Hot Wife Plays Pool – Let The Games Begin

Adriana Chechik

Lynn cheerfully entered the rec room, “Hi, you mind if I join you?”They looked up surprised, “No we don’t mind. That would be great.”She caught a hint of disappointment, “Were you expecting someone else?”They both acted flustered and embarrassed. One with sandy hair answered, “Oh no. Nothing like that. It’s just sometimes one of Ms. Smith’s friends likes a game of pool.”She wasn’t surprised anymore at the activities at the Smith’s.“My name is Lynn. I brought you guys a couple of beers.”Both guys perked up at hearing her name. They looked at the blonde married woman with more appraising looks. They accepted the beers. The sandy-haired student introduced himself as Lee and the other with darker hair as Roger.Lynn felt their eyes scanning her body. This may turn out to be more fun than she thought. She was glad she followed the advice about taking off her bra. Her unfettered breasts were perfectly framed by the fabric.“It looks like you guys are in the middle of a game. Are you playing eight ball? I will just watch you guys play if that’s ok?”Lee answered, “We were in the middle of a best out of five. This is our third game. If you want to watch until we finish then you can join in. Do you shoot a lot of pool?”“I don’t mind watching. I like to play some, but I’m not very good. Who’s winning?”Roger answered, “Right now the score is tied.”Lynn replied, “That sounds exciting. What are the stakes?”Both students took in Lynn’s sensuality. Lee blatantly stared at her perfectly formed breasts and answered, “We were just playing for twenty bucks, but maybe we could think of something else.”Lynn sipped her wine as she watched the two young men played their game. The three of them engaged in light banter of the rivalry between Penn State and Lynn’s alma mater, Ohio State. Lynn couldn’t help but notice the difference in maturity levels between her and the two students, even though she was not that much older.When Lynn was at Ohio State she liked to hang out with athletes. She dated a couple of football players, but liked the soccer players the best. She played intramural soccer where she met some of the other soccer players. The first soccer player she dated also happened very well-endowed. She still remembered the tautness of her boyfriend’s ass as she pulled him to maximum depth in her pussy.Watching the game gave her a chance to better scope out Lee and Roger’s bodies. Pendik Escort The soccer shirts were loose, but she knew underneath their muscles would be hard taut bodies. When they bent over to take their shots, the fabric of their cargo shorts tightened against their buttocks further accentuating their muscle tone.During the game, she surreptitiously lowered the zipper on her jumpsuit giving the two men a better view of her breasts. It didn’t take long for the game to end. Roger ended up winning the series. He told Lee, “Maybe we should play for the other stakes.”Lynn asked, “What are those stakes?”Lee answered, “We’ll let you know. I think you’ll probably like them. Well, are you ready to join? Let’s play some cutthroat.”Lynn somewhat excitedly said, “You mean fuck your buddy? Sure I know how to play that.”Lee noticed that Lynn’s wine glass was empty. He gave her a refill from the wine bottle in a refrigerator behind the bar. The two students offered her the break, but she declined. Since Roger won the eight ball series, he took the break. Lee racked the balls. Roger took the break and sank the twelve ball. On his next shot, he missed a shot at the seven.He said, “Ok. I’ll take highs. Here, Lynn, you take a turn.”Lynn looked over the table. Lee recommended a shot at the two in the right side pocket. The cue ball was close to the middle of the table diagonal to the target ball. The blonde wife picked out a cue, chalked up the tip and positioned herself on the left side of the table to take the shot. As soon as she bent over, she was glad that she took off her bra. Lee was across from her on the right-hand side. He had a good view of her rounded breasts taut against the fabric. He could even see the outline of her nipples. Roger was standing at the left-hand corner with a good shot of her succulent ass.She positioned the stick behind the cue ball and from her bent over position, she raised her head and asked Lee, “Does this look ok?”Lee stared at her tits and answered, “Perfect. Just like that.”She took the shot and muffed it. She apologized, but the two students just reassured her and told her to have another sip of wine and calm down. Lee was able to sink the two ball. He missed his next shot at the four. He announced he had lows leaving Lynn with mids.The game resumed. Lynn thought the students were missing some easy Pendik Escort Bayan shots. But she sipped her wine and liked looking at their bodies bent over the table