My Sweet Mama Ch. 01


At the age of 8 I faced an incident that no child should experience in his childhood. Both of my parents died in a car crash. I was devastated for weeks and it was my Aunt Clair and my grandparents who took care of me. Since my grandparents were old, Aunt Clair had decided that it was better if she adopted me. My Grandparents also supported her decision. So her home became my home since that day.

Aunt Clair was a single mother with a son who was one year older than me. But she loved me, her sister’s child like her own son and gradually I started to call her “Mama.” She was so happy about it and hugged me saying that she had 2 sons now.

Let me tell you about Aunt Clair, my mama. She was the younger and the only sister of my mom and she was 6 years younger than mom. Now you’d be wondering how she has a son older than me. As I got to know later, Clair had been raped by one of my grandfather’s friends at the age of 16 and she had delivered my cousin 9 months later. But she had been so courageous that my grandparents had helped her to complete her high school through private tuition and then she had attended to college and qualified as an accountant. Since then she had devoted her life to work and raising me and my cousin. At 37 years of age mama looked so young that anyone could pass her for a 30 year old. She was 5′ 7″ tall with a perfect body with right amount of fat at the right places. Her skin was pale with a few freckles here and there that only made her skin more beautiful. Her 36C breasts were the perfect size for her body. Her blonde hair was long enough to reach about half of her back. Her legs were quite long with chubby thighs which only showed when she was wearing her denim shorts at home. In short, she was a conservative but classy woman. But she could turn heads anywhere she goes. But still she seldom went on a date, but I have never seen her bring any man home after. I always wondered if she ever has sex with anybody, just because of this.

Telling you about myself, my name is Benjamin O’Brien. Standing tall at 5’10” at 19 years of age, I wasn’t the most athletic guy you’d have found. I rarely engaged in sports but I worked out to keep my body in shape. I wasn’t quite popular among the girls in high school, nevertheless I had some sexual experience with girls. But they weren’t satisfying as I had imagined. But none of the girls complained about me being unsatisfying to them. The only good thing happened with them was that I knew my 6 inch tool was good enough to satisfy a woman.

I entered the local college to study accounting following the steps of my mama while my cousin left home to be a mechanic. That left mama and me alone in our home and I was so glad that I could get rid of that asshole of a cousin. Mama asked me if I also wanted to go away from her like my cousin. But I said that I preferred staying with my beautiful mama. She hugged me tightly and started to cry as I said I wanted to stay a home and go to local college. “Thank you so much sweetie. I thought you’d leave me too.”

I hugged her back and soothed her. “I’d never leave you mama. I want to be with you forever. I love you so much.”

“I love you too Ben.”

My mama, Clair was the center off my world since my parents’ death. We were really close as my cousin wasn’t of the kind that would listen to his mother. He would go out partying with his bunch of friends during weekends while mama waited sleeplessly until he got back. I too stayed with her for the most of the time, not because I loved my cousin but because I loved mama so much. We talked about everything during those sleepless nights and sometimes she fell asleep on my shoulder as she was tired from all the day’s work. Not only my cousin ignored mama, but the guy used to bully me too. He was always quite bigger than me. He bullied me for being mama’s boy. His friends too joined him for this occasionally. I never complained about any of this to mama as I knew how hard she worked to provide for the family.

I never invited any of my friends to home. But my cousin John certainly did. They came over regularly and hung out at our home. All of them were perfect assholes just like my cousin. I never cared much about being bullied by them. But I did care about how they kept ogling at mama when she was around. Mama ignored them probably thinking about them as teenage fantasies. Some of them tried to have a chat with her alone but she was too smart to evade them.

For those who wonder why I cared so much about my cousin’s friends having a crush on her, I have only 5 words. I love mama so much. It’s not just a love of a son for his mother. Yes, I loved her very much in that way. But I was in love with her, like a man loves a woman. I can tell you that I she was my fantasy woman. She was the kindest, smartest, most courageous and most beautiful woman I know. I never wanted to see her unhappy. I always tried to cheer her up when she came home from work feeling tired and depressed. Sometimes I would massage her arms and legs to relieve her tension. Her smile and a kiss on my cheeks is the best return I hoped for. Her smile always made my day no matter what pendik escort happened there after.

