Moms Trannie


Moms TrannieIt was Saturday night and my friends had told me about a new club. It was about an hour out of here and had an older crowd. This sparked my interest some what having a fondness for older women.I walked into the place and looked around, not much going on so I wandered over to the bar and ordered up a beer. A little while later the crowd picked up and things started to get moving.The women were defineatly older here, I asked a few to dance and had a few takers but couldn’t seem to lock in with them.While I was dancing I must have missed the two that came in, a blonde and brunette with that motherly look that makes me hard instantly, I looked at the blonde and she stared back showing some interest, the brunette was just yaberring away, I went up and asked the blonde to dance and she accepted. The first song was fast but the second one was slow holding out my hand, she accepted again and we started, we danced a lot and at the end I asked her to go home with me, she said no because of her friend but said to call her soon.The next day I called and set up a date that night for dinner and drinks. The restaurant was nice and we drank and ate.She asked me back to her place for a night cap and I agreed, she had a small place, not that I cared, well the drink lead to kissing and soon we were in bed making out, she swallowed my dick and I moaned how much I liked being sucked, she just hmmmed and kept on until I warned her I was cumming but she didn’t stop, I rewarded her effects with a big load of hot jiz that she swallowed. She surprised me when she came up and kissed me so I could have a taste of me.She slid up and back down taking me fully into her and began to ride, she squeezed me with her muscles as I moaned she kissed me some more, she told me how nice it was for me to be in her, I couldn’t hold out much longer and celtabet giriş dumped another big load into her, she dismounted me sliding up trailing cum all the way up my chest and before I could stop her came to rest on my mouth, I was struggling some, but she grabbed my hair and said just eat me, soon I was slurping up our juices and she came squirting even more into my mouth, finally sliding back down came face to face with me, kissed me and hmmmed.We talked and the matter came up that she had had sex with her son who was now a transsexual and she said not a bad one at that. She said by the likes of you ,you would like her, want to meet her? I can arrange that, I thought for a moment and said that would be fun, not wanting to lose out on this wild crazy broad.It was Saturday night again and I was at her place, she said her son would be by shortly meanwhile we drank and kissed and fondled. The knock on the door was soft and she opened the door, the girl came in and was she beautiful, wow, she was about five foot seven, trim with perky tits, blonde with and ass and legs that were eating material only, wow!We introduced our selves and she said her name was Jamie, all I could do was stare, mom broke the trance by smacking my butt, and offered up more drink, the conversation got around to them fucking each other actually for quite some time and suggested she wanted to do some now.Sharon (moms name) and I climbed into bed and Jamie excused herself to the bathroom, Jamie emerged dressed in thong and bra and heels(what a sight) she came over to me and planted a big wet kiss on me tonguing my throat and reached for my bona which was so hard now it was killing me. Breaking the kiss whispered hold that thought and began kissing Sharon. I reached over and rubbed her bum nice and easy sliding my fingers up her celtabet yeni giriş crevice, she broke that kiss and started down towards my aching rod, kissing and licking it as she went even lower to my jewel sack and sucked each one. Sharon came and was making out with me when Jamie engulfed the whole length of me, god she was better than her mom.Before I realized it she had swung her leg up over my head and as I looked up I could see the bulge in her thong, Sharon broke the kiss and said I think she really likes you, why don’t you oblige the lady and help her out with that, with a worried look on my face and Sharon’s smile, Sharon reached and unleashed the package, it swinging down and hitting me in the face, Sharon grabbed hold and guided it into my mouth, as I sucked it Sharon said I knew you were a tg lover the first time I saw you.Jamie’s cock was down my throat now, it had to be seven inches long and uncut the foreskin sliding with my mouth and the smooth head rubbing my throat put me over the edge and I came in Jamie’s mouth, Jamie then stiffened and shot down my throat, Sharon said, come and kiss mom I want to taste both your cums together!Sharon said Jamie really likes to be rimmed I’ll bet you like to eat man pussy too, Jamie rolled over on her belly and presented me her bum, spreading her gorgeous globes I got my first look at her brown, it was beautiful as the rest of her and I lent forward and licked and sucked, she was humping the bed and Sharon watched on. She is just about to cum Sharon said, as Jamie wiggled and thrashed on the bed and pushing down came all over the bed, her beautiful hole contracting around my tongue delighted me to know I gave her that kind of pleasure. Sharon said I could use some of that to and climbed up and sat on my face sticking her bum hole on my tongue celtabet güvenilirmi said make me cum too darling, Jamie looked on and rubbed my cock while I ate her mom, then to my surprise slid a wet finger deep into me making me moan into her mother’s brown and suck even harder, do that again Sharon said I’m gonna cum do it some more, and cum she did like a river, the juice was flowing out of her like nothing I had ever seen, when we were done Jamie kissed me and said she sure cums a lot doesn’t she, yes I said as Jamie licked more juice from my face.Her finger still buried in me all the way, she worked it in and out real slow, making me moan more and more, whispered in my ear how she would like to give me a sperm enema.Sharon moved to a better position and engulfed Jamie’s cock, Jamie moaned and added a second finger to me making me grunt, but with delight pushed them deeper into me.With the fingers still in me they rolled me on to my belly presenting my now loosened hole for their examination, they both fingered it and stretched it, Sharon said looks ready to me and Jamie climbed on, her seven inches glistening with her mother’s spit, rubbed around my hole and finding it’s mark slid into me, it hurt some but soon the pleasure took over as she began to pound me harder.Sharon slipped a finger up Jamie’s man hole and fingered her as she fucked me, she fucked me harder and harder until she grunted and swelled and shot load after load deep into my bowels, telling me that she loved me and wanted my ass forever.Jamie withdrew her now soft cock from my gaping hole, Sharon said looks good enough to eat and with that began to suck the cum from my now used man pussy.Jamie came around and offered me her dangling man meat to clean, I licked and sucked all the juices from it until I thought it was clean, but she said you missed a spot and shoved it back into my mouth for more, finally pulling out fell back on the bed exhausted.That night lead to many other ones, Jamie and I lived together and mom was one not to be left out came over and over again not to mention coming to visit all the time.I love you Jamie.

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