoning the blouse, my fingers grazed the inside of my left breast. A quick shiver reminded me of the reason I was dressing like grandbetting yeni giriş this. As I pulled up the skirt, another shiver enveloped my whole body when I felt the skirt sliding over the nylons. I had not even stepped out of the bedroom and could feel myself getting wet with anticipation. Then sat on the edge of the bed and put on the heels that finished the look. As I finished tying the strap around the ankle, the fingers of both hands grandbetting güvenilirmi slowly traced up the sheer stockings. As I got past my knee, I stood up and my fingers moved from the front of my legs to the inside of my soft, silky thighs.After a quick and deep breath, I decided to indulge myself to continue up to my mound and touch my already swollen clit. I laid back down on the bed and put my left foot on the bed. In this position, my fingers quickly found their way inside my wet warmth. After a few minutes of slow and deep penetration, I had an idea that would indeed drive my yet unsuspecting subject to a level of desire that could not be resisted. I stood up and straightened my blouse and skirt. There was one more thing…..a touch of perfume that screamed “devour me!”

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