I was never a pervert. But I have to confess that I used my mama’s soiled panties since I turned 18, to masturbate. Her sexual aroma was too much for me as I always climaxed very quickly and powerfully when using them. I licked them to taste her juices mixed with her urine and god, it tasted divine. Sometimes I found one or two of her pubic hairs in them. Judging by their length I imagined that her pussy should be so hairy. Since then I developed a love for hairy pussies. I started to collect incest videos with hairy mothers having sex with their sons.

I never liked to see her go on dates. That was very rare, but I was so jealous on every man that had the chance to date her. I always wished that I was the man to date her. Sometimes I cried in my room while she was out on a date. I always waited until she returned home. I was never disappointed. She always came home quite early and I imagined that she hadn’t had sex with the man.

I tried to distract my mind off of her with my studies and high school girlfriends. My academic progress was good but it was a different story when it came to girls. I dated some girls throughout high school and had sex with some of them. But they were never satisfying to me. Still there was a similarity between each and every one of my fucks. The face of every girl turned into mama’s face when I climaxed and sometimes I’d scream her name as I came. So, I rarely had sex with a girl more than once. Finally, I gave up dating because of this.

I was so glad to see my cousin leave home. Not only because he was bullying me, but then I’d have mama all to myself and all her attention would be about me. But the visits of his friends to our house didn’t stop. They came around, mostly one guy at a time telling different reasons when mama was at home. Then they would keep chatting with mama for a long time while ogling at her fully covered body. Some tried to touch her hands, but mama would not allow any physical contact. She always treated them well only because they were her son’s friends. I tried to be with her as much as I could when John’s friends were in our home and sometimes I couldn’t.

Touching mama’s hands was the farthest any boy had gone until one Friday afternoon. I was in the junior year of college and I worked part time at a local department store for a couple of hours after college to support mama. Mama always got home before me since I worked after college and would be waiting for me with the best dinner available. That evening was no difference. I saw her car parked on the driveway and there was another car parked behind it. I identified the car as I had seen it before. It was Tony’s and the guy was a big time bully in the area and one of the biggest headaches for me since John’s departure. I put my bicycle in the garage and opened the front door. I heard mama’s scared voice from the kitchen area as I opened it. “Tony stop this. Take your hands off me, please.”

I was shocked to the core. Was Tony trying to force mama to have sex? My blood started to boil in my vessels. “No Clair, I’m going to fuck you today. None of this wouldn’t have happened if you agreed to go on a date with me. You chose the hard way instead and now you are going to pay for it like the slut you are,” I heard Tony threaten mama as I ran to the kitchen. Tony had mama cornered and he was trying to kiss her forcefully. She was crying and tried to push him away. But the man was too powerful for her delicate hands. I stormed into the kitchen and pulled Tony off of mama. There was a look of surprise on his face as I turned him around and punched his face with my right hand. That one hit right on his nose and he went off balance dropping him on the floor. Even I was surprised by the power behind that punch. I was never into quarrels or any physically testing stuff. I think the purpose of protecting the honor of my mama and the woman I loved most itself gave me the power I needed. I jumped onto him in a flash and showered another set of fists onto his face as the only thing he could do was to cover his face. “You son of a bitch. How dare you threaten my mother? I will kill you,” I screamed as I hit him.

“Ben, enough,” I heard my mama cry as she was sitting on the floor with her knees bent to her chest. She was still in her work dress and the top couple of buttons had come off. I quickly ran to her and hugged her. “Oh Ben, my sweet son. Thank god,” She said holding me. “Mama, are you okay?” I asked holding her face. She slowly nodded while crying.

“Mama please don’t cry. I’m here for you now. Can you do something for me?” I asked wiping away her tears. She nodded again. I looked at Tony who was lying semi-conscious on the floor with a bleeding nose. Then I said, “I want you to go to your room, lock the door and then call the police. I will tie him up until they arrive. Can you do that?”

She nodded and said, “I will. But sweetie, be careful.”

“I will mama,” I said. I helped her to get up and go to her room. She covered her chest with one hand to protect her pendik escort modesty.