when they took their shots. She also was looking to see if they were hung. After she missed another shot, Lee offered to help.The best shot was the seven in the far left-hand corner pocket. It was going to require her to stretch out from the right-hand side. Lee stood behind her and helped her position. He showed her the best position for the cue how to properly place her left hand around the stick and grip the butt end of the stick.He bent over her and instructed, “Here just like this. Lightly grip the cue.” He took the butt end and adjusted the angle of the cue. He further instructed, “That’s got. Just take a nice smooth stroke.”Lynn could feel the closeness of his body as she took the shot. The seven went into the pocket. She turned around and excitedly said as she gave Lee a hug, “That was great. Thanks for helping me.”Lee hugged her back, feeling her married tits against his chest. He told her, “You’re not done. Let Roger help you.”Roger took his place behind her as she lined up her next shot. He was bolder than Lee. He rested his hand lightly on her left hip. He made contact with her ass. Lynn could feel the stirrings of an erection. That is one thing about younger guys, it doesn’t take much to arouse them. She missed the shot.Roger told her, “You were positioned right. You should have made that. But we’ll keep helping you.”Lynn answered, “I really appreciate your help.” She glanced down at his crotch. “I must have been distracted.”Roger just replied, “Distractions are part of the game.” He looked at her partially exposed breasts, “We have been distracted, and still make our shots. You’ll just need to keep trying”The game continued with the players becoming more uninhibited. Lynn pushed back against Lee and Roger when she was bent over the table taking her shots. She could feel both of them becoming erect. The three of them were getting aroused. The player observing Lynn taking her shot was more blatant in looking at her tits. Her nipples were aroused and plainly visible through the fabric of her jumpsuit.Lining up another shot, Lynn was bent over with Roger helping her. She pushed her ass against his erect cock. He put his hand on one of her ass Escort Pendik cheeks and fondled her, while sliding the other hand up her body and cupping one of her breasts.Lynn moaned, “Oh yeah just like that. It feels so good.”She remained bent over the table while Roger felt her. He ran his right hand inside her jumpsuit and fondled her bare skin. He applied more pressure with his left hand on her hip pushing his erect cock hard against the cheeks of her ass.She looked up at Lee with a look of lust, “Do you like watching? Why don’t you take a feel?”Lee moved around the table as Lynn stood up with her back to the pool table her hands on the rail. Her body was open to the students. They were on either side of her. They each fondled one of her swollen tits, pinching up the nipples until they were fully erect.Roger lowered his face to give her a kiss. She eagerly opened her mouth to accept his probing tongue. Watching them kiss, Lee lowered the zipper of her dress until her married tits were exposed.Roger broke their kiss and Lee cupped her chin and turned her head to accept his tongue. Roger continued fondling one of her tits before sliding his hand with a caressing motion down her stomach and abdomen inside her panties. As soon as his fingers touched the wetness of her slit, Lynn let out a moan against Lee’s tongue.“Ohh fuck yeah. Feel my pussy.”“You mean your cunt don’t you?”“That’s right feel my cunt. You can do anything you want.”“Fuck, Lee, you gotta feel this slut’s cunt. This is the wettest one we have ever had.”“You mean she’s wetter than that older chick? The one with the big boobs.”“Yeah, wetter than her. Here take a feel.”Lynn no longer made an effort to keep quiet. She was moaning as the two students talked dirty to her while taking turns feeling her adulterous tits and cunt. Both of the students probed the folds and opening of her cunt until their fingers were slick with her juices. She took her hands from the rail and felt their erect cocks. Fuck, were they hard. They moved to face her while she squeezed their college-aged cocks.She said in a low husky lust filled voice, “Take off your shirts. You’re feeling my body I want to feel yours.”Without hesitation, they lifted their jerseys over their heads and threw them on the floor. Lynn removed her hands from their cocks to caress their hard bodies. Soccer players were just as she remembered them. She thought of her promiscuous phase when she fucked more than one at a time. She lowered her head and took one of Lee’s nipples in her mouth. With her hands being more insistent squeezing their cocks, she alternated tonguing their nipples until they were glistening from her saliva.

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