Karen’s Sister Christy


Tom was happy. After years of wondering if he’d ever find a woman, least of all the right woman, he was finally going to marry her. Karen was a gorgeous petite brunette, only a little over five feet tall. They had met eight months ago by some quirky chance of fate. He had come to Chicago for a conference to explain some mundane product to vendors at a booth with hundreds of other suppliers. Karen had wandered by and caught his eye. It was the outfit that she was wearing that had caught his eye first, because you couldn’t help but look at it.

Karen had been wearing a short, black leather miniskirt and a red, silk blouse. The blouse left very little to the imagination, only what the lacy bra concealed, and the skirt barely covered the tops of her stockings. She had been looking at the booth across the aisle from him and had bent over to see something more clearly on the table. Her skirt had hugged her ass and the nakedness of her legs had slipped out from underneath. He hadn’t meant to stare but after two days of a boring expo he had. His eyes had locked on to the most alluring site in front of him and he couldn’t move them. Not even when she straightened back up and abruptly turned around to look straight at him. He was staring at her, and she knew it.

She had come straight over to him, smiling and flaunting her beauty. Tom had figured she was a tease and was going to have her fun with him and then be on her way; he was right about one thing, she was a tease.

Karen spent twenty minutes asking him silly questions about the items he had on display on his tables. Normally he would have been brisk and short with questions as silly as hers, but for some reason he found answers for even the lamest one and he kept hoping she had more. She would constantly bend over to look at something on the table, and her nicely endowed chest would present itself for his viewing pleasure as her blouse cascaded open. He was hard by the third question she asked.

“And what about that one there, what’s the Rockwell hardness on it,” she had asked. He was busy looking and didn’t see what she was pointing to—there were a few cutting instruments on the table. She had known he wasn’t paying enough attention, so she reached out and touched it. When she touched his crotch he jumped and almost fell over.

It was the beginning of a fiery relationship, at least sexually. Karen was into everything. That first night she had come to his hotel room and kept him up all of the night, constantly finding new ways to bring his manhood back to life. He’d come half a dozen times, and still it didn’t seem she was satiated. Finally they had collapsed and fallen asleep.

He’d woken up to find her gone, but a note with her phone number was on the nightstand.

“If your not leaving soon, call me and let’s do dinner.”

He’d called, and dinner had turned into a weekend, and then a week and before long he’d gone back to Colorado only long enough to put his affairs in order before moving to Chicago to be with her. He never really asked what it was she saw in him, he was just grateful.

Eight months ago, it seemed so short a time.

The ringing doorbell snapped him out of his reveille.

“Can you get that, it’s probably Christy,” Karen had called out from the bathroom. She was showering after their usual early morning longitudinal exercises.

“I told her she could stay here while she was in town, we’d have plenty of room,” Karen said as Tom hoped up from the bed and put a robe around his naked body.

Christy he thought, Antalya Escort Karen’s mysterious sister whom he had heard much about but had never met, never even seen a picture of. Hell, Tom thought he wouldn’t really believe she existed until he saw her in person. He walked down the hall into the living room and across to the entry.

Karen talked to her sister all the time, they seemed close, and yet he’d never seen any pictures of her. He’d shrugged it off, thinking perhaps Christy was shy, or maybe she wasn’t the greatest looker and didn’t like people taking pictures of her. Anyway it didn’t matter, he was about to see her in person, if it was her at the door.

Tom opened the door and froze in place. He must have blinked a couple of times while he stared openly and unbelievably. He looked back down the hall to confirm that it couldn’t be possible. Standing in front of him was Karen, dressed in the same black mini skirt and red blouse as the day he’d first met her. Yet down the hall, still making noises in the bathroom was Karen.

“Well Tom, aren’t you going to invite me in,” Karen or Christy, whoever it was at the door said, “or are you just going to stare at me the same way you did when you first met Karen in this outfit.” The woman in front of him played with the buttons at the top of her blouse, unbuttoning the first two.