I set my attention on Tony again as mama closed her bedroom door. He was getting up slowly and I kicked his face to put him on the ground. I kicked his belly and sides for some more to weaken him. Then I tied him to a chair in the kitchen using a rope. I verbally insulted him as I finished tying him. It was so much satisfying to bully back at least one guy who had bullied me before.

It wasn’t more than 10 minutes later I heard the police car park in front of our house. I knocked on mama’s bedroom door and said that the police had arrived. She came out still in the same clothes as before. The police took Tony into custody and they took statements from mama and me. “Please do not file charges against my son. He was trying to protect me,” Mama pleaded to the officers as she was scared that I would also get arrested. Police assured that they would not file charges against me and file it as an act of self-defense.

She leaned on to me and watched as the police car disappeared at the bend on the road. I heard a huge sigh of relief from her as the car disappeared. “Thank god it is over,” I said.

“Thank you for being there for me sweetie. I don’t know what would’ve happened if you weren’t there,” She said turning to me and looking at me. “I’d never let anyone hurt my sweet mama. I’ll always be there for you,” I said and we stared into each other’s eyes silently.

“How does a bubble bath sound for you?” I asked finally. “Hmm… I’d take just a shower,” She said.

I escorted mama to her room and then I went to mine. I waited for mama to finish her shower to have a shower myself and decided to check out for something for dinner. She hadn’t prepared anything, so I ordered pizza.

Mama came out from bathroom wearing only her bathrobe. She looked absolutely gorgeous despite of the incident happened earlier. “Bathroom is all yours,” She said. Those words brought me back to this world and saved me from embarrassment. “Ummm… O.. Okay mama. I ordered pizzas for the dinner and they’ll be delivered quickly.”

“I’ll get them. Now go and get cleaned up,” She patted my back.

I had a long shower and masturbated fantasizing about mama. In my mind, I was fucking her hairy pussy and finally I came in her. I ejaculated my semen all over the bathroom walls with a grunt, “Mama,” as I came in my fantasy. Then I put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and joined mama for the dinner. She was dresses in a knee length night dress which covered her body well. We had the dinner very silently and then we cleaned the kitchen.

Then mama said that she’d call it a day and I knew that it was a really tough one. I was tired too after a long day. So I accompanied her to the room and gave her a good night kiss on her cheek at the door. She held my hand when I turned back to go to my room. “Honey, can you stay with me tonight? I feel really scared after what happened and I don’t feel like sleeping alone. Please honey, can you do that for your old mama?” She asked with such an innocent voice.

Mama Clair always got scared so easily and I knew the evening incident was too much for her to handle. So I had to stay with her in case she saw a nightmare at night. So I said, “Okay mama. Let me take my pillow.”

“No baby. I have three. So you can use one.”

I entered the room behind her and closed the door. The air in her room smelled Jasmine, the same fragrance of the perfume she always used. Everything was in the right place showing her tidiness. Mama adjusted the bedside lamp to dim light and we cuddled together under the covers in her queen sized bed. That was the first time that I cuddled with mama on the bed since I hit puberty. Her body was so warm and soft. We held each other close and looked into each other’s eyes. She touched my cheek with her left hand and smiled. “My knight in the shining armor. Thank you so much for saving me,” She said and planted a soft, brief kiss on my lips. It was the first time she had ever kissed my lips and it was like sparks going through my whole body in that brief moment. Also I realized that I had a huge boner sporting in my shorts. She had a naughty smile on her face as I stared at her dumbfounded. “Hello, from earth to Ben, earth to Ben,” She said mockingly as I didn’t respond to any of her actions.

“Oh mama,” suddenly I found my senses and she started to laugh. “Hey don’t laugh. You just caught me by surprise. That’s all,” I said with a mock anger.

“Okay. Let’s just think about it like that,” She said making me annoyed again.

“Please mama, shall we stop this and have some sleep?” I asked.

“All right then. Good night to my hero,” She said and I replied, “Good night to my beautiful mama.”

Mama drifted little down on the bed and buried her face on my chest and put left arm over me as we cuddled together for a good night’s sleep.


I don’t know for how long I slept before I woke up with the feeling that something’s not right. I opened my eyes and saw that the bedside lamp was still turned on. pendik escort Mama wasn’t cuddling with me either as she was sitting on the bed resting her back on the head board. I could hear the faint sound of her silently sobbing. “Mama?” I asked touching her thigh which was right in front of my face.

