My friend Davids’ Mum…a fantasy come true!


My friend Davids’ Mum…a fantasy come true! David was my best friend although we had not see each other for a while as I was at college in another city. During my last summer at university I came back for a couple of weeks and though I would drop by to see him as a surprise. At this time he still lived at home. I must admit half the reason I went was because I had an unbearable crush on his mum. She was always so sweet to me. She must have been about forty six when this event happened in the mid 1970’s. I knocked on the door and his mother Helen answered it in a light blue rather worn towelling dressing gown. “Oh hi how nice to see you,” she said listlessly. “Hello Mrs Franklyn,” I said. She told me David has called to say he had to work until Maltepe Escort 7.30 but he would thrilled to see me when he go home.. “You can wait for him watch TV but I have a terrible headache and I’m going back to lie down in my bedroom, please don’t have it on too high”. “No problem,” I said. “I’ll tell Mr. Franklyn where you are when he comes in”. “Don’t bother,” she said. “He’s just stormed out again after I told him I can’t make dinner when I feel like this”. She went upstairs and I took a Coke from the fridge and went into the lounge. After about 20 minutes I need the loo and went up to the bathroom. When I came out I saw her bedroom door was slightly open and I couldn’t resist the temptation of having a peek. Maltepe Escort Bayan She was on the bed still in her dressing gown with her back to the door, fast asleep. It has lifted slightly at the bottom and I could see a curve of a buttock and her thighs. I didn’t even think, I just crept in and lifted the dressing gown very slightly and saw her hairy mound and the slit of her lips between her legs. Her arsehole was also visible as one leg was bent and this seemed to me more erotic and personal than even seeing her vagina. She must have sensed something because she stirred slightly and turned over with an arm raised above her head. Her eyes opened and she stared at me. “Oh Martin, it’s you. This headache Escort Maltepe just won’t go away; please get me some aspirin from my bathroom cabinet”. I turned and went into the bathroom and found the aspirin “I have water here,” she said. Taking the aspirin to her I told her that my mum used to rub my temples when I was a kid whenever I had a headache. “Show me,” she said. I knelt on the bed and leaned over her and gently massages my fingers either side of her head. “Mmm, soothing,” she whispered. After a few minutes of this she asked me if I was getting tired. “Well, my arms are aching slightly,” I said. “Well just lie here still for a while; I think you’ve done the trick”. I slid on the bed and she put an arm around my shoulders. I snuggled in to her neck and put an arm around her waist but daringly between her dressing gown and tummy. I froze, I didn’t more a muscle and hopes she would let me leave it there. She didn’t say a word but stayed completely still. We lay like that for about five minutes and her breathing seemed to deepen…

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