Mommy’s Lesbian Substitute Ch. 04


Warning! This story contains consensual lesbian incest as well as piss and shit(scat) play. If this offends you, please don’t read this story.


When Kate awoke, it was slightly dark in the cabana, but she could see the first signs of daylight spilling in the door. Elena was gone, which saddened Kate somewhat. She had to pee really bad so she got up and walked to the bedroom area. Her mother was naked, on her back, still asleep. Leah was asleep on the other side of the bed. Kate understood her mother’s attraction to Leah. She was hot as fuck and young, which Kate was coming to understand was what her mother really liked.

Kate crawled on the bed and squatted over her mother’s face. She tapped her mother on the head. “Mom. Mother! Open up. I have to piss.”

Kate’s mother stirred and opened her eyes. It didn’t take long for her to understand what was happening. She opened her mouth and covered Kate’s pussy. Kate sighed and let her stream go. She heard her mother gulping repeatedly, swallowing every golden drop. Kate could smell the acrid scent, her guess being she was dehydrated from the alcohol last night.

When Kate was done, she got off the bed and knelt on the ground to kiss her mother and share in the acrid taste. “God I love using your mouth as my toilet in the morning,” Kate said then kissed her mother again.

Kate’s mother stroked the back of Kate’s head through the kiss and when it broke she said, “I love it too. Do you need to shit? We can get up if so.”

Kate replied, “Not really. Not immediately anyways. You go back to sleep, it’s still early. I’m gonna grab some coffee and go watch the sunrise.”

“Ok baby. Love you.” Kate’s mother then turned, put her arm around Leah and started to sleep again.

Kate prepared a pot of coffee and while doing so noticed a note. It was from Elena. It read:

My dearest Kate and Linda,

I had so much fun last night and I thank you both. I really started the day as a bitter old woman, and Kate, probably more so towards you just from your age. I hope you can both forgive me. I have some errands to do and will be unavailable throughout the day, but I will try to be at tonight’s bonfire. I do have promises to keep to you Kate. With much love, Elena.

Kate smiled as she put the finishing touches on a cup of coffee. She kept the burner on so her mother would have some hot coffee and headed out the door.


Kate opted for an Adirondack chair right at the edge of the sand not wanting to get sand all over her feet this early. The air was slightly chilly and made her nipples stiffen up. The coffee helped warm her up. A topless woman Kate recognized from the bonfire walked by and waved. Kate smiled and waved back.

The day was brightening nicely while Kate sipped at her coffee. A woman with shoulder length red hair approached sipping her own coffee. She was tallish, with ample enough breasts that were pointed and firm on her body. Her curves were just right to compliment every inch of her body; a red landing strip of a bush accentuated her pussy. If Kate had to guess, she would have said early 30’s.

The redhead pointed to another chair and asked, “Mind if I join you?”

“Of course not,” Kate said. “I’d be delighted.”

The woman pulled the chair closer and sat. She introduced herself as Betty. As they small talked, Kate learned she was actually 42 and was on the island with her daughter, Annie.

“So anyways,” Betty explained. “We’ve been lovers for a year now. I want to explore some, um, nastier things. She’s reluctant. I thought this resort would open her up which is why I chose the bathroom portion and not just the incest part. It didn’t help and now I don’t know what to do.”

Kate asked, “And by nasty you probably mean more along the lines of scat?”

Betty laughed nervously. “Yes. I was nervous to voice it to you. I don’t know why. The women around here say you and your mother are pretty open about it.”

Kate was stunned. “Wow. I have a reputation?” She shook her head to recover. “I don’t know what to tell you. I found out by accident. But wanted to try it for my mother. What are you looking to do? Give or receive?”

“Oh give definitely. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be open to, like, watch her shit. I just don’t know if I can have someone take a dump on me. But the thought of me shitting on her makes my pussy moist.”

“Well I’m fully vested now. I like both. Maybe she just needs to do it once and she’ll like it. But maybe not. Maybe you shouldn’t get your hopes up.”

Betty sighed, sat back and downed the rest of her cup. “Yeah I know. I’m trying not to. Well Kate, I appreciate the talk. Coffee runs through me so I’m going to have to say bye.”

Kate noticed Betty look around to spot the closest facilities. Betty stood to leave when Kate stopped her. Kate stood herself and moved behind Betty. She kissed Betty’s neck then traced her tongue down Betty’s back as she sank to her knees. Kate spread Betty’s ass cheeks and licked her puckered Girne Escort rectum.