She turned to me and I could see tears running over her rosy cheeks. “Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry that I woke you up,” She said.

I sat beside her and held her tightly. “No mama. Don’t be sorry. I’m glad that I woke up so that you don’t have to cry alone anymore,” I said and kissed her head.

“I couldn’t sleep for more than 30 minutes baby. All those memories from 21 years ago and this evening came back to me,” She was crying, resting her head on my shoulder.

“Shhh… Mama please don’t cry. What happened 21 years ago?” I asked curiously. I didn’t know about it back then.

Mama turned to me and wiped her tears. “I think it’s time that you knew the truth and you are the first person to know the whole truth. I’m telling you this because I trust you more than anyone. But I want you to promise me that you won’t tell anyone about this. Are you okay with that?” She asked.

“I promise you mama,” I promised and put my arm over her shoulder to hold her close.

“You saw what happened this evening. That wasn’t the first time that someone forced me into sex. I was raped by one of your grandfather’s friends when I was 16 and 9 months later your cousin was born. We didn’t sue him because my parents didn’t want any publicity to the case. Somehow I completed my high school and college with the help of my parents and yours. But I was so scared of men after my first time. So I didn’t date a man until I got a job. Even then I was scared to have sex. Most of the men I dated wanted to have sex on the first date. So there weren’t many second or third dates. But I dumped all of them when they wanted to have sex with me. Yes, I kissed them. But that was the farthest I went with any of them. But, I met a nice guy about 3 years ago. We dated quite a few times. He was better than other men. I was thinking about opening myself to him and go all the way with him step by step. But at the last moment he wanted to rush everything and go all the way in one night. I dumped him and since then I haven’t gone out on a date,” She said with tears rolling down her cheeks again.

“Mama, there should be someone for you out there and you just have to give it a chance.”

“No honey, now I know that nobody wants me. When people hear about me being a single mother with two sons, they just want to fuck and get out. But I don’t want that. I’m a woman who had never felt the love of a man. All I want is to feel the warmth of true love, not just some one night stands. But who wants to settle with this old woman? May be it’s my destiny to be alone for the whole life. I accepted that long time ago.” Mama broke into tears as she started to cry louder this time.

Nothing hurts me more than seeing mama cry. She may think that there’s no one in the world that truly love her. But there’s me that love her more than my life. I came to a conclusion that it would be now or never and I had to confess my feeling towards her. She might kick me out of home. But I didn’t care as long as she knew that there is a man out there loving her. So, I mustered the courage and knelt down on the bed by her side looking at her face. Then I held her face between my palms and turned it towards me.

“Please don’t cry mama. Listen, there’s something that I’ve been waiting to tell you for a long time. But I couldn’t find the right timing. But after all you’ve just said, I think this is the right time.” Mama stopped crying and she was looking at me curiously.

“You just told me that there’s no one in the world that loves you. But that’s not true mama. I know this person, he loves you so much and he loves you more than he loves his life. He will do anything to keep you happy and he’s ready to fight against the whole world to keep you safe. When he knows that you are in sorrow, it hurts him more than anything,” I said.

“How do you know about him so much?” Mama asked in surprise.

“Because I know him really well and you know him too,” I smiled.

She was still confused. “All right, let’s say that he loves me that much. But why hasn’t he told me about any of this before?”

“Why don’t you ask him yourself?” I said and picked her phone from the night stand. I dialed my number and placed the phone on her ear not letting her see the number I dialed.

My phone which was also on the night stand rang in a matter of seconds. “Sweetie, you have a call,” Mama said.

I picked my phone and turned the screen towards her. I can’t really tell the expression change on her face when she saw the screen. It was a mix of surprise, shock and disbelief. My phone screen showed an incoming call with the contact name ‘Mama’ and a beautiful picture of hers in background. Mama took her phone away from her ear and looked at the screen. It showed the contact name ‘Ben’ and she was looking at it with total disbelief. “Ben how… what…” She couldn’t get the words flowing from her mouth. I didn’t let her do any more talking as I pulled her towards me for a kiss. I felt that spark travelling through my body once again and I’m certain that she experienced that too as I felt her body shuddered when our lips met.

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