“Wouldn’t you like to see them without having to strain,” she said as she opened her blouse up while walking into the house, pushing him backwards as she went. Within five feet she had unbuttoned half her blouse and he was staring at a pair of breasts that looked hauntingly familiar. They looked just like Karen’s he was thinking as she took his hand in hers and brought it to her left breast.

“It’s amazing, they feel just like Karen’s too,” she was saying as his hand closed upon the fleshy warmth of her breast. It had to be some type of elaborate joke, that was the only thing Tom could think, and he wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to enjoy it. Tom found himself and collecting his senses, slipped his hand within her bra and cupped her breast fully, her nipple finding its’ way between his thumb and forefinger. He pinched her just so, like she always liked and she smiled.

“Yes, I like that too, of course you should know that, this isn’t the first time you’ve touched my body,” Christy was smiling at him. “Would you like to fuck me now, right here while my sister is in the bathroom getting cleaned up. Do you think you can handle me so easily after you’ve just plowed her good?” Christy was smiling as she was asking him this. Smiling and pulling her skirt up to reveal the same thong that he’d seen that first time he’d made love to Karen. Tom smiled back, enjoying the game Karen was playing, and he was more than up to another round.

“Well, I see that my arrival has left you speechless,” Christy was saying as she reached down, slipping her hand through his robe, grasped his hardening cock. “At least part of your body can speak, even if your lips don’t move.”

Christy’s hand had circled his cock and was squeezing him, teasing him, driving him crazy. Tom let his robe open up fully as he pulled Christy into the room and pushed her over the nearest piece of furniture, the dining room table. Her skirt rode up and her ass cheeks were peeking out from underneath.

“Oohhh, can’t wait to stick your cock in my, can you,” Christy smiled as she arched her back and lifted her ass. Her legs spread as she reached behind her and pulled her thong to the side.

“Well Antalya Escort Bayan then, go ahead big boy, plow my pussy fast and hard if that’s what you want,” Christy was smiling at him as he pressed his cockhead against her wet, swollen pussylips. He paused for just a second, thinking something was a bit different looking than he was used to, but before he could figure it out, Karen, or Christy as she wanted to be called for this little game, shoved her ass back and sucked his cock into her cunt.

“Oh yes, that feels so good going into me, I’d forgotten how your cock fills me just right,” Christy moaned as she pumped her ass back hard against him. “It’s no wonder Karen wants to marry you and keep you all to herself. Well, we’ll just have to see if you really want to be tied down to fucking only one woman for the rest of your life now, won’t we.” Tom was thinking she was taking this fantasy a bit further than she usually did, but of course he wasn’t thinking very hard—he never did much thinking when his manhood was buried in Karen’s cunt—he usually just fucked her good and saved the talking for later when there was more blood in his brain.

Tom reached around Karen to slip his hand alongside her thighs, towards her clit. He knew she got wild when he fucked her from behind and rubbed her clit at the same time. As his hand slipped up to find the hard, wet little nub, Tom realized what had seemed different to him just before she’d pushed back and engulfed his cock; she’d shaved her pussy bare, there wasn’t the usual small heart shaped patch of hair above her pussy.

“You shaved,” Tom blurted out as his finger found her clit and began to rub it. His cock was pounding in and out of her dripping cunt hole, and his finger was teasing circles around her clit.

“Silly, I shaved over two weeks ago, right after the last time I fucked your hard working cock,” Christy giggled. Tom two heads were working hard against each other. His brain was telling him that no, she wasn’t shaved thirty minutes ago when he’d woken up to find her riding his morning wood. Tom’s cockhead was telling him stop thinking and concentrate on the impending explosion that’s coming soon to a dick near you.

“I thought I’d surprise you when we first officially met,” Christy was saying, “Karen didn’t think you’d notice, but I told her to give you credit, you were smarter than you looked. Anyway, she agreed and so I shaved just for you. I’m just sorry it took me so long to let you try out my newly shaven cunt.”

Tom couldn’t figure out what Karen was saying, babbling about shaving, and two weeks ago, and it being so long since they’d screwed each other.