Betty’s breathing quickened as she realized what Kate was offering. She closed her eyes to relax and concentrated on pushing. Kate felt Betty’s asshole spread open and the head of a shit log pushed out and against her tongue. It broke off and slid down her chin to fall between her legs.

Betty grunted and her asshole opened up wider as her turd now pushed out. Kate kissed the tip and licked it before smashing her face hard against Betty’s ass. Betty pushed out two good sized shit logs and with the pressure of Kate’s face against her ass, it smashed and spread over Kate’s face.

When Betty’s bowels were empty, she turned to stare at Kate whose face was now covered in Betty’s shit. Kate locked eyes with Betty, picked up the one piece of turd that had fallen and started to rub it around her pussy. Betty furiously rubbed her own pussy as she watched Kate play with her shit. It only took moments before Betty was screaming as an orgasm ripped through her.

“Th-th-thank you,” Betty stammered.

Kate said, “Don’t forget to clean well. You have poop all over your ass.” Kate smiled and waved as Betty walked away.


Kate headed back to her cabana. She wiped her feet thoroughly in case she was messy and headed in. She poured herself a refill and was about to leave when Leah approached. Leah took two long licks of Kate’s face coating her tongue in shit, then kissed Kate hard, their tongues dancing together. Leah then headed back to bed and Kate headed back outside.

Kate noticed a group of women in all stages of dress, or undress, gathering around the central gazebo. She saw Tiff there holding her clipboard. Kate went over to see what was happening.

Tiff was raising her voice to be heard amongst the growing crowd of women. “Ladies! Please settle down. In just a few moments I’ll explain everything.” She saw Kate approach, took one look at the brown all over her face and laughed. “Opting not to clean up this morning?”

Kate had really forgotten about how she would have looked to everyone else. She laughed herself then nodded, nobody was able to detect the blush on her cheeks through the shit stains.

The crowd quieted down quite a bit so Tiff continued. “We are having a contest for all the scat lovers here. There is a contest for piss only lovers tomorrow. So please, if scat isn’t your thing, don’t sign up.

“If you look to the start of the sand line you’ll see a lounger set up at the far end. In an hour, once registration has closed, we will see how many women have signed up and will then place other loungers in a line. The object is to stay in the chair no matter what. All women, guests and staff alike, will be able to use a contestant as a toilet. If she can’t go any longer, she can tap out. Last remaining woman wins the prize.

“Now before I ask if there’s any questions, let me say, no, there are no bathroom breaks for contestants. If you leave the roped off chair area for any reason, you forfeit. There will be an ice chest with cold drinks provided. Any questions?”

Kate glanced over at the chair set up. Just a basic lounger but with a large umbrella over it to help block out the sun. The rope seemed to contain the area at about a 8′ X 8′ section.

One woman hollered out, “What do you win?”

Tiff said, “Oh yes forgive me. The grand prize is a V.I.P. ten day stay for two next year. Airfare included. It’s estimated at a $8,000 value. Any other questions?”

Nobody spoke up, so Tiff finished, “The sign up sheet will be here in the gazebo monitored by Jill. Registration ends at 8. Seats will be assigned at 9. After that, last lady lounging wins. Good luck to all participants.”

Kate saw over half the women walk away. She understood scat wasn’t a thing all women could come to grips with. By the time she got to the sign up sheet, there were six names on the list. Kate added her mother’s name to the list.

Kate made her way back to the cabana to see if her mother would truly be interested. When she walked inside, Leah was laying on her mother’s stomach, ass towards her face. Kate’s mother was holding Leah’s ass cheeks apart and one of the fattest turds she had ever seen was halfway out of Leah’s ass and resting on her mother’s mouth.

Kate exclaimed, “Fuck Leah! That’s an impressive piece of shit!”

“Thanks,” Leah more grunted than said as another two inches of shit pushed out. “Morning is my best dump of the day.”

Kate’s pussy tingled fiercely at the sexy sight. She made her way to the side of the bed and waited. Leah grunted one last time and another two inches emerged but this time fell out of her ass and plopped onto Linda’s mouth. Leah got up and was about to sit on Linda’s face but Kate stopped her. “Please. Let me.” Leah giggled and moved out of the way.

Kate straddled her mother’s face and sat forcibly, Leah’s shit pile smashing against her mother’s face as well as her Magosa Escort pussy. Kate’s mother immediately began to lick and probe. Kate moaned, “Fuck yes. Eat that shit covered cunt mom. Make me cum all over your face.”

