My male colleague


My male colleagueThis is my (Penny’s) response to Ivor’s story of our relationship.We now live together in what has been an open relationship and have house shared/ joint owned for a year.Ivor is a very gifted academic and is a large athletic man. We work in different disciplines at the same University and are accomplished in our differing fields.We have always had an attraction for each other which has developed over 13 years or so when we came up to University and met within a few months.Focussed on studies and writing for large parts of the year we came together for occasional tempobet giriş and very exciting sex; we shared training together as we developed into triathletes both within a group and as a pair. I liked the challenge of being close to a larger stronger male athlete of being able to equal his speed on a bike and to surprise him and turn on my sexuality for him when I wished.I know we have been reticent about our individual sexual liasions over the years.I had a thing about older men, liked to expose my naked sex to strangers for the personal pleasure of being unattainable tempobet yeni giriş to them but arousing them or to allow attractive younger men to explore my sex.I also was approached by lesbian women and although I never developed a sexual relationship in that direction I was flattered and excited ( still am) and found sharing sexual experiences pleasurable.I’m powerful, sexually able to alternate between instigator and aggressor to get on top and verbally and physically direct things; I like to keep a partner totally still and work to excite both of us tempobet güvenilirmi and especially work out on him. I can also be aroused and totally receptive to another person; the longer sexual activity lasts the better for me I have stamina and like that in a partner too. My ideal man is about 7 inches long but very thick; this is I think due to the familiarity of the man I live with!!I adore exploring sexual experiences and I like the experience of being outdoors and exposed sexually; fantasies of being watched and touched.There is also the joy of sharing a shower and massage and being able to talk about sexual sensations to someone who has been swimming, running or cycling with you.I love sharing a house and dinner parties with a male colleague and someone who engages my brain and then the rest of my body; life is such a joy to share in this way.

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