“I also got a small little tattoo, so you’d be able to tell us apart,” Christy said to him, “go ahead and look, pull my blouse off, you’ll see it, it’s on my right shoulder.

Tom felt his cock beginning to stiffen as his orgasm approached. He only heard part of what Karen was saying to him, something about a tattoo, and her right shoulder. He really wanted to get his hands on her naked breasts again anyway, so he pulled her blouse off.

“Christy” it said in a small heart on her shoulder. Tom laughed; Karen had outdone herself on this fantasy. She must have been working hard on getting everything ready so she could pretend to be her imaginary sister.

“What’s so funny,” Christy asked as she heard Tom laugh.

“What’s so funny,” Tom asked rhetorically. “You really went to a lot of trouble to put on this fantasy, didn’t you? Putting Escort Antalya on the outfit you wore when we first met, shaving your pussy bare, and even having this temporary tattoo made up.”

“It’s not a fake tattoo Tom, it’s real, and I’ve already told you, I’m Christy, not Karen.” It was just about perfect, she couldn’t have planned it any better. She could feel his cock swelling and knew he was just about to reach the point of no return.

“If you really think I’m Karen, why don’t you call for her to come out of the bathroom; besides, she told me she wanted to see the look on your face when you shoot your load into me for the first time. Or what you think is the first time.” Christy smiled, they’d played Tom excellently.

“Fine, it’s your fantasy, but anyway you’re right about something, I’m going to send my cum shooting into your cunt in just about ten seconds.” Tom smiled; he had to admit that the remote thought that he was fucking Christy, Karen’s sister was a bit of a turn on.

“Karen, you can come out now, I’m going to be filling your sister up with my cum in about ten seconds,” Tom shouted out towards the bathroom, as he felt his orgasm overtaking him.

“Be right there honey,” Karen shouted back from the bathroom.

“Huh?” Was all that Tom could say as Karen’s voice came to him from the wrong side of his cock.

“I told you I wasn’t Karen, but would you listen,” Christy was saying as she pushed her body back hard against him.

Tom’s mind was reeling, trying to figure it all out, but his brain was being tripped up by his cock which had swollen to new proportions as it jerked at the possibility that he was fucking someone new and unknown. He felt his orgasm overtaking him, and the first involuntary spermy spasm was just starting when a hand touched his naked ass.

“I want you to fill my sister with your cum, just like you did me a few minutes ago,” Tom turned and saw Karen, still naked and now pressing her body up against his as his cock began to fire.

“Oooo….that’s nice,” Christy moaned as his sperm pounded its way into her cunt, “don’t stop, I want it all.”

Tom didn’t know what to think, but his cock was in heaven trying to understand that he was fucking someone other than Karen, his fiancée. His cock couldn’t figure out what was going on, of course neither could Tom, but at least his cock had control of the blood flowing in his body and was going to come.

Tom felt Christy’s cunt clamp down like a vice upon his cock as he shot into her. He also felt Karen’s warm body behind him, her hands running across his naked body. Karen’s hand ran down his back, and was caressing his ass as he started to shoot his spunk into Christy.

“Fill her to the brim, she hasn’t had a cock in her since the last time you fucked her, and that was over two weeks ago,” Karen was whispering in his ear as her hand ran down the crack of his ass, her middle finger pausing at his anus.

Tom shoved hard as he fired off into Christy. Just as his balls tensed up and exploded, Karen slipped the tip of her finger in his ass.

“Give me your juice, Tom,” Christy moaned as she felt his spunk slamming into her fuck hole. Her own orgasm started, triggered like it usually was by the feeling of him losing control into her cunt. His throbbing cock almost always triggered a reciprocal orgasm in her clitoris.

“See, you’ve fucked her to another orgasm, just the way she likes it,” Karen whispered as she pressed her body harder against him. “Just like I like it too,” she kissed him on the ear, nibbling on his earlobe.

Tom’s cock wasn’t the only head that was throbbing as he tried to grasp the concept of Karen’s sister being her twin. He smiled as visions of the future weaved through his orgasms induced haze while Karen and Christy both caressed his body…

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