Kate’s mother worked her tongue faster and deeper into Kate’s pussy. Finally she covered Kate’s shit covered clit with her mouth and Kate erupted, cumming all over Linda’s face.

When they were done, Leah excused herself to get back to her own cabana. Kate kissed her mother sharing the filth between them. She told her mother about the competition and her mother instantly agreed to do it. Linda thought it would be fun even if she didn’t win.

Not bothering to clean up, the two women made their way to the gazebo to await the start of the contest, but not before calling for the cleaning service to their cabana. They sat at a table holding hands. Tiff approached and said, “I know who my money is on,” as she eyed the already shit covered women.


The final tally was ten contestants and the staff lined up and roped off each section. Coolers were then brought in and umbrellas set up. At 9 sharp, Tiff walked each of the ladies to their own area and stood them inside the rope. She then shouted, “Begin!” All ten contestants sat in their loungers.

Tiff immediately threw her clipboard down, pulled her shorts off to reveal she went commando, went to Kate’s mother laying on her lounger, straddled her chest and proceeded to take a shit all over Linda’s chest. That done, she picked up her things and winked at Kate. “I’ve needed to do that all morning but I was waiting for your mom. I’m glad she signed up.”

Kate sat at the gazebo and watched the action. There was so much foot traffic and women in all the loungers were being shit and pissed on. Kate was getting horny again just watching.

After an hour, three women had already dropped out. Kate went to her mother and let her know. “I’m going to go explore again, ok?” Kate asked.

Kate’s mother replied, “Of course dear. Go have fun. Wash yourself in the lake first though.”

Kate kissed her mother, loving the taste of filth. “You bet. Love you mom.”

Kate rushed into the water and soaked, washing away most of the shit that was on her. When she walked, naked, out of the water, she heard a few women whistling at her which made her blush.

Kate made her way down the beach the opposite way they had explored the other day. She shortly came upon a sign that said “Lover’s Cove”. There were just as many women here, more really, than at the bathroom section of the island all in various stages of dress and undress as well.

Kate spotted an outdoor bar and walked to it. She pulled up a stool, sat and ordered a beer. The blonde bombshell of a bartender handed her the bottle then said, “You missed some,” then pointed to her cheek.

Kate laughed and said, “Yeah it was only a quick lake bath.”

“No judgement here,” the woman said.

Kate sipped on her beer and people watched. All kinds of different sexy women walked about, tall to short; skinny to chunky. She also enjoyed the different sex shows that were being performed, although she was afraid of getting too horny. What stood out to her most was the lack of “kinky” stuff. Just ordinary lovers enjoying each other. Which wasn’t a bad thing in her mind.

She ordered a second beer when she finished the first and on the first sip got a shock. A very familiar voice behind her said, “NO. FUCKING. WAY. Kate?”

Kate smiled and turned to see her lifelong best friend, Ann. The first thing Kate noticed was that Ann’s tits had grown considerably since her high school gym days, they were at least 38D’s now. And she had opted for pubic hair now instead of a full shave, the red hair seemingly making her pussy glow. Ann’s hair was longer now as well, but her green eyes still shone bright.

Up until now, Kate had never seen Ann naked and thought any lustfull thoughts. But now that things were different in her own life, her pussy instantly dampened at the sight of her friend.

“Hi Ann,” Kate said. She got up and hugged Ann hard, missing that feeling for the last five years. “I’m so sorry I haven’t been over since I got home. I’ve been dealing with stuff.”

Ann hugged Kate back just as hard and said, “I know K. Kelly passing. You getting used to your new relationship with your mom. I totally understand. And where is your mom?”

Kate replied, “Back on our beach getting shit on in a contest.” Both women snorted laughter.

The pair sat at the bar and Ann ordered a drink for herself. Kate kept taking glances at Ann’s tits while they drank and small talked about the last five years leading up to now. Kate ended with, “And we found this place and decided to try it out.”

Ann said, “Nice. I’m opening up more on the kinky stuff but we still stay at Lover’s Cove when we come. This is our third year in a row.”

“Nice yourself. I bet your mom is loving that. I could tell it was something Kıbrıs Escort she really wanted you to be into.”

“Yeah, well, she’s the reason I started trying more. It’s ok so far. I still flinch at the smell. Does it get better?”

“Oh yeah. Much better. I hardly really notice it anymore. Sometimes you can’t help but notice it though.”

They finished their drink then ordered another. More small talk ensued as Kate scanned the beach some more. She was about to take another sip when she stopped with the bottle halfway to her lips. Kate asked, “Is that Mrs. Halsey and her daughter over there?”

