is it lust or is it hot sex CHAPTER 5


is it lust or is it hot sex CHAPTER 5I woke up in my room AND SHE HAD PACKED EVERY THING UP DILDOS TOYS EVERY THING WE GOT ON THE PLAIN AND WE FEEL Asleep NECTO EACH OTHER I GOT UP TO GOTO THE BATH ROOM.I WAS RELEAVED CUSE THERE’S NO WAY SNOW COULD FOLLOW US NOW WAT ARE THE ODDS. but i spoke to soon wans agein snow wet finger was in my ass, she said it my day to go back to.witch means we will be see each other on the buss agein and guess what i got some friends with me this time so watch ur self there extreemly horny lol’then she bent me over and started fucking me i tried to resit but it felt so good. i started to moan load and she cumed inside me allot then she sucked my cock untill i cummed in her mouth.she got dressed and left i washed up and left to sit down sandy asked if i was ok i said im fine go back to sleep i didnt want her to wurry.we got back to my house in la and we started watching tv greay house u have jessie thanks it looks like it could hold 10 peopke nice .we whent to out to dinner i took my car it was a jeep wee whent to a mexicon restront for dinner and then to the movies. at the movies i whent to the bath betsobet yeni giriş room millessa came in and locked the door got naked fast and jumed on me tarting my cloths of sucking my cock to make me hard then sticking it in her pussy then makeing me suck her dick harder and hardershe cumed in my mouth and made me cum in her pussy she got dresed and walked out then candy came in wearing a strap on she grabed me hips and shuved it up my ass hole.she then sucked my hard cock and stuck it in her pussy untill she ccummed she left to then rachile came in and started sucking on my dick and kissing me.i was shocked they must of came in a group she also fucked me until she cumed 2 times then they invited a new girl she was blakc but real black like the color marker black.she came in she had the blackest darkest pussy ever i willing licked it hard and sucked it and fucjed it for some reson black dark black pussy made me hornythen she said i love youjedssie im tell people about u in secret so they will vist you place to fuckthen tina came in and made me lick her ass until she cumed in my mouth. then christina betsobet güvenilirmi came in with her dick and pussy all black started fucking me real hard until i shit my sellfmmm they all make me horny every time i see them there so hot christial cam in with her dick and pussy to and start cuming in my mouththen katrina came and started fucking my ass filling me up with cum then maed me lick her pussy untill it was all over my face.They left and unlocked the door. hurred to the stall pushung there cum out of my ass and peeing. then i washed up and whent back to the movie. I was wurred cuse candy didnt come back yet. little did i know she was geting a visit payed as well. they came in the girls room snow and latosha and milessa.they locked the door as she was in the stall siting. they grabed her feet and pulled her out she hit her head on the way out and passed out.they took off her cloths and started peeing on them and then latosha opend her ass hole and spit in it she then stuck her ass hole on sandys ass hole and started pushing shit into her,then when she was all filled up.then snow started sticking betsobet giriş her pussy hard and latosha stuck sandys head in her ass as milessa started masterbaiting until she cumed on her body.they wanted her to stink of sex when she ame back.final the pee dryed and then the grils but sandys cloths back on her then the girls left with out think sand got back to her set.wats that smell i asked. she said wat smell? you smell like piss i said. she said it must be after i fell in the bath room im srry.i leaned in to kiss her and smelled latosha on her. i started craveing anal agen i started kissing hard did u fuck some wan in the bath room i asked know she replyed did you.no i said she got on her nee’s and smelt my cock it smelld like pussy she said lier and started sucking my cock. then i told her i was ****d by snow and her friends she said.i know i told them to. what i said. I just wanded you to be happy sence u love them more then me. look isaid im the wan that asked you to come with me to movie in with me.ture but. I you know they would follow any way. no i didnt as she sucked harder she bent over and shuved my cock in her ass then i felt all of latoshas shit in her ass get on my dick.u been ****d to? yes becuse of you. now u will have to deal with it. as she started forceing her self on me in the movie thearter i started to cum in her ass and she sucked it clean.then we got home and got clean and whent to bed.

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