Ann didn’t even look. “Yes. We all come together. We get a group discount. Mom and I stay here on the lesbian resort. Mrs. Halsey, Shell and Ryan stay on the straight resort. They come around to the lesbian side when they want some alone time.”

Kate asked, shocked, “As in the Ryan I asked to senior prom and he turned me down?”

“The one and the same.”

Kate thought Mrs. Halsy was an average looking woman, although seeing her naked now Kate thought her body was smoking hot. Just right tits with curves on her ass that just didn’t quit. Shell, in contrast, was tiny and petite; flat chested and a tiny looking ass. But stunning in the beauty department.

Kate remembered Ryan being 6′ tall, handsome, with a fit toned body. He was the same age as Kate herself. She surmised his sister was 23 now.

“Well no wonder he said no. He had sure pussy with his mom.” Kate said then laughed.

“Yeah they’ve been fucking for years,” Ann said. “I don’t know how she takes it. And poor Shell has to be being ripped in half as tiny as she is.” Ann took a drink then saw Kate’s questioning eyes. “If you saw him walking on the beach naked you’d think there was an elephant trunk between his legs,” Ann answered.

As the girls were laughing at that image, Ann’s mother, Liv, walked up. “Oh my God, Kate! You two found our hideaway. How nice. Where’s your mother?”

Ann answered for Kate. “Being shit on for some sort of contest. That’s so her.”

Kate said, “Yeah. And I should get back there in case she’s ousted. I don’t want her to think I abandoned her.”

Liv said, “Don’t be silly. I’ll head over and keep her company. You two have another drink and catch up.”

Ann quipped, “By that you mean you want to take a dump on her.” Ann and Kate laughed together as Liv shrugged her shoulders. She waved bye to the two and walked in the direction of the bathroom portion of the beach.

The friends ordered another drink. Ann noticed Kate starting at her as they sipped and she said so. “You’re staring at me.”

“Sorry,” Kate said. “It’s just that you came out as gay to me and I think of all the times in the locker room seeing you and never had any urges. And now…” Kate trailed off.

“And now what?” Ann purposely spread her legs, almost daring Kate to make a move.

Kate took the bait and dropped off her stool onto her knees and buried her face into Ann’s pussy. Kate’s tongue plunged deep into Ann’s folds. Ann moaned loudly and her hand found the back of Kate’s head. She pulled Kate’s face hard against her pussy and started to grind her hips up and down hard.

Ann’s orgasm built quickly and ripped through her. She screamed, “Oh fuck yes! I’ve wanted to cum all over your face since high school! I let Kelly eat me out once just so I could pretend it was you. Keep eating that cunt. I want my cunt juice to cover your face again.”

Kate continued to lap Ann’s pussy. She found that her own body responded better when a woman used dirty language. Her own pussy tingled hard when Ann had used the word cunt. She felt Ann’s pussy lips quiver again and knew it was coming.

Ann used both hands on Kate’s head now and basically used Kate’s face as merely something to rub her pussy on to get herself off. “Oh Jesus! Fuck fuck fuck! I’m cumming again! I can’t believe I’m finally spraying my cunt juice all over my bff!”

Ann started to calm down. Kate kept licking, but more slowly and lovingly now. In all the commotion, neither had heard Mrs. Halsey and Shell walk up. Mrs. Halsey said, “Fuck Ann. That’s the fourth head I’ve seen between your legs already today. Not counting your mother’s. You are insatiable!”

Ann opened her eyes and smiled at the pair. “Yeah. But like my mother this morning, this one meant something.”

Mrs. Halsey and Shell looked shocked when Kate stood up and wiped pussy juice off of her face and said, “Hi Mrs. Halsey. Hi Shell.”

Ann was grinning. “And don’t worry. I’m still going to take a few licks of your son’s lollipop fuck stick later.”

Kate’s mouth gaped open. Her mind spun. Ann grabbed Kate’s hand and said, “Excuse us ladies. We need to go check up on Kate’s mother.” With that Ann lead a stunned Kate away and walked down the beach with her.


Kate and Ann walked along the beach hand in hand. Kate loved it since it felt like there was more warmth in it than just two friends holding hands walking around the county fair like they had in the past. Kate’s head was still reeling from Ann’s statement.

As if reading Kate’s mind, Ann said, “I told you I loved eating pussy. I never said I was gay.”

Kate replied, “I guess when a girl tells me that, I think she’s a lesbian.”

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